Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi Reads Mishri’s Letter

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Payal reveals Uma that Kanak does not want to follow kshat patni dharm and is just here to get her grandmother’s Kanak misthan bhandar. She returned for that shop and not for him. Uma searches shop papers in his cupboard and angrily throws it when he does not find it. Servant comes and gives him papers. He thinks if Kanak is ready to follow rambha charitra test today, then Shivji gave him wrong signals or he misunderstood them.

Meena tries to kill herself after hearing that Pavan is Mishri’s son. Vikram stops her. Bhabho says Mishri was Meena’s pride and Vikram did not want to reveal truth and see her shattering. She says Mishri was repenting each day and was dying slowly. She gives Mishri’s last letter to Meena. Meena reads that pappa took all her blame on him and is the best pappa of world. She is leaving this world without going on final journey without marriage. She cries holding letter loudly.

In car, Pavan insists Golu to return home. Golu asks him to not pester him, he is driving. Meena and Vikram reach airport and search Pavan. They shows Pavan’s photo to a taxi driver and ask him if he saw this boy. Driver says yes, he went in 30 minutes ago. Meena tries to run into airport, but Vikram stops him. Meena then feels guilty for misunderstanding Vikram and considering him guilty all these days. She cries that she lost Mishri’s last evidence. Pavan comes and wipes her tears. She is happy seeing him and says she hated him all these days, but will love him hereon. He asks more than Golu. She says more than anyone in this world. Vansh with Ved comes and says Pavan troubled them a lot. Mishri sees London clients standing. Golu says Vansh and Ved planned all this to get truth out. Vansh says they did not have any other choice to reunite family. Bhabho with Babasa reaches and says her fake coins/Vansh and Ved did such a big work today. Meena apologizes Bhabho and asks to forgive her daughter. Bhabho says she is better as bahu as she won’t be able to scold her as daughter. Family bonds and hug each other. Rani tries to leave, Golu holds her hand.

Kanak gets ready as bride to follow rambha test. Maasi says she cleared all exams and today is the test of her life and Uma’s patience. Uma enters room and thinks if Kanak has agreed to follow this ritual for shop, he will burn her alive.

Precap: Pavan comes near Kanak to kiss her, but gets up and angrily says she went to the extent of selling herself to get back her shop. They call her kind of woman as pr*stitutes. He throws lantern on bed and bed catches fire.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. VINAL

    Fully emotional episode loved the bonding between rathi family finally vikram & meena are united & in precap its uma not pavan

  2. Wat omg this is crazy I hope the precap is a dream sequence

  3. Precap is shocking. Already saw it on youtube. Hope it is Uma’s dream sequence & does not happen 4 real. If real then it is just too much 2 call Kanak a pros…I have no idea of how UmaKanak will become Diya aur baati as SoorajSandhya. As in the latest spoiler Kanak hits Uma & behaves in a rude manner. Of course it is difficult 2 accept a forced marriage & a Husbabd like UmaShankar but becoming violent is too much. I guess that Uma must have done that so as 2 not lose her 4ever.

  4. This is ved n vansh plans, this sibling didnt give up n reunited their family, good to see they r giving space for ved n vansh.

    Pavan is too cute???

    Ladno k scenes is like just seeing retelecast of previous one, nothing interesting just dragged.palomi is irritating.They will take this suhaagrat scenes till monday it seems.

  5. Hope kanak reacts before uma and that precap turns out to be uma’s imagination…

  6. I’ve always hated this uma. But what he said in precap is correct. Kanak was going to commit a sin today. What kind of a girl is she? Who sells herself for a shop? I agree the shop is very important to her but there are other ways to gain that shop. She has already given 3 tests but now she has crossed all her limits. She refused to drink the dirty water of uma because of her self respect but she decided to sleep with him now. Where is her self respect now? She should’ve drank the dirty water too then. I don’t understand how makers can show such crap. Is it mandatory to show women as able naari and s*x objects in ekta’s show? Kanak should’ve boldly confronted uma and challenged him in court by presenting that video footage in which uma(his duplicate) took the shop by cheating. The truth would come out then and she would’ve got back the shop. I’ve just read the spoiler that uma will be partial owner of the shop in order to keep kanak with him. Such a moron and a*sh*le he is. If he loves kanak then he would never force her to stay with him. I hope kanak teaches him a lesson so that he starts respecting women and not see them as possessions to keep forcefully.

