Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani shares her plan with Malhar and becomes his voice

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anupriya beating Kalyani for agreeing to marry Atharv and asks her to take her life. Kalyani asks her to listen and jumps. Anupriya asks what is your helplessness? Kalyani shouts and tells that she doesn’t want to marry Atharv. She asks her to listen and says Malhar is enquiring from where did Atharv get the wealth and that’s why he needs time, so she agreed so that Malhar can get some time to expose Atharv. She says she didn’t tell this to Malhar about this. Anupriya asks what did Atul tell you in room? Kalyani says Papa blackmailed me taking Madhuri’s name. She says you have beaten me hard. Anupriya apologizes. Kalyani says you didn’t beat me hard. She says she needs to go with Malhar and runs out of room. Anupriya thinks if Atharv forces Kalyani to marry then…Kalyani

comes infront of Malhar’s jeep and asks him to stop. She reminds him that she is his voice for today and asks how he will make the criminal confess to crime, by threatening him on the notepad. Malhar asks her to get down from the jeep. He writes asking her to get down. She says she won’t. Malhar thinks she is strange to make me angry and then asks who do I get angry. He writes on the note pad. Kalyani reads and says you are upset that I agreed for marriage and says I agreed because…She whispers in his ears and says Atharv might get busy in arrangements and we will enquire about him. Malhar gets happy and thinks he can’t believe that she agreed to his sayings. He writes asking her not to worry about Maai, once Atharv’s matter is settled, they will get Maai divorced Atul.

Atharv asks Sampada if she will dance in his marriage. Sampada asks him to leave. Atharv says I will leave from your life. In the Police station, Malhar writes for Kalyani asking her to say whatever he writes and not to use her mind. Pawar brings the criminal. Malhar writes. Kalyani reads and asks the criminal, if he was present at the time of murder, when your brother murdered. Goon looks on angrily. Malhar writes on the paper. Kalyani reads the threatening message and tells goon that she is very stubborn. She says there are crores of people who didn’t get justice. Malhar tries to stop her. Kalyani shows Billu’s pic and says whoever your brother Abhijeet’s killed is having a little son, and says the boy will become a frustated man and will become criminal like him. Malhar tries to stop her. The goon speaks up and tells that he don’t want any boy to become like him, and tells that nobody was there to teach him right and wrong. Kalyani says if I make you brother then…and ties rakhi thread to his hand. The goon blesses her and asks her to call him whenever needed. He tells Malhar that he is ready to give statement. Kalyani thanks the goon calling him Bhai.

Anupriya asks Sampada to tell Atul. Sampada says Atharv can stoop low to get anything and says I did a big mistake by loving him, and says it was his plan to kidnap and elope with me. She says Atharv slapped Kalyani and tried to sell Kalyani at some place. Atul asks her to stop it and says I can’t listen anymore. Atharv comes there. Atul asks Anupriya if they want to provoke him more against Atharv and tells her that she can’t stop their marriage. Anupriya says just now Sampada told you everything. Atul says she has betrayed her husband and says she can lie as Atharv is getting away from her. He says Atharv told him everything and tells that Sampada is behind all his wrong doings. He returned my house and also promised to give me manager’s job in his office. Sampada says Mama…Atul says it is enough and asks her to go. Atharv apologizes to Atul and asks him to forgive him. He says Pandit ji is waiting outside. Atul asks him to come. Anupriya thinks something bad is going to happen.

Sampada tells Anupriya that she was scolded badly by Atul and tells that if Atharv marries Kalyani then he will ruin her life. She asks why Kalyani agreed for marriage and says she has eyes on his money, and is ready to marry him for money. Anupriya says Kalyani is not having any plan to marry him. Sampada asks what do you mean and asks her to tell. Anupriya thinks she shall not tell her and says Kalyani don’t want to marry him, but Atul forced her. Sampada says this all is happening because of money and says loyalty changes for money. Atharv comes and holds Sampada’s hand asking her how dare is she to talk badly about his would be wife.

Precap: Malhar and Kalyani are returning home and meet with an accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Out of all plan Kalyani made this is the most stupid one… i guess this is needed for drama. But if they throw at our face mehendi, engagement or other wedding rasam or couple stuff for atharv and kalyani then it will be too much to watch.
    Pillu is being missing since custody drama. Is sampada giving him cough syrup everyday that he is sleeping all the time. I thought he would annoy sampada so much that she again thinks running away with atharv…he couldn’t live without Kalayani even for a day how is he living now.

    1. Actually I dont mind. What if we get to see Malhar’s possessive love side seeing kalyani with Atharv and some cute lovey dovey scenes between Kalma in these functions ??.
      Even i thought about Pillu in recent episodes. Hope to se kallu-mallu-pillu soon together in upcoming episodes.
      But iam loving current situations and episodes. Totally in love with Kalma ??

  2. I tell myself that the wedding will be done with all the rituals .. Atharva brainwashed Atul .. All that will say malhar or proof that they will not make any difference to Atul .. Because he believes too much in atharva .. Even if mughda comes back .. The same will be that kaliyani and malhar will be separated because atharva is married and Sampada married to malhar. So impossible for kalma to be together again .. I just saw the episode when kaliyani puts the saree of Sampada .. Awesome that they all say to kaliyani that pillu must learn to live without it and get used to Sampada . I would have liked so much that Pillu pronounced Maa for kaliyani in front of Sampada .. For me it turns in circles .. Athavar really likes Sampada .. To see him cry when the court makes its verdict .. Very bad for him .. In short .. We will see what it will be .. But for me I feel that the anxiety and anxiety of Anupriya is not common. She feels that the situation escapes them .. To see

  3. Quite intrigued by the behavior of malhar .. So the evening in the rain it is so close to kaliyani .. To take her in his arms and tighten her closer .. But her reaction when they are in the car when kaliyani wanted him say for the plan .. Just irritated me .. Because in the evening it does not bother you but here he recoils to believe that kaliyani went to kiss him .. In short disappointed by that .. In the evening he is bold and nothing . To ask if he understands his feelings .. It asks us if kalma understands that he falls in love or does not take into account .. I am mixed .. Car malhar often says that it is pillu that will miss the kaliyani’s love .. ditto for kaliyani who just wants that pillu stays with malhar and not sampada … I really want to see this feeling of lack … of anxiety …. to ask the question of the lack of one to another .. But for now nothing malhar or kaliyani comes out of their feeling that he feels for each other .. We do not see anything .. Only pillu account

  4. New promo and this sequence have nothing to do with .. See in new promo kaliyani blind day but there .. Atharva blackmail Anupriya .. I am confused because atharva seems liked Sampada .. But I can not find the link when he wishes to get married to kaliyani .. If you want the woman you have to do everything for the recovered .. But good to understand nothing .. The fear of Anupriya are based proof that his fear is materialized .. In short disappointed. Weekend wasted… ?????New sequence shows atharva who kidnapped Anupriya and blackmail kaliyani .. I fear that the worst happens

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