Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: After leap of 5 years, Malhar faces a turmoil in his life

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After leap of 5 years:

The Episode starts with a lady calling for help and asks Police to do something as bomb is tied around her waist. Pawar calls the bomb squad and asks them to come before the bomb explodes. The lady prays to God to send some angel to save her life. Malhar comes in his jeep. Pawar is an Inspector now and tells Malhar that he can’t go there. He aims gun at Malhar and tells that you can’t handle this case, it is commissioner’s order not to let you enter there. Malhar asks him to shoot and asks if he will let her die. Pawar says bomb squad will come. Malhar says he can’t see anyone dying infront of him. Malhar asks the lady not to move. Pawar says just 2 mins left. Rao asks him not to touch the bomb. Malhar asks the lady not to move and removes her bomb jacket. Pawar and Rao urge him not to do that. The girl runs. Malhar asks Pawar to go from there and says it is my order. Pawar says I can’t go. Malhar says it is my order. Pawar, Rao and others run away. Malhar takes out the scissor from his pocket and cuts the wire thinking about Kalyani. Pawar comes to Malhar and says I had to tell Commissioner Saheb. He says he wants to meet him at 8 am. Malhar says don’t you know where I go daily at 8 am. He tells him that he is not scared of Commissioner and will go to orphan kids. Aao Saheb does exercise in her luxurious house and hears her cries on tape recorder. She looks at Null’s photo and prays that all of Malhar’s happiness gets snatched from him.

Malhar calls Principal and tells that he has sent ration for kids midday meal. Principal asks until when you will send, you have so much loan. Malhar says his life is a loan and asks about kids. Principal says they will come and asks him not to shower his money on kids, else his wife will leave him. Malhar thinks he has to go and take someone, and hopes new Commissioner don’t give him some work.

Aao Saheb reads the letter written by Malhar for Swara, that he was waiting for her rakhi, but it didn’t come, hopes she ties him rakhi soon. Swara calls Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb hides the letter and asks her to come inside. Swara comes inside and tells that she wants to check her sugar. Aao Saheb says she will eat food only once in day. Swara says only one? Aao Saheb says Guru ji told me about the big trouble on our family and for that there are two solutions, one is that I have to eat food at once, and the other is my bahu sacrifices her long hair. She says I will not ask you to sacrifice your hairs. Swara says I can’t let you be hungry. Aao Saheb asks are you ready to get your hairs cut. Swara says yes. Aao Saheb cuts her hairs with scissor. Swara looks on crying. Aao Saheb says I hope you have agreed to my sayings. Swara says this is my family too. Aao Saheb asks her to cover her head with Pallu to remember her sacrifice. Swara says ok.

Malhar asks all kids to fly the kites. They fly the kites. Malhar sees Papa misses you Moksh’s message and cries. He thinks he used to get up early at 8 am. Aao Saheb keeps the hairs in the envelope and writes letter for Malhar on Swara’s behalf, and writes that she is sending her hairs to explain to him that their relations can’t be fine. Malhar tells Moksh is not replying to him and cries missing him. Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Main Zindagi plays…..Later Malhar looks at Moksh’s toys and gets emotional. He throws the car as he couldn’t repair it. He tells Durga Prasad, the dog that his life has stopped and asks it to go. Pawar comes there and tells that Commissioner Saheb sent letter for you, he asked him to do DM’s security. Malhar tells that he will not go and asks him to tell that he is going to his wife. Pawar asks him to come and says you have loan of 5 lakhs. Malhar gets hyper and holds his head in pain. Pawar gets concerned and asks where is your medicine. Malhar eats his medicine and cries looking at Kalyani’s earring. Later he comes to hospital and calls Pawar, asks why did he send him mental asylum’s address. He sees a lady singing lullaby and talking to a toy baby. She is Kalyani. She says your Papa don’t take bribe, so from where he will get new toys for you. She cries and hugs the toy baby, says nothing will happen to my Billu. Malhar is shocked to hear her voice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. As far as I’m concerned Aoa sahib is responsible for Nulls death, he was a scared teenager who made a mistake, she had a responsibility to try and protect him in the right manner, not arguing with the police and scaring him further, Malhar didn’t shout, at him or get angry, neither arrest him but reasonably asked for a statement she didn’t help diffuse the situation and Null was so scared he made another mistake by running, it was a tragic accident but as usual Aoa saheb blames Malhar. I’d wish they got rid of her post leap can’t stand the woman and it makes no sense that Swara would have no contact with her brother.
    The stroryline has been all over the place even before lockdown like when Atharv was pretending to have amnesia and still managed to make a whole different persona at a brothel, Anupriya getting given the wrong medicines that whole explanation didn’t make sense, the surrogacy was poorly shown then Trilok who hated Malhar but miraculously was a donor for Moksh, I understand for entertainment some logic goes out of the window but this has been too much and like Malhar didn’t have enough on his plate that they Just had to add Null being killed.
    Surprised Malhar still has a job, even under the distress he was under at the time he shot Kalyani to be able to keep his job doesn’t seem realistic it would only have made his mental health worse.
    I’ve been watching this painfully for a long time now hoping it improves and for Kalma but hope with the leap there is a huge improvement as the writers were destroying a hugely potential show by going the usual tragedy route instead of a more up,ifting and inspiring route. As soon as any show shows the lead couple express their feelings and make promises you know it’s going to go downhill all these writers can’t seem to write happy characters they have to suck all joy from the characters and just have them cry.

  2. So disappointed. I don’t understand anything anymore … How come Aoe saeb gets rich like this .. What right she has to stop the bond between a brother and her sister .. I think her role is too negative .. 2020 is a bad year with everything that is happening in the world today. ‘and when I see that our favorite series offers us this kind of script .. It’s just sorry .. When you see that CVs reward fans’ loyalty in this way .. Tujhse to mix the scripts too much and have not bad thing which is not in coherence with the reality of the things of the life .. In short so disappointed .. Who is Nellu .. Or is kaka .. Anupriya has returned to his old avatar .. And does not wear his mangalsutra .. What is happening .. Malhar is ruined and aimless .. In short, pillu is dead or missing .. What is happening .. Anupriya who gets angry when she sees kaliyani .. She has stayed 5 years without giving any sign of life. In short I cannot explain my disappointment

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