Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhabho gives Kanak 2 days for her answer

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma is shocked knowing Akshay is Kanak’s fiance. Kanak tells Uma to stop worrying about her, Akshay is there for that. Uma says he thought a goon was troubling her. She says she was waiting for him and she was upset because he got late. That matter was between them, why he had to interfere in it. She apologizes to Akshay. Akshay says he needs to apologize for being late. Kanak says she has already forgiven him, she won’t let their date spoil. Uma looks on. Meera is happy. Kanak tells Uma that he tried best to spoil her date, but she has learned to take care of things now. She asks him not to interfere in her matters and leaves with Akshay. While leaving, Kanak looks at Uma from car’s mirror.

Akshay gets team for him and Kanak. He asks her why she looks sad. Just while ago she was acting like a queen. Yesterday she said she wants to move on and today her mood changed just by seeing Uma. She says she is not upset seeing Uma’s sad face, she is upset because he got beaten up today because of her. She then asks him why he gets so insecure. He says she is one piece, he won’t be able to find anyone else like her. She agrees and laughs. They drink tea.

Meera is fumed as Kanak lied to her about her alliance. Adiya provokes her more. She says there is only one solution, they must get Kanak and Akshay married soon.

Kanak is at home. She is sneezing. Bhabho brings hot milk for her and scolds her. She says it was Akshay who wanted to go for long drive. Bhabho says she will take his class. Akshay comes to her house. He asks Bhabho if he can stay in her house for today. Kanak says no. They both joke with each other. Kanak asks what happened to his hotel room. He says he used his wet phone charger and there was short-circuit so they threw him out. Bhabho asks Kanak to give him towel. Kanak takes him to his room. Bhabho is happy seeing them together.

Later, Kanak says she has taken decision to move on, why she still can’t stop thinking about Uma. Other hand, Uma also wonders same. He wanted her to move on, but for some reason he’s not convinced. Meera says why she feels both are still close. She tried so much to win Uma, but he keeps going further away.

Next morning, Bhabho sees Meera scolding Aditya that Akshay is Arpita’s brother. If Kanak gets married to him, then she will get double power which she can’t let happen. She will do anything to stop the marriage. Bhabho says she won’t let Meera destroy Kanak’s life again. She will get Kanak and Akshay married soon. After Bhabho leaves, Meera and Aditya smile. Aditya tells her that she said right that Kanak will have more power after marriage. Meera says her business is huge, no one can do anything. For now, her priority is to separate Uma and Kanak.

Akshay and Kanak have nok-jok. Kanak says she still hasn’t said yes for marriage. He says she hasn’t said no either. Bhabho tells Akshay to rest. Later, she asks Kanak she likes Akshay, right? how much time she needs to say yes for Akshay. Kanak asks her to give her some time. Bhabho gives her 2 days time. Kanak says fine, she will give her answer in 2 days. Akshay gets happy hearing that. Bhabho is also happy.

Uma also comes to know about that from Sumar and Masa’s conversation. He says he will have to find out whether Kanak really wants to marry or she’s marrying in pressure. He hears some noise and goes outside. Meera says she saw a shadow. He looks around and sees someone hiding. He picks up a stick. Akshay comes out and says not to beat him. Uma asks what he’s doing there.

Precap: Uma sees Kanak and Akshay drinking coconut water from same coconut. He wonders why he feels something is not right.

Update Credit to: Pri

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  1. Nice episode, emotional one, Kanak and Akshay do have a chemistry. I just hope he won’t be turned negative, he can remain as her bestie. Uma please open up!!

    1. Akshay is negative otherwise why he is in Uma’s house that too hiding behind bushes. I do not like Kanak and Akshay chemistry at all.
      I think Uma will save Kanak from Akshay just as before he saved her form Adi.
      Uma’s instincts never wrong.

      1. I like Akshay, but as you said Uma’s instincts, they are never wrong.

  2. Am I the only one who feels ashkay is strange I mean wow this guy is irresponsible but no doubt that he and Kanak are super cut together ?. But he is very weird and Kanak still love ❤️ uma very much over all I enjoyed today’s episode. Cute moment between Kanak and ashkay ??

