Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak, Cheater?

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Police arrests Uma and takes him in a jeep. Uma reminisce Maasi telling she has seen Kanak’s real fae, she can go to any extent with her arrogant brothers to harm him. Kanak cries in the middle of road and gets a shock when a vehicle stops in front of her. She apologizes, but people surround a child and scold him why he came on road alone. She is shocked to see Shiv and gets concerned, asks him if he is fine and how did he come here, who brought him here. People ask if this child is her relative and walk away scolding her to not let child outside. Shiv asks Kanak what is he for her, why did he leave her alone. He says she said she is going for 2 days, but did not return at all. She gave him halwa so that he can remember he. He confronts her that her love for them was a lie, she acted as her bhabhi and Uma’s wife, Uma is a fool to trust he, she betrayed them for just a shop, she broke Uma’s trust on Bholenath, she broke his expectationson his bhabhi, she is selfish. He and his family will regret why they got related to her. Kanak stands silently.

Police removes Uma’s waist belt, taweez, and other belongings. Commissioner Arpita tells she heard he is very powerful in Ladno, but here his power will not work, he insulted woman in lieu of holy scriptures, he cannot dare insult a woman here. Uma says she is thinking wrong, he respects women, even in scriptures it is written to respect women, so he is silent, else nobody can dare to put Uma Shankar in lockup. Arpita orders inspector to put Uma in lock up. Uma is about to enter lockup when Kanak enters and stops them. She asks if there is a place for 2 people in jail. She walks to Uma.

Payal’s mother informs Maasi that Uma is in jail, Payal informed her that Shiv eloped to Pushkar, so she sent her men to find him and they brought Shiv back and informed that Uma is in jail. Maasi says which officer dared to arrest Uma, Uma himself is a law, what wrong did he do. Mother says he did wrong by marrying Kanak, she complained against him and she knows if a wife complains against husband, nobody can save husband.

Arpita asks Kanak if she believes she betrayed Uma and his family. Kanak says yes, she broke Uma’s trust as a wife, his sister’s trust as a bhabi, his brother’s trust as a bhabhi, his mother’s trust as a bahu just for Bhabho’s shop, she snatched Uma’s family’s peace. She asks to question her more. Arpita continues questioning and Kanak continues repeating her mistakes. She says she betrayed that family that she will not be able to fill their wounds on heart, physical wounds will heal but not mental wounds. She did this for Bhabho’s shop, but harmed a family by mistake, she deserves punishment. Arpita asks if she is taking this decision with much thought, if she needs some time.

Precap: Maasi takes kaali maa’s oath to punish Kanak and save Uma. Ved tells Kanak not to worry, fast track court will punish Uma. Bhabho and Kanak get tensed seeing Uma at door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Excellent episode really kya royee h kanak
    hahahehhehehe maasisa kaali maa avatar so funny at that time sadiyaa mam look….

  2. Hello frens. Can someone please tell me what Kanak said her crimes were to Arpita? I don’t understand Hindi and the written update doesn’t seem to cover everything that transpired..Miss Amena…

  3. Kanak and Shiv’s conversation was heart touching???,Payal’s mom is an evil??? and this maasisa she is obsessed with punishments ???.
    It looks like Maasisa is pleased to punish people for a whole and a nothing, it is cruel??????.
    Uma is desperate, it’s disagreeable to see him like that??????, but he need it to understand his mistake.
    I’m impatient to see Uma and Kanak’s quarrels???.

  4. Its request for TELLYUPDATE and WRITERS of written update

    Please provide full conversation of this serial atleast the full conversations of kanak n uma..more of the readers here dont know HINDI..thats why we are reading here for understanding..while watching video after reading update some conversations are not understandable…

    PLZ consider this request….

    1. i agree,please consider our request,???i am so in love with this show but dont understand the dialog,please help us who dont know hindi

  5. Very Interesting Story

  6. Hi
    Nice episode
    I am south indian. I like this show
    yaravathu tamilans inka irukkingala frnds

    1. Hi krishna, welcome to tsmsp, na iruken?

    2. Hii krishna..welcome
      nanum tamil romba happy to see tamil inda pagela
      i too love TSMSP
      share ur views here..once again welcome..


    3. Hii krishna,bhaana,avanti,radha✌✌
      Nanum tamil dha??

    4. Hi Krishna I am also a tamilian a great fan of TSMSP.Welcome dear

    5. I am also fan of this show. I am tamilian

  7. Hi Krishna,naanum tamil dhan

    1. Nanum Tamil…happy to see so many Tamilians in this page.

  8. Ah yes emotional blackmail episode. I agree Kanak did wrong but the self righteous attitude of Uma’s family is grating on the nerves. They are hampering on what she did and see no wrong in their actions. I really liked the first season of this show. With all the exploits Sandya did, it’s unbelievable how the next generation have turned out. It’s like whatever she stood for has gone down the drain.

