Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Mukku trapped in mud pond

Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukku asks Anupriya to let her go to Ayi fi, Ayi fi is always angry at her and she does not like it. She regrets missing the toys Kalyani got her. She checks Anupriya’s phone. Anupriya goes to outhouse. Malhar was angry at Kalyani for going to Mukku. He vows to give her so much work that she isn’t free to meet her. He reads the diary that Aao Saheb made her make 36 pickles, she did not know the names as well. Kalyani was sure there is something wrong with the diary. Anupriya could never silently witness such injustice to Swara. Malhar had faith in the diary. He says now Anupriya will tell her 36 types of pickles. He unveils the table and says these are 36 bottles and Kalyani’s pickles must taste the same. Sarthak come to take Anupriya. Malhar gives Kalyani only one day to complete the task. Mukku come there. She watches through the window and asks for whom she is making all these pickles. She requests Ayi fi to reply and not be angry. Kalyani tastes the pickles. Mukku says in films heroine does so only l she is pregnant.

In the office, Malhar was greeted with the news of Kalyani’s pregnancy. Mukku come there and tell Malhar she saw Kalyani eat pickles. Mukku and Chikal were scolded by Malhar but they were not afraid. Mukku files a complaint that her Ayi fi is not talking to her. She intrigues Chikal as well to stay, as Baapu also went to jail. Malhar picks her in his arms and drives her home. He tells Mukku to go inside and prepare for her interview, Ayi fi will not speak to her. Mukku was determined to make her Ayi fi up. Mukku reappears in the window and asks how long she will continue making the pickles. Kalyani shuts the window.

Avni celebrates that Mukku is all alone. Kalyani is busy in outhouse. She locks Kalyani’s door from outside. At home, Avni fakes speaking to someone on phone about a temple, from where a minor Mukku can get a thread to make her Ayi fi up. Mukku decides to get the thread and take it towards a temple in the forest. Avni followed her. Mukku was thoughtful if she must go or not, what if her clothes get dirty and Ayi fi is angry. She turns back and sings Tujh se hai Raabta. She then rejects the idea of going back and steps in mud pond. Avni was excited.

In the room, Kalyani at once feel worried. She was upset for her child and knocks the door of outhouse. Avni tells her goons not to let Mukku die. They must dig the truth out. Kalyani calls Malhar, she says she is restless and concerned for Mukku. It feels Mukku is in some trouble.

Mukku prays for her protection. She decides she will the secret to everyone. Avni was happy that now she must speak the truth. Malhar reaches the temple and runs towards the mud pond, spotting Mukku. Avni was afraid what if Mukku tells Malhar she told her about this temple thread. Malhar extends a wooden rod and tells Mukku to hold this rod. Mukku cries that the mud is eating her up. The goons leave Avni’s side. Malhar drags a thread and asks Mukku to hold the thread now, but the thread also breaks.

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