Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya Finds Suman in Kanak Misthan Bhandar

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saras calls Kanak and worriedly informs that Suman is missing, if Meera came to know about her whereabouts. Kanak reminisces hiding Suman in sweet box. She rushes out and sees Meera checking each sweet box and and going towards Suman’s sweet box. She stops her and says she cannot open this box, they will not share this box’s laddoos. Meera asks why should not she. Bhabho and Uma join Meera. Kanak drags box behind and sitting on it pick ant from wall and says this box as ants. Meera gets afraid. Bhhabho says they cannot serve ant laddoos and asks Uma to help Kanak take box away. Aditya watches drama and thinks something is wrong, why she is insisting on not opening box.

Kanak and her team join again and plan next move. She calls Uma and asks if he is ready with the plan of marriage drama tomorrow. He says yes, everything is arranged. Meera calls her goon and orders that Kanak should be killed tomorrow at any cost. She thinks if sh cannot get Uma, even Kanak will not. Uma records video and plays it and warns that he lost his sister because of Meera, now he will fulfill his sister’s wish at any cost, if Meera tries to interfere and harm Kanak, he will show this to police. He then walks to Kanak and says he will fulfill his 2-year-old promise of marrying her tomorrow. Meera hears their conversation. Kanak seeing her tells Uma that Bhabho does not want them married and is opposing.

Meera goes to Bhabho and says she should explain Kanak if she wants to be Uma’s mistress for whole life. Uma, Suman, and Kanak hear their conversation. Bhabho says she does not want to and tried her best to explain Kanak, but she is not understanding. Meera asks what next. Bhabho says she will use baba Sunny’s help, even Meeera used to take baba’s help in trouble. Meera agrees. Kanak disguises as baba Sunny. Uma helps her wear beard. Suman chants bam bam bhole. Saras says she will get ready as baba’s assistant and comes disguised as junior baba, asks Kanak to wear her moustache first.

Aditya enjoys Bhabho’s prepared laddoos and thrives for more. He runs to Kanak Misthan Bhandar and breaks window glass. Suman hears sound and tries to hide, but he notices Suman alive.

Precap: Baba Kanak asks Meera to wash her sins first. Meera is about to drop her marriage certificate in fire when Aditya over phone informs that Suman is alive. Uma snatches paper.

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  1. Mavisboamah

    Aditya is a damn thief how can you break into someone home like that any way enjoy today’s episode kanak is only one who makes the show interesting with her cutie expressions ?? can’t wait till they get Married and start sleeping and waking up together again?❤️ Guess what guys Aditya will spoil kanum first night cvs should find a wife for Aditya cos he is disturbing a lot ?

    1. Yes mavis dear, can’t wait for the day they get married…?. And adithya ??? I agree with you ???.

  2. Kanum masterplan to outsmart Meera. Kanak saved Suman from meera cleverly moving the container. Rathis and Toshniwals next part of the plan to be executed same night. Meera decided to kill kanak uma smartly recorded the conversation threatened her if she harms kanak she will end up in jail he will produce this as evidence. He also know she was responsible for Suman suicide so she will be in jail forever. KanUm was pretending as if bhabho was against their marriage knowing very well Meera overhearing them. Bhabho acted as if she is against their marriage and she teamed up with Meera to stall the wedding. Bhabho convincingly tricked meera using Sani Baba name. He can solve any problems. Meera agreed out of desperation to stall kanum wedding. Kanak disguised as sani baba going to make Meera confess all her conspiracy. Uma motivates kanak their plan will become successful Adithya broke kmb back door saw Suman is alive. Precap uma going to outwit Meera. So kanum reunion soon

  3. Tension filled episodes… (today and yesterday).But I have one doubt in today’s precap…? will anyone put marriage certificate in fire?? especially MM. I think it’s not marriage certificate ,may b a letter written by MM that contains all her sins. Anyway kaanum union is going to be happen know…so no need of worrying I think. I’ve lost my patience after watching upcoming kaanum firstnight moments from YouTube ?.What a pair they are ???. Can’t take my eyes from the screen. Both are beautiful romantic and very hot?. I’m really excited for this most awaited moment. It will b a festival day for kaanum lovers.??.Our sweet naughty cute Kanak is back. She is teasing him and dancing with his feelings?…Since 2 yrs uma is hiding his feelings for her.Now the hidden feelings are going to burst?. Naughty Kanak knows that and she is putting oil into fire??. Again they’re together as wife and husband with whole love and feelings ??.So their pain is going to melt soon and thereby ours also??.And once again hearty congratulations to Rhea and Avi. The pain we are suffering for last 2 months is only because of your outstanding acting. You won million hearts. You rocked together?. Love you a lot. It’s really a pleasure for eyes to see you both together in screen. I have seen so many tv shows but this is the only one which I felt this much chemistry for a pair. I will never ever forget this show in my life. This is one of the best show in star plus.???.

    1. Meera1

      Love your comment malu, us kanum lovers are counting down the days to kanums union ?

      1. Thanks dear

    2. Malu am just wondering that how kanum relationship will be after their Golden night ?
      Uma will become yamla pagla diwana ?

      1. Uma pursued doctorate in emotion control ??. But poor Kanak doesn’t know to hide her feelings. She is very innocent and uma is very cunning in this matter???. That’s y he got tired so fast just before first night .???. I think not one golden night so many golden nights and days are awaiting for us.?

  4. such a BAKWAS serial .meeera can throw kanum in jail if tehy atempt to marry

    she is legally weded wife

    further no video proof taht meera blackmailed and married uma

    then why meera will become inseure about kanum arriage

    1. I really don’t know why your watching this if you think it’s balwaas. And moreover now uma has solid evidence to prove meera is trying to attempt murder kanak isn’t this proof enough to put her behind bars. And for this compromise marriage meera self confession is more than enough to prove her crimes she has committed last two years. This evidence will be very strong to prove the marriage is forced on. And forced marriage is not legally valid. So uma can marry kanak making this marriage null and void.

