Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suman in Danger?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak asks Uma when he loves her so much, then why did he marry Meera. Uma says he did his duty and does not regret for his decision, there is no point asking same question. He walks away. Meera in her room thinks she will not let Uma and Kanak reunite and will punish Aditya, fool Aditya does not know that Suman is the main reason for Uma and Kanak’s separation. She thinks she will consummate with Uma tonight at any cost. Kanak stands shattered.

Suman watches Uma and Kanak parting ways again and thinks she is the reason and only if she dies, Bhabhisa and Dadusa will reunite. She goes to Kanak’s house. Bhabho opens door and asks what is she doing at this time. Suman gives her a letter and asks her to give it to Kanak. Bhabho says how will she go alone, she will call Ved. Suman says she has to go alone wherever she is going and runs away. Kanak enters her room crying and locks door while Uma drives car. Bhabho slips letter into Kanak’s room and says Suman gave this to her and had come at this time. Kanak reads letter where Suman writes she is the reason Dadusa did not marry Bhabhisa and is reason for their separation, so once she ends her life, they both can reunite.

Kanak is shocked reading letter and calls Uma. Uma driving car looks at his mobile and thinks he should not pick Kanak’s call now. He then sees Kanak’s message that Suman’s life in danger. They both meet and search Suman. Kanak sees Suman walking towards cliff end and informs Uma. Uma walks towards cliff end. Kanak and Uma run towareds her. Suman is about to jump when Kanak holds Suman. Suman shouts let her die as she is reason behind their separation. Kanak asks what is she telling. She says she is a murderer. Uma signals not to say anything. Kanak insists. Suman opens up that she threw a stone on thief who stole her bag and thief died, Meera’s father saw her and Meera blackmailed Uma to marry her to keep her and her father’s mouth shut. Kanak is shocked and hugs Uma emotionally. Uma also reciprocates. Kanak then tells Suman she need not worry until she is alive and will not let her go to jail. Suman says even if she had gone to jail, they would be in tension. Kanak and Uma hug him and console. Their bonding continues.

Meera wearing bridal attire waits for Uma and thinks she will consummate with Uma at any cost today.

Precap: Inspector shows Suman’s bag and dupatta to Meera and tells they found it near cliff. Meera asks if Suman suicide. Family cries. Meera thinks now Uma will leave her, she has to do something.

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  1. Mavisboamah

    Finally the truth is revealed and now meera your time is up as kanak now knows the truth ?? get ready to leave . Tsmsp rocks

  2. Finally a decent episode and we are back on track
    I hope they dont drag this
    And i wish someone would actually thank Adi lol
    I hope adi sticks with his sisters as much as he hates Uma
    God someone get rid of MM and quickly
    I have a feeling it was all fake

    1. Yes Maya we should thank to adi for helping kanum n thanks to suman for revealing the truth

  3. I’m exited for new track. Exited tomorrow episode. Pehle Kanak Ko bathadiya yeh sab matter yaha tak paunchithi nahi hai

  4. Finally the most waited part came… Actually I laughed when I saw Meera at the last in the bridal attire waiting for Uma, as everything was open to Kanak till that..Now Kanak knew everything and they are planning to bring out the truth by pretending Suman to be dead..good plan…hope it works and KanUm gets United soon and The Meera Mitthal get kicked away..

  5. Kudos to Suman to have the guts What Uma couldn’t tell Kanak Suman did Bravo ? to her It was the sweetest scene seeing the group hug ? Now they can conquer the evil MM together torture her the way she did the whole family Let’s see if all the wealth in the world can help her Can’t wait to see her behind bars Awesome episode just love Kanak acting Uma is great too

  6. Finally the truth is out!! Awesome episode & as usual awesome acting by the entire cast.

    Today I could feel the old charm of tsmsp, the strong emphasis on family ties & relationship.

