Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani risks her life to save Sampada and many lives

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar walking towards a terrorists seeing him looking at the toy parrot. He asks him to stop. The terrorist runs away. Sampada sees Kalyani there and thinks Malhar must also be here. She tries to go near Kalyani, but the terrorists come infront of her. Sampada gets scared. Atharv is dancing with Kalyani and others and sees Sampada scared. He thinks what gandi aunty is doing here. Sampada runs from there. Kalyani thinks where is Malhar ji? Malhar runs behind the terrorist. Kalyani gets worried for Atharv and thinks where did he go? Malhar throws a copper pot on the terrorists. The terrorists catch Sampada and say your game is finished. Sampada throws chilli powder in their eyes and runs away.

Atharv comes to Sampada and asks why that guys are troubling you. Sampada

asks him to come with her and sits somewhere. She asks Atharv to call his Aai and Baba and not to tell anyone about her. Atharv says ok and goes. Malhar is running behind the terrorist and asks him to tell about their plan. Atharv comes to Kalyani and says bad aunty is here and asked me to call my Aai and Baba. Kalyani says it means Sampada came to know something about the terrorists. She asks Atharv to take her there. Malhar beats up the goons. Other goon comes and breaks bottle on his shoulder. Malhar turns and is unaffected. He beats them terrorists. The terrorist falls down and collides with Vaman. He beats the terrorist. Vaman tells Malhar that I came to know about many people’s lives in danger and asks him to go and says I will take this terrorist to police station. Malhar is leaving and gets terrorist’s phone, thinks it must be terrorist’s boss. He calls on that number which takes him to Vaman. Vaman’s terrorist gun at Malhar. Vaman laughs. Malhar is shocked.

Vaman laughs and says you would have been saved if went to the seashore. He asks his terrorists to catch Sampada. Malhar is shocked. Atharv takes Kalyani to the place where Sampada asked him to bring her, but Sampada is not there. Kalyani reads the message which Sampada has written on the wall about bomb in coconuts. She asks Atharv to search baba (Malhar) and inform him about bombs in the coconuts. She runs to search Sampada. Sampada comes near the seashore and thinks she can’t go back else will be caught, shall jump in the water. She jumps in the lake. Kalyani comes there and sees Sampada drowned in the water. She says what did you do Sampada? Kalyani shouts for help, but nobody hears her as busy with the dancing and music. Kalyani jumps in the lake to save Sampada. Sampada gets scared seeing whale coming near her. Kalyani is also scared. The whale swims near Sampada. Sampada is shocked.

Vaman asks his goons to put Malhar in car and says bomb will start now. Malhar asks why are you doing this and says I will tell Police that you helped me reach the terrorists and bomb. Vaman refuses. Kalyani manages to save Sampada, but she is still inside. Malhar says if I had known you then wouldn’t have let Aparna Aai marry you. Vaman asks did you do any favor and tells that he will not leave his mission in any circumstances. Atharv comes there and asks them to leave his baba and threatens to throw coconut on them. Vaman says it can explode any time and asks terrorists to hold Atharv. The terrorist says you said that it will explode now.

Kalyani is pulled inside the water by the whale. Kalyani is shocked. Malhar beats the terrorists. Atharv gets happy and says baba beat them. Malhar snatches Vaman’s gun and aims gun at his head. He asks Pawar to hold him and takes coconut from Atharv’s hand. He sees bomb in it and runs towards the people to stop them from breaking the coconut. Sampada also tells the people not to break coconut. The whale injures Kalyani. Sampada and Malhar try to stop the people. They see blood in the water and stop from breaking the coconut. Sampada gets shocked seeing blood in the water.

Precap: Malhar takes out injured and unconscious Kalyani out of car. Atharv says baba brought Aai out. Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani to open her eyes. Malhar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The precap is so sad. I don’t know what will happen kalyani.

  2. I got the feeling kalyani will have memory loss or suffer other injuries. The family is in such a mess: aparna is betrayed, atul is shoot, sarthak in jail for it, ketki not exposed, kalyani is injured…malhar and anupriya are the only ones left to handle the situation

    1. That’s true.. In this situation, I really hope Malhar will not trust Ketki blindly..

  3. Thanks for quick update…

    Atharv is really helping out Malhar and Kalyani knowing (or) unknowingly..

  4. What I see is that the loss of memory will be the next track .. We did not finish the current track .. Why vaman to do that .. Who is really kekti ‘.. his intentions his motivation his involvement with the terrorist track .. Me I think all this is the arthava plan and Sampada. God only knows at the precise moment that the only way for Sampada to flee the villains was to take arthava with her and tell her to bring back kaliyani and malhar to help her and her only solution is to throw herself into the sea. take that risk. In short we show him shocked but I think it’s just to make malhar feel guilty for the health of kaliyani .. Brief malhar is alone .. He has entrusted a job within the police to a terrorist .. All the evidence Concerning arthava and Mugdha as well as the death of kekti’s husband have disappeared .. All this is just a big trap very well orchestrated to avoid Sampada and arthava to go to jail .. And that malhar finds himself alone .. Without kaliyani. Neither Anu .. Who thinks himself will be brainwashed by the Desmuck family for supporting malhar who only made him feel kaliyani by not trusting him instead to kekti .. Anyway. We will never have kalma the love story .. In short quite frustrating … Kekti always present so she is not exposed and its truth will not be known malhar. And what will be vaman .. It’s not logical. Because his motivation is not clear. In short .. And to say that it is the uncle of kaliyani. The family members each have a disorder related to crime .. In short, already dadaji that caused the death of the mother of malhar .. Then madhuri who commits suicide. Now vaman who is a terrorist. Also kesva who wanted to delete kaliyani .. Briefly .. Mixed

  5. Regarding arthava .. This is to see that he is in a normal state .. His facial expressions and his look or mix of gestures shows that he is a normal person but he manipulates his world as he likes and no one sees that he plays .. I think so and my feeling tells me that all this is a great plan. I do not know why CVs and series shows that evil always gets .. And that good to evil to triumph .. The worst is that we show the protagonist couple who are always in disagreement .. Good I repeat me perhaps but their love story is not moving forward .. They are close to 250 episode .. They celebrate their 1 year of series .. But no more .. After one year the husband does not still not trusting his wife who has done so much for him .. How to believe in the well-foundedness of the relationship and marriage .. Or we are shown all his fasting ceremony for so-called good and long life of the husband .. And even malhar who fasts for kaliyani. For the end we showed that malhar trust Ketki more than kaliyani. In short, so nuanced and contradictory in beliefs and customs .. And the bond of marriage associated with the relationship Of trust .. Respect love and happiness is not

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