    1. Yes that is true just for a shop who go on to seller morality

  7. Another heart​ touching episode of TSMSP.
    Kudos to the writers! Eagerly awaiting for tomorrow’s episode, hope precap is Uma’s dream. Keeping fingers crossed.
    I guess Palomi will do something to stop suhagraat.

  8. Gud these are the plan of ved vansh to bring the truth out .Rathi family united finally .I think CVS concentrated on this rathi family dispute last two days and finally all are united all their misunderstandings are cleared before umashankar entry into his sasural .Is mishri really dead does uma know about mishri and adithya relationship so many questions are still unanswered will unfold in future .Yes bhaana even I think they will drag the actual suhagrat till Saturday so on Monday kanak will leave her sasural then the next two weeks will be pushkar episodes and finally uma and kanak will unite and leave for ladno .I also read that the CVS are planning for again a marriage sequence for uma kanak as they showed sandhya sooraj marrying for second time.Don’t know how far its true.Really waiting for the love story of kanum to begin.Bhabho and meenakahi bondage is beautifully shown.So tommarow might be that dream dance sequence of kanak and paulomi whose dream is that I think it is paulomi ‘s

    1. Really, marriage track not so early….

    2. VINAL

      No one can become like sooraj & sandhya they were only diya & baati

  9. Thanks guys but here kanak doing over acting n reacting ….now uma looks innocent n she looking so voilent. …he gave her a lot chance to go back to her world bt she is staying bcs she needs shop n she becoming selfish. .n this is also true tht both husband n wife hv equal right on property n other things..so if he made the property where 50% can share both of them then there is not anything wrong…..if she has prb with changes then she can tell him bcs she told the truth tht shop is life n everything to her bhabo bt the way she reacted to uma was very bad ..I think writers should not show tht scene bcs we all lost interest in this show…..atleast she should respect uma feeling he loves her how cud she does this…..

    1. Kanak

      In a civilized society, when a married couple can’t live together, due to difference in opinion and lifestyle, they get a divorce and property is divided according to court of law. One does not give the other “plenty of chances to just go”
      here was the 50 percent share in property when he abandoned her in a village because she angered him why didn’t he say take 50 percent of my property and leave because this is not what I thought it would be. Then Kanak would not have had to stay back. Never forget, this marriage was Uma’s choice not Kanak’s. This is a civilized society and people are answerable for their actions and have to pay consequences. Each person is facing his or her own karma. Either judge both and see the balance or let it go because it is just entertainment.
      And if Kanak’s holding his collar is violence then him tying her up and putting her in mouth wrap was greater violence. What goes around comes around. Let’s just enjoy the drama without abusing either character then.

    2. None lost interest except uhh…nly u r d one who thinks kanak as wrong and uma as innocent…..watevr b d resn
      If he is so gud dn y he still wants to hold her forcefully by partial trnsfr of shop…..if he luvs her dn should try to get her by love nt by creating circumstances to force her.

  10. So I am back, Kanak, the girl whom everyone hates. I don’t hate anyone of you. I just empathize the pain of torture and abuse too closely to let go of the comments that abuse Kanak for fighting back. So I’ll lay my opinion here and all are free to hate me.