    1. Naamkaran_fan

      Ikr I hate this storyline stopped seeing it from their marriage…..this kind of man needs punishment and learn his crimes at least I want them to change d storyline now and kanak has to punish him! It’s a serial and only good soch has to be projected! Wth is d Dasi thing n all… She doesn’t even have 1 quality of sandhya

  9. Wow what a episode each scene was superb.Oh I really didnt expect shiv would be the person to wake up kanak stops her from doing a disaster .Shiv has observed so much about kanak his words about betraying uma family for her selfish ulterior motives .Even though it was more than his age but his true feelings about his babhisa to point out at her mistakes really broke her heart into pieces.What a entry na just before her pati parmeshwar stepped into lockup she asked a place for herself in the same lockup.Oh hats off kanak rathi (kanak umashankar) for accepting her crime owing to her mistakes she had done in uma family for her ulterior motives (bhabho shop) in front of uma .She has cheated him for that shop she won all his family members trust now she has broken everything she was filled with guilt she was speaking her heart out for the first time .She acknowledged all her mistakes her lack of understanding uma and how she ended up hurting the entire family .She cheated them made a fake relationship with them.But she was connected with everyone in that family including uma Shankar till that time was looking at kanak with full of anger at that moment she said she has connection with umashankar too he just looked into her eyes wow emotional moment he had finally succeded in winnng a place in her heart.Its very clear kanak fell in love with umashankar .Superb expression rhea she nailed in her performance today.Avinesh oh what a expressive eyes his eyes spoke thousand words today he is was calm and patient but his guts and confidence was commendable today .He was fuming with anger inside but as soon as he saw kanak ‘true tears his heart melted he saw his true kanak today .Today I saw a different dimension of uma when arpita was mocking about he thinks women as slaves he gave a fitting reply how he respects woman he never degrade woman its a women who gives birth to a man;woman’s should never be disrespected and its a power of women (kanak) who makes him to step into jail.Oh I really got confused i thought he is a MCP but now the perspective about uma is changing he respects woman then why he is not giveng equal rights to his wife .Anyways I am happy that kanak confessed her crime she proved today she is the daughter of sandhya rathi her honesty her true emotions towards uma is all brought up in one episode itself.We will soon see kanum .But still uma did not redeem for his crime he still didn’t admit it as crime he still believe what he did is correct when he will realize that he had committed a adharm to a girl by forcibly marrying her.

    1. Well said divyaa. Today, Kanak proves that she is the daughter of the great SANDHYA RATHI???? So happy ??!

  10. Kanak accepting her mistakes tat she betrayed uma and his family, so emotional.
    Some/many who were saying its kanaks crime, she apologized for her doings, hizaab bara bar.
    I too loved kanak and shiv bonding he was sweetest in uma family.
    But today kanak and shiv part, i m confused wat to say, a small boy came alone from a restricted family and he questioned kanak in road those big big words i wandered is this is logical, knowing its a serial just for entertainment stop my thinking, but i want to give my view.
    Probably to show kanak change over they used shiv as she was well attached to him.
    Yeah priyanshi i too felt maasi in precap looks funny.
    Drama continues wat will b the reaction of ved n vansh, dont humiliate uma again.

    1. I agree with you Bhaana , ved and vansh not accept uma easily
      and maasisa became villain in this story ….
      and two more are payal and her mother… paulomi and suman ohh god kanak vs all these villain ….

      Here I miss Diyaa ‘s comment where is she????

  11. Hello l love the show very much. I am a Malayali and I don’t know Hindi well but watch the show daily.

    1. Hi Niby, welcome
      ningale parichayapettathil valare santhosam

  12. Whenever something interesting happens in TSMSP, I wonder all the time if Suraj and Sandhya are there, what will they do?????

  13. Hi all, welcome to any newbies on the group ? I am a U.K. Viewer & whilst I understand some Hindi, find some of the words used difficult to understand, but thankfully I have English subtitles so am able to keep up with the dialogue ?.
    Another great episode – so happy to see Kanak accepting her mistakes (really glad she bumped into shiv otherwise who knows what would have happened), although like Bhai a pointed out it was strange that he had managed to escape from Ladno & made it all the way to Pushkar alone ?, but it’s a tv serial at the end of the day & it did wonders for the storyline.
    Kanak’s entry into the police station was awesome, you could sense confusion in Uma’s eyes just when his trustin kanak had been shattered, she walked in & rekindled his faith in her.
    I really would like to see Uma acknowledge that he had wronged Kanak by forcefully marrying her.
    Lol Maasisa’s kaali avatar did make me chuckle too. I wander how she is going to react to Kanak when she returns, bless it does seem as though Kanak has turned their whole life of peace & sanctuary upside down. I hope maasisa can look beyond kanak’s past actions and recognise how much Kanak does value relationships (unlike Payal).
    Uma & Kanak have already started to share a bond which is based around their respect for each others inncocence & pure intentions does remind me of Suraj & Sandhya, no matter what they go through they know the other has their best interest at heart… looking forward to Kanak & Uma returning home together ❤️. The storyline has not disappointed looking forward to more fabulous episodes ?

