Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani scolds Malhar for baby’s condition

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani asking the wardboy about the boy. Wardboy says there was an orphaned boy here. Kalyani says baby is not an orphan. Malhar asks where is my son? Doctor says you left your son here, he was crying a lot and fainted. He says his life is in danger. Kalyani says baby will be fine when I meet him. Aparna says how can baby faint? Doctor says it happens due to continuous crying and asks Malhar to fill DNA test form. He says you can see the baby in some time. Kalyani is shocked and confronts Malhar for his decision to get DNA test. She says you were thinking if Billu is your son or not. She says I thought you care for baby and says today you have fell down in my eyes. Malhar says since I heard pallavi’s sayings, my life has become miserable, I think if he is my son or not. He says when Nurse told that baby’s blood group is B+, I thought Atharv’s blood group is same, and rushed out to know Sampada’s blood group and forgot baby in the hospital.

Aparna says Sampada’s blood group is also B+. Anupriya asks Malhar not to blame the baby. Kalyani asks if the baby is not yours then will you throw him in dustbin, says baby can’t break his relation with you. She asks him to get the DNA test done and says if it is proved that he is your son, then also you can’t show any rights on the baby. She says whatever may be the result, you can’t be his father. She says you have proved that you can’t be his baba. Malhar cries. Kalyani says Moksh doesn’t need you or your name, I will give my name to him. She says Moksh Kalyani Deshmukh, my son. She says our relation doesn’t depend on any medical test and says if something happens to him then you will be responsible. Malhar tears the DNA test form and walks away from there. Song plays……Anupriya pacifies Kalyani. Kalyani comes to the ward and sees baby with oxygen support and his pulse dropping. She is shocked. A sad song plays…..Malhar comes to his keep and thinks what happened to me, my name is with Moksh, if it is not sufficient, when he smiles looking at me, is it not enough, when he sleeps on my chest, I feel peaceful, he asks himself if it is not enough. Doctor asks Kalyani to go out.

Kalyani says she wants to talk to her baby. She asks baby to open his eyes. Malhar blames himself for his baby condition and slaps himself repeatedly and cries. Kalyani cries and asks Billu to open his eyes. Baby holds her hand. Anupriya and Aparna smile seeing that. Kalyani tells Doctor that baby is gaining consciousness. Doctor checks baby and says thank god, he is breathing normally now. Kalyani says I told that my son will be alright. Doctor asks Kalyani if they want to get DNA test done. Malhar comes and says no. Kalyani takes baby to side. Malhar says DNA test is not need and says whatever be the result, I don’t care. He says this baby is mine. Anupriya and Aparna smiles. Doctor says baby is fine now, but we will keep him in under observation. Kalyani asks Doctor to come home and get the test done. Doctor asks her to keep nurse to monitor the baby. Kalyani taunts Malhar and tells baby that she will not leave him.

Kalyani tells baby that she took atom bomb class for leaving him in hospital. Anupriya signs Kalyani to come. Kalyani goes near the wall. Anupriya asks about the baby. Kalyani says he is not smiling much, but he is fine. She tells that she has passed in her entrance test. Anupriya says I thought I will fail. Kalyani asks her to go college alone on the first day as Billu will be alone.. Anupriya says she will not go without her. Kalyani asks her to agree. Anupriya agrees. Kalyani asks her to go else Malhar will come. She turns to go and sees Malhar standing. Malhar takes bottle from her hand and says you can’t feed him this milk. Kalyani says it is normal milk. Malhar says doctor asked not to give him bottle feed. He thinks how to make her understand and goes. Kalyani thinks why he is creating suspense. Malhar recalls Doctor telling him that he has stomach infection so he needs mother’s milk else saline, as bottle feed will be dangerous for him. Malhar thinks Kalyani might do something wrong if I tell him. Aparna comes to Malhar and complains about Kalyani. She says if Sampada would have been here then this day wouldn’t have come. Malhar gets upset and says I told Kalyani not to make him drink bottle milk as it is dangerous for him. He says if you take Sampada’s name again then you will be at that side of Wada.

Kalyani sees Nurse giving IV to baby. Malhar asks a woman to help his child get mother’s milk, but the woman goes. Kalyani thinks to find out what he is lying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s episode was outstanding. Kalyani ne toh kamal kar diya…. kalyani fighting with malhar for pillu was superb….and also feels bad for malhar. I think malhar aur kalyani ki love story jaldi start hone wale hai…..luv u tujhse hai raabta

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Kalayani did great job, she gave right answer to Malhar…. Malhar doesn’t deserve to be called father of Moksh, he should leave police job, he is turning senseless day by day….

    Latest promo is terrifying

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Happy new year to everyone

  3. Masth episode o god when I see pillu I feel like crying god send someone to protect those who in need kalyAni pillu connection was outstanding now malhar wat he will do in upcoming kalyAni put into jail malhar gives punishment so badly can anyone say wat she did y malhar is angry ….

  4. now I understand better my new promo. which by the way is not the best of the best. . to see so much suffering for kaliyani .. and so much atrocity on my part of malhar for a young girl who is always trying to find a way to help her baby and to be able to fulfill the role of mother at best. … Arpana tired me with it IF SI Sampada was there. . nothing would be so. . tired with the same speech .. although malhar puts it back in its place … only disappointing point is this new promo where malhar kaliyani attaches to his car and makes it run and when he puts so much stone on the foot of kaliyani . . I do not like .. brief. .

  5. Leisa s morris

    Think dey trying to make way for sampada return with this milk plot. Hope malhar gets his senses together soon else he will fall into d trap. And with aparna at d hlm no gd can happen always chanting if sampada was here, excuse me miss ur daughter willingly abandoned her child for a riffraft

  6. the return of Sampada does not look good. I do not want sampada and Pillu to make a connection .. what it will be for kaliyani if ​​Pillu only stays with sampada .. it would not be fair for Cv to do that ..when Pillu needed a kaliyani mother is present ..if her real mother returns Pillu will be more with sampada .. and establish a connection as in one of the previous scene or Pillu keeps the hand of Sampada..no. she left her own blood to follow her lover .. and the mere fact of claiming that right while Pillu had more than need Sampada .. no .. I’m not ready with this track..car kaliyani suffers for this child..malhar punished her very severely every time..and think that sampada claims being her mother no .. being a mother does not mean to have a blood tie.it’s the link of love .. suffering joy happiness being present and guided each time .. even at a young age kaliyani does her best to be a good mom when it’s not her own child.. Everyone Happy new years 2019 .. All the best

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