    So if a man does not rape or beat a girl automatically that is respecting a girl? Forcing her to follow religious beliefs, making her wash ones feet, applying strict rules of what to eat, what to wear, when to go out, and punish her if she breaks rules of the household is not mental torture. Please educate yourself. All that is domestic abuse. If you say that’s just a show, and don’t open naari mukti morchaa then you also let go of a weak little girl holding a muscular tall man’s collar and pushing him a little for the sake of entertainment and drama. If you think Kanak holding Uma’s collar in frustration is violence, then she is still doing much less as compared to what he did to her without her provoking him at all in the beginning. Please reconsider the definition of hurt. And Uma has created many more embarrassing moments for Kanak. He humiliated her in front of entire public by tying her, he humiliates her in front of her family repeatedly. This is just entertainment. Take it as it is. But if you will judge the girl for showing strength and fighting back then carefully judge the man for what he did to begin with and all that he has done since. Let the girl have pyaaz pakode with chai to begin with.Can you please tell which episode he said sorry for forced marriage? I missed it. As far as I know, he always said that he followed God’s instructions and did the right thing by kidnapping and forcing her as she was resisting God’s will. He kidnapped her and forced her to accept his religious beliefs, he is not selfish. She stayed back to get the shop to save her grandmother she is selfish? And the kind of personality he is obsessive and rigid, how would she believe that if she tells truth he will give her the shop?And please think, a man can kidnap , force marriage and then if doesn’t like the girl just ask her to leave, is that a correct message from a TV show? And if you say that Uma did right by keeping 50 percent of shop as in marriage he has 50 percent right to property, then, Where was the 50 percent share in property when he abandoned her in a village because she angered him why didn’t he say take 50 percent of my property and leave because this is not what I thought it would be. Then Kanak would not have had to stay back. Never forget, this marriage was Uma’s choice not Kanak’s. This is a civilized society and people are answerable for their actions and have to pay consequences. Each person is facing his or her own karma. Either judge both and see the balance or let it go because it is just entertainment.

    1. True…..I agree wid each word of urs…..

    2. Whatever be your point and show in serial but in real life either one has to bow down if tiff rises than neither can move ahead and it ends up in break up that not good for anyone, but if one is trying to rule other than its better to make him/her understand and if doesn’t work then move apart as whole life is waiting for you.And in serial they just want to create drama so we see women is under atyachar or pressure and then she becomes shakti, that what we see in most serial if women is shown having power and rules everyone such serial don’t get trp, for trp she has to be abla nari and then become shakti but that shakti has to pass the test everytime and trp goes high.

    3. I agree Lara, compromise is the essence of life. In a relationship one or the other has to compromise. Where only one compromises his or her belief all the time that is a failure and should be abandoned.
      So true about TRPs. A strong , powerful woman is seen as unattractive anywhere in the world and softness and delicateness as attractive in her. It’s just how things are. So to increase trp, they first show her abala, then a form of Shakti. Shows are just trying to create drama and so I was watching quietly just enjoying the good performances of ALL actors( I am an Avinesh fan) and reading some nice reviews and fanfiction here, but I can’t help reacting on comments that start judging the girl for doing no worse than what the guy did in his own manner to begin with. Stupid of me to get involved again!

  11. Hey CHILL guys it’s just UMA s dream sequence as said in the spoilers!!! Kanak will never go to that extent of selling herself for sure!!! Paloumi is irritating!!!

  12. Good episode

  13. I must admit that I do agree with you on this one Kanak. I think Uma have been very unfair to Kanak ,in that he promised to give her the shop then decides to only give 50%.
    Her reaction is perfectly understandable she has been cheated & lied to By Uma and this is her anger and frustration coming out after everything that she has been through.

    You keep hearing that we’ll he never forced her to have S*** , but there are different types of force, which he has used – curtailing her going out/eating and clothes.

    She has had to go through all of these tests to prove that she is a perfect wife , is he a perfect husband!!!

    Maybe just maybe this marriage was a result of several things , his faith , peer pressure (from backward villagers) basically saying what will he do. In reality we know that Kanak would not have gone anywhere near Uma , never mind marry him if she had had a choice, they are too different.

    You hope that perhaps the writers can try to soften him out otherwise you cannot see how this marriage will ever work. Parhaps a story might be prove yourself as a perfect husband & I will consider giving it another go.

    I do not agree with violence , however if you push a person so far than that is what will happen at some stage.

