Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Malhar breaks relation with Kalyani witnessing Appa’s pyre

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Atul to understand that Moksh needs her. She hears Moksh crying and tells Atul that he gets silent only in her lap. Atul stops her. Anupriya says when Kalyani is happy with her marriage then what we can do. Atul scolds her and tells that I have come to make my daughter’s life better. Kalyani says neither you nor Malhar have the right to take decision of me. She is about to go out and sees Aao Saheb standing infront of her. Aao Saheb tells her that Atul is right and now Sampada will take care of Moksh. Kalyani says malhar ji…and Sampada not to touch her son. Aao Saheb tells that that malhar is getting arrested for Rao Saheb’s death. Kalyani runs out and tells Police that Malhar is innocent. Inspector tells that they got orders from high authorities. Aao

Saheb says she will not let him come out. Sarthak says you can’t arrest him without the orders. Malhar says I don’t need anyone and asks Kalyani to take Moksh. He then realizes. Aparna takes Moksh. Sampada tells that Moksh shall get habitual to live without Kalyani and Moksh. Kalyani shouts at her, and tells that Malhar is innocent and tells that he didn’t force him to commit suicide. Inspector says Rao Saheb didn’t leave any suicide note. Kalyani says she saw notice note in the room and runs to room. She asks Anupriya to search in the room. Sampada asks Inspector to take the criminal with him. Kalyani searches for the letter. Aao Saheb says she will not not let Kalyani make fun of Rao Saheb’s death. Kalyani gets the letter. Aao Saheb tries to snatch it. Kalyani gets it back and gives to Inspector. Vivek tells that Appa’s body is taken for last rites. Aao Saheb asks inspector not to open the letter until his last rites is done. Kalyani thinks now Malhar don’t have to go to jail.

Appa’s last rites is done. Malhar cries and tells Sarthak that he didn’t want this to happen. Aao Saheb asks Inspector, can I read the letter. She reads the letter that Malhar threatened to beat him until he die, and that’s why he is giving himself easy death. Kalyani says Malhar ji didn’t do anything, I was there. Atul slaps Kalyani and says it is proved. He tells that he doesn’t want to listen to her. He blames Malhar for Appa’s death. He takes the firewood and tells that he will not leave Malhar. Sarthak says I was there, and Malhar was innocent. Anupriya says Malhar never threatened to kill Appa. Aao Saheb asks her not to insult the dead person and asks what do you mean that the dead person lied.

Kalyani reads the letter and is shocked. She says same thing is written. Aao Saheb thanks Kalyani and says I will get justice now. She thanks Aao Saheb to proving Malhar’s crime. Kalyani says this suicide note is fake and tells that she is always on Malhar’s side. Inspector takes the suicide note. Malhar tells Kalyani that he had a doubt that she will take revenge from him some day, but didn’t know that she will do this way. Sarthak tries to talk. Malhar says I am talking to my wife. Atul calls him as criminal and holds his collar. Malhar looks angrily at him. Kalyani says how can you think that I will take revenge. Malhar says everyone knows that the content in the letter is fake and says if I am proved guilty today is just because of you. He says I was fool to trust you, and asks why did she do this. He asks if she did this as her family members matter to her a lot or if because he separated her from Moksh. Anupriya says why Kalyani will do this? Malhar says you both have broken my trust once and now again. Kalyani says I will not say anything, he thinks I am a betrayal and tells that he will not believe me if I say anything. Malhar says I left you and freed you from Moksh and my responsibilities, and says when this relation didn’t mean anything then why it is there. He holds her hand and tells that he will break their marriage.

Anupriya tries to stop Malhar. Atul holds her hand. Malhar takes reverse round with Kalyani around the pyre fire. Pandit ji says you can’t do any marriage rituals around the pyre and asks Aao Saheb to stop him. Malhar leaves Kalyani and goes with Inspector. Kalyani sits in shock. Anupriya hugs her. Kalyani cries.

Precap: Aao Saheb tells that until I take revenge from Rao Saheb’s death, my maang will be filled with his ashes. Kalyani asks her to keep her maang filled with ashes all life and says she will prove Malhar’s innocence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Malhar always blames kalyani, he never trust her i hate him, he is worst i want kalyani to wear morder clothes

  2. I really hope malhar is doing all this to make sure kalyani never comes back to him if it’s not the case then he is too dumb and doesn’t deserves anyone’s sympathy.
    Sarthak and anupriya should get married in front of all while deshmukh family fume in anger, kalyani can run away with moksh to be later joined by anupriya and sarthak and malhar can stay in jail for sometime to recover his brain

  3. I wish malhar dies and then kalyani can marry someone else

  4. If it was me in place of kalyani i would have slapped malhar and would have asked him to sign divorce papers

  5. I think Malhar doing this as drama.. Bcz he wants somehow Kalyani to find the real letter.. I’m sure the letter isn’t real.. Someone change the letter.. And also Malhar in very guilty for ruined Kalyani’s child behavior.. But he isn’t the one who put her in such situation.. Its Aao Sahib who put Kalyani’s life like that.. And that Ahilya Deshmuk is the only one who put all family members life to hell & ruined their marriage.. She is the real culprit.. She always wants to take revenge one by another.. 1. Kalyani 2. Atharv for eloping with Sampada 3. Malhar for divide the house 4. Sampada & Atharagain for troubling their business.. 5. Again Malhar for Rao Sahib’s suicide.. What a witch women.. She is like a monkey.. Anyway she get lost.. I feel after Malhar went to jail Kalyani must try to find out the real letter or something which can release Malhar from jail & save him.. Sathak & Anu will join their hands together.. After all Moksh is the one who is very poor.. I feel very sad for him… Always love #KalMa?

  6. I think malhar is doing all this for kalyani…..bcoz he don’t want her to spoil her life for him n moksh so trying to make her hates him to the core so that she will never come back again to his life. He cares for her n also wish him to realize his love for kalyani first and then try to win back his lady love.hopes so

  7. Guys… Could u notice pleading eyes of Malhar on that last part of episode..??? I’m sure he is doing drama like that Godavari’s case.. Could u remember that?????

  8. I just hope Malhar is doing this drama ..because if he is truly doubting Kalyani then he doesn’t deserve Kalyani as his wife . Kalyani is right no one has right to take her lifes decision except Herself … and she right as well whn she says that I don’t want to give any explanation on my behalf …

  9. Can someone tell me the age difference between malhar and kalyani

    1. Your Comment
      it must be nearly 7-10 years

  10. Your Comments
    so stupid

  11. Your Comment
    so stupid serial

  12. Your Comment
    hope it’s a plan of malhar

  13. This drama is “Domestic violence” of highest order. No man should treat a woman like that. She is always timid and afraid to talk to him. Not her fault his ex left him. Writers stop making great beautiful Indian women dumb. Check all ur series till date. Hmmm

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