Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Is Shocked Knowing Akshay’s Profession

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akshay barges into Uma’s house at night. Meera thinks him as thief and calls for help. Uma rushes for help and asks who is he. Akshay says it is him. Uma asks what is he doing here. Akshay says he came to keep something and shows a black necklace. He says he wants Kanak to forget Uma as Kanak will not accept him until Uma gets out of her heart, Bhabho has given 2 days to Kanak to decide to marry him or not. Meera thinks Bhabho will force Kanak to marry Akshay, she does not have to do anything. Uma realizes Kanak lied that she already got engaged to Akshya.
Akshay asks Uma to keep necklace somewhere and says he wants to disconnect whatever is left between Kanak and Uma.
He leaves.

Next morning, Kanak attends office while Uma thinks why did Kanak hide such a big fact from him. Akshay walks into Kanak’s room with coconut water while Kanak is busy working and thinking him as ramu kaka asks to keep it somewhere. He asks if he looks like ramu kaka and starts flirting with her. He says he came to know her secret, who is in her heart. She says hear life in an open book. He then gets a call and asks Kanak to give her laptop as his phone network is offline. She gives laptop. He sees it locked and says she told her heart is open book, he needs to send share market advice to client. She is shocked and asks if she is not pilot. He says no. She says he was talking about take off, landing, crash, etc., so she thought he is a pilot. He says these are his code words in share market. Uma silently hears their conversation. Meera brings Shiv and tells Shiv has some aviation projection, so she brought him here so that Akshay can explain him something as he is a pilor. Kanak tries to speak, but Akshay stops her. Meera introduces Akshay as Kanak’s fiance. Shiv gets sad hearing that. Uma walks in and says Shiv wants to know how the flight takes off. Akshay says it is very easy and says he has to put in key and start engine, then press accelerator. Shiv says he is not a kid and wants proper lesson. Uma says he will come home and explain. Shiv leaves. Uma confronts and asks why did he lie while Kanak did not he is not a pilot. He says to hide one lie, he had to say another lie. Kanak says Akshay lied to protect her.

Kanak leaves with Akshay and reaches home. She sees K and U’s beauty cream gift hamper with Payal and asks what is this. Payal says K and U it to use on clients and give review. Kanak fumes and takes it to Meera and asks how can she breach their contract, it is not permitted. Meera says she is doing business since years and is under legal limitys, so she should relax and take gift hamper from her. She leaves smiling. Aditya hears her and thinks what is Meera up to, if she goes this way, she will not neeed him. Uma on the other side checks Akshay’s profile and thinks he is missing something or he is jealous of Akshay.

Precap: Uma calls Akshay asks him to get Kanak’s signatures on a file offering huge reward, fixes camera to expose him. Ashay asks Kanak to sign documents and takes it. Uma calls her and sends recorded video. Kanak is shocked seeing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kanak and Uma relation is sealed by Bholenathi want my kanum soon plz plz …well I think Akshay will help Kanak whe she knows truth to go back to Uma. but not anymore i think there is something fishy about him really!! Kanak and Uma cannot live without each other. So really looking forward to kanum reunion which going to happen soon. i hope soon. good night guys.

    So waiting now for Kanak to know the truth soon. Then KanUm together fight for their love and win. I guess Akshay will then reunite KanUm as a cool guy.

    1. but i think there is something fishy about him. i don’t know

  2. So cvs couldn’t wait to turn ashkay character to negative when he came at first he was positive but cvs turn him in just three episodes cant there be a negative ? character for kanak and uma to unite I mean ashkay could have been kanak frnd with no negativity but I guess for kanak and uma to unite everyone around them must be show bad

    1. From the first episode itself, Akshay been shown as a guy full of himself. So he is never a positive character and his character remain same.

      I wish Uma save Kanak from Akshay now.

  3. I don’t known. Why but I feel ashkay is a nagative charater.

  4. One more villain ? is Meera n adi’ not enough ? I guess CVS hav gone mad totally
    We wanted a new entry in kanaks life a positive n loving caring guy not hypocrite or cheater
    Bt they sent this donkey to creat more misunderstndng btwn kanum
    Am sure now this Akshay has some kind of connection with Meera n they both have some plan against kanum

  5. Kanak is govt employee and I think this Akshay is trying to steal some important information from kanaks laptop
    He has some motive that’s y he shifted to kanak house
    KAnak shouldn’t trust him

    1. Meera1

      More conspiracy & corruption ??…. I can’t understand why cvs are so eager to complicate the storyline…. no Kanum moments on the horizon ?

      1. Hi Meera misd u dear
        Yes no kanum moments ??
        Where r u bhaana missing u too dear

      2. Bhaana

        Miss u too Shreya ☺
        Impact of kanum separation….lol ?? separated us too??

  6. So my assumptions about Akshay may come true. Right from the first sequence I was little suspicious about this guy but then I thought it might not be true I cannot see his genuinety in his approach to kanak he always trying to butter her with his goody goody talks I meant he tries to flatter her impress her and reason he gave today about entering uma house is not acceptable. Why Akki moved in to k house and the reason he gave about fire accident was ridiculous. Two times he is stalking kanak trying to know her password why he needs that so maybe he is meera man uma instinct never goes wrong he is now more concerned to protect his ladylove life. He is not jealous this is pure love and concern on Kanak. So he is trying to expose Akki true colours because he is suspecting Akki. Guess kanak won’t believe uma so out of anger she will agree foe wedding but uma will always try to prove his true face maybe in mandap uma will prove Akshay and he will protect his ardhangini. Kanum is always shield protection each other. So hope this will eventually lead to kanUm reunion. Maybe Akshay part leading to next track of the story. Anyways our Action hero uma will again protect his soulmate kanak. Kanak will realize her life and love only uma uma maybe reveal truth about his compromise marriage. Maybe he will prove this wedding null and void because its a forced marriage

    1. Agree with you Divyaa

      Action hero King kong Ladno kohinoor is back and we are loving his sincerity in helping Kanak and making sure she will happy in future.

