Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Shocking Decision

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ved tells Kanak that he is happy that Uma is out of her life. Uma enters then. Family is shock to see him. Vansh angrily asks what is this man doing here. Kanak says to take her back home. Vansh angrily heads towards Uma, but Kanak stops and says she will go after Bhabho’s blessings tomorrow and takes Uma to show his room. Vansh angrily breaks decoration. Vikram and Vansh stop him and ask to calm down. Vansh asks how to calm down, he cannot see his sister in this condition. Kanak comes down and says it is her sanskar that she is following and reminds how Meena changed Bhabho’s bathroom tiles so that she cannot slip, how Vikram used to help Golu, how her brothers can do anything for her. Meena says they did it for family’s sake and love, does she love Uma Shankar. She says no, she does not love Uma, but she wants to follow the relationship which she is made by fate. She continues her justification. Vansh says if Sandhya was alive, she would have been in shock seeing her educated daughter’s orthodox thinking. He says Sandhya was like Bhabho’s daughter first and then bahu later. Kanak says Sandya kepted family united and even she is doing same. She continues her justification and asks Bhabho if she is doing wrong. Ved also asks Bhabho to tell that Kanak is thinking wrong. Bhabho silently walks away.

Uma tries to pick blanket from cupboard and Kanak’s clothes fall down. Her undergarment sticks his ear. Kanak comes and gets nervous seeing that, asks what is he doing. He says trying to get blanket and all her clothes fell. He picks undergarment and nervously returns to Kanak. She throws it in cupboard and keeps clothes back. She sleeps on bed and says she has spent many night awake in his room and it is his turn now. He says she is right, till yesterday he did not know anything about her, today is in her room trying to understand minute details of her maika. He wants to know everything about her. He continues talking.

Next morning, Meena sees home temple well decorated, calls whole family and tells ghost or santa claus had come and decorated their temple so beautifully. Kanak comes down and says Uma did it and praises him. Meena goes to kitchen to prepare tea. Kanak says Uma drinks jeera, saunf, ginger herbal concoction. Meena says eww. Vansh reacts and shouts she also wants to drink concoction and forget tea, tea was her weakness before, now she is changing like a lifeless doll for Uma’s blind superstitions. He continues. Kanak says she is not doing anything wrong and asks Bhabho if she is wrong. Bhabho stands silently. Drama continues.

Precap: Bhabho tells Kanak that she has seen Uma closely and saw immense love for her, she has to change Uma’s supersitition become his vision in darkness.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Maanu13

    Highly irritating …..how could this happen…kanak is behaving like uma’s puppet….hate it… completely hate it to the core….how can she change overnight…like vansh says she is lost her self respect and dignity…she must not b the daughter of Sandhya ……such a powerful women she is…damn I can’t tolerate that Uma….?????if she move to ladoo also she can’t b happy there is lot of opposition like palomi maasi and everybody there….idiot kanak….go to hell again….

  2. New chapter of manak’s life is starting…….

  3. Something may happend or some secret is known by kanak before reaching home which changed her mind..why uma came n stayed aid kanak..I think some interesting twist is der or should happen for clear story..loved today’s epi anyway..Hope everything will get fine soon..

  4. I don’t know what to say, but when ima looks at kanak, it’s so lovable? she’s adorable, I know uma is dharm sanskari and all, but his love for kanak is what will change him ?? hoping for that soon

  5. Ok, so today’s message is, that if you were a victim of kidnapping but were not physically abused later, and if the perpetrator of that crime keeps following you relentlessly, accept that that relationship was done by fate and then follow that man to his home.Obsessiveness is another name for love. What would a man like UmaShankar think about IPS Sandhya Rathi’s who did not spend her days at home simply serving her husband and in-laws. She came in contact with many other men, shook hands with them without ever becoming impure or having impure thoughts. She lived with Naxalites as an ordinary woman. According to Uma she crossed all limits of maryaada. And here is shown her worthy daughter with sudden Awakening of sanskaar, praising a man like that and accepting a relationship her mother would have considered a crime. If a person can write volumes praising the chemistry and romance of the leads then so can another person criticizing what they think is wrong with the current storyline. Hue and cry about something you disagree with is made in many ways depending on your situation and resources. I am unable to reach producers so I write on forums. Should I be belittled for that? Well, that depends on perspective and anybody is welcome to blast my folly of showing my disagreement in a comment section. Who knows, maybe Bholenaath is teaching a lesson to me through this! And I accept it with humility. A word about mocking tiny efforts of showing disagreement, revolutions have started in the past by little acts of dissent. So this is my space for dissent as I don’t know where else or how else to show it so I am just writing against the ugly turn, in my opinion, that the storyline has taken. Larger the country, more difficult the enforcement of laws. A country that has age old belief systems has a hard time getting rid of what is degrading to a certain class or gender. Such TV shows reinforce the pseudo morals biased against women specially amongst the uneducated and the semi educated. This is a problem of a developing , third world country with impressionable masses that confuse the line between fiction and reality and start associating with tv characters. Maybe none of us here will do that because we are educated balanced people, but there will be many who will take what’s shown at its face value.

