TU, we and they: A review on TU now vs Then

It has been almost a year since I joined TU, and in these 11 months, I have seen many sides of this site, users, facilities, articles and pages.

TU is a virtual family for me. I have made many friends, brothers and sisters in this site and I love to surf through it. In these days I have seen many positive as well as negative sides of this site. Thanks to the Admin but no thanks for those problems virusing this site.

First of all I’mma going to list the good sides of TU:

1. We have a perfect site to make FRIENDS.

2. We can share our thoughts and views, like I’mma doing right now.

3. I can report something if I find it inappropriate.

4. I can post in activity section with privacy on my hand.

5. I can be me.

What needs to be done to make TU better place:

1. We should be allowed to see if someone is online.

2. We should be given to block the activity section of a user.

2. We should be allowed to change the username.

3. Sometimes site doesn’t open. ??

4. We should get to post video.

5. APP. ??

6. Unregistered commentators should be controlled…. ????

7. Section on our profile where our date of registration is noted.

8. This post should be checked by ADMIN.

9. Comments should be read by the admin.

Well…. I know I complained a lot. ?? But I do think these changes are necessary.


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Well think about this. ?️?️

And I hate that commentator named Modiji who comments on KZK updates. ?? Alien kahika. ??

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