Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani agrees to marry Atharv shocking Malhar

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani if she will free herself from his hold. Kalyani asks him to try to understand. malhar asks what is the reason to surrender yourself to fire and asks her to answer. He asks what is the reason for turning away from your happiness. He asks what is the reason to leave Moksh. Kalyani cries. He holds her hand again and says what is the reason to leave me alone> Kalyani says she got happiness..She sees car coming in car. Malhar holds her closer. Kalyani asks him to leave her hand and says if Sampada sees us. Malhar says I don’t care about this world and just cares about you. Sampada tells Aparna that Atharv is stubborn and does as he wants. Kalyani asks Malhar to leave her and says if Sampada sees us together then she will snatch Moksh from us, which I don’t

want to happen. Malhar says I will not leave your hand and says I am repenting for leaving your hand once. Kalyani asks him to think about Billu. Malhar says I will leave you, but on a condition, you have to refuse to marry Atharv. Sampada spots Malhar’s jeep and tells Aparna that she thinks Malhar and kalyani are here and asks her to go and check. Aparna says it is raining heavily. Sampada says you will not melt down. Aparna gets down to check. Malhar and Kalyani are hiding beneath the jeep. Aparna checks in and around the jeep and says there is nobody here. Sampada asks her to check properly.

Malhar and Kalyani are still beneath the jeep. Aparna says there is nobody here, may be he left the jeep as it stopped working. Sampada asks her to come. She tells Aparna that she is feeling Malhar is here and calls him. Kalyani asks Malhar about his phone and takes it out from his pocket. She makes the phone silent. Sampada and Aparna go. Malhar and Kalyani come out of the jeep. He asks why did she agree to marry Atharv? Anupriya says for Aai…Anupriya tells Sarthak that Kalyani is not talking to her. Sarthak says Malhar will never let Kalyani take the wrong step.

Kalyani says this is the only way to make Aai’s life better and you know that I can do anything for my Aai…Malhar makes her sit in his jeep and start it. He asks her to drive the jeep on him and sacrifice him. Kalyani says you have gone mad. Malhar says one mad thinks other as mad. She says what do you think that Aai will be happy to know that you married a devil and says I don’t hope this foolishness from you. Kalyani says if I don’t agree then Papa will hurt Aai all life. Malhar says Atharv will hurt you after marriage and asks her to help him, and says I will enquire from where Atharv earned so much wealth. He says once Atul finds out that Atharv’s wealth is illegal then he will understand that your life is in trouble. He asks her to refuse for marriage.

In the morning, Malhar sneezes coming in the balcony. Kalyani brings Kada and asks him to drink for his cold. Malhar tries to speak, but couldn’t. Kalyani asks him not to thank her and drink kada. He writes on the paper and gives to her. She reads you are responsible for my voice. Kalyani asks did I ask you to kidnap me and take me under rain. Malhar writes asking her not to agree for marriage. Malhar gets a call and picks it. He says hello. Kalyani takes the call and tells Pawar that Malhar couldn’t speak. Pawar asks him to come and make Kiran Patel confess. Malhar writes that he can’t come. Kalyani tells Pawar that he will come. Just then Sampada shouts and calls everyone. She shows wet clothes of Malhar and Kalyani and says when it was raining then Malhar and Kalyani were together last night. She asks Atharv if he wants to marry such girl who was with some guy last night with whom she has no relation. Atul asks Kalyani to tell what Sampada is saying. Sampada says truth is infront of us. She tells Kalyani that you raised finger on my character always and says what is dropping from this clothes is your character. Malhar says Sampada. Atul holds his collar and scolds him.

Aao Saheb says we did a mistake to give her some time and asks Atul to take Kalyani’s life decision. Anupriya says Kalyani can take her own life decisions and will never agree to marry Atharv. Kalyani runs to temple and says she went to say bye to Malhar for last time. She was with him last night. Malhar thinks don’t do this Kalyani and tries to stop her. Kalyani says I have taken my decision. Malhar holds her hand and pushes her down by mistake. Kalyani gets hurt on her forehead. Malhar thinks trust me, I will bring Atharv’s truth infront of Atul Mama. Atul gets angry and shouts at Malhar, for crossing all limits. Kalyani says Papa..and tries to stop him. Atharv and Atul push Malhar out. Malhar holds their shoulders angrily. Kalyani asks Malhar to stop and says my happiness lies in my Papa’s happiness and I am ready to marry Atharv. Everyone is shocked. Sampada is shocked. Atul smiles. Malhar is shocked. Kalyani cries.

Precap: Sampada tells Anupriya that Atharv will ruin Kalyani’s life if he marries her. Atharv asks Anupriya to keep his wedding card before Bappa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope they pull a good old fashion switch. Bring mugna, artharv’s wife to the altar for him?? it’s high time his truth comes out, why the writers allowed it to run this long is already beyond me. Not to mention the silly judge’s ruling. I hate that in Atul saying anu is still his ‘legal’ wife, he’s basically calling kalyani illigitimate. Also wasn’t Atul suppose to leave! This sampada is such a low woman, would eat up any and everyone. What does Artharv expect in this fraud marriage, hopefully sampada gets so jealous she blurts out the entire truth as to Artharv being already married. I want mugna to walk in slap sampada till she develops some sense of shame, and show Artharv his place without her money

  2. Episode was awesome ???

  3. Episode was lovely today ?

  4. Yesterday I was happy .. Tonight I’m sad .. Because kaliyani’s words hurt my ear when she says for the happiness of her father she is ready to get married at Atharva .. Beurkkk .. I will not tolerate not that kind of father that is Atul .. To do emotional blackmail .. Very disgusting on his part .. So disappointed ..

  5. DannyComments

    I guess there aren’t much men in the World since everyone quickly forgot to what great lengths Arthav went to make their lives miserable! Stupid ungrateful Atul!

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