      1. phone conversation is never a proog yar ..some thing with material evidence that she is planing o murderkanak should be there here there is no material evidence

        see i can talk jokingly on phone that i want to kill my rival in school ..that wont become evidence automatically ..u hav eto bring supporting proofs to substantiate this

    2. In this case it’s an exception seeing MM track record so phone ? threat is evidence & didn’t she have one against Suman is that evidence as it was all a planned so tit for tat Also MM writes all her sins on that paper ? that’s enough Guess you don’t follow the show regularly ?

      1. what track record of meera hihi does she have any cases pending against her in police station or court she is a respectful business woman in eyes of law till now

      2. actually uma is a stupid and idiot guy with zero courage and zero wit ..yes her proof against suman is flimsy .it wont stand in court but uma is stupid and married her now he cant come out of mariage that easily he has absolute no solid proof of meea blackmail

        after 2 years of mariage if a man cries foul ..she blackmailed me and married judge will send man to jail and not woman

      3. Nowadays MM is sending goons to comment box also. I agree with you divya, if a programme is boring means normally we will change channel. That’s a psychological thing. But this person is watching daily.???.So don’t mind…

  5. Hey guys..!!..I missed today’s episode..??

    1. Mavisboamah

      Dear please try and watch on hotstar or watch the repeat telecast on tv ? remember guys we need trp to improve next week so please guys start watching it on tv as kanum reunion is near

      1. Ya dear…I will do watch it tomorrow…

      2. Yes I have informed my all friends and relatives to switch on tv star plus at 7 pm?.

  6. Shiv is damn cute…!!

    1. Bhaana

      Yes, shiv is cute n caring devar ?

      1. Yes shiv super cute yr
        Even I love ur dp bhaana☺️
        I don’t remember how many times I repeatedly watched this scene yr
        Not only this bt mostly all the kanum scenes?

    2. Shiv???????

  7. Was at the edge watching the show as MM was almost going to find Suman Clever thinking by Kanak & Glad an ant ? appeared Felt there could have been a better place for Suman to hide in Saras room as store room is used & guess people seem to just walk in like Aditya Loved that cute moment between KanUma when Kanak was dressing up as Swami ? They almost executed their plan had it not been for Aditya just can’t believe he still on MM side Well she confessed all her sins on that paper just waiting to see her sign the divorce papers Yes love Rhea & Avi acting & chemistry beautifully portrayed by both ???

  8. Bhaana

    Good going… family moments planning are all nice.I wish CVS don’t moke with relationship in future, Meera using cheap words for kanak couldn’t digest….hope this mm go from uma life on Monday n we can see kanum marriage n sensational SR segment asap.

    Precap it was the paper containing list of sins Meera commited not marriage certificate

    1. Yes Bhaana dear even I couldn’t digest that word…?

  9. Meera1

    Uma is looking mighty fine. Kanak is now back in his life so his sullen look has disappeared & we are back to seeing Uma’s cute expressions ?…. you can sense the weight has been lifted off him, credit to Avi for providing us with such amazing performance by which we could sense his tension & pain.

    Kanak is back to her fun loving & bubbly character who will take great pleasure in teasing Uma.

  10. where is shreya and neha missed them i was going through our old comments today was laughing while reading and remember shreya and neha

    1. Hi dear am here ?
      tumne pukara or hum chale aye..?
      Old days were v good n pleasant tym yr even I misd that period so much of fun we had on this page
      Amazing it was
      Hope it come again
      Dil mange more ? kanum

  11. Became happy after seeing Sunday sunset…nowadays It’s very hard to pass a Sunday without tsmsp and comment family. From bhaana i came to know about the word meaning budda. Today morning my son adhi is singing that song….mujhe kya karo maine budda milgaya…??? and he asked me uma’s hair is still black in colour then y she is teasing him like this. The question was little bit difficult to answer?. Actually he stopped watching this show after MM entry. Now again started watching after akshay Kanak marriage track.??. I skipped last year rambha episode because of him. I think again he will spoil my kaanum day?.How can I watch and enjoy the episode?I have to wait one more day for repeat telecast?.

    1. Give our regards to ur son dear…

      1. Thanks dear?

    2. So cute ur son is ? god bless him
      Malu are u sure u can wait upto next day for repeat telecast ?☺️?

      1. No Shreya I can’t wait for next day.?. I should find a way.Yes my son is very naughty dear. He is in first standard and already found a bahu for me from KG 2.??. He is telling me we r having more chemistry than kaanum because our teeth gone same day.?.omg…new gen kids are soo fast??

  12. We all are trying to increase the trp and along with that we should also try to increase the number of comments in our telly page of TSMSP….reply to every comment and post as much as comments you can… Make TSMSP a victory everywhere..?

  13. Meera1

    definitely Krithi, I’ll try my best.

    Star Parivaar Awards (SPA) will be around the corner so let’s all do our best to vote & get tsmsp to get the recognition it deserves….so whoever gets access to the voting links when they are available please do post on here ?

    1. Yes krithi & Meera we will definitely vote for kanum & our show

    2. Mavisboamah

      Yes meera this time around we will make sure kanum win award they deserve last year starplus was unfair to them but not this year guys. I know they will win at least favorite Patni, bahu, beta, Beti, and even favorite Jodi but guys most of it depends on us so let make it possible

    3. When will be the awards…kaanum deserves awards…?

  14. Hem

    hi everyone i am new on this page but i watch this serial tv as well as hotstar SPA when its?

  15. Whr is saras hubby??

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