Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani reaches hospital to rescue Anupriya

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Doctor telling Sampada that she can’t become a mum again and shows her reports. Sampada says this is a lie and cries. Doctor asks Nurse to make her sleep. Sampada cries. Anupriya gains consciousness and asks Pallavi to give water. She hears Sampada crying and thinks who is crying. She feels bad for her and tries to go to the other side of shared room. She moves the curtain and is about to see her, just then Nurse comes and stops Anupriya. She asks her to lie down on the bed. Anupriya says someone is crying there. Nurse makes her rest and gives her injection. She says you will be taken for the operation. Anupriya asks operation? And becomes sleepy. Pallavi smiles. Malhar’s jeep stops on the way. Constable checks the jeep. Kalyani asks Malhar if they will get stuck there. Malhar asks Constable to get another jeep. Constable says it will take time. Kalyani says she will ask for lift. Malhar asks her to sit quietly. She says it will be late and tells that she can take tension while sitting. She falls on the chatai bed with Malhar…song plays….kuch toh hai tujhse hai raabta…They have an eye lock. Malhar asks tea seller to stop the song…Kalyani asks God to make her reach Aai. Malhar thinks once I reach the hospital, nobody can save Sampada and Atharv. Nurse tells Atharv that Sampada can’t become a mother. Atharv asks did you tell Sampada? Nurse says yes and asks him to be with her. He hears Pallavi talking to Vivek and asking him to tell Doctor to take just one kidney. He hides his face and thinks what they are doing here. He thinks they have to leave immediately.

Kalyani hears Constable talking that Anupriya called at land line number to inform about Sampada who is in City hospital. Kalyani thinks why Malhar is acting as if he doesn’t know. Constable says malhar will catch them red handed. Kalyani thinks why Aai is in hospital and tells Malhar that she has a stomach ache. She tells that she had taken medicine, but then also she is feeling pain. Malhar asks her to go to bathroom behind the tea shop and gives her 5 mins.

Sampada cries. Atharv asks her to calm down and says if you cry then your health will get deteriorated. Sampada says I want to become pregnant with our child together, but God snatched it from us. Atharv asks her to keep quiet and asks her to stop it. He says I don’t want the baby, but needs a peaceful life. He tells her that Vivek and Pallavi brought maayi here. Sampada says she don’t want to live as her dreams are breaking. She asks if he don’t want a family. Atharv says I will bring family for you and says we will get a dog. Sampada feels bad and cries again. Atharv says I don’t want to get caught by malhar and asks her to come. He takes her forcibly.

Constable tells Malhar that Kalyani has eloped. Malhar scolds Rao. Rao says when I checked, she was not there and window glass was open. Malhar says may be she came to know about the hospital. They leave. Kalyani is running on the road to reach hospital. She thinks of Constable words and thinks if Aai is in trouble. She comes infront of car and takes the lift. She reaches hospital and asks if someone is here? She thinks there is nobody here, why chacha and chachi have brought Aai here. Atharv is taking Sampada out and asks her to come. Doctor asks Nurse not to keep any record of the operation. Nurse says she has written with pencil. Anupriya is unconscious and takes Kalyani’s name. Sampada and Atharv see Kalyani and hide before she could see them. They go to the lab. Kalyani feels someone is hiding from her.

Kalyani comes to the lab and peeps inside, just then ward boy comes and asks whom she wants to meet? Atharv says Malhar might be here too. Ward boy closes the door telling that it is storeroom and nobody goes there. Atharv tries to open the door and finds it locked. Kalyani asks Nurse about Anupriya. Nurse says she doesn’t know. Kalyani sees Vivek sitting there. Vivek gets tensed. Anupriya gains consciousness in the OT and asks Doctor why is he operating on her. Doctor asks nurse to give her sedatives and holds on her mouth. Kalyani confronts Vivek and asks what is he doing with Anupriya. She asks where is Aai and what is he hiding? Vivek asks what are you doing here? Kalyani says where is she? Vivek says Maayi is in OT. Anupriya kicks the nurse. Doctor gives her injection to make her unconscious. Anupriya faints. They make her lie down on the bed.

Precap: Vivek tells Kalyani that Doctor said that he has to operate on her immediately when she complained of stomach pain. Kalyani runs towards OT. Doctor is about to perform the surgery.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The episode was good.kalma scene with raabta song was nice…feels sad for Anupriya.waiting for next episode

  2. Guys plz vote for Tujhse Hai Raabta on IMDB
    It only got 6.9/10 but it deserves more .Plz vote…
    AND a verryyyyy gooood neeewwsssss issss-

    1. Where can u give d link pls and ya v c tat kite excitement hug but yesterday episode mindblowing can u say did Sam and athrav comes back or wat and pls be in touch v will vote if u give d link

  3. Malhar likes to show attitude to Kalyani all the time let’s see if he does anything to Vivek and Pallavi for trying to steal organs. That pallavi needs a hard boot. Ahilya has her younger baby and son perfectly suited to her demon brains. Sampada is an idiot, Atharv is such a little nobody

  4. Malhar’s reaction super.. And that song.. They still didn’t realize their feelings.. Bcz Klayani wants to save Anupriya & Malhar wants to catch both Atharv & Sampada.. Sampada’s ill its a punishment for her deeds.. I hope Kalyani will save Anupriya..

  5. Sampada will want to go back to malhar when she will see Pillu happiness with kaliyani .. And that both of them start to have feelings …. Malhar is hard with kaliyani .. Hard to see the torture that he makes endure to kaliyani. In short waiting for this sequence of hug .. We await the following developments of this romance

  6. My god beautiful episode especially tat song when they fall it’s beautiful I think malhar still he c Sam move on he won’t hv feeling for kalyAni his heart full of Sam betrayal but whatever raabta is unique every scene every hug so unique it deserves more trp

  7. Please tell us where to vote yes as we want show to stay on

  8. Waiting on an update please. Thanks!

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