Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Gets Jealous Hearing About Kanak’s Alliance

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uuma walks in his conference room nervously thinking what decision Kanak must have taken, will she tell him her decision. Kanak walks in and thinks if she should inform Uma or not. Aditya walks in and seeing them thinks if Meera was here, she would have been very jealous. Staff walks in greeting good morning. Meera walks in with cake. Staff asks what is the occasion. Meera says Kanak went to see the boy yesterday and today came with sweets, so she has selected a boy, means it is time for celebrations. Kanak says yes her marriage is fixed. Meera says as a business parter it is her duty to celebrate Kanak’s happiness. Meera cuts cake and feeds Meera. She then feeds Uma who makes sad face. Meera says Uma does not like cake, but he ate for Kanak. She asks to show her fiance’s photo. Kanak shows Akshay’s photo. Uma gets more jealous. Aditya asks what does handsome do. Kanak thinks she forgot to ask Akshay what he does. She lies that he is a pilot. Meera says she got a jackpot.

Akshay calls Kanak and asks if she was remembering him. She asks how does he know, if he is a future predictor. He says he is and insists to meet her right now. Kanak agrees. Akshay realizes he forgot his car keys and thinks if he does not reach on time, Kanak will be angry, so he runs. Kanak waits for Akshay on road. Uma looks her from his office window and runs to her. She asks why did he come. He says he cannot imagine her with anyone else, how can she marry someone else. Kanak asks why did he marry Meera then. He says he was helpless as Suman had killed a theif and Meera blacked him to marry her if he wants to save Suman. Uma comes out of his imagination and realizes he is in office itself. Rain starts.

Akshay runs in air and falls on Meera and Aditya’s car. Meera is surprised to see Akshay. Akshay apologizes and runs. Meera says she can drop him wherever he is going. Aditya asks if she is sure and gets into car. She says she is Meera. He thanks her for giving lift. She says she can do at least that much for her business partner Kanak Rathi’s fiance. Akshay is surprised and ask if she is the Meera Mittal, says Kanak did not approve their marriage yet, but he is okay from his side. Aditya comments lie lier… Uma travels in his car towards Kanak and thinks if he should drop her or at least he can wait till she gets auto. Meera drops Akshay. Akshay runs to Kanak and apologizes for coming late. She gets angry. Uma thinks someone is eve teasing Kanak, gets out of car and angrily trashes Akshay. Meera is shocked. Aditya says whenever someone misbehaves with Tycoon bro’s life/Kanak, he breaks their face. Uma continues trashing Akshay. Kanak asks to stop, he is her fiance Akshay. Uma stops…

Precap: Kanak tells Akshay that she has not said yes for their marriage.
Bhabho asks how much time does she need, she gives her 2 days. Kanak gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mavisboamah

    nice episode i loved it i must say ashkay entry is much better than meera and uma his jealousy is so cute and for the first i saw kanak blushing when she was talking to ashkay i think she will fall for him a little and get confused between him and uma . but kanak why did she lie i guess she was caught up between the situation. but one thing is for sure ashkay makes kanak happy and precap i think ashkay will move to kanak house. just guessing lol

    1. For Kanak Akshay is always friend. How she lost herself in Uma as she entered office clearly shows she still in love with Uma and never unable to give her heart to any one else.
      Akshay is one irresponsible guy leaving Kanak on the road for 1 hour. He will do same again. I had a feeling he will ditch Kanak for Meera. How he impressed with Meera Mittal today.
      He looked very vain to me and even a milk man can make us smile with their witty chat but that doesn’t mean that we go and marry every one who will make you happy.
      We need some one where our heart lies and eager for KanUm reunion now.

  2. hello divya, how are you ? are you fine. i think akshay and meera have connection in before 2 year . akshay is one who steal suman purse and trap her. suman and uma think thief has died. akshay and meera have mastermind to trap suman and uma . i personally say akshay is not good person his behaviour and speech is not suit for kanak.

  3. i am fully angry with kanak. kanak decision is not right ,first before kanak taking decision divorce him for saving uma house and then another marriage with stupid guy

    1. I am with u too, i hate Kanak. But Uma is dumbo as in imagination he told everything to Kanak in 2 min just tell similar way, what a stupid guy. now do bhajan with meera.

      1. Uma is not dumb and he being emotional and supportive to Suman who being very selfish. How cleverly he saved them from coffin before, how he played as Harpreeth, now also he is trying very hard to find out Akshay’s truth.
        He is straight forward and very emotional and believes and gives importance to his family but never dumb.

  4. i feel very pity for uma ,suman and his family for meera mittal torture. i hate akshay and meera to the core.