    1. I agree with all you said Navi
      Yes we are educated and can tell the difference between fiction and reality what about those who are uneducated or semi educated who still practice such.

  6. In today’s part, vansh is the hero, his caring nature as a bro, loved it. He completely expressed how much pain he was in, I too felt relaxed.
    Instead of showing kanak’s justification?, they would have shown how she expressed her decision to uma, Wat will b his reaction, I’m imagining it?
    Hope to see it as flash back, they usually stretch every scene but didn’t showed an important part.
    Uma as usual in his own world, saying bolenath does good, he failed to see the pain of kanak. So this man will take kanak without any apology in front of family, Good job.

    1. Yes bhaana even I enjoyed last episode uma getting messed up among Kanak ‘clothes it was very funny and uma ‘s reaction on that but they maintained a decorum in that scene.Kanak protecting uma as a shield I hope uma also support kanak in ladnu before his massisa.

      1. yeah tat was really funny ???

  7. I will just put it here that there’s a difference between stating opinions and educating the public. Public health promotion helps the society. I also must state that not all opinions should be encouraged especially with the general statement that “we are all entitled to our opinions”! Racists, white supremacist, Nazis, serial killers, pedophiles, rapists etc also have opinions, it doesn’t mean we should encourage or entertain them!
    This serial is harmful to women as it is now. I am however waiting to see how the CVs and all those involved are going to justify this show.

    1. I agree with you Naija girl and the worst is that it is women and young girls who are justifying this show.

  8. today’s episode total bhor …
    why was girls and women crying …
    every time and sacrifices her self for name of family …
    even I’m also a girl
    and one thing more what is love why a stranger people valuable if it happen …

    1. My dear a good family will never let you sacrifice your self for their happiness. Because for every problem there is a solution. Always stand for your self respect and don’t compromise – you will earn more respect that way.

  9. I feel people watching daily soaps do know that what they show is just a imaginary drama, and people won’t literally follow what’s being shown here.. It’s just a story of 2 strangers with completely different set of thoughts and beliefs who will fall on love and be toghether forever.. The CV’s are not promoting forced marriage nor trying to give any social message.. Its just a love story which starts with hatred and then end with true love thats it.. I think we all should enjoy that part and wait for storyline to unfold in its own logical way instead of trying to judge the characteristics of the leads.. All characters are doing a fanastic job and thats what keeps us glued to the serial..
    According to me any serial/story which won’t let you change channel and keep you waiting for the next episode is the best serial.. So as per me tsmsp team rocks.. What say girls?

    1. Well said Anita, i an totally with you it’s obvious that even those that are complaining about the show for its portrayal of Uma are completely hooked to the show!, I find it shocking that those that are supposedly against regression are coming across in such a judgemental manner – but I’m done with trying to justify the purpose of the show so will stick to commenting on today’s episode…. another emotionally charged episode, the story is moving forward well. I do feel they have rushed kanak’s return and wished they could have allowed more time for Uma & Kanak to bond in kanak’s own environment.

      Love the relationship between Kanak & her brothers ❤️.

      The bedroom scene was so cute, Uma was so elated to find out more about kanak’s previous life, hopefully he will now realise the kind of life Kanak is accustomed to …. really liked kanak’s ‘like it or lump it’ attitude towards Uma’s comments about having a sleepless night. I thought the bra scene was simply hilarious ?. … Overall i really enjoyed today’s episode & I personally found it really entertaining.

    2. You are hooked and don’t change channel but you cannot speak for all as I have stopped watching way back after she escaped and went back to Ladno. Please do not generalised that everyone is hooked on this.

    3. Agree Anita, I’m mature enough to make the difference between reel n real story, I’m enjoying the show completely, tsmsp rocks, every episode is surprising with its new turn. Didn’t expect they show will importance all characters as vansh rocked here.

    4. Agree with u Anita..I have better hope in did serial..without negative its absolutely difficult to make story..we have to wait for turn of positive… I m enjoying full scenes bhabhos love,Meena Rani jokes,pavan shivs cuteness..ved n vansh angry etc etc..I know some of viewers did not like some points..wait friends surely I hope writers won’t ruin it…more Dan anything I love TSMSP very much..my heart feels very happy whenever bhabho n kanak hugs…like I’m hugging my grandma…so emotional.. I m liking every scenes..thanks for TSMSP team..

