Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Comes Up with a Mobile Bike Ambulance Concept For Needy

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak with Aditya distributes mobile bike ambulance concept pamphlets to people and asks them to spread in whole city. Uma gets out of car thinking what they are doing. Kanak addresses people that this initiative will solve most of medical emergencies. Uma takes pamphlet and reads that Uma will be available 24/7 via mobile ambulance to help people with medical emergency. People raise Uma that only he can think such a noble concept. Kanak shows mobile ambulance to Uma and says now no sister will suffer hereon due to medical negligence, and she has named it already. Aditya does his jokergiri as usual.

Uma gets teary eyed emotionally. Kanak wipes his tears. Uma says they need govt license first. Kanak says she has already applied for license and she knows officer well. She

dials her number from his number and speaks as an officer and asks if he is starting this service for personal benefit. He says no, it is for public service. Kanaks says she can approve license, but needs something in return. He says his wife is more passionate about this concept and he give her whatever she asks. She gives him license and hugs.

Uma gets first call from a school student who informs that their bus driver got a heart attack and bus is out of control. Uma says he cannot hear him, to send location. Kanak and Uma then rush on mobile bike ambulance. Student tries to call back, but phone falls down. Warden requests drier Altaf to be conscious and try to control steering. Kanak and Uma folllow GPS, and Uma asks Kanak to inform police about the situation and to reach their directly. Driver collapses on steering. Warden informs same and bus going out of control, to come soon. Uma finally finds bus, gets into it someone and controls it just when a truck was about to ram it. He then takes out driver and revives him via CPR. They both hug each other that they reached on time and saved life. Students clap for them, one of them gifts his favorite pencil to Uma. Uma and Kanak then meet Saras and inform that they saved a life and from hereon no life will be lost. Bhabho distributes sweets.

Uma meets a pharma company owner who praises Uma’s business talent and his mobile bike ambulance concept in newspapers and offers him 18 lakhs salary per month. Uma gets a call from an accident victim and rushes to help him telling company owner that he is a doctor and he will continue his duty, owner can join him in his noble cause instead, leaving owner fuming.

Precap: Arpita tells Kanak that good deeds look good in books and in their society, evil always overpowers goodness. Amblance driver misbehaves with Uma.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank god..Sara’s is still in hospital..praise the cv’s..or they would have shown her in saree making ladoo’s in kmb the next day after the incident..

    1. The show is going in excellent direction and logic do miss sometimes as on other shows. But so far TSMSP maintained well balance when I look at other shows and always gives good content to us.

  2. Naman pandey

    Yes you are right but what kannak & uma doing this rubbish show is going rubbish because of these two guy

    1. Uma and kanak are TSMSP. I really need to be surprised that even their good actions are criticised. It’s the world and we lean that there are people blind to see good in it. Sorry if they showing some thing good and u dont like it. Really…

      The show is so good and thanks to whole team.

  3. Hem

    WHy uma search 4 job where is K&U co

  4. Mavisboamah

    Today’s episode was not bad At least this show is much better than all the Starplus shows which are baseless the only problem is that they luck romance but at least they always bring good ideas and helpful things, kanak really looked Good in that doctor ?‍⚕️ shirt wish she will be one but can’t be snice uma is , so now uma is gonna be working with that ambulance ? motor ohk good. Now let see how the story unfolds

  5. Hem

    21 may nk take tsmsp time slot

    1. It would have advertised by now if it so like Yeh hai mohabbatein. it is fake news..Please ignore..
      TSMSP is going to run for years

  6. Where is vansh rathi

    1. He has left the show because it was showing crap had nothing for him to do except appear once in awhile with barely any meaningful story. Good for him. Hope he finds something better as he was a good actor and nice looking too.

  7. Hem

    Please confirm news, i dont want to see nk too borning,

    1. Mavisboamah

      No nk is not taking tsmsp slot. Nk is going off air in peace tsmsp has nothing to do with it

  8. Mind-blowing episode our cvs are now in perfect track. Now our beautiful love story has taken a u turn. It’s back into addressing social issues. Kanum brilliant initiative mobile bike ambulance uma was overwhelmed seeing his Ardhangini fulfilling his dreams. Cute conversation and after long time our uma gyaan back husband duty to keep his wife happy ? sweet hug of kanum wow heroic act of Dr. Umashankar getting into moving bus saving lives of school children. Uma final efforts to save a dying life. Kanum first victorious moments with their marvellous initiative. Uma was so happy that they cod save a precious life. So kanum journey of Diya aur bhati begins to serve for the society. Uma befitting reply to Mr.Sethi throwing away the lucrative offer given to him. Precap shows kanum is going to face many hurldles soon while traveling in the path of dharam

  9. Hello , pls where is Vansh has he left the show ?

  10. Wow! it’s one more wonderful episode lighted with full of positive and heart-filling moments.
    Kanak presents her idea of mobile ambulance to Uma and KanUm had lively romantic fun talking to each other. They receive a call from a small boy who in in school bus and the drive is having an heart attack.

    KanUm reach there on time and able to save the bus along with bus driver. The happiness on KanUm will bring smiles to our hearts. we can clearly see the meaning of what is true happiness. Happiness that we get when help others and this helping nature of KanUm will do wonders in future.

    Uma been offered a Job with high salary but he refuses. We know Uma Shankar will follow his heart and Kanak also been warned by Arpitha that true path of righteousness will be filled with thorns.

    Many more awesome episodes to follow.. please keep watching our show on TV dont miss …

  11. Uma been excellent and been star of the day saving the driver with his quick actions. Its been absolute delight that he is a doctor and a heart to share his skills for all other people who need them.
    Bang on reply to that corporate guy Uma..Keep going and u rock Uma..Way to go..

  12. KanUm saved those kids in the bus so brillaintly. Both kanak and uma are awesome today. love the episode a lot.. dont miss it ..keep watching for more fun..
    Love that cute romantic scene between,

  13. Gud social help scenes.they have time to show juice ad with lead actors but no time for proper marriage?

  14. Hem

    Where k& u co. This belong to uma also not only mm

  15. Mellu

    nice episode, no negative shades thank god for that , quite interesting and nice idea of kanak and bcoz of it they saved many lives specially those kids , now kanak and Uma are together so superb excited for coming episodes too

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