      Love you Uma and keep going. we are with you.

    2. I love your analysis Divya from India Forums. You are a terrific writer and I respect you a lot.I agree with all your points and thank you for putting such a wonderful perspective before us.

    3. Agree with u divyaA
      Nice comment dear

  7. intersting episode i watch this show for kanak and uma relation and for adi too he is negative character but really funny and i love him …but where is kanum scene!!!! no single scene. they are the soul of this show where is vansh and saras couple too. okay. i enjoy watching every track without any negativity but really i want to see kanum together atleast one scene. anyway good episode i loved it. He again ask for Kanak’s laptop password..Something Fishy agree- Kanak understand’s Akshay is not pilot instead he is working in Share Market.and a lot of things..Today after episode many questions in my mind. anyway interesting.

  8. Uma you being amazing with all your cool plans. Keep going Uma. I am sure Akshay may win this time and Kanak may taunt you more. But you are the only option to save kanak from Akshay.
    So please dont give up and keep trying our saviour Uma.

  9. There are lots of puzzles around and we are all worried about our kanak and uma. As always Kanak and Uma will help each other and win.
    I am very happy to see Uma putting aside his petty jealousy and thinking well of Kanak. It gives a very good feelings that such love hardly exist these days.

    Some one doing some thing for you when u love each other is normal.
    Here Uma do not have any hope for that love return but only want kanak happiness. It’s good to see that angle and again a very good social message to all those guys who will turn monsters when they break up. Hope few people learn these from Uma.

    I am sure Uma will bring out the truth before every one very soon and I want Uma to win without many hardships.

    It’s really nice to see Uma fighting for love in this different way.

    From kanak angle, she is trying to move one which need lot of courage too.

    Well done both Kanak and Uma!

  10. I’m seriously enjoying Umas diligence to find out the truth behind Akshay. and all for kanak.. he still love kanak i hope she know the truth soon.The final scene made my day and now I cant wait until tomorrows episode! the episode deserves a good point really for Uma’s concern and love for Kanak guys don’t laugh at me but really i don’t understand akshay motif ): but nice characer btw *my kanum are so innocent Looking forward to KanUm Love story. have a nice day friends.

  11. This Akshay guy is not genuine at all He is everywhere & when ever he is with Kanak he is asking for password Don’t even think he works for share market It’s seems every one in the show is under MM payroll Tired of This track & the woman had a stupid smirk on her face when Kanak came to the office with the cream Can’t wait to see Uma smack her face as per IG If Akshay is Arpita brother why would he be doing shady deals with MM doesn’t she work for government Nothing makes sense mind boggling Adi noticed he was not involved in MM scheme this time round Uma was so quick to search about Akshay In all this 2 years he was never was able to find out who the dead body was which supposedly Suman killed even after marrying the witch He didn’t use his brains then sad & lived his life with evil woman why for the wrong reasons ????

  12. Devil Queen of crazy madness

    I think this akshay is someone who is Meera’s man . I mean he is arranged by meera to make kanak life a hell.. i have this strong feeling that he is related to meera and last night he came to meet meera , see how she shows a wrong and opposite direction to uma when he asked where the sound came from

  13. Bakvaas track. Why can’t they write a simple story tracing the journey of two people who are different but find love together. No need for all this villain track. In fact I have read some fan fiction that has better storyline.

  14. I watched again it’s obvious that Akshay works for MM & it’s her doing that he moved in Kanak house Stop story about the necklace didn’t make any sense It’s like one lie after another The using of her laptop is to send email in her name about shady deals dealing with the cream product so the finger is pointed at Kanak when truth is out that a government officer was doing all this B___ch MM thinks she is clever Too many villains no decent people in the show ??

    1. Agree vj too many villains Yar
      So much negativity in the show
      Lets see how kanum will deal with these hidden vamps..

  15. Akshay is definitely not a positive character. Uma sure going to reveal his true colours before every one and protect Kanak.

    I am sure this track is coming to end soon and at the end Uma will save Kanak from Akshay.

  16. Sure Akshay is one shady guy with his flowery talk and I wish Uma save Kanak by bringing his true colours before every one.

  17. Meera1

    Yes it’s obvious that this Akshay is corrupt & after Kanak’s password. I’m hoping that cvs don’t ruin Arpita’s character in the process & show her linked to any form of corruption.

    As if we hadn’t already had enough lies & deceit from the whole maasisa saga ?. Now it’s role reversal with Kanak being blinded & Uma trying to uncover the truth… in the meantime it is hard to digest our lead female flirting around another guy and sharing a coconut with someone she has known for two days (especially given that in the past we’ve been shown that Kanak doesn’t eat/share from anyone) ?.

    The only positive from the episode is Uma’s possessive & caring nature towards Kanak, he won’t allow any harm to befall her … which is a treat to watch.

    1. very nice comment meera i agree with you. i want to see kanum together soon ):

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