Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak thinking I can find the man who got Bhabho’s shop. Maasi asks do you have to call family. Kanak thinks yes, I would have called Ved and Vansh, they would have got happy. Maasi says tell me. Kanak says no, they can’t come so soon. Maasi asks her to call after marriage. Kanak thinks strange woman, what will I do after marriage, acting will end.

Uma says this is the girl who is related to my fate. Shiv asks do you think she will say yes. Uma says it will happen what Lord decides. Saraswati comes and says she said yes. Uma smiles. Shiv and Saraswati leave. Uma thanks Lord. Suman hugs Paulmi and says this marriage won’t happen. The people say the girl said yes, Uma will be getting married today, its good day. Paulmi says I really did late. Suman says no, we have to tell Uma about your feelings. Paulmi says I m not that girl whom he likes, that girl is born with Chandan essence fate. Kanak gets ready and thinks after becoming Parvati, I will find that man, I will take my shop back.

She recalls Bhabho’s words and thanks Uma Shankar for making her work easy. Maasi makes Uma ready and says it was Jiji’s dream to tie your sehra, but if she could be on her feet today, she would have done this. Uma says you are also like my mum, you loved me a lot. She says you respect me. He says you earned respect. She says don’t praise me more, else I will cry. She says Lord has kept your marriage on his marriage day. They smile.

Uma comes and sits in the mandap. Suman brings Paulmi. Maasi sees them. Suman says Maasi you know Paulmi loves Uma a lot, stop this marriage. Maasi says I understand the pain of heartbreaking, but I can’t help you, we have to bend in front of fate. Some dreams never complete, this is Lord’s wish, you know Uma is Shiv’s devotee, he accepted this relation as Shiv’s blessings, that girl is Shiv’s prasad, we can’t snatch that from Uma.

Pandit asks Uma to chant mantras. Uma chants mantras. He asks Shiv not to worry, you will be close to me always. Shiv says I m dying to see my Bhabhi. Shiv asks him to have patience. Uma gets mesmerized seeing Kanak. Shiv sees her and recalls meeting her. Paulmi says I can’t see this more, I don’t want anyone’s day to get spoiled because of my tears. Kanak says you… Shiv says so you are the one whom Lord chose for Uma, you followed him and reached Pushkar from Kerala and then to Ladno, I asked you will you marry my brother. Kanak says marriage, this…. Maasi says its good pairing. Kanak says you are saying as if its real marriage, this is marriage drama of Shiv and Parvati, Jhanki types. They all get shocked.

Maasi says you said yes on my saying. Shiv says you are going to become my Bhabhi. Kanak says no, its misunderstanding, I said yes to do Parvati role. She asks why are they seeing her like this, I came here to find someone, I thought to become Parvati and sit there to find that man. Paulmi says yes, but this marriage is real, not a drama. Kanak asks who marries this way in real life, I don’t know Uma, I have to go. She goes. The people ask did this girl got mad. Uma stops Kanak and says you don’t know me, I don’t know you, Lord has united us, he has made our pairing. She asks what, when did Lord say you.

Pandit says its just 10mins for mahurat. Uma stops Kanak. He says this is not a joke, I did not see or think about any girl till now, you are the first girl whom I liked. Kanak says many guys liked me, it does not mean I will marry them. He goes.

Saraswati asks Kanak to stop. The lady says this girl is mad, she is refusing to good luck. Maasi praises Uma. Kanak asks them to let her go. Paulmi gets hope. Uma stops Kanak again and says fate has linked us, you don’t believe me, see this. He shows the garland and her bangle. She says my bangle…. but how did you get this. He says your garland came in my neck, then you came in my tent and dropped this bangle, haldi shagun happened with us in temple, then this ring, its my ring, you have worn it, it could not get removed, we met many times, I sensed your presence always, your essence was always the same, this happened many times, like you came here today and your Maang got filled by my hands, we got tied in same garland, its a sign of Lord, I identified you, take this as Lord sign, Lord has done our engagement, haldi and marriage, we just have to marry now.

