Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani breaks Malhar’s heart badly

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rachit asking Kalyani to tell them that they are married now. Kalyani comes to Malhar and walks towards Rachit. She cries and holds his hand thinking what Sampada had said. Everyone is shocked. Kalyani wipes her tears and turns towards everyone. She tells that Rachit and her marriage is true and it is also true that he is her husband and she is his wife. Malhar and others are shocked. Pallavi asks what are you saying? Aao Saheb asks if you have gone mad, this man was acting to be your friend and was snake in sleeve. She says you should have slapped him tightly. Rachit thanks her and is about to kiss her hand, says you also loves me like I do. Malhar holds Rachit’s neck and says if you touch her then I will kill you. Rachit asks didn’t you listen what she told. He says Rachit is my wife now. Kalyani asks Malhar to leave him. She says I don’t care if you agree or not, but I accept this marriage. She says Rachit is my husband and I can’t see my husband getting insulted.

Malhar is shocked and asks if you think that I am a fool and will agree to your sayings. He asks what did he tell and threaten you. He asks her to say and asks her not to be scared and tell him. Rachit says Malhar….Malhar asks him to back off. Kalyani is about to say, but stops seeing Sampada. She asks him not to touch her as she is someone else’ wife now. She says it is my helplessness to keep you away from me, as until you hate me you can’t go away from me. Malhar asks her to try more and says if you think that you will develop hatred for me then do it, but it is not easy. Kalyani says I told you the truth, we don’t have any relation, I am his wife and his choice is my choice. Rachit says that’s my girl and asks her to pack her bags. He asks her not to be scared and says I am not like Malhar, knows that you can’t live without your Aai, so we will stay at the other side of house.

Aao Saheb stops him and says this man will not stay in my house. She says you are Malhar’s wife and will stay with him. She says you don’t need to be scared. Rachit shouts at her and says you can’t stop me from staying here, asks Kalyani to pack her bag and come. Aao Saheb holds Kalyani’s hand, but she takes off her hand. Swara asks Kalyani to tell her, and says we will get the solution, asks her not to do wrong with her dada, not to separate from him. Kalyani asks her not to come on her way and says please. Sarthak asks her to listen to her and asks her to look at Malhar. He says Malhar and moksh’s lives will be ruined this way, his Aai and Baba are you and Malhar. Kalyani looks at Moksh. Sarthak asks her not to break his family. Kalyani asks her not to make her understand and go to her room. Malhar is shocked and shattered. Kitni baatein plays…….

Kalyani cries in room. Rachit comes there. Kalyani holds and slaps him. She says she will punish him for what he has done and asks why did you do this. She says I thought you as my friend and trusted you and you betrayed me in return. She asks if he didn’t care for her friendship. She says I would have given my life to you, but you have snatched my everything from me. She asks why you want to give pain to Malhar ji and me. She says you have killed our friendship and I will kill you today. She takes the vase and breaks on his head. She says you played with my son to get me and asks what is the mistake of the small child. She says I will not leave you today and is about to hit him again, but he stops her and asks if you will save Billu doing this. Kalyani stops and says Billu will not be saved by this. Kalyani cries. Rachit says I know that…Kalyani asks him not to come near her. Rachit says you might be thinking that I am monster, but I love you always. He says I have to choose this way to get you. He says if I wanted then would have taken you far from here, but I know that boy’s importance and that’s why said that we will shift the room. He asks her to forget everything and start life with him. Kalyani asks him to get out and asks him not to touch her again from now onwards. Rachit says but…you can accept me to save Moksh.

Malhar asks Anupriya to say why Kalyani is doing this. He asks her to say what Rachit said to blackmailed her. He says I can’t accept that Kalyani wants to separate from me. Aao Saheb says you can save your daughter’s life. Sarthak asks her to tell truth. Malhar says I am like your son and asks her to tell. Sampada thinks she has to do something before Maai tells everyone. She takes Moksh from her and says tell if you know anything and nods her no. Anupriya says I don’t know why Kalyani is doing this and cries.

Malhar comes to room and sees her crying. He asks her to divide the things equally between them. He breaks the watch into two halves. Kalyani is shocked.

