Tujhse Hai Raabta 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Malhar rescue Moksh from Sampada

Tujhse Hai Raabta 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani dancing in the basti to divert fisherman and fisherwomen. Malhar tries to search Moksh. Sarthak searches him in the house. Anupriya looks at Kalyani who is dancing. Malhar and Sarthak search Moksh in every house. Even Pawar, Aparna and Vaman search him. Vaman says Moksh is not here. Aparna says if Sampada sent Moksh already. She says we have to search him somewhere else. Sarthak tells Malhar that a woman is going hiding her face and says I am following her. He follows her, but soon misses her. Sarthak realizes someone is behind him and turns. Malhar is behind him and they see someone running. They stop the veiled lady and asks what are you taking? Malhar finds desi wine. Lady apologizes. Moksh is kept in the tokri in a house. Kalyani continues to dance. A glass bottle

falls down from a fisherman’s hand. Anupriya keeps her mobile and runs to pick the glass pieces before Kalyani steps on it. She picks the big pieces. Kalyani dances on the small glass pieces. Malhar comes to a house and sees moksh crying. He sees glass pieces near him. He jumps and goes near him. He takes and hugs him. He cries asking him not to worry. Pawar comes there and says sir. Malhar comes out and thinks it was his imagination. He asks Pawar and Sarthak to search that side of basti. The lady calls Sampada and tells that the function was over, but suddenly a girl came and started dancing. She says everyone went to see her dance. Sampada says from where she came? She asks her to take the baby to ship. Lady says she is ready and taking him now.

Kalyani feels dizzy. Anupriya worries for her. Pawar takes Malhar to the fish room. Before they reach there, the lady takes Moksh from there. Kalyani falls, Anupriya holds her and asks her to be there, says she will go and check where are others. Kalyani asks her to go and search Billu. She says I will keep them busy till here. Malhar and Pawar search for Moksh in the room, but he was just taken out from there. Pawar says Moksh baba is not here. Anupriya thinks where to search them and realizes she has kept her phone here.

She collides with the lady taking Moksh and her phone falls down. Anupriya tells her that she will pay the money. Lady says it was old and needed repair. Lady says how will I call my husband Vikas now. Anupriya asks her to use her phone and says it is kept where the function is going on. They go there. Basket falls from lady’s hand. Kalyani holds it and signs Anupriya. A fisherman takes her to dance again. Lady sees her husband dancing and takes him to side. She says Sampada is giving them so much money. Malhar and Pawar come there, but don’t see the tokri. The fishermen force Kalyani to dance and hold her hand. Malhar gets angry and asks them to go back.

Kalyani falls down. Anupriya holds her. Malhar makes her drink water. Sampada comes there and is shocked to see them there. She covers her face and comes to lady and her husband. Lady apologizes and says my husband is drunk. Kalyani asks Malhar to go and search Moksh. Sampada tells lady and her husband that they have to go somehow, while mixing in the people. Just then Moksh starts crying. Malhar asks Pawar to catch Sampada. They see Sampada. Sampada pushes Pawar and runs out. Her foot get stuck with the rope and she falls in the net. Malhar recalls keeping the trap for her. Kalyani gets happy hearing Moksh crying and runs to him. She takes him and cries. Malhar hugs them. He takes Moksh and cries. Sampada is angry while Police constable holds her. marjawun ya jeelun zara plays…

They come home, Kalyani asks Moksh not to go again leaving her and says if you do this again then I will make you have bittergourd juice after finding you. Anupriya prays for their togetherness. Sarthak tells Malhar that Atharv is more dangerous than Sampada and tells that they have to search him. Pawar comes and tells that Atharv is staying in a Mumbai hotel and he has a flight to Dubai to catch tomorrow. Malhar asks him to tell Mumbai Police that they need more force. Kalyani asks Malhar to send someone else and says if Atharv does something to you, then. Malhar asks her not to worry and wherever I go, I will return to you both. He kisses Moksh and leaves with Pawar.

Atharv thinks he fooled Kalyani and got the passport. He asks receptionist to check out. Now he will drink wine in Dubai. Malhar comes there dancing with band baja. Atharv is shocked. Malhar laughs and says your smile vanished. He says you shall be happy as I came to take you using your cheap tactic. He asks band guys to play band again. He asks Atharv to dance. Atharv shouts. Malhar says game over. He asks Pawar to catch him and says we will drag and take him. Atharv snatches Pawar’s gun and aims at Malhar. Malhar aims gun at Atharv.

Precap: Atharv climbs to the truck to escape. Malhar asks him to stop else he will shoot him. Atharv falls down from the truck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why do I think something is going to happen in Malhar? My instinct tells me that the lost memory will be the new problem of kalma .. In short .. Finally positive … It had missed me .. Happy with this end of kidnapping .. Il so happy for the big hug family rane.. And pillu save..

    1. Hi @lilou i had no internet connection for the whole week so didn’t follow the episodes but after watching today’s episode i feel something is gonna happen. The way malhar said no matter where he goes he will return to her & moksh give a bad feeling about upcoming track. I just hope whatever track is next, there is no 3rd character interfering between malhar & kalyani.

      1. Bani the 3rd person will be Mugdha .. A recent photo to show the actress posed with the blue elephant on the set of tusjhe .. So she will start to rot the life of kalma .. It will be 2 points… either positive or negative. Positive this will allow kaliyani to understand her emotions and her feelings so created jealousy in her .. And negative as Mugdha goes and can create different and chaos in the relationship of kalma .. Anyway .. We will wait and see

  2. I can’t believe. I think it’s a dream of atharva or sampada. How can malhar become so smart .other hand I heard the show will go off air .If sampada and atharva caught. Why they continue. I don’t know real of fake .

    1. @light Hi Sebhan sir had posted a comment that had and created doubts in the minds of fans .. Because he then rectify by reassuring the fans that no he does not leave the series nor the other actor and not the series does not leave either .. This series has potential .. Just a good script and imagination .. As long as kalma stays together and faces the problems together .. It’s still ok so it does not bother .. But I hope that it will make a good script and scenario .. Y has potential with this beautiful team .. In short

  3. The show is not going off air and its in top chart .its a fake news . Memory loss will also not happen anytime soon . Malhar might put them behind bars but they will b bailed out eventually .

  4. Memory loss and duplicates and lost twins are so old and over played. I hope they don’t use that here. The focus needs to shift on Kalyani’s useless father and Anupriya showing him his place and marrying someone who appreciates her. Aao Saheb is a criminal too she must go to jail

  5. @lilou how are you I didn’t see your comments these days.

  6. @bani @lumiere Hi Hi people .. I’m fine and you .. ?? .. I commented but not everyday as I was at work and depending on the summary. But sometimes the words I want to say is difficult when I do the translation .. Sometimes it is not what I want to convey .. In short .. I do not know if it is memory loss or other. But one thing is sure is that something serious will happen .. As malhar goes away to captured arthava .. And see what happens in the precap .. Either he is arthava or malhar to claim the loss of memory or we are going to be accused of hurting Artharva. In short .. I also wish that we advance the Raabta of anusar .. And make Atul realize are incomprehension do Anupriya and Kalma .. I wish the family rane flourish and finally kaliyani understands the meaning of the words love .. and be in love. In short .. We’ll see what happens ..

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