    1. There are lot of questions revolving around credibility of Akshay and I believe Uma’s instincts in this case that Akshay wont be right person for Kanak.
      I agree, Suman being selfish not to follow in her Dadusa footsteps to give others happiness more importance than self happiness.
      I am sure Bholenath with Uma and help him as always. It’s same as before.

      I guess Kanak is going in the same way where Uma refused to beieve about Massisa due to his love for his mother like figure.
      Kanak also may not believe Uma if he get know to any shade truth of Akshay thinking Uma is doing this all for his possesiveness.
      The intial scene also gives foundation to this plot as how Kanak supported Akshay.
      Uma did try to protect Kanak not knowing about reality of Akshay. Even Meera and Adi thought seeing this, Kanak is running away from Akshay.

      Uma to misunderstand situation is very correct.

      I do hope Uma finds the truth behind Akshay and bring his true colous before Kanak very soon.

  3. Akshay and Kanak are comfy but they dont really in like a life partners as Kanak and Uma do.
    Kanak is herself with Uma always but with Akshay she doesn’t seem so. They look very bad couple also.
    Hope Kanak find out the truth soon and KanUm reunite. Otherwise trp will be down more as no one interested to see Kanka and Akshay.

  4. I didn’t like Kanak at all today and also can’t understand why she is not able to read what Uma’s eyes telling her. I hate Suman. She is not opening up at all.

    1. Oh now people started hating Kanak for not reading eyes of Uma…

      So only Umas eyes spoke…He can’t speak..

      Yes I forgot.. He stopped talking two years before …

      Or he couldn’t speak at all.. as previously masisa couldn’t allow him speak n now Meera.. I wonder how can male lead be so dumb….not a single hero characteristic..

      Here everyone expect Kanak to be hero… n she is.. so in a way u r right.. how can Kanak couldn’t read eyes of so called husband who got married on her birthday.. who did not bother about her at all.. so when she came back he threw her out of her home.. allowed muhboli biwi to touch him in front of her.. reciprocated feelings before her…

      Still how Kanak couldn’t read in Umas eyes.

      The Uma who is so hopeless that couldn’t see Meera villanious act with her mother or sister…who can’t say anything when Meera get angry on shiv..

  5. How horrible is Kanak today. I fully hate her today. She cant see any truth in Uma’s , Maasa’s and Suman’s eyes.

    She used Shiv for her job, then ignored Suman. It’s not common that a brave girl like Suman suddenly scared of Police. it came to Kanak’s notice twice now. People stopped her but that never stopped Kanak before. She said she will do anything for people she love.

    Obviously she don’t love Shiv, Suman and Maasa as well along with Uma. Then why show fake concern? Kanak always shown as a simple girl who gives value to families. Now she is a modern girl who don’t care about others feelings just because Uma hurt her she lost her true essence of character and identity which she fought so much for. She never loved Uma otherwise she would have believed him that there is a strong reason for it rather than keep playing this drama again.

    1. R u out of your mind ..

      Uma married Meera two years back.. did he or his family bothered for Kanak n her family once… how foolish Uma was to leave behind Kanak who stood by him all the time..

      N after two years when Kanak came to ladno strong headed how cold reaction she got from Uma family

      Have u forgotten Kanak still saved shiv.. still looked for masas blessings.. n still connected with suman..

      It was Uma who literally pushed her out of the home and forced her to move on

      How selfish he can be… He allowed aditya in their house…Now he is getting insecure.. does he thinks Kanak as his property.. whenever wanted u can throw her.. n whenever wanted get her back in life..

      It was fearless Kanak who dealt with Meera strongly

      N Uma couldn’t say anything till date.. so called hero of the serial..who didn’t had own mind anytime…

      1. you said everything i wanted to say. kanak is not uma property that he can throw away and come for it at anytime, and some are defending uma like seriously. besides wasn’t uma who told kanak to move so when he told kanak to move did he expect kanak to go home and cry everyday, uma is really annoying. boy bye