  14. **bhaana not bhai (autocorrect ?)

  15. I am perplexed totally the way CVS are making uma a MAHAN overnight that I cannot digest still kanak has acknowledged her mistake and she came out clean washing all her guilt but uma is still not comming out will he acknowledge his mistake at least to kanak today and apologize to her expressing his true love .I really want both their heart to speak out today without any ego and guilt .This is a unique love story .Finally uma ‘s vishwas jeet gayi.After lots of trials and tribulations uma won her heart .

    1. Hi divya,
      I agree your comments.
      I expected Uma spent more days in pushkar and win kanak’s heart like moovendhar movie.

  16. Hi divyaa, really its annoying, still didnt
    created situation to regret and they wont show it easily, for tat shudikaran of his soch is needed which will b kanak next mission.
    Today, hope to see uma and kanak convo alone, how long dramas r going na

    1. Exactly bhaana it is really annoying uma is not changing not accepting his fault as you said kanak can only do it but it can be done only through love .Love can change anything in this world .I am happy Kanak is not expressing her love at this point becos understanding compatibility and adjustment with each other is road to pure love .

      1. I think to show Uma accepting his mistake would mean they would have to show Uma losing faith in his orthodox religious beliefs in marriage…. so I think the cvs are not ready to show a change in Uma’s character just yet… hopefully it is in the pipeline to happen soon.

      2. Well said divyaa n meera agree totally, just a wish it doesn’t turn to usual saas bahu sagas having three pairs of villains, bcoz it is the only show i m watching.

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    1. Thanks for the link avanti.

  18. Hii friends the below link is to vote for dabh n tsmsp…..vote for TSMSP guys if u wish..we really need more votes for our TSMSP..we know DABH had wonderful place in our heart but now TSMSP also our favorite.. Let’s vote for TSMSP it will increase the rate of dem n it will be real
    encouragement for TSMSP team..


    1. I have already voted avanti.I really want the trp to increase soon so we can support them to make it a success.

  19. We can vote for only one friends..either DABH or TSMSP..

  20. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! Now TSMSPJ actually got started. Unique and pure love story!

    1. Sorry to say but there is nothing pure about this story and there is no love. Uma is an obsessed, orthodox fanatic. Kanak is a misguided, guilty, doormat. That’s a classic abusive relationship.

      1. I totally agree. Just amazed at comments. It appears abuse is deeply rooted and accepted as norm in the society.

  21. Who is masisa to punish kansk . She is not even her mother in law . She is too irritating . First she needs to punish Uma who married a girl without her will . He loves her or not it is wrong to marry a girl without her will . I thought they would mould masisas character like bhabi . Though bhabi did not support sandhya first she always supported truth . If kanak has done wrong Uma has done a mistake 100 times bigger than her . Anyways all this drama was not necessary . Kanak was shown to be a independent modern girl . She would have directly talked to Uma ?. She could have gone to the court and filed a case that Uma is having and keeping her shop without bhabos permission . But no she had to follow the patni darms and get the shop back . So funny . How would a girl ever like such a man . He never said he loved her . He had always said god has given him . But if god tells him to leave kanak and marry another beautiful girl (forcibly) .,the funny fact is that Sandhya the great ips officers daughter is going through all this

    1. Exactly Teju. The CVs have done a horrible job with character development and storyline. I mean, at this point,vi just can’t see Kanak and Uma together. How ridiculous, she is going back to that hellhole to change his ideas? What kind of nonsense is that? And she loves him for what? Humiliating her again and again? And oh, being a devtaa by not raping her, which makes him an ideal husband. And exactly my point, this man does everything for religion, so tomorrow Bholenaath gives him sanket that Palomi is his dream woman, he will marry her. And I am sure Maasisa will do something to make him believe that Bholenaath is giving such sanket. Anyone who can support kidnapping and forced marriage clearly has no morals after all.

  22. First, What Uma did was a crime in the eyes of law and what Kanak did was a big moral mistake. Secondly, Uma did the crime first and that made it possible for Kanak to do what she did next. Then why is Kanak’s realization shown first? Why not Uma’s realization? Why did the girl have to degrade herself first. This is not nayi soch, this is pathetic soch that always makes the girl give in first and makes her tyaag ki murti. Otherwise she gets abuses. Thirdly, Kanak is a victim of Uma’s kidnapping and forced marriage. If he hadn’t done that her life wouldn’t have changed like this. Then why is it her responsibility to change him? And no love cannot change everybody. That is just not true. It’s just a romantic notion that can make people stay in horrible situations forever hoping for something that will never happen. I wish they had shown her freeing him but not going back with him. She should have told him I did my duty by freeing you since I too did some wrong things. But until you realize what you did was wrong, I will not go back to you.

  23. Hai everyone ..iam also from tamilnadu happy to see many tamil peoples

    1. Hii kumaran…welcome.

      1. ☺✋

  24. I don’t know hindi …but ur comments help me to understand the drama

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