Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma is In Danger!

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak gives Uma’s lawyer a file with Uma’s proof of innocence and says chemical is found in Palomi’s body, but Uma does not use chemicals in his medicines. Court hearing starts. Judge hears both parties and pronounces Uma guilty in Palomi’s murder case with 10 year jail term. Kanak interferes, says it is wrong, asks lawyer why did not he show the file she gave. Lawyer lies that she did not give any file and wants him to lie. Judge warns Kanak not to fore lawyer to lie. Kanak says Uma does not use chemicals in his medicines and chemical was found in Palomi’s deadbody. Judge asks her to show evidence and asks police to take Uma away. Kanak pleads Ved to convince judge. Ved asks her to calm, they will go to supreme court and seek justice. Uma is dragged away handcuffed. Kanak runs behind him distressed.

Kanak runs behind Uma and sees lawyer speaking to Maasi and telling he did as she ordered and did not show evidence, so Uma is jailed for 10 years. Kanak confronts lawyer and asks if he is not ashamed of himself for selling himself. Maasi says everyone has right to earn. Kanak confronts Maasi if she is not ashamed to hole a plate she ate from, she looted Uma’s wealth and not got him jailed. Maasi says not to worry, Uma will be in peace forever as he will die and Sumer is already waiting for Uma. Kanak asks Vansh to follow Uma’s van. They both leave in bike.

Sumer goon waits for Uma on highway. His goons inform that Uma got 10-year jail term. Sumer says now Uma will lose his life. Uma’s van passes by. Sumer’s goon stop van and warn police to send Uma out. Ved and his team fight with goons, but they overpower Ved easily and injure him. Kanak rushes on bike with Vansh and asks if this is the route Uma is taken. Sumer’s goons throw kerosene on Uma and Sumer throws match stick on Uma.

Precap: Sumer burns Uma and Uma runs. Kanak sees Uma and runs to rescue him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sorry guys I pasted written episode by mistake n comments …..actually I hving net prb

  2. Sumer Singh stands by Kanak against Nanda and Aditya
    Sumer Singh warns Kanak bit she isn’t ready to shake and is ready to face any death trouble to save Uma’s house and clinic.
    Sumer Singh is much impressed seeing Kanak”s mardani avatar and fightback attitude against him and falls in her love.
    Aditya and Nanda’s trouble is going to increase now as Sumer Singh will now get on Kanak’s side.
    What a shit u wanna show to us???? wen this show started then some viewers dont like uma lead role as he looks elder than kanak bt atleast he looks charming n by his act he impressed us so much..kitne hi male leads even female leads elder hote bt some pair look good…honestly speaking avinesh is all time my favorite actor wen I saw rhea for first time I didnt like this show I started watching this show in june month n first time I like any pair bt writers n director always planning to separate them…..n now maqbool khan who is 2 rupees gunda n looks dada ji type usko ab kanak ke saath pair bana rahe ho oh god……stop this melodrama plz……..itni negativity show ke ander it’s too much yarr….

    1. cutie are you serious or you are just imaging it sumer singh will fall in love with kanak.

    2. Yes cutie tell us from where u get these updates

      1. Check the latest news guys…….I hope it’s just fake news n I m very upset……just the guy yar I dnt like him ……my favorite is avinesh rekhi kyun story ko bore krna chahte ho

  3. Candiva007

    OMG what an evil woman that Massi sa is. I know it’s not right to hit your elders but I need to see Kanak whoop Massi sa’s butt!

  4. Agree with you dear Candiva she is a devil omg. i need that too ! infact i want to kill her.

  5. Are yr ye Uma ko Kya hua he y he become so weak where is the power of our superhero ?
    That rudra avtar? where is our angry young man ?
    This masisa is such a bit_h I too want to kill her

    1. He is in shock and still loves Massi so he is behaving like that, and now is Kanak is main hero so they will sideline Uma and as usual we will see heroine finds the clue and save her hubby. And when main actress dont get much pain TRP dont go much up.

  6. It was an emotional episode today Masisa is a b**** She has paid off all of Ladnu,Puskar goons ,Lawyers & judges now on the way to Bangkok to pay them off ???Kanak should have not only told her to say her name but smacked her face too ? Felt sad for KanUma

  7. They say Karma is a [email protected] Uma is paying for his crimes and it serves him right for forcing marriage on a girl, confining her, imposing s*xist and torturous rules on her and trying to rule her. Even if it was under his fanatic religious beliefs promoted by maasi, the crimes we’re still committed by him. I am happy to see him jailed and prosecuted even though it is not for the crimes he has committed. Kanak I have no respect for being such a fickle minded and weak heroine who gave in to a hateful man so quickly and transformed into the typical image of bahu bhabhi etc which promotes stereotypical and gender biased images of women. Do good to see her suffer too. Maasi will suffer too eventually so all in all, I am satisfied with the events as of now as each character here except Rani is pretty two faced and hateful.

  8. Kanak to get physically intimate with Sumer Singh due to some intoxication or medicine effect and loses virginity to him and it causes a temporary break between umaKanak. CVs want to bring Out issue of women virginity considered overly pure in Indian society and woman who lost virginity to someone else treated as used or second hand maal by husband. still they go to Thailand together.

    1. R u crazy we never accept this shit with sumer singh…..oh god wen there increase my interest for show n then start watching the show tht time just boring track come or I get bad news abt the storyline then seriously guys my heart get broken……we cnt imagine a good serial from indian story writer n director. …..well wt to say really sad??

    2. Bhaana

      Fake news!!!!

      1. Fake n horrible ?
        Bt I think Sumer Singh will help Uma n kanak to escape
        Vese bhi villains ko jyada importance diya ja RHA h so let’s see what next

  9. I want to see sumer singh as a brother of kanak wt u say guys………who will ready to help her against massisa n aditya evil plan..

  10. Nice episode. Interesting.. great acting by avi and rhea. I hate maasisa many that we live..care for and respect sometimes are the people kill or destroying our destiny. All these hardships only going to make kanum strong so excited to see them

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