      2. thalia.kanum

        hey if uma think that kanak is his property and selfish he will not ask her to move on in her life he didn’t leave her because he love another women you blame the people who bash kanak but you bash uma wothout any valid reason for me the both are not at fault uma still love kanak after 2 years he still want to protect her if he is selfish he will keep her with him and don’t care but he ask her to move on and he is in pain and suffer all time. this story is about uma and kanak love can you people calm down and enjoy this show without hate and bashing can you!! and kanak and uma will be together soon and that what i hope to see because this love triangle is disgusting.
        well said manasa good answer

    2. Dear Bhanu and all others
      Its a gentle request from me not to bash Uma or Kanak.
      Uma and Kanak both had their weakness and strenghs. They both owe their life to each other and they went through lot of painful journeys to win back their love.
      It’s astonishing that they separated this way and I can udnerstand you are concerned about your favorite characters but please do not spread negativity.
      I respect your opinions and I had my opinion too that I don’t want to judge either Uma or Kanak. It’s indeed tough to watch both Kanak and Uma in love but in pain too for each other.
      I want them to see reunited soon as they may faced lot by each other but they cannot live without each other.
      How Uma unable to live with Meera, it will be same for Kanak that she cannot get away from her love however she tried to.
      I dont know who should what but hope expect this problems will be resolved soon and we get our happy kanUm back soon.

      Please do not bash the characters but you can certainly say you are disappointed and hope to make this page much more readable than currently is.

    3. Are u even aware of what u just said?Did u miss de episodes when Uma ousted Kanak out of the house when she wanted to find out what the problem was with Suman when she seemed terrified on seeing the guy she assumed dead?Infact Uma told Kanak that she only had relationship with him and since its no longer there,so does with his family.Did u see when Kanak tried to find out from Suman where she was scared on seeing the police officers at their home……honestly if u view Kanak in this angle then I must see ur either in love with Meera of ur totally negative about Kanak…..Infact Kanak has fought for everyone’s rights including Sara’s whom Bhabbo treated like trash simply bcz she is Uma’s sister…..

      1. Well said Mariam

  6. Interesting episode but bit confusing Both KanUma are thinking what the other must be thinking Some answer this why in the world is Aki move in with Kanak are there no other hotel What was he doing at Uma’s house? How did Masa hear that Kanak has to make decision in 2 days Do you think Arpita & Mm know each other & this is a set up to separate KanUma What was Aki doing in Uma’s office??Nothing makes sense

  7. i havent commented on this page before…. but i dont understand why people are hating on Kanak? is it her responsibility always to dig out truths and fight? she did a lot before the leap, was ready to give up everything, even ready to go against her brother for Uma….. after everything she was just hoping for a good lovely married life with the person she loves. that person married someone else on her birthday and never gave her any explanation. even now he insults her and tells her that he is happy with his new wife… Kanak is human, she has feelings and she has every right to not worry about Uma and his family all the time. Kanak doesnt know and people are hating on her for not investigating. Uma knows everything, he sees his mother and sister fearing Meera all the time. why cant he use his brains for once and fight?

    1. Agree with you ? I wonder why people say they hate kanak she always suppose to dig into things have all forgotten how uma has been treating since the leap and you all say you hate kanak. Like seriously ? is kanak not a human being cant she just try to be happy . Come on guys let be realistic . Uma knows the truth but he is not saying anything and some of you are blaming kanak for not trying to find the truth. After all she is just a teenager who never really enjoyed teenage love ❤️ as uma married her just after she graduated college. If uma wants kanak he needs to be speak and stop been moron just to save your sister

      1. Oh now people started hating Kanak for not reading eyes of Uma…

        So only Umas eyes spoke…He can’t speak..

        Yes I forgot.. He stopped talking two years before …

        Or he couldn’t speak at all.. as previously masisa couldn’t allow him speak n now Meera.. I wonder how can male lead be so dumb….not a single hero characteristic..

        Here everyone expect Kanak to be hero… n she is.. so in a way u r right.. how can Kanak couldn’t read eyes of so called husband who got married on her birthday.. who did not bother about her at all.. so when she came back he threw her out of her home.. allowed muhboli biwi to touch him in front of her.. reciprocated feelings before her…

        Still how Kanak couldn’t read in Umas eyes.

        The Uma who is so hopeless that couldn’t see Meera villanious act with her mother or sister…who can’t say anything when Meera get angry on shiv..

