Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Plan To Expose Meera’s Truth

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak hugs Uma apologizing for not knowing his truth. He also reciprocates. Kanak says if he had informed her beforehand, they should have found a way out. Meera wearing bridal dress thinks Uma does not have way out. Uma tells Kanak that things happened so spontaneously that he had to agree to marry Uma and wedding happened in grand way. Kanak is surprised and asks how can wedding arrangements be made so soon, asks wedding venue. Uma says hotel Rajmahal. Kanak calls hotel and says she is from minister Arpita’s office and wants to know when the booking was made for the wedding happened on March 1st two years ago. She is shocked to hear that Meera had booked wedding venue 2 years ago. She informs Uma same and says Meera had preplanned everything beforehand. Meera thinks Kanak will not know her secret at all. Kanak tells Uma that they have to reach the root cause behind accident and hav to get Suman out of this mess. He says how will they. She says Meera is very intelligent, to expose Meera, she has to become old Kanak.

Kanak with Uma returns home and informs Suman, Maasa, Shiv, Bhabho, Saras that Meera preplanned thief’s murder via Suman to marry Uma. They are all shocked, and Bhabho says they should get Meera arrested. Bhabho says not without proof as Meera is very intelligent, they have to make Suman suicide first. Everyone asks what.. She says they have to make believe Meera that Suman has suicide. Bhabo says Suman will hide in store room. Kanak says first they have to go and throw Suman’s belongings near cliff end. She and Uma go and do same. Kanak says police will go and inform Meera that they found Kanak’s belongings near cliff and she must have suicide. Police does same. Meera is shocked and says it cannot be. Inspector says once they find Suman’s dead body, they will handover it to her. Kanak continues explaining what Meera would do. She says Meera will call Uma first. Meera does same. Uma says this cannot be, how can he live without his sister, he is coming home soon. Kanak praises Uma’s acting and says Meera will be afraid of losing him, so she will panic, hope she could see Meera’s face that time.

Uma arranges Suman’s shanti pooja and whole family act as crying loudly for Suman. Kanak enters with Bhabho and even she acts hugging Uma. Meera fumes. Aditya does his jokergiri as usual. Shiv gives letter and says he found it in Suman’s room. Kanak takes it and gives it to Uma. Uma says he cannot read it. Meera reads that Suman cannot see Uma and Meera separate and wants them to remarry. Uma says he will fulfill his sister’s wish and will marry Kanak after 3 days. Meera takes him to a room and says she will show Suman’s crime to police. Uma says she can do anything, it is of no use now, he will fulfill his sister’s wish. Meera gets more tensed.

Precap: Uma asks Saras to prepare Meera and his divorce papers, he wnats to marry Kanak after 3 days. Bhabho hides Suman in store room. Aditya notices store room door unlocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. loved today’s epi.eagerly waiting for next

  2. Mavisboamah

    Loved today’s episode old kanak is back yeaaah??? , kanak missed being in uma arms now she take advantage of every chance she gets ???? love how they hugged with so much love ❤️. Now we can see our bubbly kanak back, guys please watch on tv trp is very bad

    1. TSMSP FAN NO 1

      Mavisboamah did you notice that when Meera calls Uma, Suman’s belongings (her scarf and ID card) are still there whereas according to the police they have collected the belongings and brought them to the Toshniwal Mansion? Strange… I guess CVs overlooked that part.

      1. Agree fan no 1 I have noticed that too when Meera called Uma suman belongings were still there
        I don’t get it y CVS showing everything so fast fast

  3. Thx for the update Today’s episode was interesting as now KanUma are planning against MM It was hilarious ? watching them crying & making faces The best bit was when Kanak was hugging ? Uma & he was trying to move away & Kanak stopped him MM face was a picture now she is trapped in her own game Why didn’t Uma think like Kanak before to find the truth Now just waiting for MM departure & reunion of KanUma marriage Trp for last week was disappointing was expecting more after both KanUma touching scene especially Kanak Hope it goes up ????

