Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 10)

Hey guys this is chhaya back again.i m sry last week I didn’t update as I was on a family trip.i wld try to update regularly.
Recap-swayam kidnapped.

Next day -kapoor mansion

Sanskar was thinking abt swayam.
Suddenly he hears some screeching sounds outside.he went outside to see uttara trying to pull a bag very hardly.
Seeing Sanskar she says”bhai,pls help me”
Sanskar help her in taking the bag to the car.
Sanskar”what was in it”
Uttara”maa has selected some old clothes to give it to orphanage for children.but it was so heavy like an human being is inside it.”saying this she went.
Sanskar now understand the fact that swayam was in the dhol.he decided to figure it out.

@kapoor mansion
Ragini,shruti&janki were sleeping in one room,due to crying they all don’t know when they slept.
Ragini woke up & didn’t wake them up as they need rest.
She then gets ready & was in her room talking to her relatives & friends abt swayam ‘s whereabouts.she was getting the same reply from every place.she sit down on bed frustrated.
Suddenly her phone starts ringing flashing unknown no on screen.
She pick up the phone & says”hello”
The caller”hello,darling gm”
Ragini in anger”who r u ”
The caller”it’s none of ur business,but u shld know that ur one precious thing is with me,&if u don’t do as I am saying u will lose him”
Ragini literally crying”don’t do anything to my brother,i will do whatever u say”
The caller”gud jaan,u shld come to this address”
He tells her some address which she wrote on a notepad
The caller”come soon”saying this he cutted the call.

Meanwhile Sanskar went to the dholwala ‘ shop.
He asked them abt him.
The owner says”sir,he was nt wid us ,frm ur house he was in our vehicle ,then in way he said the driver to stop the car & pointed a gun towards him & then he along wid the dhol went away,as his men arrived”
Sanskar was regretting why he helped him.
Now he shld bring swayam back.
He started to drive towards ragini ‘s home to inform her.

Meanwhile @kapoor mansion
Ragini was worried abt swayam,she takes the address & car keys &went outside the room.
In the hall she found Shruti & janki,she remembered kidnapper’s warning “not to tell anyone”
She wipes her tears before they see her.
She was moving outside when janki stops her & asks her”whre r u going”
Ragini”wo maa I am going to office,as there is an urgent meeting”not meeting her eyes.
Janki”ur brthr is missing & u r not worrying”
Ragini”he is not a child ,he will come ,I need to go it is a big project”
Janki”u have become selfish ,u only bother abt itself & money,u r not my daughter”
She was saying this while ragini moves outside.
Janki broke down ,Shruti hold her & was consoling her but in mind”she can’t do this ,she is hiding something”

As ragini’s car went out , Sanskar ‘s car come inside.
Sanskar goes inside the house & spotted janki crying
Sanskar”aunty,nothing wld happen to swayam,he wld soon be back”
Janki”u r not our relative but u r worried abt swayam,but his real sister is not bothered abt him”
Sanskar”what r u saying,aunty”
Janki told him abt ragini & her conversation.
Sanskar remembers how ragini was crying abt swayam.
Sanskar” no aunty this is wrong , ragini can’t do this”
Shruti”I also think that ragini can’t do this.u know maa she was not meeting ur eyes while talking to u,&was wiping her tears while coming downstairs,she is hiding something”
Sanskar”I need to follow her”
Shruti”she had just went,u can catch her”
Sanskar goes in his car to search her.he finds her car & was following her.
Meanwhile Shruti went to ragini ‘s room ,she want to find some clue.she found that notepad on which ragini wrote the address,the page was torn but it has some impression on back page,she uses pencil & found the address.

Sanskar was following ragini’s càr but he misses her.he stops , Shruti calls him &tell him abt the address.
He also informs police abt it.
At xyz place,
Ragini went inside the building,it was very big.she was shouting swayam ‘ s name . suddenly 2 men came & tell her to come ,but she resist,they take her forcefully.
They take her to a room, it was dark,a man was sitting on a chair.he stood up & says ” welcome my darling”
Ragini while trying to free herself “who r u,what u want,pls leave my brother”
The person came in front of her ,he was revealed to be vidyut,she was shocked
Ragini”vidyut why did u do it,what u want”
Vidyut”I want u , on the holi day I came to ur house as a dholwala to kidnap u but everytime someone came between,so I kidnapped ur brother so I can exchange u with him ”
Ragini” u can never get me,i will take my brother wid me”
Vidyut”for this reason I like u very much,i will make u mine”
Meanwhile Sanskar also reached there.some goons went to stop him,but he beat them &was coming inside.
One goon came to vidyut & says that ” sir,sanskar has come & he is beating everyone”
Vidyut was shocked ,he move to look outside
Ragini freed herself from goons & give some kicks to them.
She was trying to run but someone pulled her from her hair,he was vidyut,her back touched his
front he says into her ears” I told u not to tell anyone,u doesn’t love ur brother”
She replied while wincing in pain” I didn’t inform anyone,pls leave my brother,i will come wid u”
Vidyut” u have to but first of all I need to tackle Sanskar,till then u have to bear some pain”
He says his goon to tie her hands,legs & mouth
His goon ties her & lock her in a room.
Sanskar came to that room where swayam was kept,he beat all the goons & was untieding swayam but some goons came frm behind ,& hold him.
Then police arrives & arrest all the goons but vidyut was not arrested.some constables take swayam as he was unconscious.
Sanskar was searching ragini.
Meanwhile in the room was trying hard to free herself,suddenly she sees a glass bottle on a table ,she very difficultly push the table& the bottle broke down into pieces.she somehow cut the rope tied to her legs,but her hands was tied backside ,she was unable to cut her hand rope.
Then she went outside through a window ,in this process her. Slippers broke & she left them there.

Meanwhile Sanskar was searching for ragini madly.he was looking to aside & was talking to police on phone .
Vidyut was seeing him & was coming towards him having a knife in his hand,
Sanskar can’t see him as his back was facing him.
Ragini sees vidyut coming towards Sanskar but she can’t shout as her mouth was closed,she runs
(Imagine a situation where vidyut can’t see ragini,sanskar can’t see both vidyut & ragini)
Vidyut was very near Sanskar & he was going to stab him,but suddenly ragini came between & she was stabbed,sanskar now look behind,to find an unconscious ragini was falling down,he holds her.

Precap-what wld happen to ragini?

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