    2. I can understand all your frustrations and expectations from both kanak and Uma. Every one wont be of same thinking and I hope and request all, please refrain not to bash either Uma or Kanak.

      I am with both Uma and Kanak, and I am sure in future episodes we get to see episodes clear the problems. I am sure Akshay is not what he seems and Uma instincts always right so far.

      So I guess Uma will bring out Akshay’s truth before Kanak and the reunion may happen.

      But let’s see what’s in store.

    3. People want other person to be udnerstandable when one is tied by their problems or beliefs.
      In hotel scene, no person would have believed Kanak but Uma did even at that stage they are heading towards divorce and been hero to rescue kanak.
      He saved her from Kota which she foolishly landed herself into. He been hero there to help her.
      Kanak jumped into fire to save her MangalSutra when Uma helped her again but after bangkok she didn’t even bother to wear that Mangal sutra.

      When she gave divorce, Uma believed her that she didn’t do it for the purpose of Money as she said. In the end he believed his instincts and saved kanak and his love.
      People are expecting Kanak do be hero all the time but her going away quietly when Uma married made all very disapponited.

      In true sense a girl would have gone and questioned him but nothing that sort of happened. She believed Vansh straight away after all the things they shared.
      Their love story where one can say break up and they break up like one do in real life these days.

      Both Uma and Kanak seen each of their love towards so many times. There lot of proofs that Uma loves Kanak immensely. Kanak had such a strong belief in Uma’s love towards her that she took such a risk as divorce.
      Then suddenly showing her this other way of not showing any belief in Uma now will make audience not able to understand Kanak character well.

      But honestly the story changed Kanak characte very well and that’s what the problem where every one unable to see themselves with kanak.

      If Uma insulting kanak, kanka insulted him more each and every step with her taunts. But Uma’s concern always is her safety and wellbeing.

      Uma opening up now will make all his sacrifice in waste for his sister.

      Kanak herself brought more issues into Toshniwals by deciding to come to their house unprofessionally otherwise no one would have accused her.

      If Kanak being real and moved on, why she moved to Toshniwal’s house for her Job? Who will do that in real world?

      I cannot see how any one supporting Kanak these day as her character been shown dumb and one of hasty.

      Now she moved on but she still have feelings about Uma. She lost herself when she sees Uma and still okay with Akshay?

      Then what makes her character now except cheap as Meera.

      She dont have any force on herself to pooush herself into a marriage where her heart not involved.
      Doing so is very childish nature and create more issues to her.

      1. Wow.. Now some feel Kanak is childish…

        N Uma loved her.. appt some mind girl

        Uma liked Kanak smell of Chandan n when he liked that smell he did not think of anything he just kidnapped a girl in front of every one n married her…

        He forced her to follow all rules and regulations… everybody very conveniently forgot how Uma made her shuddhi when bangle person touched her n now Uma is spending two years with Meera

        How conveniently people forget all sacrifices made by Kanak…

        Yes Uma did heroic acts.. moving bare body all the time in house… then n now … so that our some friends get the peace of eyes…initially with dhoti it was with some logic at least now this hero moves bare body in house just like that…

        He saved Kanak from nowhere..yes Kanak did mistake.. she should have come n asked questions to Uma…why he married.. the whole world knew of marriage… but our some friends feel she should have gone n questioned him… where n why.. the person who changed colours like girgit.. who promised in front of every one did come n asked to come back in 12 days announces marriage in newspaper… rather than questioning dumb hero our loyal friends feel Kanak should have questioned…

        She did n what happened she was thrown out of the house.. masa asked her to go out of their lives…the same masa whose life Kanak saved… who could not speak anything in front of masisa n now Meera…

        Wow.. girls stop questioning Kanaks character… otherwise no idea how many times you will have to come here to save face of bare body

      2. VK you are being very abusive to every one here. People who are abusive to others are not rational and you can say hundred things , it wont change anything.
        First I think you need some help to make sure you talk nicely when difference of opinion came then come back here and talk in normal tones.
        You are stuck at some points and keep repeating same and ignoring all other good things Uma did for Kanak.
        Uma saved Kanak more times than kanak did to him so far.
        Kanak didn’t really saved him from Massisa but Palomi who shoot the evidence and Uma again saved them all from coffin.
        So stop keep blaming Uma first and let other put in their opinion.
        This TU page is not owned by you and it’s a public platform.

