Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Confronts Parag, Parag reveals his Evil Plans To Madhavi

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dr. Madhavi asks Kanak to demonstrate where human heart and do dead body’s dissection. Kanak nervously tries to mark heart’s location on body and collapses. Adtiya peeps from glass door and informs Uma. Dr. Parag addresses his team of doctors that he has hired best doctors for his team and bought best equipment for hospital, they need to use these equipments. Doctor says all their patients don’t need surgery. Parag shows kid’s file who consumed acid battery by mistake and says this patient can be made scapegoat. Doctor says this patient is healthy now. Parag says they should frighten patient’s parents as a child is precious for parents and they can go to any extent to save their child. He suggests to do patient’s lung examination and frighten parents that child cannot breathe.

Kanak wakes up and finds herself on Uma’s lap. Uma feeds her water and assures that it is common during first practical and even he had collapsed. Kanak says he is her lifeline and leaves to rejoin class. Aditya thinks his lifelife Tiara still has not accepted him.

Uma sees kid whom he rescued in operating theater/OT and thinks he saved child and child was fine, what happened to him now. Peon informs that patient’s lungs collapsed and Dr. PArag ordered to do this operation. Uma sees patient breathing without artificial oxygen mask and realizes patient is fine. He rushes to Uma and informs to stop operation as patient ‘s fine and he himself had resuscitated patient. Dr. Parag acts as surprised and over phone orders doctor to stop surgery and to come to his cabin right now. Doctor rushes to Parag’s cabin. Parag acts as scolding doctor for doing wrong patient’s operation and dismisses him. Uma calms hi down and says they should stop all this. Parag assures nothing wrong will happen again in his hospital. Once Uma leaves, he angrily kicks chair and meets Madhavi and informs her that she should prepone next week’s dissection practical as Uma was about to grip his neck, he wants Kanak to fail and Uma lose his license. Madhavi agrees.

Madhavi gathers students and informs about dissection practical tonight and they will get 30% of overall semester marks. Taira and Yug frighten Kanak that she cannot perform dissection. Kanak runs behind Madhavi and pleads her to let her give test tomorrow. Madhavi says she can, but will lose her 30% marks. Aditya hears that and consoles Kanak. He walks in corridor and hears student thanking another student for taking her practical exam and saving her, else she would have got 0 marks. He thinks even Kanak can do same. Once he leaves, Parag enters and students say they did as he said. He warns them that they will lose their seat and will not get admission in any other college if they open up their mouth. Madhavi calls him and informs she did as he did and tonight Kanak will fail. Aditya walks to Kanak and says he found solution for her problem, she can send someone else to do practicals instead of her. Kanak likes his idea.

Precap Parag asks Madhavi if she knows what she has to do. Madhavis says Tiara will give exam as Kanak, and external officers will come for inspection and catch her red handed, she has already informed them. Dr. Madhavi asks Kanak to remove her mask and show her face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This is really bad some stupid n boring shows r still running from past 5 or 6 years u should end these serials n give chance to the new shows n every serials should run only for 1 or 2 years not more than 2 years…….bcs we want new storyline n something fresh…..n whatever game show star plus is launching atleast make our good looking dashing avinesh Rekhi host of that game show…..I m sure he ll do fantastic job n game show also get lots of trp…….guys keep voting bcs this our love which we r giving our favorite couple kanuma as an award

    1. Avinesh Rekhi is a talent to himself. he got everything Talent, looks, hot body and luck that no one able to bag a role like Uma Shankar which can give scope to showcase multitalent.
      Eagerly waiting for Avinesh Rekhi next show now.

  2. Show going to end but even now even major screen space to villains and not our leads. Why CVS are hear like this atleast now they can show some cute moments of our KanUm. Dr. Parag is a sadist creep money minded. Now our show is bringing medical mafia into limelight but ruthless channel wants to pull off now are they afraid to promote such eye opening tracks. Uma energy tonic to kanak with encouraging words ? Dr uma confrontation with Dr.parag was mind-blowing. Dr. Parag seems to be a very dangerous person preponed practicals to fail kanak which leads to cancel of MBA licence of uma. That prof Madhavi is irritating to the core.i guess uma will find out the true colours of Dr. Parag. Hopefully no tragic climax ?

