Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma Is Arrested

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sandya’s friend inspector Arpita says Kanak that FIR is ready against Uma for forcefully marrying and torturing her. Ved and Vansh insist her sign FIR. Kanak says no and throws pen. Arpita gives tea to Kanak and asks her to relax. Vansh says Uma has tortured her so much that she is afraid of having even tea. On the other side, Maasi calls Uma and says whole house is not in its place without him, but he is in Ladno still waiting for Kanak, she warns him against Kanak and her arrogant brothers and says she is worried about him. Uma says he will speak to her later and disconnects. He hears door knock and gets happy that Kanak has come. In police station, Vansh and Ved continue convincing Kanak to sign FIR. Arpita says they can arrest Uma on oral complaint. Kanak agrees. Vansh and Ved take her to roadside samosa stall to cheer her up.

Uma happily opens door thinking Kanak has come, but sees Bhabho and Babasa standing. They walk in. He gives juice to Bhabho. Bhabho says she came to request him to go back as Kanak does not consider him husband. He says just like she cannot separate sugar fom this wate, she cannot separate him and Kanak. Bhabho angrily says her grandsons were doing right to him, she was wrong to come here to explain him. She continues and angrily gets up to leave. Babasa as usual mutely walks behind her. Fan falls on Babasa. Uma rushes and holds it and gets his hand injured. He tells Bhabho that staying for a month in his house, Kanak followed her patni dharm and made a place in her mother, aunt and siblings’ heart, she considered them as her family member and so he considers her family members as his. Bhabho angrily leaves and Babasa follows her as usual.

Kanak walks into rain thinking about time spent with Uma. She sees their broken garland under her feet and reminisces the incident. She shouts that she did not do anything wrong Uma Shankar, he deserves punishment for forcefully marrying.

Uma opens door again and sees police who say he is being arrested for forcefully marrying a woman and physically and mentally harassing her. He walks with them in rain and gets into car, he then reminisces Maasi warning that she has seen Kanak’s true face and is worried that Kanak with her arrogant brothers will harm him. Diya aur baati hum…song..plays in the background.

Precap: Arpita tells Uma that his forceful marriage is a crime and orders constables to put him behind bars Payal’s mother calls Maasi and informs her that Uma is in jail. Maasi says Uma did not do anything wrong. Payal’s mother says he did wrong by marrying Kanak, Kanak got him arrested. Kanak goes to police station and withdraws back case. Arpita asks if she is sure. Kanak nods yes.

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  1. Uma got arrested ?? feeling bad as he stongly believed kanak wont do anything against him.
    Every emotions arevshown so beautifully,hats off to the makers.
    I would have felt very bad for uma getting arrested if he doesnt open his gyan on patidharm(to bhabho n bhabasa), though his gyan was small but it clears out that kanak journey in ladno wont b easy.
    Bhabho said it right tat uma is going to suffer for his adamant nature.
    Tommorrow uma in police station so sad to see, but kanak will release him accepting his love, hope her love journey goes smoothly.
    Finish this drama quickly dont drag more and show them together.

    1. Yes bhaana even i felt sorry for him a liitle but again he started his lecture na i really got annoyed.Today episode will be exciting one kanak is realising her feelings towards him.Even I was happy that the arrest scene finished off soon without anyone involving media public .Latest spoiler is uma changing his norms for kanak and massisa becoming negative it seems.I am really waiting for those kanum moments supporting each other .But that scene where uma saves bhabhsa getting himself hurt was nice that shows how he respects kanak family but only thing is he is not apologizing for forced marriage

  2. Again a emotional episode..Eventhough its sad to see uma arresting,its absolutely needed now.shivji showed him kanak as better half but not told him to marry forcefully,he can follow any other way like by following Kanak n by knowing her family convincing them or request dem to marry kanak..so shivji itself wanted uma gets arrested for his wrong..comming to bhabho n babasa dey proved dey r elders ..once spoked softly about d situation n warns uma but uma didn’t understood.kanak is clear dat only dis force marriage is problem but she really loves him so she make him free from arrest..precap is interesting..waiting eagerly for nxt episode

  3. This show is dragging women’s rights back to the stone age. Making Uma’s family as victims while portraying Kanak’s family as villains is unbelievable! The way they are portraying Kanak reinforces why most men don’t accept a woman’s NO as No. Uma remains an obstinate, manipulative religious bigot. He manipulates religion to suit himself. Trying to romanticize this is not acceptable!

    1. I agree with you to a point! Uma’s family never once apologised or showed any remorse.
      I’m very disappointed in Kanak as well as she told some lies to her brother or never stopped them when they claimed she was a prisoner. Kanak does not have a case because she ran away and went back to their house for the shop. She chose to live with Uma and his family out of greed for the shop and bhabo’s love. If she had taken legal action against Uma to regain the shop that would’ve been much better and the forced marriage would have been out, therefore she would not have lived in their house a moment longer. Kanak herself know she made a few errors.

    2. Yes she did. I remember saying then why she just couldn’t tell her acp brother instead of being a heroine. Although one crime doesn’t negate another in a court of law. The forced marriage is a crime. At the time Kanak went back she didn’t have the intention of committing a crime, she thought was going to right a wrong and beat a criminal at his game. She just went about it the wrong way. Her brother should have handled it.