      3. Bhaana

        @vk Rather than taking Kanak side you are abusing uma n people here….it’s enough to express your pov.
        I love uma characterisation from beginning a strong personality n how he is balancing Dharam to modern days at present.Meera is impressed by uma n trapped him nothing else.Both uma n Kanak are in same pain so make the discussion healthy if possible.

  8. Akshay character is intriguing cannot judge him clearly but guess he may be negative again depends upon trp. We didn’t even dreamt that massisa would become negative after watching first few episodes of the series but for trp they made her completely negative. According to my perspective Akshay is not a straight forward person I cannot see his originality still he is always trying his level best to woo kanak. His behavior towards rathi parivar is also artificial. After uma thrashed also he didnt react much. Seriously I didn’t like kanak characterisation nowdays why she is always in confused state of mind if she is not ready to move on or settle then she should have taken some more time to think analyze then decided. She is in dilemma now her heart cannot accept anyone else other than her uma. So she shouldn’t give wrong signals to Akshay. As uma said she is taking hasty decision without knowing anything about Akshay she is about to accept the rishta and bhabho indirectly presurerizzing her with meera influencing her indirectly. Uma is the only warm hearted innocent soul always think about others happiness suman is selfish to the core she is not even feeling guilty her dhadhusa life is ruined completely he has sacrificed his life happiness for her happiness. Even massa cannot see uma sufferings all of them want to be safe and secure ready to move on even kanak is miserably failing to see her uma eyes in pain and agony. Uma as a loving protective ardhangana wanted to protect his ardhangini. Eventhough they are not married uma life only Kanak she is his ardhangini forever. He cannot see her sufferings so with stone heart he took that drastic step that is called pure love sacrificing one ‘s love for happiness of his loved ones. Uma deeply truly love kanak so he wants her to be happy so he pretended that he has moved on but now his unconditional love towards kanak cannot accept another man in her life he coudnt see his soulmate becoming someone ‘s else so both are suffering in pain and distress uma enduring pain with silence. Most pathetic part is uma doesn’t have anyone to share his sorrows even his kanak is hurting him out of anger. But he is helpless because he is not ready to take any risk of loosing his Kanak. I admire uma more than kanak. Hope KanUm reunion soon.

    1. Well said Divya, I too admire Uma more and I am sure he will help Kanak indirectly by bringing Akshay’s truth before her. I am sure Akshay is of Shady character and be involved with Meera soon.

    2. So everyone think Uma is great… what was the greatest thing done by him… since the serial started he has been just shown as a good doctor…

      Apart from that all these years he behaved badly with Kanak Masa Suman Saras just because of wrong teachings of Masisia… so all the misdeeds were due to blind teachings.. After that when whole world was against him Kanak has to stand up for him.. make every thing right… n what she gets in return.. Uma who wants to change in 12 days… when he was drinking what was the goodness in him… where was his sanskar… n what sacrifice he gave… He used Meera powers for securing admission.. while Kanak was trying in correct way.. He was blind in her power… when Meera blackmailed him.. whether Uma thought of anything… no he just gave up as usual… at that time he did not think of Kanak even for a second.. recently we saw Kanak in same situation… n we saw what she did… she fought bravely without any help… n here still people say Kanak characterisation is wrong..
      When so called Sanskari Uma threw Kanak out of house he did sacrifice… Oh my.. n what was Uma doing when Mèera was touching him in front of all… Uma did not leave a single opportunity to hurt Kanak n her family… He did not think about Sara’s.. but Kanak did…
      He enjoyed Kanak fighting back.. but then as I said earlier he feels Kanak is his property…

      I am damn sure it will be Kanak who on finding truth will stand for it.. n will not be afraid of anyone…so gals stop saying anything against Kanak

      1. Are you out of your mind?
        We had our opinion and we have right to say it. You cant decide what we say and what we feel. You out in your views and I put in views. Why you are keep bashing us if that’s what we believe. In my POV if Uma insulted kanak or mistreated Kanak, Kanak is doing the same starting from the track. She keep taunting and insulting Uma.
        If you dont want to listen against kanak then do not come to a public page like this where public opinion can be put.
        Half of her insults are direct result of her own behavoiur and we do support Uma.
        You put in your view but u cant change mine so please stop bashing us.

