Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Anticorruption Bureau Officers Arrest Kanak?

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ved does Kanak’s kanyadaan and tells Akshay that he is giving his sister’s hand in his hand and he should keep her happy always. Meera thinks soon Kanak will be arrested in corruption charges. Suman cries at home that because of her Kanak is getting married to someone else. Meera’s goons trash Uma on the other side. Kanak and Uma’s pheras start and they finish 6 pheras. Pandit says 6 pheras have finished and after 7th phera, they will be husband and wife. Uma reachesand punches Akshay. Akshay falls down. Guards point gun at Uma. Ved shouts Uma Shankar. Uma says he will not let this marriage happen at any cost. Anticorruption bureau officers arrive and say they came to arrest Kanak Rathi in bribery case. Bhabho says her son and daughter-in-law sacrificed their life for the country, they came to arrest their daughter. Uma says Kanak that he warned her about Meera and Akshay that they will trap her in bribery case. Akshay shouts what rubbish, he will not let them arrest his wife.

Arpita tells officers they may be mistaken. Officer says Kanak helped K and U company launch fairness cream and earned crores in bribe. Meera says officers are right, she was shocked when Kanak asked crores for this product and when she objected, she warned her, so she informed anticorruption bureau and they suggested her to transfer bribe money in Kanak’s account. Uma says Kanak’s signatures are fake and Aditya gave wrong laptop Meera, so she should be arrested instead to take wrong signatures of govt officers. Meera is shocked. Uma says that is what he tried to explain Kanak, did she understand now.

Kanak walks in from outside and she understood. Everyone are shocked to see her, and Akshay asks if she is here, whom did he marry her. Aditya removes veil and reveals Akshay was marrying him instead. Kanak slaps Akshay for betraying her. Aditya tells Meera that she treated her like a dog and kicked her out of her game, then hired new dog Akshay, so he helped his patloon brother Uma, so he helped his blood relationship instead. Uma asks Kanak how did she know about this plan. Kanak says after knowing Meera and Akshay’s plan, she wanted to call Uma, but her phone was missing. Arpita says Akshay has it and he told Kanak gave it. Kanak continues that Aditya met her and informed everything. Aditya says his record is very bad, so ex-bhabhisa did not believe him, then he showed her proof. Kanak shows mangalsutra to Uma and says it saved her.

Officer speaks over phone and tells Kanak after hearing Uma’s words, he got Kanak’s signatures verified and they are fake, she is free. Kanak asks officer to arrest Meera and Akshay. Akshay tries to emotionally lure Kanak and says he loves her a lot, Meera trapped him. Meera reveals Akshay’s all evil plans. Aprita asks officer to arrest them both. Meera warns dare not to touch her. Officers drag them both.

Prcap: Aditya taunts Meera that Kanak and Uma are getting closer again.
Kanak asks Uma why did he his feelings till now. Meera tells Aditya that she will not let Kanak and Uma reunite.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Will miss you Ashkay as you exit from the show but how I wish you took meera with you that pain in kanak eyes ? as she felt betrayed by Ashkay made me think how some men can really stoop low in order to get what they want even if it means hurting anyone involved. Wondering what is installed for kanak as meera is not getting out of uma life and I don’t want her to be throwing herself on uma to make kanak feels jealous and sad again I just hope uma put her in her place she belongs ?. Cvs please is time for kanum reunion ❤️? this is the only show which lack romance but is still loved by viewers ?? but cvs is time you show kanaum romance ?❤️?.

  2. Bravo enjoyed today updates

  3. How is it possible that mendak Meera is still friendly with ADI after all that he did to defame her??
    It was such a relief to see kanak being trusting and soft to Uma.. the way he looks at her with love is so beautiful..
    Y can’t that mendak be in jail for few more days and give us more kanum moments..

  4. One truth revealed. But Uma has to face so many questions which have arised now. Will he able to reveal the situation which made him to take this extreem step?
    Bhabhu can’t forgive him as for kanak’s condition he is only the responsible. Let us see Now how cvs will unfold the story. From the Precap it seems that Aditya knows regarding MM and uma’s marriage. All the best Kanum.

  5. ???episode.??

  6. Great episode…but I don’t think Aditya is that much trustable…because whatever it is his revenge is not completed…

  7. Really thrilling episode Well Aditya is playing one against the other though in the end he is blood related to Uma Glad he did something positive for KanUma ?So MM is released by Aditya guess for money not for all the slaps ?So now Suman track will start Read she try to commit suicide so now MM fake story will come out

  8. Brilliant update superb so happy

  9. Oops ? forgot to mention as usual Bholenath & mangalsutra played a vital role once again Shivaji sunket ?????

  10. Love it! But will this happiness be short lived due to the evil doers?

  11. Atleast kanak knws the truth now,uma really loves kanak its high tym they sort their love story,hope suman cn tell kanak the truth

  12. I’m sure we all thought that Uma was betrayed by Aditya again but i guess it doesn’t turn out so. I actually cant believe how smart the CVs are and deceived us. Good work.

  13. I’m sure we all thought that Uma was betrayed by Aditya again but i guess it doesn’t turn out so. I actually cant believe how smart the CVs are and deceived us. Good work.

  14. Well one person is out of the limelight as for MM is a different story she faked a murder & blamed Suman so now that is the next mission for KanUma to prove her innocence then only MM will go to jail forever & leave the show

  15. Someone end this MM track
    I need to start wat himg tbis show again.
    I am.re watching from the start and reading updates unless there is a decent ep for me to watch

    Suman needs to speak up
    Uma needs to say sorry for whT he did
    He decided without thinking and working with kanak as a partner
    Horrible heartache and loss of trust
    Writers need to bting back first atmosphere
    Two diff pple build rship in the world trusting god
    I prefer uma that has culture passion respect but now with a voice
    The sweet innocent uma with power and courstasy but loves shiva
    Family and laughs joys
    Times are changing pple do not want to see vamps or murders or rapes

    They need to remember the concept and it will go far

  16. Yeah this episode was good..ab writer ya toh episodes ke number increase kr le ya less episode dikhaye bt story meaningful n best ho….not like ekta kapoor jo itni baar separation dikhana kbi kbi toh 1 or 2 year ka ….ya toh trp dekh lo ya episode bada lo……kya fayada 500 or 1000 episode banane ka agr story itni boring or stressful chal rhi hai…..show something different writers. …har serial mein yehi track forceful marriage, hatred,fighting,separation,tension between the main lead….if main lead fight together with all problems then trp will increase. .

  17. fantastic episode ,??
    finally akshay’s truth revealed in front of kanak n fly , hope so Uma will tell the whole truth to kanak in the coming episodes

  18. Hem

    Kanak look so pretty & beautiful

  19. Today’s update please….

  20. Where is today’s update…

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