  10. Today episode had all the elements of drama .Kanak has clearly justified her reasons of going back.On top of it she is giving signal to her family that she has accepted this relationship by telling uma to go to his room.Upbringing of kanak is the reason for going back .But she said it very beautifully today.Dabh 2 is starting from today she has decided to follow her mothers footprints yes she is right sandhya rathi is an iron lady she was a dutiful IPS officer but before that she became a perfect bahu ;patni;bhabhi nannand every relation is very important for her she never neglected her duties of bahu even after becoming IPS officer.So same way Kanak daughter of sandhya cannot think of breaking the relationship even in her wildest dreams.She decided to give a chance to this rishta she clearly stated she cannot lead a life with the guilt of breaking relationship.I can understand vansh worries about her sis she is taking a risk of ruining her life and he is giving the example of broad minded modern rathi parivar but the fact is what fruit he sees now is struggle of sandhya which he didn’t realize bhabho was same Orthodox characterRathi ffamily was not modern in thoughts when sandhya came to this she changed everyone with her love .Unknowingly she became daughter of bhabho .Sandhya was also in similar situation of breaking the relationship but she made up her mind tofight for her happy life .Same Karnak is also going to do the same she is going to fight for rights.I really loved kanum moments today .Uma was like a teenager crushing on his lady love he was enjoying his each and every moment in his lady love private room trying to invade more about Kanak .His cute gestures was so nice .That dialogue he said till yesterday he does not know anything about her and today he is staying in her room trying to find more about her .That shows from now on he will try to understand Kanak but still he cannot see the pain in her she is undergoing for breaking her brothers trust.Uma is more bothered about her untidy cupboard he even tried to fold her clothes I think that night he would have cleaned her cupboard and morning as usual decorating mandhir .As vansh says he can’t even break his routine for two days but expecting Karnak to change lifestyle this is correct vanish.So Kanak is ready with her next mission ‘Change uma ‘with her bhabho advice she is going to successfully carry out.Again how sandhya changed sooraj Karnak going to change uma but only one problem is sooraj is very flexible but uma is totally inflexible so her journey uma is going to be a bit tough .I am really happy Karnak admitted that she is not blindly in love with uma but she wants to fulfil her responsibilities assigned for her .I think eventually both of them will become a perfect couple

    1. Yes Divyaa I am pleased that they provided the opportunity for us to understand kanak’s reasons behind wanting to return. It’s obvious she places high value on fulfilling & maintaining relations & that is the driving factor for her return (not sure I fully agree with her, but get that
      ultimately the show is a love story). That being said I’m glad that they didn’t show Kanak declaring her love for Uma. Hopefully that will happen over time once they have understood each other.

    2. What Rishta is here between Uma and Kanak?
      All I see is a kidnapper and his victim and yes this is the Stockholm syndrome.
      All this is so wrong on all levels
      Instead of these producers trying to fix this mess they keep adding to it
      We should be seeing Uma apologising for his behaviour asking the family for forgiveness oh no instead we get to see Kanak fighting for him and wanting to be with his family.
      So to appease those who are against Uma’s ways they made Kanak give a dumb speech about relationship – no way she definitely cannot be compared with her mum.
      Arrange marriage and forced marriages are different. Sandhya gave her consent to marriage. She only found out her brother cheated her after marriage – there is a difference
      Kanak is screaming and shouting at her family giving gyaan about relationship then why didn’t she show this at Uma’s house – NO she couldn’t.

  11. Here most are against Uma and Kanak is not small teenager she can take her decision so why all are against, if everyone will protect she will not learn at all and Uma character is strong believer in god which nowadays we see in society so his thought will hurt other people, but what all he did to Kanak did he took advantage of her, which we find in today’s modern society that girls were doped and raped, he didn’t do that to her at all so doesn’t it show he is gentleman, even we saw how he got angry when he was in Rambha test situation. Here people are just thinking bad thing is done by Uma but no one talks about Kanak cheated whole family.She is trying to give other chance, in cities women can stay alone and make relations but in small cities and villages those are not permitted so have to think from that perspective. Even today I go in village for dev puja I have to follow the rules of there can’t act as some city women who can wear Jeans and go where ever they want. And other my sanskar don’t allow me thank god I am in India so I follow sanskar sure outsiders will never get it, so Kanak is following same.