        Uma did some mistakes which he rectified brillaintly. People like you will never see how they rectified their mistakes but stuck at their mistakes phase only. Hats off to your blindness towards Uma which never let you see how good he is.
        But I dont have any problem as that wont change anything for me or any viewers who can sympathize with him.
        People saw him grow out of all his imperfections and seen he himself corrected his mistakes which needed great courage.
        He did drink once but now he is not touching at all did you realise that when Meera said that, Your problem is you only see faults in him but what I am seeing is Kanak’s faults right now. I am not even starting her previous ones.
        I used to like Kanak and Uma but in this track I completely hate her as she been shown as selfish character.

    3. Why people are bashing others with different opinion here.
      Every one had a right to say their points.
      Divya put in her point very positively and I respecct her alot as she is a regular who watched the show from starting.
      If she did felt differently, you can put in your view too but in same gentle tone.
      But it’s really disappointing to see common courtesy not maintained here.

      I can see some new members behaving rashly picking from other regular bashers and it should be like this.
      Please keep discussion in control and mind your language of tone.

      Its completly fine if some one had other point. One has to accept that.
      Please degrade this page standards with your tone of answering.

      You want to support your favorite character but it’s not the right way to go about it where you bash actual people for that just because their opinions do not match with you.

      Please before preaching anything, please check your own and then start supporting.

      Gentle request to viewers, Please do not believe anything written by any one who bashes others.

      They do not have any sensitivity in the matter to understand and such analysis will be defintely wrong.

      Please use your won discretion when people bash other people. It’s not right. Only sick people will do that. I feel pity for them.

  9. I too agree, I wonder why some people are so biased on uma, he was cold, dumb in massisa track and same with meera too, never stood by kanak. Why only uma has rights to illtreat, humiliate her all the time , what does people expect to put up meera humiliatilation she is eyeing on her husband, trying to steal and this man has no nerve to say anything instead be a silent spectator . I am happy kanak is thinking to move on.

    1. Cindy, you are completely wrong that Uma never stood for Kanak. he did thousand of times and it’s not right you give half facts to confuse others. Please stop doing this type on untrue blaming.
      Uma always with kanak. yes, he didn’t believe Kanak about Massisa like any loyal son do but he went against massisa for kanak during divorce track. Also when massisa framed Kanak in hotel to make Uma suspect Kanak, he brillaintly supported her and even beat up Rajeev for doing such a act.
      He saved her life from Aditya even after divorce just with his instincts. How he realised kanak in danger just by seeing her MS is amazing.
      When people see such instincts from Uma, they expect same from kanak too.
      Uma been hero lot of times and people want Kanak to realise truth soon too.

  10. If uma had trusted kanak he would have discussed suman, matter with kanak and resolved, it was kanak who lefteverythingand standing next to uma when he was accused of murder, went against the whole society to prove him innocent and this man with a blink of eye got married to Mm without even thinking, and don’t understand why people blaming kanak.

    1. It’s not about trust that Uma kept it secret from Kanak. He is concerned for his sister and he thought involving Kanak will create problems for Kanak too. So he wanted her alive rather than being dragged into more problems that she already faced.

      It’s because of Uma only Kanak got out of her suicide attempt otherwise she would have dear now. Uma saved Kanak life so many times and I cannot see people always forget what Uma did for Kanak.

      Uma changed himself so much and accepted all his mistakes which cannot say same for Kanak. Shiv loved his bhabhisa and Kanak used his little heart so much to get her job back.

      Suddenly she forgot all her relationship with Toshiniwals. Remember she said she came back to ladno for the family and now Uma’s relation gone sour so family doesn’t matter. Maasa gave her love as a mother even she is bed ridden.

      She does seem selfish to move on to some people.

