Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar and Kalyani get doubtful on Asawari

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The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Anupriya to finish the food. Anupriya says she is done. Kalyani asks her to sleep and says she will bring water for her doll. Anupriya asks her to come fast. Kalyani says ok. Moksh and Gungun are playing together. Anupriya wakes up and finds Kalyani not on her bed. She calls her and goes out of room. Kalyani thinks tonight is special for us and checks the dress sent by Malhar. Anupriya asks Gungun where is her Aai? Gungun says I will take you to her room. Anupriya asks what are they playing? Gungun says game and two persons can play. Anupriya insists to play. Moksh says ok, we will play another game. Anupriya sits to play. Moksh whispers in Gungun’s ear. Gungun sneezes. Moksh asks what did she do just now? Anupriya says she sneezed. Gungun and Moksh clap for her. Gungun asks Anupriya to tell a word to Moksh and says he will enact. Anupriya gets thinking. Moksh says I will go to washroom and come. He asks Gungun to come with him to the washroom. Gungun goes with him. Asawari comes to Anupriya. She says shall I tell you a good word and whispers something in her ear, asks her not to tell anyone else you will lose. Anupriya says ok, I will win now. Asawari goes from there. Moksh and Gungun come back. Anupriya whispers something in his ear and asks him to enact. Moksh is shocked. Gungun asks him to enact else they will lose. Moksh is shocked. Anupriya says you have lost and dances with Gungun. Moksh says I didn’t lose and tells Gungun that the word is pagle/mad. Kalyani comes there and slaps Moksh. She asks him if she taught him this bad word and asks did I teach you this? She asks where did you learn it?

Anupriya says I gave this word to him, to do acting. Moksh says you have slapped me, now you shall slap her for teaching me bad thing. Malhar and Asawari come there. Kalyani asks Anupriya who taught you this word. Anupriya signs at Asawari who is standing behind Malhar, but Kalyani assumes Malhar has taught her as Asawari goes away. Malhar says I. Kalyani recalls his words. Malhar says I have come just now and asks Anupriya not to lie, and say truth. Kalyani says enough. She says I can’t become a mother of any child, I can’t handle my kids, I am a big mother and shall punish myself for punishing my son. She slaps herself. Malhar says who told that you are a bad mother and tells that you are a good mother. Anupriya says she is my Aai, go away from here. Malhar says you want your Aai not to cry. Anupriya nods her head. Malhar asks Moksh and Gungun to sleep, asks Anupriya to sleep as well. Asawari comes there and asks Anupriya to sleep. Gungun asks Anupriya why are you angry with her. Anupriya says she…Asawari says husband and wife shall not fight, don’t know what will happen. Moksh tells Gungun that they have to do Aai and baba’s patch up. Asawari says I have a plan and tells something to them.

Malhar and Kalyani are sitting out in the garden. He apologizes to Kalyani for telling all those things for Maayi and says he was worried for her (Kalyani). He promises her and says I didn’t say anything to Maayi. Kalyani says I shall apologize to you for getting angry on you. Malhar says I know you very well and understands emotions behind your words. Kalyani says she didn’t understand who has taught this word to Aai and why she pointed finger at you. Malhar asks her to think who is the person who is not their family, even after staying in their house. Kalyani says SB.

They come to the room. Moksh and Gungun are decorating the room. They ask Malhar and Kalyani to go out. Malhar asks who asked you to do this. Moksh says Asawari aaji. Kalyani and Malhar come out. Kalyani says if she is trying to unite us. Malhar says she is not trustable and asks what is her aim. Asawari asks Anupriya if she wanted to tell Kalyani about her. Anupriya says you told me that bad word. Asawari threatens to send Anupriya to hospital and tells that she had sent the hospital staff here. She says if you tell anyone about me then you will be in the hospital, so you will tell just as I say. She threatens her again and again.

Malhar and Kalyani ask Moksh and Gungun if they can come now. Moksh says no and takes Kalyani inside. He asks Kalyani to get ready nicely and goes out with Gungun. Gungun knocks on the door and asks Kalyani to wear beach saree, to look like Cindrella. Kalyani scolds Moksh for not studying well. Moksh says Cindrella. Malhar asks Sarthak where is he going? Sarthak says he is going to guest room and tells that when he was with Anupriya, he was longing for Gungun and the happiness, but when they found Gungun, Anupriya’s mental condition deteriorated. He says he is waiting for her to get fine. Malhar says sorry. Sarthak says I shall be sorry as Anupriya is the reason for the difference between Kalyani and you. Malhar says everything will be fine between Kalyani and me, and I hope Maayi gets well soon. Sarthak goes to guest room. Someone knocks on the door. Anupriya opens the room.

Precap: Malhar sits on the bed and thinks Kalyani is sitting with veil on her head. He asks if she is acting shy bride, then he will act goon. Anupriya lifts her veil. Malhar gets shocked and says Maayi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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