  5. Wow it was amazing episode enjoyed to the fullest after ages. Uma was restless about kanak decision. Meera irritated uma celebrating for kanak happiness of finalizing rishta uma was fuming very disturbed to know kanak has taken her final decision to move on. He cannot bear tolerate anyone in Kanak ‘s life meera intentionally irritating uma bosting about Akki but she does not know about the extreme possesivness of uma towards his kanak. Uma was agonized to think about his kanak moving on with someone else cute dream sequence uma reveling the truth. Avi was too handsome smokin hawtt in that rainy sequence. ???Omg his stunning looks charmingness can’t take eyes off him Mr. Handsome was killing cute jealous expression was really treat to watch ? meera offered lift to Akshay. Akshay was really happy and honoured to travel with The great Meeera Mittal. Guess he is a money minded person. I have strong feeling he is negative character or he may turn into negative after KanUm reunion. Let’s wait and see how Akshay character will evolve but I coudnt see any originality in him. Uma saw his kanak standing on road hesitated to give her life because she might reduce. Akki came to kanak to apologize for late. Overpossesive protective pati uma cannot tolerate guy eveteasing kanak so he walked swifty towards kanak trashedAkshay ??Strong punches ?and kicks pounding Akshay meera witnessed from car Adithya live commentary about uma was hilarious. He warned meera indirectly if anyone tries to harm his kanak he will never ever think for second he will destroy them. Kanak shouted its her fiancee to be uma was heartbroken ?. Meera was astonished to see his fierce side

  6. Totally loved today’s episode after really long time i was laughing watching TSMP ?
    , Uma was so cute with his jealousy, pain, fear poor guy but in reality ur MM husband, imagine the same kind of feelings kanak must have gone through all these 2 years, Akshay, entry is adding fun now on the other hand both Akshay a d kanak pair also good, dont understand why CVS making fun of marriage in the name of compromise, they should at least thought of different track if at all a separation of Kanum,was needed.?

  7. Editing leaves a lot to be desired… If i’m not mistaken, Bhabo calls Kanak and tells her to meet Akshay at 3 in the afternoon, it seems to be dusk when they meet…
    Also will Vansh always be attending food festivals??

    1. ?? Very nice comment. Yes production quality is very down now.

    2. I won’t be surprised if that actor has quit. They might be searching for a new actor for Vansh role. Story went so bad that nothing left for other actors.

  8. I assume MM may realize Uma can never be her and he is made for kanak and will walk out with this fake/compromised marriage, so then Akshay is also fun, cool guy had many breakups earlier so will take this one too with kanak and our Kanum, reunion begins, ?

  9. Avinesh and Anand nailed the episode today.
    I fully enjoyed Avinesh’s killing jealous, anguish and action expressions.
    Then Anand back to fo m with his punch dialogues and funny action.

    Fully enjoyed it.

    I cried with Uma how he imagined to run to kanak and express his love.

    I never know Uma looks so hot and cute when he is jealous but felt bad too at the same time.

    Adi so cute.

  10. Avinesh in such emotions and expressions that my mind gone crazy. How much more we can love this Uma Shankar as we already love him to depths. Cute Kanak irritating him is awesome to watch. How her one word fiancee made Uma stop? How Kanka is the only thing that will abel to stop Uma when he is in such rage.

    Adi awesomest with his dialogues today. He probably first villain whom I thhink so cute. He does look very cutu to me during KanUm eye lock in the office. The his hilarious running commentary to Meera about Uma’s love to kanak is perfect. Now Meera Mittal know she is never going to get Uma.

  11. Ohhh I really enjoyed the show I think it’s time for Kanak to know about msera and uma’s marrige

  12. Meera1

    I enjoyed today’s episode – it provided us with both laughter and emotion.
    Adis timely comments were funny and brought some much needed light heartedness to the show.

    Avi was simply awesome as Uma… his expression and acting allowed us to sense Uma’s frustration. Uma was restless and agitated, he wants to protect Kanak but knows he has lost this right. It is hard seeing Uma struggling but posessive/jealous Uma is back looking cute as ever ?.

    It is clear that Kanak’s mind is telling her to move on but her heart is still with Uma… She has given in to the pressure of Bhabho to get married which is disappointing but hopefully Uma won’t be able to hide his feelings much longer and will express his true feelings to Kanak.
    MM is getting even more agitated as she is realising the depths of Uma’s love for Kanak. I’m guessing she will resort to trying to kill Kanak off at some point.
    The arrival of Akshay has brought even more complexity to the show… I personally think the show as a whole was at its peak when it was a simple love story between two opposites… everything is very tangled & I can’t see a justifiable way out at the moment ?

  13. thalia.kanum

    very nice episode uma and adi really amazing !! i want my kanum together soon please end this track ): i want kanum

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