      1. She deserve to be happy ?

        Really Goldie I think you never like kanak character so is like everything she does you find fault in it but think about is kanak some sort of super woman who will get to know about everything and solve it , come on this is girl who was ready to give up everything for the man he loves to the extent that she wanted to be house wife and wait for her husband to return home without thinking about her future based on that uma didn’t even ask her what she wants to do in life he was just thinking himself getting somewhere in life and now you think kanak is selfish because she wanted her job back by using shiv like serious. Right now ashkay is not a bad person but cvs will turn him to a negative character and as for uma insecurity towards kanak is because he is not ready to accept the fact a man like ashkay has come to kanak life and they do have something in common that is their cuteness ? and comfy. Kanak has always been the one to give up everything and if uma wants kanak like he claim he better man up and say the truth meera shouldn’t be a problem as he can deal with her. Both uma and his family had been harsh with kanak since the leap and you want her to think ? of them, she can’t cause she is a human being without them telling her anything she can’t be throwing her self on them. Kanak deserve to be happy with someone who makes her happy even if is ashkay ?❤️?

      2. Uma family horrible with Kanak?

        Are you watching the episodes or just typing for the sake of it?

        When she hurt, Uma gave first aid to her. Yes they ignore her but it’s understandable to Kanak that Meera dont know their relation so they have to ignore Kanak.
        But Uma constantly helping her and bearing all her taunts. That’s not being horrible.

        It’s Kanak being horrible to Uma in each and every step in this track. First, she tried to bring their relation truth before Meera when Uma clearly dont want to.
        Why she did that?
        If she came to work, then Just do work why all this unprofessional things?

        When truth known, Meera involved family Kanak being more horrible than Meera went to stay in Uma’s house.

        A girl with cheap character only do such things not any self respect woman do such thigs.

        Why Kanak need to go to Uma’s family first place then feel hurt when Meera tries to show something that’s not there.

        She need to move on then move on but no one is horrible and no one except herself is responsible for her situation.

        Why she is giving big speeches one day and next day she is agreeing to marry some one just for society sake because we all know her heart in this.

      3. she deserve to be happy

        Goldie i didnt use the word horrible i said harsh read well before you start commenting what you want , beside you never like kanak character you have always say bad about her whenever you comment so am not even surprise. but face the fact and stop your hatred towards her

  11. Kanak is not at fault here Uma promised her he was going to come for her in 12 days but the guy never showed up instead got married to MM He had 2 years to explain his decision in his dream he did it in 2 minutes the other day He threw Kanak out of the house when she came to help Shiv & Suman by telling her to have nothing to do with his family & move on in her life Any normal person is going to agree to marriage when Bhabho is pressuring her Even working at K& U was only professional not to involve personal matters hence she took that decision How long can she wait for Uma She is young and wants to move on in life & settle down maybe have a family To her Uma & Mm are a couple she don’t know the reason Only selfish person here is Suman who knows because of her all this happened Isn’t she old enough to go and confess to the cops or tell Kanak or someone All she was worried about was going to College that to got admission through MM not even prepared to take the test which Kanak asked her to Yes Uma is not happy in this marriage but he told Kanak he was & threw her out of the house She is no mind reader or a psychic to figure out Uma & MM relationship is just a compromise As for this Akshya guy she doesn’t even know what he does for living he is a bit too full of himself How can he move in Bhabho house things happening too fast here He is trying too hard to please Kanak man with too many personalities kinda confusing Even Uma finds him wishy-washy Let’s see why he why he was hiding behind those plants at Uma’s house But then is MM behind this too ?? CVS just stop this 3rd wheel in KanUma life let them start living a happy life together then have some different drama in their business etc

  12. Loved the episode,, the heart broken Uma , today i felt his concern more than the jealousy ,, he is sensing something fishy about Akshay and i can openly bet akshay is Meera’s puppet..The way she said now mrriage is only option than immediately Akshay at door of Kanak , her words no one damage her business, regarding bhabho that she is not able to find that this trap is laid by me and final ashay to meet Meera, tomorrow whatever reason he will give..Uma, a man of Gold heart feeling soething not rite and he will dig out the truth to save Kanak..

    I am lil disappointed with Kanak , her words that she sorry to Ashay etc etc but here i give her benefit of doubt..Both #KanUm suffering and their sorrows will come to end soon..

