Tujhse Hai Raabta 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Anupriya study for the exam

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The Episode starts with Malhar falling on Kalyani and they have an eye lock. Anupriya asks why she is silent. Kalyani tells about the hand cuff and tells that whenever freedom fighters go to jail then they will have hand cuff in their hand. Anupriya says it will not come in exam. Kalyani says it will come and asks her to study. She teaches her on call. Malhar feels sleepy and lie down on bed. Kalyani asks him to get up. Malhar says I am sitting here, who said I am sleeping. He rests his head on her shoulder when he gets sleep. Kalyani asks him to get up. Anupriya stands up and says she was scared. She says I will make tea for us. Kalyani says I will make tea and asks her to study. She asks Malhar to open the handcuff as she wants to make tea for her Aai. Malhar says I will make and asks her to pick her book and come to kitchen. Kalyani thinks last time he made laddoo and broke his own teeth, don’t know what he will do this time. They go to kitchen.

Kalyani reads about the Gandhi ji. Malhar explains to her about the britishers keeping the Indian in jail and tells about the Rowlatt Act. Kalyani asks if he knows everything. He says when he was having his IPS entrance, he went to temple and prayed to make me pass. Kalyani asks which is that temple and asks him to tell, says she will also go there. Malhar says I didn’t become ACP just like that. He adds tea leaves in the water and keeps it on stove. Kalyani asks him not to add more. He teaches her till the tea is ready and share some good moments. Shayad yehi hai pyaar plays…..Sampada sees them and gets upset. She comes to Atharv and says Malhar is celebrating his wedding night, teaching Kalyani and will make her get admit card. Atharv asks her to let him concentrate on Kalyani, atleast he will not think about Mugdha. Sampada gets tensed. Atharv laughs and says Malhar Rane got married to kalyani twice and is teaching her history on wedding night. His destiny is bad, he lost his son and now teaching his wife. Anupriya says such husband gets due to good luck and says he loves her so much and teaching her to make her pass. She thanks Sampada for leaving Malhar and says my daughter’s luck got better. Atharv gets up and says I will see how he will get her admit card.

Malhar and Kalyani come to room. Kalyani calls Anupriya and asks her to come to room to take tea. The electricity goes. Kalyani tells that she will bring candle. They argue. Anupriya lights the diyas and asks her to study. She says I was sure that Atharv will do something and that’s why I made diya. Kalyani says you are feeling sleepy and asks her to drink tea. She asks her to turn to look at Diya. Malhar gives tea cup in her hand. Kalyani gives tea cup to Anupriya. Anupriya asks where is Malhar. Kalyani says he is sleeping peacefully, selling horses, made me awake and he himself sleeping, calls him selfish. Anupriya says Malhar promised Atul that he will take care of your education and says she is lucky to get such a husband. Kalyani asks her not to make him climb on Chana tree. She hears Moksh crying and gets tensed. She says she has to do something and asks Anupriya to drink tea and sleep.

Kalyani tells Malhar that they have to do something. Sampada asks Moksh to stop crying and wakes up Atharv to put on the fuse. He says he has cut the fuse as you asked me and says he will sleep. He puts ear plugs and sleeps. Sampada gets angry on Moksh and asks him to sleep. Malhar and Kalyani come to the electric switch box and find the fuse missing. Malhar says it is done by Atharv. Kalyani tries to run hearing Moksh continuously running. Malhar stops her and she falls on him. They have a romantic moment. Malhar says Atharv is clever and left fuse here. He switches on the lights. Moksh stops crying. Kalyani says just 3 chapters are left. Sampada puts Moksh in cradle and says she will get lean without dieting because of Moksh.

Atul sees Malhar and Kalyani standing and says good studies are going on. Kalyani asks Malhar why is he scared of her Papa. Malhar says I am not scared and says I don’t want him to see the hand cuff. He asks her to study. Aao Saheb tells Atul that she gave permission to Anupriya for study, but she poisoned my grand daughter’s mind. She says Anupriya had no tongue to say, but now thinking to start her life with Sarthak. She says we shall not let her go to college and write exam. Atul says Anupriya will not go.

Kalyani wakes up in the morning on the floor and shouts saying it is 8:30 am. She says she has exam at 9 am and asks him to open the hand cuff. The key falls down from his pocket in the flowers and he says he couldn’t get the keys. Kalyani says why you made me study when you lost the key. Malhar says you will write the exam. Kalyani asks how we will go. Malhar asks her to take out the key. Kalyani says you are accusing me of stealing the key. Malhar says I know you are smart. He asks her to turn and check her. She says Malhar ji and says remember this, I can’t write exam today even after preparing for it. He says we will get the handcuff broken on the way and says you will write the exam.

Precap: Malhar gets an idea to bring Anupriya to college. Sarthak comes to house and tells that he wants to take Anupriya out to take her statement against Atharv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Waah sampada so much jealousy over the ex husband she hates…but sadly for her malhar doesn’t give a damn about her now. Anupriya should really file an FIR on atharv for kidnapping if there is a crimes there must be proof as well, it should be sarthak job to give her justice. Not only atharv she should file domestic violence charges against aao saheb & divorce petition for atul and ask women organisations to help her get basic human rights such as education

    1. Leisa s morris

      Yes I was thinking of womens organisation to deal with atul and aao saheb. Where r they wen u want dem? Y doesnt malhar,kalyani or sarthak think of dem? What d hell has malhar done to sampada for her to want him to b unhappy in all aspect of his life? D man treated her better than she has ever been treated and never abused her like arthav,his only fault is marrying her when she really wanted arthav but even that wasnt his fault. Aao saheb is d one that got dem married. Had malhar known bout sampadas feelings he would never have married her so she has only herself to blame. Now shes going about as if he done her wrong stueps. Atul needs to go. Since he came out of jail he has been suppressing both anupriya and kaliyani and being fooled by both aao saheb and arthav. He is a fool who is being used as a tool against malhar,kalyani and anupriya. Aao saheb shouldnt b anyones grandmother,imagine asking ur granddaughter to walk on burning coal and atul seeing dat still not wising up stueps. I hope when mugdha comes on d scene she makes dem all repay back her money dat dey spent so frivolously.