    Kanak is not perfect but who is some of this is her age & lack of worldly experience. She should have been out enjoying life instead she is married to a much older man , who is ridged & strict. & lives by rules & regulations and If you don’t follow you will be in trouble.

    With regards to Uma apologising , I seem to recall all he said was he regretted the circumstance of the wedding , not the wedding

  14. But the spoilers say a different story.. I think think would be a dream.. gotta wait n watch…

  15. I personally believe both Kanak & Uma are in the wrong…. Uma forcefully married Kanak which was wrong on sooo many levels, but has since shown honesty & sincerity towards Kanak (even though I don’t agree with all his rules and regulations he has done them in the name of what he wrongly perceives as his ‘dharm’ & an ideal way of life) Kanak on the other hand (albeit for the right reasons) has played with Uma’s emotions, knowing full well that he has feelings for her…. I am really interested to see how a relationship can manage to blossom between Uma & Kanak. I really hope Uma learns to move with he times sharpish!! But I guess the contrast between them is the whole point of the story.

  16. So I haven’t commented on here since first few weeks of this serial.

    Uma calling Kanak characterless is very rich coming from this hypocrite of a man. If what Uman does is righteous then I’d prefer to be a heathen. Having said that, when Kanak went to Ladno it was find Gabbasa. She did not care who he was, she just wanted her grandmother’s shop back and not to get married! Mr Uma saw and decided that God told him she was to one to marry. He then forcefully married her and took her to his house by but all the while she was protesting but relented a bit when she saw Gabbasa there.
    Uma has been so boldfaced the while time, he committed a crime yet still he wanted enforce his rules on the person he wronged. for what he did he should have just given Kanak what she asked for and not test her. His anger today was nowhere justified.

    I’ve always maintained that Kanak should have been straightforward from the time saw Gabbasa at Uma’s house, but I guess the writers wanted to unnecessarily stretch the story.
    Uma’s road to repentance should be quite long and rightfully so.

    Palomi is a desperate witch! Payal even more wicked and desperate but regret will hit her like a ton of bricks

  17. I agree with Kanak. All she wrote. If we can forgive that first crime and all the other suffocating behavior then we can also let go of other things. Anyways, take a chill pill guys. The show is here to entertain us with a complicated relationship. Let’s enjoy the intense performances and the breathtaking chemistry of the leads. Take a look at the following segment from Rhea Sharma’s bday celebration on the set. Her interaction with Avinesh Rekhi and Neelu Vaghela is really cute. Nice team.


    Enjoy every one and take care.Love you all!

  18. I agree with Kanak and Parmeen whole heartedly. I have read everyone’s comments and can’t believe what some persons are actually saying. I have read some persons praising Uma’s character. Please let me know have you guys watch the show from the beginning. If the answer is yes then obviously you missed some important scenes/parts, so watch again. I ask this question before would you date, marry or love Uma Shankar as he is currently without being forced. He does not support his wife. He is always trying to convert her into a perfect wife. His he anywhere near a somewhat perfect husband.

    He let his family ill-treated her at every chance. I agree she should find another way to achieve her goal

    If he was a more understanding person and a loving husband I am sure she would eventually confide in him. Opportunities that could have drawn them closer he used to pull them apart. When you watch again you will see them. Kanak hanger was justified. I don’t see any over acting as well. I also know that she will not sleep with him for the shop papers. She does not love him. Who would. He will come to the realization that he loves her and offer her the shop papers. Due to additional signs with the garland retail s 50% ownership instead.

    Nice talking to you ladies.

  19. Sorry for the error retains 50% ownership instead as a means of forcing her to come back. He needs to examine himself change show her he is sorry for force marriage and apologise until she forgives him them maybe we will start seeing their begin to blossom. Diya air basti hum will take time.