She says sorry, its a coincidence, its not Lord’s sign, do you have special setting with Lord, why is Lord not giving me sign. Uma says Lord gave signs to both of us, you did not understand, maybe you don’t want to understand, we met in Kerala, then Pushkar and now here, accept this relation. Kanak says where did I get stuck.

She says spare me please, I don’t believe this, let me go. He asks her to understand the Lord sign, they made us for each other. She says fine agreed, but I won’t marry you, you can marry anyone, everyone give you respect here. He says I chose you, I believe in Lord’s devotion, I m going to fulfill his command. He lifts her and takes her to mandap. She bites his shoulder.

Bhabho welcomes Mayank’s parents. Mayank’s mum asks about Kanak. Bhabho says she is not at home. Vansh comes and greets them. He says Kanak went to do 6 months chef course, as marriage date got postponed. Bhabho says Kanak is yours, you can postpone marriage, Kanak won’t go against your wish.

Uma takes rounds with Kanak. Paulmi gets sad. Vansh says Kanak will make good dishes for you. Mayank’s mum gives the shagun and asks Bhabho to bless them. Bhabho says children just want elder’s blessings, all this is not needed. Mayank’s mum asks them to keep Kanak as their deposit for six months, then they will take Kanak. Everyone shower flowers on Uma and Kanak.

Uma makes Kanak wear mangalsutra. Kanak says I don’t believe this forced marriage, move. She runs to PCO and calls someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was too good same like her mother she also got into a forced marriage now starts the real kick of this drama.

    1. Ya true… just like sandhya..?

  2. I am getting addicted to this show

    1. Ya me too… ???my most favvvvvv showwww???

  3. Aarti32

    From d precap..It seems like Kanak will see Ved n run for help.. Maybe!!

    But I’m very eager to see Ved-Payal confrontation!!

    1. Ya … i also think that when she in pco she see ved…

  4. Aarti32

    Guys, plzz make d comments cross 50 atleast..On 22nd April’s update we made it till 49..Jst one left..We hv to make our show popular..

    1. Ya definitely we will cross 50… and more… main hoon na…??????

  5. Haha, Uma is so obedient to God shiva’s signals that kanaks decision doesn’t matter to him.
    Now this seems to be little unfair, as how can one girl accept the proposal without knowing her partner and even without taking blessings from her own family. This is awkard yaar!!!? let’s see what happens next…… ?

    1. Aarti32

      Exactly..God has given j signal..But if she doesn’t want to marry you, then u can’t force her..But us Uma pandit to kaun samjhaye!! Uma jab kisiko samjhane lagta h to baat manva kr hi chhodta h..Jaise Payal ko gaune k liye mana liya..I’ll nvr forgive him for dat??

      1. Ya so true…? uma pagal ho gaya hai kanak ke pyar main… ??

    2. Aarti32

      *given u signal

    3. They can do, it’s not big city, it’s Rajasthan small town. So it’s possible.

      1. Ys true in small village this happened most of time..

  6. Aarti32

    Varsha..I suggest u to use Varshha or Varshaa as username

    1. Okkk one more time will try.. wait…

  7. If I was there in the place of Kanak, I would have kicked him, slapped him, bitten him, scratched him nd insulted him as a stalker, girl monger etc.. Untill he decided.. It’s better to ignore “Lord’s signal” LOL.. Seriously though.. These people are suffocating nd horrible

  8. The show is jus amazing day by day…. Will comment frm Now on …Jus lik mom daughter marriage is taking place

    1. Its true that this show gets more intersting day by day..?????

  9. I just watched the most hilarious episode ever! I loved it! Although the ramifications if it happens in reality cannot be overemphasized.

