Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Eats Spiked Chocolate And Faints Before Reaching Exam Hall

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma hugs Kanak and asks if she is fine. Kanak says she did not get her energy tonic yet. Uma says he will reward her once she clears exam. Aditya walks in and coughs seeing them hugging each other and reminds Kanak she has 1 hour left for exam, can get energy tonic and come near car. Parag calls his aide/peon and asks if he did his work. Peon says he kept chocs outside Kanak’s house. Parag says Kanak will eat sleeping pill mixed choc and will fall asleep, so she will not reach exam hall at all. Gynecologist hears him and thinks of informing Kanak. Aditya sees choc box on main door and picks it. Kanak takes it from him and excitedly says Uma must have kept it as he promised to give her surprise gift. Aditya drives car while Kanak unwraps choc and sees powder on it and it tasting weird. Aditya asks to give to him then. Kanak finishes whole choc and feels dizzy. Gynecologist calls Kanak, but Parag snatches phone and says he needs to discuss emergency case with her and takes her to cabin, asks why she is following him everywhere and spying what he does. She says she does not like the way he is working as she feels patients are utmost important and he is betraying them. Parag warns if she does not obey him, he will harm her son. Gynecologist gets afraid.

Kanak tells Aditya that she is feeling dizzy and needs water. Aditya says once they reach college, he will get her water. She insists. He gets her out of car. She collapses. Aditya calls Uma, but his phone is not reachable.
People surround and help him get her back into car. He reaches hospital and rushes her on stretcher shouting emergency. Tiara and Chinmay wait for Kanak and get worried that exam will start soon. Parag asks students if they are all ready for exam. They nod yes. Aditya asks doctor to treat Kanak as she ate a choc mixed with some powder and fainted. Doctor says he knows she is paramedical student Kanak, asks Aditya to take her to room while he gets medicines for her. Parag enters and warns doctor to relax.

Aditya takes Kanak to a room and tries to wake her up. She does not. He ties her to bed and searches solution in a book. He reads to feed her sugar water and brings it, but Kanak resists and asks not to scold her like Bhabho. He calls Bhabho and after explaining her whole situation asks her to scold Kanak to have water. Bhabho scolds Kanak and orders her to have water. Kanak does and snores. Aditya realizes he read wrong paper and Kanak will fall into deep sleep now. He panics. Uma enters, and Aditya hugs him and informs whole situation. Uma says he needs to get out of Kanak’s stomach and asks to bring salt water. Aditya rushes towards canteen. Tiara calls him and asks where is Kanak, exam time is nearing. He tells Kanak is very ill and is in room 304 here. Tiara and Chinmay go to inform Parag.

Precap: Bhabho reminds Kanak that she has to give exam to save Uma’s bike ambulance service. Parag asks security guard to close door and not let anyone into exam hall.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is nanda’s story for real or another of her concoction? Can’t trust her anymore. Where is Maasi?

  2. Now nothing interesting as show is going off air from 1st June. So bid adieu to show, wondered Ishqbaaz has same trp like this one, but still its running. Well Star plus is going down hill none of the show are holding.Need more Ekta Kappoor illogical stories which people like it.OK c ya Uma and Kanak good luck.

  3. My goodbye to TSMSP.

    If you are looking for a replacement show please check these shows out. My reviews on shows that are worth watching currently.



    Current 50, 51 episodes review of Bp.

    I am gonna miss seeing Avinesh, Rhea and Sadiya ji. Thanks TSMSP for giving us such a unique and much needed empowering show for women. ?

    1. Well written of both sides about TSMSP nivedita,red all 4 pgs.
      Show can become more popular if followed good plots
      Going to miss this show .

      1. Thanks Xy1. Same here. Wish they had continued it. Story had a lot more potential.

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