  4. What non sense. Uma could not realize that meets pre-planned everything. Anyways after CVS damaged story beyond repair.

  5. Episode was good…I felt the planning and plan executing sections were overdramatic…other sections were great…going well TSMSP??

  6. How are you all friends..Hii Meera, Vj, Mavisboamah, Priya, Ravi, Maya, Rini, Indira, Bhaana, Sarasa, Malu, Mellu, Hemu, Diya, Shreya, Sri and everyone I forgot to mention.. I can see you all enjoying recent episodes…they are really good..

    1. Hi Kirthi hope you are well just enjoying show Hope Trp goes up pls watch our beloved couple on TV Just love that they are planning together against MM

    2. Hi krithi yes dear we all r enjoying the current track ?

    3. hi kirthi , yea recent episodes were good ,specially yesterday’s

    4. Hi Kirthi… finally happy days in our show..
      You have a great memory to remember all, would love to add Neha, diyaa, vinothini, cutie missing them too

    5. Hi Krithi & all my fellow tsmsp fans. It’s lovely to see lots of old & new names cropping up on this page, giving us the opportunity to share our love (& sometimes frustration) for Tsmsp. Our show is finally back on track ??

  7. Finally KAN AND UMA together, but I am afraid Aditya will expose the truth and again our KANUMA will be separated, please writer dont make this hans ka joda to be separated, they are made for each other. I like Bhabho working intelligently.

    1. No dear KanUm marriage also happen and Adi’s one is cute scene between KanUm

      Now that they together I dont think any one can separated them now

      Big hail to KanUm

  8. OMG what a hilarious episode my stomach started aching that much I laughed ??after ages a light episode that too after a heavy intense drama. Perfect execution comedy timing was superb. Hats off to the CVS who gave us wonderful dosage of laughter. Each on of the cast expressions was commendable.Especially Avi funny expression was mind-blowing. ???cute shiv saras massa bhabho and our chulbuli kanak back into her seetha geetha style. ?Kanak found out the deadly conspiracy of Meera which she successfully did two years back to trap Suman and blackmail uma to marry her. Kanum decided to investigate this planned crime to bring out Suman out of fear. Rathis and Toshniwals joined hands together to defeat great Meera Mittal. ?Kanum made a set up of Suman suicide to make meera believe Suman committed suicide so that out of insecurity of loosing uma she will make a wrong move and they will make her to confess the truth. I have never seen such a funny hilarious funeral scene in telly duniya ????All were pretending for mourning for Suman to befool Meera .Meera was agitated her last trump card is also no more. Kanak entry into Haveli with bhabho kanak went straight to her uma and hugged him to add fuel to Meera jealousy. ?? Meera was shell shocked Suman suicide note and her last wish is kanum shaadi. She has written after three days of marriage her dhadhusa and kanak Bhabhisa should marry. ?Meera lost her mind uma with his dad face asked whether she would marry him just for Suman sake he didn’t want to force her. ?kanak agreed meera was burning out of jealousy ?uma firmly told Meera he couldn’t save his sister but her last wish will be fulfilled at any cost ? meera threatened him she would produce the evidence uma said Suman is not there and the deal and the evidence is nothing now ? .precap uma decided to divorce Meera ?

    1. It is nice to see your comments Divyaa. I missed those. You comments expand on the updates & I can then fully understand the episodes.I am an old foreigner(old enough to be your mother) who doesn’t speak, read or write Hindi. But, I love some of these shows. Thank you all for your comments. It is very interesting to see how the young ladies react to the show. Take care everyone.

      1. Thank you so much for your sweet appreciation dear. I will be surely regular from nowonwards I was little busy in our show trending till 25 TH now I am free. And last two months I am writing my analysis on Indian forum under the title Under Divyaa’s Eyeglass so sometimes I couldn’t find time to post my analysis here. Now show is getting more interesting and our favorite sizzling couple kanum back so definitely I will be regular here dear.