  10. Eagerly waiting for next episode . Good story . Sometimes I feel uma shankar irritating . But he does good acting .

    1. Its true… uma is irritating bt his acting was awesome in my style ek dam zakasss????

  11. With each passing episode,i m badly falling in love with the show

    1. Its good that u all love this show…??

  12. I juzt LUV this
    Eagerly Waiting for The next epi…
    I can’t wait moree
    Luving this new jodi UMA SHANKAR&KANAK

    1. Now love story start… waiting for that..????

  13. Ovb

    This Uma is sooo annoying yaar. How can he force her like that. He didn’t even care he just wanted to follow God’s signal. I would have slapped him if was Kanak.

    1. He is suffering from OCD

    2. Actually uma is more trusting on God.. Thats why he is doing that… so dnt angry on him…

  14. Lord gave sign to Uma Shankar.he is taking rounds with kanak.This show is really different from other shows.

    1. Thats why we love this show..? waiting for tomorrow’s episode..????

  15. Force marriage is not good. Serial try to give good think to society.uma doing wrong with Lanka.

    1. Ya u r true.. bt in upcoming they also show that uma is wrong.. so for that just wait and watch..????

  16. Thanks Amena for update..? As usual in my Style Ek dam Zakasssss Episode???

  17. Bhichari kanak… how much she misunderstood masima..????

  18. How much uma blash.. that scene when sarswati say that kanak say yes for marriage… that scene was so cute..??????

  19. Bhichari paulmi.. sad for paulmi..??

    1. Plz paulmi ko negative mat banao.. she is very nice girl?????

  20. How can masima talk to paulmi like this..??

    1. I dnt like that.. bichari paulmi… masima know everything abt paulmi.. fir bhi oh yeh sab kar rahi hai…????

  21. Nice scene when kanak know that she is marrige with uma.. that scene was awesome.. bcoz that time kanak look awesome in my style ek dam zakassss???????

  22. That scene was cute when shiv come and talk with kanak.. really cute scene..????????

  23. Kanak and uma conversation was awesome.in my style ek dam zakassssa???????

  24. Kanak give awesome ans to uma’s every questions..that scene was mind blowing.. in my style ek dam zakasss????

    1. Aarti32

      Yeah.. Especially dat line, bhagwan k naam pe kuch bhi!! I luvd dat one..N rilli dat Uma does anything he wishes on d name of God

  25. So sad for kanak.. cant see kanak like this..??

  26. Waiting for that scene when bhaboo and everyone get shock of kanak marriage..???

    1. Damly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.. may be tomorrow’s episode will be emotional..?

  27. I rarely comment on any show..but this show has forced me to open tv at 1:00 pm ..inspite of heavy exam tension…but i like both of them…kanak cuteness is nice and uma is too nice

  28. This show is bcmng DAMN superrrrbbbbb

  29. Arjun Malhotra

    Could someone tell me the name of the actor that plays Mayank’s dad. I saw him in Gabbar Is Back and many other shows. Thanks!

  30. It was a lovely episode – I was on edge. Although I don’t agree to forced marriage this one was hilarious as both personalities suit each other. I also think that Kanak could have handled it better, like taking Uma and his family aside and explain things to them rather than do it so openly which was humiliating for Uma. I think Uma and Kanak have met their match. I feel sorry for Paloumi.
    I can’t wait to see how this will be handled.

  31. Awesome show ???

  32. Well I don’t watch this serial regularly but I watched this episode. The serial cannot convey social evils like this , any girl will go to one guy n say ‘mujhe bhagwaan ka ishara mili hain tu hi mere pathi ho’ and get married to him and later realise that he was already married! How would that be why can’t this serial show healthy relationships? Always extramarital affairs, triangle love stories, forced marriages non sense it is weakening our society and sending a wrong message to people

  33. Aarti32

    Congrats everyone..We crossed 50 comments!! Yayyyyyyy ????

  34. just seems like another version of ghulaam not diya aur baati hum

  35. superb show

  36. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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