    2. Exactly, Sampada looked genuinely happy. If she loved atharv what was the need to be pregnant and give birth to malhar’s child. I think deep down she knows she did wrong so to justify herself she put all the blame on malhar. Also she expected malhar to be broken and beg her to come back at least for moksh but instead he and moksh were both happy with kalyani ( the girl she considered inferior to her) that could explain her obsession to have moksh when she can’t handle him. But even after snatching moksh malhar is still happy with kalyani while she is stuck in a life where she won’t have any respect or title. I am just scared of one thing sampada and malhar divorce process is still going on, if it doesn’t end before mugdha’s comeback then she can refuse to divorce and hang on malhar. I also hope mugdha ask refund, take over the other half of house on atul’s name and make them her slaves.
      The most annoying thing is that the good ones are too goody goody to do anything extreme. They would better be tortured and humiliated instead of doing the most logical thing to get their rights. How many times kalyani, malhar and anupriya let evils ones get away only thinking about the house reputation and that person respect. Because of this feel they are entitled, think they can keep doing any wrong and no one will stop them. I still don’t understand how aao saheb isn’t punishment for hiding malhar mother’s death and sending an innocent to jail. Maybe anupriya doesn’t want to file case against her daughter’s grandmother and father but kalyani can do it so these two understand their limits.

    3. Leisa s morris

      Yes bani sampada really looked happily pregnant and married. I get it dat after being forced to marry malhar dat she tried to make it work thus getting pregnant but even she could see dat malhar was a nice person so wat was d need for such charade. Even when everyting started I had doubt she was arthav gf cause she acted d part of a happily married woman convincingly. But malhar had no idea of herd true feelings due mostly to her act so y is she punishing him? As for aao saheb dont u know dat ppl can commit d most heinous crimes in these serials and never go to jail or if dey do dey either escape or r released early,adding to d look of absolute incompetence in indias police force. All serial shows dem as money hungry fame seeking untrustworthy and narcissistic police officer who easily accepts bribe and cant do their jobs properly

    4. Totally agree and what kind of judge accepts evidence from a sent phone picture any idiot can fake a register, he should be asking for cctv images and the actual register, that’s hard evidence. I have started watching Kahan hum and kahan tum and today I love the way they take the mick out of implausible story lines. Some are so far fetched it’s absolutely ridiculous. I understand the need for artistic license but sometimes they really over do it

    5. The judge didn’t take decisions based on who is better for moksh but who will blindly follow his stupid order. Not once he asked sampada how will she support herself and moksh when she is single, jobless and her family don’t have anything. I don’t know how law works but i think when unsatisfying decisions are made the decisions can be contested or the case can be taken in higher court. But in serial they never do the most logical thing

  2. They should give a strong role to Anupriya and should not show her weak.

  3. I wonder one thing why sampada gets upset when sh saw malhar and kalyani together. I think it’s not enough her that she betrayed malhar and then second took his baby. Still she can’t see his happy she is so selfish like atul who doesn’t want that anupriya move her life. Anupriya can’t say a word atul poor
    anupriya .

  4. Leisa s morris

    As far as im concerned atul has no rights regarding anupriya. He left her to fend for herself casting her in d zone of betrayed and abandoned for another woman whom he impregnated while still being married to anupriya. Dat alone is grounds for divorce but we also have d facts dat it has been 18 + yrs since he left so with what rights is he trying to keep anupriya shackled and suppressed. In my country u can easily get a divorce without consent after five yrs separation dont know bout d laws in india. All she has to do is file for a divorce and with kalyani as proof and witness get her divorce without his consent. But of course we are dealing with zee writers who makes it seems as though she got no choice but to emaib with him.He keeps talking bout her alleged illicit relationship forgetting his own transgression and how kalyani came into being,but I guess as usual in society a woman is always d bad one while d men get to go about their lives doing as dey pls without consequences. Anupriya has come a long way from dat illiterate woman who was sold into marriage with a spineless,no morals easy to deceive fool to save rao saheb from goin to jail. She should stand up for herself and put atul and aao saheb in their place. No one has d right to stop someone from higher education and after seeing just how easily she was fooled all these yrs cause of lack of education anupriya should b fighting for her rights to get as much education as she can and if atul and aao saheb continues to stand in her way call in those human rights activist and let them put these two in d spotlight in d whole village. Everyone knows dat atul left anupriya , d only reason aao saheb kept her in d house was d fact dat she was afraid anupriya brother would reveal d truth if his sis was ditched so aao saheb threw her son under d bus to save her husband and reputation. Writers pls give anupriya some backbone and stop making her look so pathetic. She has come too far. Ooh and let billu give athav and sampada some real trouble dey have gotten it too easy with him as far as im concerned.

  5. Lovely moments between KalMa…❤❤❤ Y can’t Atul see tht Sampada sleeping with Atharv without any official relationship…. He blame Malhar for being with Kalyani.. But KalMa already married.. Just hate AS & her silly thoughts & ideas.. Hope Kaka will bring Anu to exam

  6. i hope kaka can bring anu to the college for exam in today’s episode.
    i hope the mother daughter duo can give and pas the exam….
    i hope sarthak kaka can anyhow bring anu to college by any means of excuse as we saw in the spolier of 20 june

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