    2. Nice to see you back Miss Divyaa was missing your comments ?I just couldn’t stop laughing & enjoyed it Our old KanUma back??

      1. Thank u VJ I too missed u dear I was little busy with the trend #KanUmForever on kanum wedding anniversary and we successfully trended we reached rank 2 in Indian trending hash tags. ?From yday onwards I am free I will be regular from now on. And upcoming episodes are our much awaited kanum moment.

    3. Lovely comment… exactly same way got stomachache Divya dear
      Good to see your long comment here..

  9. Just hilarious?????
    Watched an episode repeatedly after ages, all toshniwal are in drama queen Kanak mode ?? enjoyed fully…maasa, shiv, saras, bhabho, uma n Kanak everyone is amazing.Maasa cry baby expressions n her facial expressions are so cute…
    As usual adi n kanum were rocked!!
    Good job??

    1. Hi bhaana, Meera vj divyaA n hi to all friends ? episode was really nice or I could say full of comedy I too enjoyed it
      Bt I have a doubt y CVS showing everything so fast is it true that they r planning to off air the show?

      1. Hi shreya glad to interact with you after long time dear no darling show is not going off air production house itself confirmed it. And pace has improved because of low TRp they want to wrap up meera track soon two months over dear how long will they drag track. So ultimately kanum reunion shaadi and Suhagrat. I also heard massisa will be back soon. So they are wrapping up this track and Meera has exited from the show.

      2. Hey Divya….Wonderful analysis of wonderful episode.
        Laughed after ages watching the track.
        It was hilarious Shiv, Uma, Kanak, Bhabho, Massa & Saras. Well, Adi was not in this game.
        I thoroughly enjoyed the yesterday. Kanum hug in front of MM was superb.

        Massisa will be back on the show. This is really a good news dear. Thanks for sharing it.

      3. Hi Shreya, yes everything is going so fast, but enough of pain nearly 50 torturous epidode now good time looks like in fast phase…..ignoring some parts it was full of fun element.

      4. @Shreya I think it’s just a rumour (off air)
        Even adi is not less danger than Meera, let’s see how future track proceeds…..

    2. Hi Bhaana..How r u dear?
      Yes the track was hilarious, I laughed so much my stomach started aching.
      Hat off to CV for giving us such an outstanding and funny track.
      Kanum KI JAY HO 🙂

      1. Right Shalu, jai ho Shivji finally cvs shown a good environment
        Not fine I’m jumping out of joy…lol??
        Glad to interact with all my friends ?? and loved every comment today?

  10. Awesome episode full of humour & lots of light heartedness after months of sadness.

    Whilst I haven’t completely bought into the fact that Uma wouldn’t have realised that the whole murder event was orchestrated by Meera (I know Uma has always been shown as gullible but he is also supposed to be a shrewd character, it annoys me when cvs make the male leads look dumb and oblivious to what’s around them in order to make the female leads look strong, intellectual & mahaan … but rant over for me as I am super pleased that the story is moving on & we are more & more closer to a Kanum union ?.

    Uma & Kanak on screen together just light up the screen, their chemistry is simply phenomenal. I can’t wait to see these two together.

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s show & the nautanki from the family members – some hilarious scenes ??.

    1. Agree with your perspective Meera, showing uma clueless was little annoying otherwise it was hilarious..

  11. Loved today’s funny episode ?. Actually it was a little overdramatic.. MM is that much idiot to believe this drama.? ? Yes mavis, our bubbly Kanak is not missing any chances to hug uma?.i love them???

