Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Aahir Demands 2 Crores

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kalyani breaks down and pleads Malhar to bring back her Pillu/Moksh and send her to hostel if he wants to, asks if he is fine. Malhar also breaks down. Anupriya walks to them and showing Malhar’s video where he announces 2 crores reward if anyone helps him catch his brother Aahir who has kidnapped his son Moksh. Anupriya asks if Aahir contacted him. Malhar reminisces Aahir contacting him via public booth and demanding 2 crores in return of Pillu while Malhar pleads not to take wrong route. Kalyani scolds him how can he do that, what if Aahir harms Pillu, he should give 2 crores. Malhar says Aahir is a criminal and he will not fulfill a criminal’s demand. Kalyani insists that if something happens to Pillu, she will not forgive him.

Sarthak walks to them and tells that Malhar is right. Madhav also walks out and says he is proud of Malhar and scolds Ashawari for her wrong upbringing. Ashawari asks Malhar to pay money to Aahir and get back Pillu. Aausahib walks in and says she will sell her share of house to get back Pillu. Sarthak says even he will give his savings. Anupriya says even with all that, they cannot arrange 2 crores. Malhar says he is sure he will catch Aahir. Ashawari gets tensed hearing that.

Kalyani cries thinking how will she arrange 2 crores. Her childhood friend Rajath calls her and says he saw her hubby’s video about her son. Kalyani says her son’s name is Moksh and she calls him Pillu, but she doesn’t know how to arrange 2 crores. He checks his bank account and says she will get 2 crores by tomorrow. Kalyani asks if he is for real and thanks him. Anupriya walks in, and Kalyani informs her about her childhood friend Rajath’s offer for help. Anupirya says she cannot take help from stranger. Kalyani says there is no other go and she will repay loan.

Sarpanch meets Aausahib and says they saw Malhar’s video and are searching Moksh everywhere. She thanks them. Sarpanch says there is a problem overing over their village, so they are performing tulsi pooja and immersing tulsi pot in water to ward off problem. Aausahib says it is a good idea. He says they are collecting tulsi plant from each house, so they came here. Kalyani gets an idea, she walks to eunuch and says pillu started crying when they had come to her house, she will accompany them to each house and identify Pillu with his crying voice. Eunuch says she can give her son’s photo, they will search him as they fear people will badmouth about her if she comes with them. She says they eat same, breathe same, have similar blood, then how are they different; pleads to take her along. She accompanies eunuchs to each house and dances with them. She hears babies crying, but doesn’t find Pillu among them and feels sad that her Pillu gets hungry every 2 hours like her and if someone feeds him cold milk, he will get cold. Eunuchs console her and say they will find her son.

Malhar checks each vehicle and enquires drivers. Aahir wraps Moksh in a sheet and thinks he will see who will identify him. He hears door knock, covers his face and opens door, but doesn’t find anyone.

Precap: Aahir aims gun at Malhar. Kalyani tries to stop him. Aahir throws the gun towards Kalyani and asks her to shoot Malhar if she wants Moksh. Kalyani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How many times moksh will be kidnapped. He is not even 1 in the story and got kidnapped 3-4 times by his own family members.

  2. What who is this new friend I think another villain what is wrong these makers they make the show boring if one problem solved and another one will come I think they don’t like happe

    1. I think it will be an obsessive love interest either of kaliyani .. Or it will make romance with swara .. It becomes irritating .. A problem is not solved and here is another problem .. It becomes exaggerated .. See the series has no more charm .. The relationship of Kalma does not advance at all .. For me it is not the love they feel .. But just sympathy and friendship. And again to wonder if it’s really that kind of feelings. In short .. Exactly pillu is right and we use it only to be kidnapped .. It turns around .. It is even said that swara and arthava will be in a relationship. But it’s so depressing because for me Sampada and arthava was the other couple of tusjhe .. But we replaced the actress and it’s a pity .. And here’s a new guy coming .. I hope malhar is going to feel insecure about him and he’s handsome guy .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol … I just wish swara reveals the true character of aswari to her father and shows that she kind of wife and mother she is .. In short .. When does this track ends .. It’s boring

  3. Verma4

    That rat face Ashawari and the chicken son are so irritating.

  4. Hope if this is a love triangle then malhar feel quite jealous and confesses his love to kalyani❤

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