Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Gabbasa’s True Identity

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma seeing Kanak’s photo all over house says someone hates her to the core. Gabbasa hits them from behind and says they cannot escape from him. They both identify him. He says he is Nanda’s loyal and is following his duty. Uma says he is a traitor and what about the faith he showed on him. Gabbasa says he followed even his duty, but his loyalty is towards Nanda. He hits Uma again.

In police station, constable informs Ved that Uma and Kanak’s car on jungle road. Constable brings out Sumer who warns Ved that if he finds Uma and Kanak, they will be finished as it is a question of his ego. Constable says they got orders from superiors to free Sumer. Ved holds Sumer’s collar and if he is remanded behind bars, he will come on track. Sumer’s advocate enters and shows Sumer and his men’s bail. Sumer warns Ved again, and Ved as usual helplessly lets him free.

Gabbasa runs holding his bag, and Uma/Kanak follow him. Gabbasa comes in front of speeding truck and meets with an accident. Kanak and Uma rush him to hospital. Doc treats Gabbasa and says he is out of danger now, but went into trauma. Since it it is a road accident, he has informed police and they must be arriving anytime soon. Uma and Kanak silently walk to next room taking Gabbasa’s bag and mobile. Gabbasa gets a call from his daughter. Kanak sees ISD code and says it is from Thailand, that means Gabbasa’s daughter stays in Thailand and Bangkok is in Thailand. They find Gabbasa and his family’s passport. Uma says Gabbasa’s name is Gajendra Singh and he was going to Thailand with his wife tonight. Kanak says they will disguise as Gajaendra Singh and his wife and go to Thailand.

Vansh prints out Thailand flight’s passenger list from Ved’s laptop. Payal walks in and asks what is he doing here. He says playing video game. Payal says when family is in distress. He says she is right and walks out holding list. Ved watches him and thinks he is right, Vansh was printing Thailand fights passenger list and will send Uma and Kanak as some passenger.

Sumer with his goon reaches hospital and asks goon if he is sure Uma and Kanak are here. Goon says yes. He orders goons to kill them wherever they are found and not wait for him. Kanak and Uma see Sumer and his men and get alert. Drama continues…

Precap: Uma carries Kanak on stretch disguised as wardboy. Sumer stops him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Why dragging so much get tge speed yar budhe ho gaye yehi track dekh ke Bangkok kya agle janam jayoge..

    1. So true, it is so slow that Sloth will be faster than this serial. Sometime I feel moving from one room to other room they will complete whole episode. If we ask them what date they are working they will say we are just in 3rd Jan, move it fast.

  2. Bhaana

    For the past two weeks or so CVS thought to provide us logic(as bhabho said before) behind how come kanum reached bkk to chase massi elaborately n dramatically?? with masala using Payal n introducing a new villain.
    Moral of the story: serial logic k baare me mat soche r na hi puche??
    I wish sumer singh disappear soon from the show, he has been focused well to glorify his looks, dialogues n reaching everywhere on time.
    Today, it was funny to see the goons with swords?? technology has developed so much still they r using historical swords…desi goons?
    Good to see baby steps taken by uma to understand n mingle with real life from his own dharmic world.
    Now who is gabbasa daughter?
    Is it palomi?
    Too much build up na
    Anyway excited to see uma handsome look in in bkk…bkk promo was amazing yaar.

    Sorry friends… watched the show on time after three days so couldn’t stop my bakwas.
    Love u all tsmspians ?

    1. Hi dear vese ajkl serial me hi bakwas chal that to hum aur Kya karenge ?
      Bt look at this Ved yr totally waste I was v angry when Sumer was beating uma n Ved was just luking helplessly I know was protecting ladies by standing there bt fir bhi yr he should show some smartness as police officer

      1. Bhaana

        Agree yaar…ved is so dumb but I love Mayank? aka ved after uma so feel for him, it would be good atleast he too chased kanum in bkk as he is a reputed police officer.
        When sumer took ved gun..it was funny to see him standing without any action..

  3. Too boring filler episode. Uma faced another shock of his life gabbasa the most trusted person for uma has backstabbed him betrayed him all these years. Uma asked why he backstabbed him gabbasa says he is loyalist of massisa so he is following only instructions of his malikin. Uma stated what about his faith on him gabbasa carried out only duties for uma but he was faithfull only for massisa. KanUm chases gabassa he met with an accident kanUm saved and admitted in hospital. This kanUm is really great they even saved a traitor life. DrUma confirmed gabbasa is out of danger but went in coma. Doctor reconfirmed it. Sumeir challenges useless ved that he will kill kanUm in 24 hrs. Ved was standing helpless power and money controls legal system he can’t even keep sumeir in lock up for one day. He has no power to go against his higher ups. Gabbasa betisa in Thailand baaprae kanak next plan to change their identities using gabbasa passport they will travel to Bkk. Uma does not even know the real name of Gabbasa. What he was doing in ladnun all these days only yoga and pooja nothing else. Sumeir is simply irritating yaar. KanUm hiding behind sofa ?Ved is only fit to suspect vansh and nothing else. Tom kanum furrr to BKk ?

    1. Lol What he was doing all these days pooja n yoga ? true divyaA
      Totally agree with u Ved is fit to suspect vansh only not happy with his role luking useless these days

  4. interesting ..nice episode can’t wait to watch thailand track…payla omg i don’t like her at all..poor ved he deserves better
    i love vansh so much great brother

  5. Well at least Uma got to see Gabasa true colors today He established all we’re working for Masisa Though Bholenath helped them out to get the passports & tickets to flight to Bangkok so that worked out well I feel Poullomi is not Gabasa daughter but could be wrong Isn’t Poullomi married to Aditya per spoiler???or involved in trafficking??Ved doesn’t seem to be that intelligent the law is so corrupted that anyone like Sumer Singh can escape ?As for Payal wish Bhabho would put her in her place soon she is one annoying B***** Totally despise her walking around the house with authority Like Vansh more he is a true brother Let’s see KanUma in disguise Getting interesting ?

  6. The writers brought Gabasa suddenly now as they had to find a way to make Kanuma escape to Bangkok Hence use his passport & ticket that to in disguise so neither the cops or Sumer Singh would catch them Poullomi is Gabasa daughter who they will first track down in Bangkok with the phone # who is supposedly dead but alive which will be shocker for them but eventually tell her about her dad being in coma With her help they will track down Masisas & Aditiya & stop the launch of the new fertility drug & bring their true identity to the drug company Hence bring them back to India to be sentenced for their crime That’s my belief Hence the end Hopefully see some romance in between if we are lucky

    1. Bhaana

      Good guessing vj….sounds logical n refreshing
      Yeah! Wish the infertility drug shouldn’t be launched at any cost, if massi succeed in her attempt it will be an irritating issue as the show is slowly recovering from maasi evil deeds, don’t wanna see another victory to villains.
      Hope uma n Kanak conquer maasi pharmaceutical company n we r able to land on another chapter in kanum life.

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