  12. Finally i v bn waiting for this for every long tym,kanak n Uma against the world,bravo

  13. Anyone knows what happened to Vansh?

  14. TSMSP FAN NO 1

    Anyone noticed that when Meera calls Uma, Suman’s belongings (her scarf and ID card) are still there whereas according to the police they have collected the belongings and brought them to the Toshniwal Mansion. Strange…

    1. No it’s not strange while they were planning how to do Suman’s suicide site at they same time they showed the police going to MM so they overlapped two scenes as they planning it & afterwards what took place to speed up the scene

  15. superb episode ?
    our old kanak and Uma are back on track ,
    enjoyed today’s epi, crying scenes were funny?
    and also kanak hugging uma in front of mm it was so funny and mm was so jealous n angry ??


    THEY R SHOWING EVERY OEN so stupid in this serial ..meera beng a business tycoon cant she know that divorce without mutual consent WILL TAKE YEARS in idian courts and if uma marries kanak then she can send both uma and kanak to jail

    1. Who told you it’s going off air PH itself that is Sumeet Mittal confirmed the show not going off air. Pls stop speculating rumours. For your kind information if uma proves his marriage as forced one this marriage with Meera is not legal .Uma can anytime prove this marriage as null and void. This is a valid reason according to IPC.

      1. who said if some one blackmail and marry AND AFTER U STAY FOR 2 YERS if u claim that gal blackmailed you the marriage will become invalid ahhahah

        dont u know basics of law

        first of all is teher any proof with that stupid guy uma that meera blackailed him any video proof ..absolutely nothing

        then how can he tell to court that after 2 years that she balcjkmailed him

    2. TSMSP is not going off air PH and Channel confirmed

      TSMSP is a wonderful show and far and I love it. Legal way also the marriage will be invalid but KanUm dont want to drag Suman into public thats why they playing these tricks with MM.

      It’s still need to see how MM will be convinced to give divorce to Uma?

      Otherthing 2 years marriage no consumption of marriage dont need consent dear..

    3. Fake news…it’s not going off-air
      We got enough confirmation…both PH n channel promoting our show so no base for these rumours n all…
      Meera character presented badly from day one…how one can feel n think on her behalf, evil never wins for a long atleast in our show…
      Pls ignore if you couldn’t connect with the show.

    4. VBGM,I Wonder kaanum has this much enemies outside,I mean offscreen enemies. After watching and enjoying y u r spreading these type of news. Please try to encourage their talents. Otherwise be quite.U are not forced to watch this show?

  17. Uma is kanak husband uma tied MS to kanak after saving from Aditya meera snatch kanak husband k is original wife

    1. Agree Swati, MM is never Uma’s wife first in place, the marriage is invalid both legal and dharmic way as it’s done by blackmail. KanUm never felt for marriage again as u said Uma tied MS to kanak after saving from Adi but it’s for Massisa they wanted to do a marriage publicly second time.

      MM intervened cunningly and lost all ways.

  18. Where is today’s update

    1. Even am also waiting dear.

      1. Ya…and it hasn’t came..why they are not updating it..

  19. TruthisBitter

    Kanak is other woman. Star Plus promoting man marrying for selfish reason then torturing whichever wife emotionally then bringing other woman. Done twice in this show one with Kanak two with Meera. Star Plus promoting I’ll treatment of women.

    1. Who is torturing….Meera done everything for her psycho love, adamant nature n ego n she did ill treatment with uma family, pls recheck…
      Truth is they showed beautiful family bonding selfless nature of siblings n a pure eternal bonding of uma n Kanak.

  20. Where is Friday’s update..

  21. Yes bhanna day before yesterday one of my favourite most favourable scence . In telly duniya We have never seen such scence for funeral

  22. Yes bhanna day before yesterday one of my favourite most favourable scence .

  23. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hope kanak ka plan last min me backfire na ho jaaye….

  24. I cannot stand Meera’s lips.
    The makeup is over doing it, whoever the makeup artist is, needs to keep it looking natural otherwise looks very trashy…unless that is the look that is wanted?
    In real life she doesnt appear to have such large duck lips.

  25. Why u r not updating the page

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