    1. You are right one has to follow the sanskar of the land true true
      Can I ask you a question is there not a law in India that forbids forced marriage and it is punishable by the courts? So why was Uma not following the sanskar of the land.
      We really really need to be responsible and don’t assume that because many of us are international that are against these behaviour does mean that we do not know how to keep relationships.
      Please before you criticise us that lives internationally check human rights pages on the web; check Amnesty international and then come back and tell me that I am foolish.
      We have to be responsible yarr

  12. It is official, Kanak has lost all respect. She has been stockholmed. To confuse love, commitment, upholding a marriage by fate is ridiculous. I no longer like Kanak. I agree with her brothers. Kanak has displayed weakness. There is no way she can be in love or even attached to a man she detested for his values for 20 days. Uma may not have stolen the shop, but his values are what they are. This has not changed. Kanak’s justification is absurd. Kanak not in love with a man who forcibly married her is even crazier. Where is her respect? Where are all those so called progressive thoughts she spoke of. She can preach them, but not practice them. I am disappointed in Kanak. In addition, she is going to a home where she is attached to people who do not hold her in the same regards. She is delusional.

    1. So so true Tif agreed the Stockholm effect is in full force
      Women/girl power is out the door.

  13. CV s may not be giving social messages but media does send social messages. Television and cable is now part of every household crossing many social, financial, and educational boundaries. If they don’t have any affect and just a show that can keep people tuning in for more matters then why ban anything? Show teenagers doing drugs. Show men raping women and getting away with it. Show women burning their daughter-in-laws because they wouldn’t follow family rituals. Hey all of those make for great thrillers. Put them all on prime time tv. There will always be someone who would find that content irresistable and TV shows only have to care whether people will tune in to find what happened next.And again the same argument of stating other crimes and since Uma didn’t do those, doping and raping, therefore his crime is not a biggie. Hey, why send a robber to jail, at least he didn’t murder! Great logic. Whatever justification be made for the current story, there is no comparison between this and DABH. Suraj did not force Sandhya so he was innocent. Uma is not and he has not apologized even once. Sandhya felt compelled to fulfill her responsibility because it was her brother who had forged a relationship. This marriage was done forcibly and without even informing Kanak’s family for which neither Uma nor his Maasi said sorry even once. And yes, Kanak is not a teenager and Uma is not all bad. The writers are of teenage mentality and thoroughly corrupt for writing the story like this because these are fictional characters being developed by them! And BTW, there is a difference between following rituals in villages out of respect for your family and being forced and punished to follow them by people who did not care about your basic human dignity when they tied and gagged you.

    1. I am with you Meg
      I agree with all you said

  14. Watching this show became very difficult for me after Uma and Maasisa’s visit to Rathi home. I had expected subtle changes in Uma after coming to Pushkar. I thought he would see how her family and specially brothers must have felt when they came to know of how Kanak was married and that he would say something to make it better. But none of it came. I started to get very angry just looking at UmaShankar’s face. That’s when I realized I had lost all objectivity and it was time to stop watching. I have read a couple of written updates and have seen the comments for them. I have to say, no show is worth such anger and energy. As long as there is TRP the show will go on. That’s the bottom line. Worse shows have , to my utter amazement, been successful on TV. As long as it keeps people curious, it will work as that’s all that matters these days. I’ll read the updates every now and then to see if the story has reached a point where I will be able to watch it again. I am a complete chicken. Even in movies, when bad things start to happen, I forward to where things start to get better?? And in my opinion the show is at a very low point right now for me and a few other people. But I am an insignificant person and what sells is what will be shown. One thing I want to say on the topic of banning and I hope I won’t anger people. If I do, please forgive me. Banning media, cinema, or tv on moral grounds is a very slippery slope. Sometimes there is very disturbing content in movies. There is certification for that. Also, in some countries like the U.S. there are time slots for TV shows based on content. Mature content usually starts after 9p.m. unfortunately, this is not true for Indian shows. That’s it. Just two thoughts floating in my head as of now. I don’t myself, understand fully how that relates to this show. I am just sad that I. unable to watch two of my favorite actors because what’s happening now troubles me so badly. Peace Everyone. I’ll catch you when I have the courage to read another update.

  15. I just saw the telly chackar poll result Just two votes difference between dabh 1 and tsmsp .Both are equal that shows tsmsp will be a hit in future .I really wish tsmsp will reach the heights of dabh 1

    1. Wow..good to hear divya..thanks for sharing☺!!!sure TSMSP I’ll rock with new changes n story track..writers have to convince n provide and have to justify all viewers and have to carefully make a story moves…let’s have positive hope..

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! New era in TSMSPJ got started. The show is became really interesting day by day!

    1. Yes bipasha even I am enjoying each and every scene of this soap.Actual story is going to start

  17. Sorry people but I think we should start a petition to stop thus regressive show, just like Pahredaar Piya ki was Stopped and for a matter of fact that show never showed any s*xually suggestive stuff between this kid and the leading actress but here they showed a rain dance as in Rambha Task.
    We should start a petition to stop this show,they cannot praise the concept if forced marriage just because forced marriages happens. What is wrong is wrong.

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