Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak To Expose Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak confronts Uma that she is ashamed of him that he betrayed her and married Meera for money, he is fooling Meera for her money. She continues that tomorrow during their project’s vighna mukti pooja, she will inform Meera that she is Uma’s first wife. Uma pleads not to and gives his promise. She asks who is he now to give her promise, she will expose his true color to Meera tomorrow.

Uma returns home. Meera removes his shirt and says he must be tired running around, where was he by the way, she tried to call him at least 50 times. He it is not written in their contract to pick her call. He then walks to wardrobe and searches Kanak’s blood stained kerchief, but does not find it. Meera asks if he is searching something. He says he is going to change and walks in. Meera thinks she knows what he is searching and seeing lipstick mark on Uma’s shirt fumes that Kanak has crossed her limits. In flashback, when Uma pulls Kanak to hide from Meera. Meera thinks she will expose Kanak tomorrow during vighna mukti pooja.

Next morning, Uma arranges pooja and hopes Kanak does not tell their truth to Meera, else Meera will harm Kanak. Kanak prints her and Uma’s wedding photo frame in a lab. Meera calls her and asks if she is coming to vighna mukti pooja as she is in Delhi. Kanak says she is here itself and is attending. She thinks Meera will be surprised with her gift. Photographer says she and her husband make a pretty couple, her husband would be happy seeing this pic. Kanak says it is for her husband’s second wife and asks to gift wrap it.

Meera fixes camers in vanity van and thinks she will expose Kanak and Uma’s affair. Kanak reaches venue with gift and walks in. Meera seeing her asks Uma to correct her sari as she has kumkum on her hands. Uma hesitantly does. Meera then asks Kanak when did she come. Kanak says when her husband was correcting her sari and giving gift insists Meera to see it right now as she is sure it will change her future. Uma asks her not to as pooja muharat is in 3 minutes. Kanak says nothing will happen in 2 minutes. Uma says human can wait, but god cannot. Meera says he is right and asks Kanak to finish pooja first. Uma sits for pooja and Kanak tries to sit on his left side. Meera stops her and says it is wife’s place and Kanak is just business partner. Kanak says even she wants to be just business partner. Pandit finishes pooja and giving digger asks to dig ground. Meera purposefully drops digger on Kanak’s foot. Uma gets concerned and tries to touch Kanak’s wound. Kanak warns not to touch her. Meera taunts coincidentally she was injured last time when trying to save Shiv and again she got injured, ask her to go and first-aid her wound in vanity van. Kanak says she is fine, but Meera insists. Kanak walks to vanity van while Uma stops. Meera thinks how will she expose Kanak then and insists Uma to go and help Kanak. Uma walks into vanity van and sees Kanak trying to first-aid her wound.

Precap: Aditya is back in Uma and Kanak’s life.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Pls some one stand against this MM woman ???? Why let her dictate everything If she is such a believer in truth & hate lies she is is the biggest liar about the mart & the dead body & threatening Suman ???Why in world is Aditya back ???

  2. Please save kanum from this evil evil evil woman. Day by day her behavior getting worse. Whenever this woman came on screen, the frustation came on my mind. Please end this track soon. Cant tolerate her anymore, hate her to the core

  3. Ment “marriage “Btw Kanak looked very beautiful & could see that in Uma’s face Guess Adi is coming with this big pic of KanUma so guess he will be the one breaking the news to MM before she sees the gifted picture from Kanak

  4. Riveting episode kanak challenging uma she will expose their relationship truth to meera. Uma pleaded her not to expose he was frightened about meera ‘obsession and surely she will harm kanak if she comes to know about the truth. Kanak was determined to expose his true colours. Meera told uma she called 50 times and he didn’t receive it. Uma asked her is it part of their deal to attend the call. Uma searched for that hanky. He was worried and restless about kanak exposing the truth. Meera saw lipstick mark became furious and took oath to expose kanum illegal relationship infront of everyone. In vigna mukthi puja uma was so tensed meera fixed spy camera on vanity van to get evidence. Kanak arrived with gift. Uma stopped meera from unwrapping the gift as its time for puja, meera asked kanak to sit in pooja after pooja completes she wantedly injured kanak uma was worried and concerned about kanak mera sent her to vanity van she requested to uma to treat her. Kanum in vanity van. Devil back exposing the truth

  5. Guys happy news trp increased and its slot leader too ?

    1. Meera1

      Happy to hear that?

  6. very nice episode aditia is back wow interesting..waiting for tomorrow episode

  7. Chalo, ye show bhi baaki shows ki tarah barbaad aur vaahiyaat ho gayaa. Kahaan see kahaan story a gayee. Ab Meera haaregi to Aditya a jayega uski help ko and together they will plan another scheme , then again Kanak Uma separated either at their wedding or right after. Beech me. there romance ke tukde CVS phenk denge audience ke saamne and they will be happy for it until the next period of starvation starts, again bhukhmari and bhukkadpanaa for romance ,and the cycle goes on. Khair har show ka yehi haal hai so yahaa kyo nahi. I am done and give up all remaining shreds of hope from this show… Congrats for the trp…andho me kaana raja hi sahi ye show at least bhoot chudail and naagin abhi nahi dikha rahaa so good.

  8. suprrr….. adi is back… his attitude and his comedy ko meine itne din bohath miss kiya. kanak babhisssssaaaaa

  9. now this is becoming absurd… according to uma’s disciplines, he wont touch any woman other than his wife.. he still loves kanak and she is his wife according to him…. but the other day he was standing silent till the end when meera was undressing him instead of stopping her in the beginning itself…. and now he is fixing her saree…. he could have just plainly refused and told kanak to do it… y should he show that he cares for meera… Or if he considers that meera is his rightful wife now… he shouldnt run behind kanak and do his pati-dharma and carry his relationship with meera ahead….
    what rubbish and illogical things cvs wants to show now…

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