Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Meets Akshay

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Kanak walks out of Meera’s cabin. Uma stops her and asks why is she doing this, it is a question of her future. She says he is showing interest in her personal life and thinks she agreed for remarriage because of him, no ways, even she wants to enjoy marital bless, how is she looking, she is going to see a groom for the first time. Uma asks again not to take rash decision as it is a question of her future. Kanak says exactly, please do not interfere in her life and not mix professional and personal life., it is her request.
She leaves while Uma looks at her going.

Kanak reaches cafeteria and thinks man not yet reached and is late on first date. A man wearing thick specs and stammering says hello, he is Arpita’s brother Akshay and asks if he can get some water, nervously. Kanak gives water. He asks if he can sit and drink water according to morales. Kanak says of course he can. He sits and in pure Hindi asks waiter to give menu to Kumari Kanak Rathi as they should respect guest’s preference. She asks what if he goes alone. He says he takes waiter’s help. A group of goons comment languor ke saath angoor, looked at heavy specs ugly looking man. Kanak walks to them and asks if they want to go on a date with her, can they really afford her bills as they must be living on their father’s money, but that boy earns his own money. They run away from there. Kaak turns and sees Akshay also already gone. Akshay then walks in with changed modern getup calling her pretty girl. Kanak is surprised to see his changed look and asks what is all this. He says he has been heart broken any times and wanted to reject her, but looking at her boldness, he liked her instead. He continues his points and says he liked her and does not want to lose a girlfriend like her. She says excuse me.

At home, Bhabho says Kanak does not like oversmart guys, hopes she likes Akshay. Arpita says her family will be privileged if Kanak accepts Akshay. Kanak and Akshay walk in, and Kanak says they liked each other. Arpita congratulates them.

Bhabho does tulsi pooja in the morning. Kanak walks down and says she is going for job. Bhabho asks her to have sweets and go as her alliance is being fixed. Kanak says she met Akshay just once and needs to know him well first. Bhabho gives sweets and asks to distribute among her colleague. At office, Uma nervously walks conference room and thinks what decision Kanak must have taken, will she inform him. Kanak walks in and looks nervous seeing him.
Precap: Meera says they will celebrate today as Kanak is getting married. Aditya taunts even Meera is relieved now. Kanak asks Uma if he does not want to see his fiance’s photo and shows it.

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  1. Finally they posted today’s update they took really long this time. I enjoyed Ashkay entry he and both Kanak at least think the same . I mean Kanak and uma was two different complete opposite but ashkay and Kanak think alike let see if it works. Trp is going really down now all the show on starplus is passing us . Nk and isqbaaz and kuffi guys please start watching on tv. Is getting interesting ❤️??

    1. Fully falthu and bakwaas episode.[BR]Kanak speeches may right but not making any difference these days to me. Social message are been given name sake. They even ruined DABH with that Sooraj second Marriage track. Now this. Can’t they make a show without any re marriages. Can’t a series run without characters like Meera and Akshay. [BR]How much I want to see they connect Uma and Kanak with real issues than this superficial talk we getting from Kanak. Show issues faced by medical field which will be solved by Kanak and Uma. Seeing the same gentle Uma, Kanak will realise she is wrong and try to find out the truth.[BR]But now one more drama with this new guy. I am loosing interest fully now.[BR]DABH success is issues shown sensibly. Sandhya is a doer than speaker which was totally lacking in Kanak. Uma being a doctor, there plenty of stigmas to break using him like how hospitals became a business these days.[BR]Hope show will take right direction without all this nonsense.

  2. How well Kanak and Uma suit each other. Each selfish to the core using other people to get what they want. Bad part is, this Akshay guy will start liking Kanak for real and she will break his heart.then to justify matters, CVs will make him evil like maasi and Meera. Only Kanak Uma are good. And to make their story go forward and gain trp all others must become evil. No imagination. I remember watching such a romantic and passionate love story from 90s tv that had no evil character as such but still the story was so full of passion. Kanak Uma had same potential as both actors are charismatic. But aaj ke zamaane me chalaa nahi. Khair, better than many other shows and actors are fabulous. Wish some of you could also enjoy that other old time show if you are fond of romance.

    1. Kanak being one selfsh person with this . Uma is never selfish always responsible and fully can understand his point. If he selfish, he would have moved on with his life. Big applaud to him for his strengths . He is an ideal husband and brr

  3. Omg when this track will get over I am getting fed up day by day seriously honestly speaking I didn’t like this new entry no offense to the actor. But I personally coudnt connect with this Akshay.uma responsible and with true concern on his soulmate kanak he adviced her not to take hasty decision kanak said its her life she only has rights to take decision pertaining to her life. She intentionally hurted uma that she has moved on in life and wanted to enjoy her marriage life. Kanak and Akshay met he played prank with her then he revealed his cool dude identity it was too filmy Akshay can be only kanak friend not life partner . He is impressed with kanak braveness. Kanak said how she can trust a person who has two faces uma was so tensed about her meeting with the guy. Meera observed he is disturbed. Bhabho asked kanak about her acceptance she asked time to take a final call. Uma was restless about knowing kanak decision regarding that groom.

  4. Disappointed that Trp is going down other shows are improving Feel it’s showing this over possessive MM & how she has control over everyone is kinda overwhelming to watch for the viewers She slapped our Trp need to demoralize her soon pls New guy looks good opposite Kanak but we don’t know who he really is man with many faces Uma is definitely bothered by it Looks sad Uma break out from that shell we need to see some outburst from you for a change don’t let that woman in suit rule your life Its getting boring

  5. Really hating this new guy. This is so ridiculous plot one after another. They kind of showing kuch bhi phase,. Do they know what they want to show ornot? Please get a grip and put back the story from where you picked it up in Bangkok track. Enough all the non sense. Single scene is not enjoyable any more.

  6. Loved the way Kanak answered the biys. Liked Akshay too, and Meera, whatever you do, youa re not going to get Uma, can’t you understand how much he likes Kanak??

  7. the show was about kanak and uma and the differences
    this is becoming crazy
    remove meera issue
    bring them together working as a family and a team working together without vamps just normal day to day issues and family issues

    watch the trp will rise
    making uma marry meera was stupid
    its time they addressed the issue than bring more marriages

    you hardly see the old uma
    and did he not learn with massi stealing his products
    as for suman why would she allow kanak and uma to suffer

    i wpuld like to see adi actually do some good n bring them together just bcus they saved his life then he can go back to being mean
    as a one off to call things even
    they sold meera umas products so does she not know adi from before?

    trp falling bcus they didnt loose the stupid track instead they added another silly track
    i hope both kanak n akshay have planned this together to get to the bottem of the real issue and he knows meeras past

    maybe something like akshay came when his sister adviced kanaks issue with mm
    and he told kanak
    then the work together to take her down
    but no love interest
    leaving them as only mates and truth out with kanak n uma starting over gaining trust rebuilding and uma proving he is good for her

    1. Good logic Maya! I hope the story continues as you think.

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