  13. Bhaana

    Uma and Kanak strong enough to handle the situation I feel, how uma kept meera in distance similarly we can expect it from Kanak too, let’s have sayyam guys ??
    Pls don’t bash anyone….can give your opinion but no bad words for anyone guys.
    Kanak is betrayed by uma n toshniwals that’s the truth (for me, betrayed by your love is hardest thing for a girl) so Kanak is right as per her knowledge of uma marital state.Post leap, Uma bound to take his brotherly love n now by rescuing Kanak from Akshay n Meera(assumption) would take back the limelight.
    Let’s see how the story moves, pls keep in mind kanak n uma are the tsmsp soul, bashing anyone hurts all tsmspians so pls don’t repeat it guys.
    Love u all tsmspians❤❤

  14. I agree .. I am new comer here… haven’t commented here earlier .. didn’t feel need of it.

    Today couldn’t resist myself.

    Rather than focusing on serial people are bashing female lead… where was so called sensitization then.. Now everybody is saying opinion n all.. dearies.. when u bash female lead its your opinion… when somebody says about characterisation it’s expression

    But when somebody replies with facts it is bashing ..

    It is rectification of mistakes…

    But when someone stand by FL because of whom ppl are watching the serial and not bare body….it is bashing

    Please be ready for answers when you will raise question on Kanak…

    1. VK dont mind what anybody say you can comment when ever you feel like and you are welcome is just unacceptable how people are hating kanak is like she is the villian not meera. people except her to know everything as if she is God , wake People she is a human being and has blood running through her veins

    2. Bhaana

      Agree some people blames FL unnecessarily, there are some new visitors recently targeting/bashing Kanak instead of commenting about the episode.
      I started to watch the show for uma characterisation then fell for kanum chemistry, now even I couldn’t take uma side yet wish CVS balance the characters asap.
      Keep commenting dear….

  15. I haven’t comment before also but had to put in my opinion after all the things going on.
    I like Kanak but bit disappointed with her but I do not want to say any thing wrong with her. SO please stop doing that.
    Also I like Uma and in this track like him more because of his sacrifices and patience. Also fact that even after two years also he didn’t move with Meera but keep protecting Kanak.
    So please stop bashing either FL or ML as we love them both

  16. thalia.kanum

    After today’s episode i can’t help but fall in love with Uma’s character some more – there is so much pain hidden inside him but his character is so selfless that he will always put the need of others first. hopefully Kanak will soon realise that Uma is still in love with her. she don’t know the truth i can’t blame her when she know she will leave all and back to him and end this bad track for me. i love kanum both.
    for the people who bash uma can you please calm down the same who bach kanak don’t make this forum bad for us. these cvs will be dragging this track out as long as they can. so have some patience and be a loyal fan support the show instead of fitghting together about silly things please. for me uma is great i love him so much he is a great brother and kanak is great character too i love them both so much.
    and there is one fact uma bashers can’t deny the man still love kanak a lot and loyal to her. she love him too like he is so what is the problem. they will back soon and end this stupid track who make people bash the characters ….my love to tsmsp and kanum lovers both.
    we are not in war people. cmon this is show to enjoy kanak or uma not from our family! don’t take is seriously!

    vk you too didn’t focus on episode in fact focus on bashing uma you and others here so what is the difference between you and them!!!! you can make them understand the character with cool comment but instead you bash uma to make people hate him and bash him more in fact you bash anyone who take uma side like he is enemy dear…you don’t see any good about the character. you must answer them and explain to them why you love kanak without been angry about who love uma my opinion that you bash uma and some bash kanak so there is no difference between you i mean make this forum healthy for us please. don’t bash uma and kanak they both make mistakes they are not angels..or perfect and try to understand that some people don’t love the show just want problems and fight with others try to be smart and understand that. guys please

  17. love forever kanum I will always suppor them both. couple need not to be together always even though they are living apart their souls are connected. Kanum Epitome of sacrifice. They truly love each other unconditionally that’s why they are even ready to sacrifice their love to keep the other one happy. This is called for me pure love this immense love on each other can face any obstacles but they won’t be teared apart they will come out with more stronger love than like before. ??kanum love is purely divine i love them they are my favourite couple i don’t care about any bash i love them both always. and i understand them too. all the best team tsmsp

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