  20. Dabh 1 is the best story in the Indian serial history Suraj and Sandhya are best Diya Baati no one can never fulfill theie place Anas and Deepika are the perfect and made for each other couple

  21. ds disgusting charactr uma shankar is getting on my nerves….fyl like killing him

  22. According to latest spoiler kanak will tie rakhi to vansh and ask his permission to let her to go back to uma as rakshabandan gift .So kanak and uma will unite soon but the twist is whether she is going back to uma for bhabho’s happiness becos bhabho likes uma and she wants kanak to settle with uma as she see them as sooraj sandhya or she wants to again plot something to get back 50%share or she realized she has fallen in love with uma .But what I don’t understand is why this shop is coming in between husband and wife always .Why the CVS always keeping that shop track live always let’s wait and see

  23. Oh really then why she came back wen she got the chance to escape from this marriage she got paper n she can tell her brothers about force marriage n papers secretly dnt tell the others members bcs they ll hv stress……bt this is her choice she wants to fight alone bcs it is demand of the script understood crazy fans……so why behaving like kg kids n fighting. …..everyone has their own choice n opinion regarding every show some people like it some dnt like it……the same way uma has good n bad qualities like sooraj characters n he will also change bt it’s need time bt if not kanak can leave bt again I ll say u dnt hv right to push drag n hit people if it’s bad wen man hit woman it also bad if woman hit man…..jo baat muh se ho sakti hai toh haath kyun uthana…….hamesha haath ussi pe utha ho zarurat se jayada nice or weak ho pr jis din ussne haath utha diya tb pata chalega…..kya kisi gusse wale ya strong se pange lete ho….respect everyone feelings.

    1. I presume that Uma threatening to burn Kanak on the marriatal bed if she has S*** with him is not violent then!!!

      I don’t think anyone supports violence, however when a person is pushed beyond a certain point they will snap & that is what has happened to Kanak.

      Let’s face it even Lord Krishna was against violence & killing and tried the path of peace and harmony, however in the end even he had to accept war/violence was enevitable. Even the mahabharat was based on a women’s insult & degradation was it not?

      Yes you are correct this is entertainment and we do not want to see this , then they should not have shown Uma forceably marrying Kanak or forcing Payal to marry a photo in the name of dharma.

      I guess what we need to see is how 2 totally different people will fall in love & change each other for the better , with love & compromise on both sides , and not have the third person (shop) in the marriage or just have 1 person bending all of the time.

  24. I m not supporting uma not even kanak bcs it is just serial for entertainment nothing else……bring comedy scene not sad n voilent scene…..already our life is stressful we need some happiness n smiles …..make serial which give right msg to society..

  25. https://youtu.be/V2te7PO0ok4

    Bhabho rejected maasi shagun, interesting….

    1. Thank God Bhabho supported Kanak and she at least said that she won’t keep Teej vrat and puja. This same shagun could have been brought to Rathis when Uma thought Kanak was the one God had sent for him. But then, Bhabho would never have realized how much Kanak lives her and how much she can do for her. So everything has a purpose.

  26. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! I really like rathi family reunion. Just awesome! But, I really hate Uma’s anger and I am waiting for how Uma and kanak will become Diya aur bati!Frankly speaking, I really miss diya aur bati and sooraj and sandhya’s bonding and love story!

  27. So many videos to promote the serial I think this scene will come before that violent reaction of kanak so confusing bhaana so after this only that kanak handing over those two things which got it as financial security ah then the mandir scene then teej festival

  28. I Uma and Maasisa really are so arrogaand clueless- they have taken shagun to a family acting all proud, when they kidnapped their daughter did not involve them in any marriage decisions. They think they are some King or queen of olden days that they picked a girl and the family just has to go along cos what more could the girl’s family want, after all their daughter got picked by a king! I just want them to lose their arrogance.

  29. According to a recent spoiler Bhabo will refuse Uma for Kanak.. now I think Uma will have to do all that that Kanak did to prove himself as a perfect husband? it’s all his karma?

  30. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Any girl can’t gaveup her morality for a shop.This time,I can’t justify kanak! Atleast she can tell the truth about show for once to Uma.Really fedup with this shop.

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