Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Uma And Kanak Accept Defeat?

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma confronts Dr. Parag for his wrongdoings and fooling Payal with fake pregnancy. Parag says report clearly states Payal’s pregnancy is positive and she has fibroids, hence risky pregnancy and abortion. He laughs and asks Uma if he wants to go to court, how will he prove when his practice itself is on stake and nobody in the city trusts him. He orders peon to kick Uma out and not let him again in this hospital.

Kanak sadly thinks she could not fulfill promise made to Uma and is backing off from paramedical course. She sees nurse taking comatosed Surbhi on wheelchair and tells Surbhi that she is unfit for paramedical course and hence backing off, there are good students like Tiara and Chinmay who will treat Surbhi. She writes letter for Parag while Surbhi reminisces Kanak encouraging her that she is not a bad girl, she is really good. She shakes her fingers. Chinmay tells Tiara that Kanak is leaving course because of him, his mom will not forgive him if he knows about it, so they should stop Kanak. They both walk towards Kanak and are surprised Surbhi shaking fingers and lips. Kanak tells them she is canceling her course when Surbhi holds letter. Tiara and Surbhi tell she did miracle and paramedical also believes in miracles. They both insist Kanak not to leave paramedical course. Others also insist. Kanak says she has taken decision already.

Parag waits for Kanak eagerly. Kanak walks in. He asks if she brought letter. She says yes and asks if he will keep his promise. Parag says once he receives her cancellation letter, he will take back Chinmay. She gives letter. He opens it happily thinking this one is better than his plan, but his smile changing into fuming when he sees smilie on paper. Kanak asks did he like this smilie. Uma walks in and says now Kanak will complete paramedical course. Parag asks how will they expose him, he is number doctor in town and this is #1 medical college, now he will keep exam after 1 day, so Kanak has only 1 day to prepare for exam. Kanak siles and says she is really for challenge.

Kanak goes to Bhabho’s house and consoles Payal not to cry. Payal cries that she blindly trusted those doctors and insulted Uma. Bhabho says they should teach a lesson to Parag and not let him ruin other patient’s life. Kanak says they will do same. Door bell rings. Kanak opens door and is shocked to see gynecologist. Payal gets angry seeing gynecologist and tries to confront her, but Ved stops her. Gynecologist says she did mistake on Parag’s insistence, now she has resigned form that hospital and does not want to play with any other patient’s emotions, leaves. Aditya asks Kanak that how will she prepare for exam in 24 hours, Parag will surely try to fail her. Kanak says he is right, how will he complete 30 days portion in 24 hours.

Precap: Parag gives poison to exchange with Uma’s medicines, Nanda does same. Uma gives injection to patient while Kanak runs to stop him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bakwaas bakwaas bakwaas.. Trp shows the quality they are giving. Poor CVS they though this medical track would work where in uma and kanak fight against society but people are smart they couldnt digest the sudden changes in the track and abrupt endings..Really its a shame in the name of dabh2..credit goes to shashi sumeet production.. As a loyal fan eagerly waiting for this crap to end.
    Haters stay away..

  2. Shows like naamkarann sns tere liye all ended on high note..

  3. Only illogical & boring storyline….
    1.leaptrack- bholenath usually give directions if Uma should not marry palomi and kanak should not marry akshay- mangalsutra will appear. How come bholenath let Uma and meera marry. Is this match made in heaven? If so what abt Uma and kanak. Some of our friends supported CVS that it is law of karma. Then Uma and kanak should mend their own ways rather than marrying again. This leap track created only confusion in the story line. In this story always bholenath will prevails over individual will ( before Leap).how it did not in case of Uma and meera marriage. How silly it is.
    2. This story raised questions abt archiac interpretation of manu dharm and shat patni dhram.without clarifying them reasonably…CVS have taken a highway tour …from question dharmas to focussing on medical profession service delivery and their ethics..seems CVS are mentally deranged.
    3. People are fed up with saas bahu drama….they hv started this serial with good story line.i m against forced marriage. I felt kanak character will carry the responsibility of learning Uma about reasonable and rational meaning of sati and manu dhram. But CVS failed utilize this golden chance.
    Finally, I personally felt tu sooraj me sanj piyaji is a failure just bcos of CVS

    1. I totally agree u.. Usually show fails due to lack of chemistry but our show utterly failed due to crappy storyline..

  4. Its really sad hw this story is going on,it started off very well bt nw its pure crap,arg i cnt wait for it to get done

  5. I think that to raise trp they kept changing writers. That’s why very inconsistent tracks and loose ends. The overall storyline got ruined. But I say the start was itself faulty in the force marriage bit with no family involved from Kanak side. It became hard to manage going forward. If only they had shown Kanak being married by Bhabho to this traditional family and how Kanak then changed the mindset of husband and in-laws and also got close to Bhabho, what a beautiful story that would have been and the natural heat of Kanak Uma chemistry would have brought trp too. Very miscalculated moves by CV and production house.

  6. Meera1

    I can’t express how disappointed I am with cvs for ruining our beautiful show.
    I am truly shocked that a show that started out so strongly with such high quality content could take such a downward turn . I really hoped that they would end the show on a high point, but here cvs are still intent on completely destroying the show…. It makes me sad, that even myself a loyal viewer from when tsmsp first aired am now finding myself struggling to watch the show…. The original charm has disappeared and the show has left us with no excitement in the storyline. ?

    How could cvs get it so wrong??

    1. Hi Meera totally agree with u bt it’s really sad our show is going off air?

  7. I m not only angry with star plus but all indian serial channel bcs they come with new concept but fail to present to their audience n following the other footsetp for raising trp they bring unnecessary separation, force marriage,love triangle n death track by doing this they just ruin the story n then take leap to drag the storyline for keep staying for a years….if writer can’t handle the new concept why they introduce new style or different story……we all know why uma got married to kanak forcefully bcs of nanda ..she taught him wrong from childhood n misguided but soon kanak found the reality n make uma realized….whatever he did wrong he always corrected n apologized but in ekta serials we always see male ego but here uma is so nice n never showed any ego….why god never support humble n nuce person to gain success. …..who does overacting like nakul mehta n mohsin khan shivangi joshi n divyanka tripathy n karan patel like people won award…..really feeling bad……avinesh Rekhi is genuine actor n very good person in real life too…..god bless him n rhea Sharma ..

    1. I agree, all those actors you mentioned are such bad and over actors. Nakul Mehta can’t even deliver a dialog properly and keeps copying Hrithik Roshan in his nasal voice. Avinesh Rekhi is a thoughtful and hard-working actor who clearly thinks about the scenes and delivers his lines in a natural way. But award shows are just shows these days, be it tv or movies awards. It is about putting up a show and awarding the most popular actors who bring in money at box office and through trp. Such undeserving people win movie awards too. Awards now are not about talent any more. If there was a national award for tv acting, Avinesh rekhi would have a good chance as Nation awards still look at quality content and acting.

      1. Thanks shalini to agree with me…..yes nakul mehta is worst actor for me bcs he always try to copy hrithik roshan..he doesn’t have originality in his acting n other our just popular n getting award bcs every writer n director scared of ekta kapoor ..bcs she is psycho woman who mess with that lady..

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