Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb (Introduction)

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So here is the new short and sweet ff

So chalo lets go in a intro

Yuvraj birla – a rude and arrogant person but good by heart . Hate girls but has a past . Married to suhani forcefully

Suhani birla – a cute sweet and innocent girl married to yuvraj birla doesnt know about yuvraj past but likes him . Not married to yuvraj by her own choice

All other characters are positive

A small epi type
Read this if you like i will continue

Its morning in birla house
In yuvraj room
Yuvraj has thrown all his clothes down from his cupboard
Yuvraj – suhani
Suhani who was in kitchen preparing breakfast ran in her room
Suhani – what happend yuvraj
Yuvraj shouts – where is my blue shirt
Suhani – woh…
Yuvraj – answer fast
Suhani – i gave it to laundary shop it will come tommorow
Yuvraj – you cant do one work also properly
Suhani – i asked you but you said that you dont want it
Yuvraj leaves the room angrily
Suhani sits in room quitely and recalls her marriage with yuvraj

Suhani and yuvraj met in terrace of suhani’s home
Both were quite
Suhani breaks the silence
Suhani – see i dont wanna marry you but my parents are forcing me so i m saying yes what about you
Yuvraj – even i dont want to but my parents and dadi are forcing so i m agreeing
Suhani – ok

Both comes down and tells there family that they are ready for marriage

Soon marriage takes place and YuvAni gets married

6 months had passed but YuvAni never talks to each other they are always quite and never talks to each other
Both sleeps on the same bed but pillow between them

Suhani wanted her relationship to be very romantic and beautiful but yuvraj was always busy in his work never having time for suhani
Suhani was tired and didnt wanted this relationship but her parents and yuvraj’s family wanted so she was being here

She kept all clothes in cupboard and went to kitchen again

Precap – yuvraj past…

Its a short one guys but you will like it

  1. Nice sis……. Plz continue the story is awesome….. Waiting for yuvi past…. Thank for your new ff

  2. Tq sooooooooo much sis fr coming back with this wonderful ff.ur sooooooo sweet.as usually ff is veryyy nice.intro is very nice.but yuvi started scolding suhani in d begining itself.sooo sad.anyway dear pls continue this ff.we will be waitong fr ur next update.

  3. Yuvani

    interesting.poor suhani….. nice story line…….please do continue

  4. Nice beginning.. Seems interesting.. Pls continue avani sis.. U r ever ready to post ffs on yuvani.. Thanks a lot

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    thank u so much for new ff….its really fresh and interesting….liked it very much…plz continue…

  6. superb superb superb pl continue want to c tis type of ff

  7. Woo thum wapas agaya thank you or amazing shuru vath he. Superb

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