Precap: Kalyani tells Malhar that she has taken this decision herself. She says she don’t know when she will die. Malhar gets angry and breaks the bed with axe.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It’s so hard to read the summary .. That I ask how the other fans are doing to watch the episode .. Kaliyani is only 18 years old and has already undergone 3 forced marriage .. Kalma does not know the importance of their love .. And Anupriya is helpless .. Why she says nothing .. Frankly the series no longer makes you want to be watched .. When I read that rachit says that she will have to accept it because of pillu .. What a shit .. Malhar never forced kaliyani to do anything. Anyway .. Disgusted .. I hope the CVs read us .. Because frankly they were strong with this track .. I do not understand his CV which allows negative people to have more intelligence and better plan than people supposed to be good and loyal .. Because I see that we are doing malhar for an Acp that does not think too much .. In short while we allow Sampada and rachit or arthava to have more space and weight in the screen and also of logic .. Disappointed to weaken the behavior and the feelings of the protagonist role .. In short

  2. They never admit their feeling .. Malhar never said what he felt for kaliyani .. And now that it breaks his heart .. How to repair a broken heart already by 2 times .. It is not fair to separate them .. And especially that I am sure that this is false .. It is time for arthava to wake up .. When I think that CV has taken 6 months to manage the family secret of malhar and this incident and at the same time the flight of Ahir with the complicity of aswari .. And now 2 months to manage the rachit track and 1 month for the removal of malhar .. I ask how many months CV will leave the track of Sampada rachit and pillu disease take over ‘. Especially how kaliyani is going to make malhar accept that he has to start again with Sampada .. I just wish that the CV does not use kaliyani with his wedding night to destroy a little more malhar and make him believe that she is his wife in every sense of the word .. I wish a track or malhar offers Sampada to start again and plans the marriage .. Once the preparations are made in kaliyani and envy they discover the truth about this big lie .. But either this is too late or a big plan for malhar to discover the secret .. In short I do not want plans to sleep with their partner to be made .. Because Sampada is bad and to recover malhar she can make a plan that would make malhar get caught in a trap that he believes they are slept together and Sampada makes him believe for the pregnancy and plans marriage. Anyway, full of ideas. But at the end we discover that it’s wrong.

  3. Why is Kalyani allowing herself to be blackmailed, if she tells the truth it’ll backfire on Sampada and Rachit because Kalyani was willing for Malhar and Sampada to come together for Moksh’s sake but then Sampada put in the unnecessary but you’ve got to stay away from him clause so all Kalyani has to do is tell Malhar the truth. Also why can’t people move into their own homes, first Malhar moved there then Atharv and Sampada and now Rachit. If they truly want to separate them they shouldn’t be living in the same house.
    When Kalyani was beating Rachit up the rest of the family were right outside her bedroom window so it’s unbelievable that no one would hear her shouting.
    Ridiculous storyline, makes no sense. I forgot that Sampada can’t conceive so she can’t save Moksh anyway, so really she doesn’t care about Moksh or am I missing something and it’s all a hoax

    1. Hi @lucy Dear malhar, entitled to half of Aoe Saeb’s property because at the start of the series they took money from malhar and as insurance they pledged their house. Something malhar didn’t want. But as Sampada betrayed him and left. He came to settle in the house .. What I do not understand is why rachit wish to live there .. In short .. Tonight suhaaraaght night for kaliyani .. In short disappointed. Frankly the CVs have destroyed history.

  4. Leisa s morris

    So once again kalyani and malhar are separated,first when a judge annulled their marriage and now sampada got them divorced. I wonder if aparna is also involve since her husband died a terrorist her daughters remarriage with malhar will benefit her socially. Imagine sampada left malhar broken psychologically and financialy and now she just wants to waltz back into his life cause she cant deal with poverty. She is sooo selfish even when she was with arthav d love of her life who she left malhar for she complained of living in poverty until he fleeced mugdha her money. I hope arthav isnt involve too as even though he did kalmar wrong dey were d ones to stand by him and protect him. I hope he help them and keep sampada far away from his baba. On another note I thought once a woman gets married she moves to her husbands home so how come dis crazaow just up and decides dat dey will live at aao saheb? Im just baffled. Any way I hope dis doesnt last long as im really fed up of evil winning over gd. Totally fed up now

  5. María Fernanda

    I am from Argentina I follow the show from the beginning and today I feel it is the worst part. Because ruin it this way. After so much suffering with separation I expected many romantic moments between Kalyani and Malhar. I am very disappointed ..

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