  4. Yet another emotional and good episode.
    And that stupid mom of Payal… What does she gain by doing all this? I wish and hope Maasis or Kanak comes to know Payal’s real face and teaches her a lesson.
    Never want to see Payal as Ved’s love or wife. She isn’t good enough to be Rati family daughter-in -law. Please writers don’t do ds blunder.

  5. Nice emotional episode even I felt sorry for uma but arrest sequence is unavoidable .Forced marriage is a very serious issue they should show that it is a crime and punishable in the hands of law to educate the mass.I am happy that they brought this social issue at last and giving the right education to awake the rural India.One side I was feeling sad for uma but again after hearing his lecture on patni dharam ghatbandan I really got annoyed oh god I felt like banging my head on the wall .oh this mc will not change so soon .Kanak really a tough time to you and it will be a miracle to change your alien pati dev i really don’t how she will change this dharmic man into modern man.What to do it is her fate I think that’s why shivji sent kanak to uma I think so .Anyways as far as today episode the last scene of kanak emotional breakdown is beautifully shown and as well as uma shocked expression his trust on kanak is broken.I noticed that she didn’t even drink that tea or ate that samosa maybe it has onion .She is following rules even in pushkar.Whenever she tries to justify that she is free now and what she did is right she is convincing herself but then too she was remembering the days with uma that strange feeling she has was beautifully shown.As elders they sincerely went to convince uma but this uma again started his gyaan about patni dharam.Pathi patni ka rishta etc I think bhabho itself got irritated .I cannot understand why this uma cannot apologize once and assure them that he will keep kanak happy and he loves kanak why again he is emphasing that he is doing this to fulfil his dharam .Hope after this arrest atleast uma should realize he has commited a crime and starts to redeem himself.

  6. Sorry spelling mistake I mean uma lecture on pati dharam

  7. Another emotional episode, it was horrible watching Uma being arrested especially after he had placed so much trust in kanak’s feelings towards him. But his gyaan to Bhabho showed us how far removed his attitude still is from the 21st Century that Kanak lives in…. I thought kanak’s anger may have been a bit of a wake up call…. I wander if the arrest will have any impact… hope the two of them can sort their differences out soon, from spoilers we know that Kanak definitely returns however I really do hope it’s on her own terms. It was good to see kanak’s brothers allowing Kanak to be independent & make her own decisions. Payal’s mum deserves a good slap what a stirring witch she is! Hope at some point in the future Kanak reveals payals true colours to the family.

  8. As per new spoiler uma will change or modify his dharam for his love kanak it seems and massisa will get irked seeing uma bending too much towards kanak .Actually he understood that his dharmic rules cannot be applied in reality so he tries to explain massisa but massisa will turn out be bad mother in law for kanak

    1. Really Divyaa, thank god uma is changing and i dont care if maasi turns against kanak.

    2. Wow!! if uma changes some dharm for kanak nice track is waiting☺lets hope d spoiler be true…

    3. But before that she must face masssisa anger & then more anger as Massisa cannot stand to se Uma influenced by Kanak.
      Will be same old saas Bhu drama
      Interesting to see what Uma does

      Interesting & emotional epidode. Uma needed to have this lesson, might make him think that he did wrong, doubt it though, as Kanak will get him released.

      The acting was great by both of them. First time I have seen bhabho shocked & lost for words though

  9. Hello……Hello
    I’m back
    nice episode
    both of side act good
    very sad for kanak
    and uma!
    I think to much about it why kanak left the half piece of garland ……
    upcoming is to good uma get shocked why kanak save him……\¶¶

    1. Hi priyanshi welcome back, they didn’t exaggerated uma arrest as promo video, good na.
      By the way how the flower garland came there ??

    2. Yeah bhaana kanak have dat garland in her home only na ..suddenly its der in road??

    3. yes, Bhaana my question is same kanak had not any bag that time…

    4. Welcome back priyanshi!!

      Yeah nice episode actors r making spark by their performance?

    5. thank you Avanti………
      I also like yesterday episode..

  10. Can’t wait to see Uma and Kanak together..they look so gorgeous together…I can just keep looking at them..:)..
    I notice that the spoilers are not released in sequence..Anyway, always looking forward to catching each episode daily without fail..

  11. Hi Divyaa, is it so? (With ref. to new spoiler)Hope it doesn’t be another Saas bahu saaga!!!
    Then dhr vl b 3negative characters in ds show.

  12. So it does sound like some romantic scenes are on the way ?, good to hear Kanak realised she is at fault too. I watched a bidaai spoiler & all in rathi parivaar were sending Kanak off happily, saw a small clip of vansh who looked fierce and didn’t see Ved in the promo, so I doubt they are entirely happy. I wander how her brothers are going to react to Kanak releasing Uma & her returning with him. I really hope Payal & ved come face to face, so Payal can realise what she has given up in her quest to acquire money & property.
    Can’t wait to see Suman & Paloumi’s reaction to kanak’s return, Paloumi will probably burn from the inside seeing as she thought she was close to obtaining Uma. There’s obviously going to be some clashes between maasisa & Kanak, good luck to Kanak maasisa is one scary saas!

  13. i thought uma would say he will prove in kanaks house for 20 days and then marry kanak properly with her family there
    and see a proper loveable wedding
    i am slightly tired of payals mum it was actually good without a vamp
    the show was diff
    uma still has to say sorry and kanak needs to grow up

    1. Yes Mayaa… It will be nice if Uma stay 20 days in Kanak house and he should also prove 6 exams like kanak.

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