  3. Typo error -cvs are heartless

  4. What a non- sense and silly story line. Now a day’s I m recollecting Sankar dada mbbs story line. As a health department govt officer,the way she behaved to get admission her behavior is resembling immature,cheap and not dignified at all.

    The story line was Uma Shankar who is stub born, archiac, and his attitude/opinion on women – how he will be transformed. According to him wife should follow shat patni dharm. Kanak made him realize his mistakes.

    But CVS failed to capture umas opinion especially shat patni dharm. Even he changed himself in 12 days. This overnight transformation even viewers could not get convinced.

    Till before leap story line was ok though it lacks clarity here and there. After leap story got ruined. Without focussing on uma transformation,all crap things are given importance.
    I think only starplus can ruin good story line to an extent no one can imagine

    1. Agree with you if cvs had stick to the concept of a kanak changing uma gradually but with love ❤️ the show would have run for many years but instead the ruin the storyline completely with that ridiculous meera track which lead to the downfall of the show and also I think Indian movie industry should come to an agreement that no show will run more than 2yrs cause is stupid how some shows run almost 10yrs , Korean movie are the best just 21 episode but their movie are loved by everyone one even Mexican movies also their movies run up to 100 is not about 150 episode but their movies are so good then why does Indian stretch their movies like that.

  5. Starplus decided to end this show the moment kanak and uma didn’t consummate their marriage @ starplus if you want your show to run for long time you need to introduce romance unless is a kids show if not they end it right away. My opinion starplus needs to shutdown completely such a worst channel anyways wish Rhea and avinesh the best in their future project I hope Rhea come back on screen soon she is young and talented. Guys did anybody send gift to Rhea and avinesh

  6. When did Uma become a doctor of western medicine!!?? I thought he was kept away from all modern education since childhood and learned only ayurveda. Then how he is speaking that he also went through first time operating on human body and all that? And this whole paramedics track of Kanak is so idiotic. She is like a pathetic idiot going from this goal to that jab Jo man aaya. Her entire characterization is ruined. Simple wrap up Kar dete story ka.

  7. Agree Kanak characterisation recently looked very confusing and boring. Uma Shankar is an ayurvedic doctor but no where it said he didn’t study allopathy. Its clearly shown he is well educated and knows english. He having proper medical licence means he is proper doctor but he always practiced Ayurveda. Wish we get good KanUm scenes than nonsense we r seeing. Avinesh Rekhi first lead role gave him much popularity and chance to prove his versatility as an actor. Rhea Sharma hopes bag a good role soon as she also improved a lot as an actress. All the best for Avinesh Rekhi and Rhea Sharma.

    1. That’s not correct. It was repeated several times that Uma Shankar and his siblings were kept away from all modern education and habits. Just because you love the actor u can’t conveniently forget what was clearly portrayed and make up your own story in your head!

      1. Yes I do agree Shalini it was clearly told by masisa that she kept away Uma n other family away from latest technologies n studies so that she can easily achieve her goal
        Bt here we r also not clear about umas childhood as we all know masisa came to house when Uma was 10 yr old bt CVS failed in story execution. I mean lot of things r still not clear to us
        Where is mishri
        who was the person who betrayed her & y she stole property paper of kmb
        Even we don’t know who was Uma father what Happened to him when n how masisa entered to toshniwal house
        Nothing was clear

  8. Hem

    I also agree he is ayurvedic doctor when he do srudy for allopathic,why not he start his own clinic, now days he so far away from routine which earlier do like meditation and other thing earlier some episode so meaningful but now just they drag with unwanted if cv want to see medical college issues they can show any other way.how kanak give pratical exam with in 2 days after the joining

  9. Hem

    MIsssed title song

  10. Kisi ko yaad h dr madhvi ka jo roll kar rahi h bo phele kis serial mai aayi thi.

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