    Uma stayed true to his character & played his role as a big brother & protector of his younger sibling, he did not give up his sacrifice & likewise it was Sumans strong values & sisterly love towards Kanum that caused her to react in such a manner and finally spill the beans. All of them were in a fix but there bonding was beautiful. What an awesome group hug ?

    Kanak made me proud today, she was also back to her selfless character and was completely understanding of Uma’s dilemma. Even when Kanak & Uma were piles apart they still shared the same values of putting the needs of the family first.

    (Before any critics jump down on me – I totally get that in real life the suman situation would be absurd, but we are all adults & understand that this is tv serial land)

    I am now super excited & looking forward to the break down of Meera Mittal and a long lasting kanum reunion. ?

    1. Hi Meera such a long tym dear good to see old buddies back with the awesome episode
      Yes the kanum hug n group hug was just amazing guys ??
      Loved that scene?

    2. Hi Shreya lovely to hear from you too .. i have been neglecting this page ? but today’s episode ne dil kush khar diya ❤️? …let’s hope it stays that way…I am now super excited to see Kanum working together. Hope you are well x

  7. Can anyone tell me who’s Saras’s hubby ??
    Well, she makes a good match with Ved..?

    1. Saras’s husband is vansh (I don’t know the actors name) but he was in today’s episode in the flashback part. Vansh was the guy who broke the news to Kanak that Uma had gotten married to Meera.

    2. It’s Kabeer Kumar (Vansh) who is Saras husband but don’t know what happened to him ?

  8. Hem

    Can someonetell tell me tsmsp goingoff air its true becoz youtube video say it ill replace by yhm spin off
    avireha looking awesome
    l watch only tsmsp other serail so boring

    1. I saw this too


      Very sad. It is one of the better shows. Star Plus never supports good shows. I heard Ekta Kapoor is launching 2 new shows and star Plus has 8 new shows to launch this year. Except Ye hai mohabbatein and Yecrishta Kya kehlaata hai, most other shows will be bumped off. Horrible.

    2. Maybe Ekta Kapoor should have her own channel so she can have all her shows on it & let other shows run its course Never a fan of YHM sorry

  9. When the episode started, i wished that Suman wud say d truth to kanak instead of killing herself just like that.. but in d end, somehow she revealed the truth.. what a relief.. it was so cute to see kanak hugging Uma when the truth was out.. it was much needed.. and the final hug of the three was so touching as well.. now our mendak Meera will be caught in the trap.. i think someday the thief who’s believed to be dead, will be spotted and Meera’s chapter wud end.. jolly well enjoying the drama now..??

  10. Emotional episode. yes today’s sweetest scene was the group hug?.Our old tsmsp is back???.Really excited for next episodes. Brilliant performance by leads as usual ??. And a heart felt thanks to adithya…?. That hug was expected from Kanak.??

  11. fantastic episode?? finally kanak came to know the whole truth
    superb acting by all the actors

  12. Beautiful episode…. finally truth is out, excited for Kanak plan to out mm from toshniwal house.
    Love the group hug ????
    Our old show is back…
    Production house shared upcoming kanum part, If anyone missed check this link

    1. hi dear thanks for the link. But y uma is not happy in this video ???.Anyway I’m happy to see kaanum again in one room. ?

    2. Nok jok malu dear……they are teasing each other?
      After uma n Kanak marriage, uma carried Kanak during grahapravesh it seems.In first night uma acts like he is tired of caring her n teases her to be moti(fat) n our Kanak answer uma to be Budda(old) thats the reason for uma sad face..
      It will be fun to watch in our TV screen, hope they don’t edit Kanak cute dance moves?

  13. i think meera will be haunted by suman as ghost,even though not dead nd she will go to kanak,saras baba

  14. I wish they bring Dil Sambhal ja. Zara. Back loved that show

  15. Where is today’s update…
    Pls update on time ?

  16. Please try to update fast

  17. is this ending i hope not

    show can last with pple being married lol
    i think ot will be a good show now finally story is starting

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