Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhabho Denies to Send Kanak with Uma and Nanda

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabo tells family that jamaisa/Uma told her everything. She goes into flashback where Uma tells her that he gave 2-3 gifts to Kanak and this shop is one among them. He tells her t hat Kanak loves her more than anyone else in this world and knows this shop’s importance to her. Out of flashback, Meena praises Kanak that she used to think only Sandhya can do anything for her family, but Kanak risked her marriage for our family. Bhabho says she hated Kanak for 20 years, but Kanak bore her hatred and loved her so much, she is her Sooraj and Sandhya. She continues that she will leave for a few days, but how will she clear her debt. Kanak emotionally hugs her and asks not to say that and tells Ved and Vansh that she used to call Uma daku singh/dacoit, but he returned her Bhabho to her.

Maasi enters with Uma and says she gave nice name to Uma, whenever she thins she knows her, one more secret of her comes out, she will open all secrets today, she will take her home today, it is not a child’s play that she will play with a mud house and then break it. Vansh says Kanak has returned her home and will be happy here. Maasi says even Uma loves his sisters and if he can, he will not let them marry. Vansh says he means Kanak will stay here. Maasi asks Bhabho if she will not treat her samdhan. Bhabho says they consider guests as god and will treat them well. Maasi asks to let her taste Kanak’s food. Everyone look at Kanak sadly.

Kanak prepares food. Vansh enters and asks Bhabho not to consider Kanak’s silence as her acceptance, she does not want Uma in her life. Kanak serves food. Maasi asks Bhabo if they don’t want to sit with them. Bhabho asks Vikram and Babasa to sit with Maasi and Uma. Meena asks Vansh and Ved to sit, but they say they are not hungry. Uma says they should not when they are not hungry as body will he fit. Maasi bites food and says maa Annapurna stays in Kanak’s hand, food is very tasty. Uma tries to bite food, Kanak stops him and brings jowar rotis and says he eats jowar rotis each Thursday. Ved and Vansh take her aside and asks if she kept father there. Kanak say Uma ji drinks hot water after food. Vansh asks why she is giving him respect so much. Ved and Vansh decide then to kick Uma out.

After food, Maasi shows dress to Bhabho and says Kanak will wear this on Teej’s pooja. Bhabho says she will not send Kanak as she does not consider this marriage, it was her mistake that Kanak went to their house and she will apologize them, they should return their home breaking Kanak and Uma’s relationship right here. Maasi angrily throws dress and scolds Uma that she came here for his sake and is insulted here. Drama continues.

Precap: Uma tells he will return Ladno only with Kanak. Kanak says she is hungry and needs food. Maasi reminds that she is fasting for teej pooja. Kanak says she is not performing any pooja. Uma greets Bhabho.

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  1. Best part

  2. Diyaa

    Good performances. Good direction. Neelu Vaghela, Rhea Sharma, and Kabir Kumar shone in today’s episode. A thought occurred after seeing the hot saree video of Kanak and Uma. Palomi and Suman- ?what will they go through when they see Kanak back…and more importantly…what will they do?!

  3. Wow….. another good epi, story moves fast than expected, thought the flashback of uma, maasi n bhabhi goes longer but it was short n sweet.
    Uma’s expression when bhabho rejected maasi, so funny the scary man scared for the first time???
    Kanaks care n affection towards uma n vansh reaction too good??

  4. They can try to do whatever they like but Uma is firmly on Kanaks side now, she will manage. More concerned about Massisa & her attitude to Kanak, still wondering who the women was who was doing Puja.

    Do you think there is something going on between Bhabho,Uma & Massisa?

    1. Diyaa

      Hmm, my guess is there is some planning between the three. I think the rest of the flashback of the conversation between the three in the shop will be shown in some future episode. Bhabho knows that given the situation, Vansh and Ved would not just send her back and if Kanak did go just for Bhabho, the relationship would still be on shaky grounds. I am in a mood to guess more so here is a wild one, I think the arrest has also been psychologically manipulated by Bhabho and Uma to let the three lovely siblings feel that Uma got some punishment for his crime. A hint was when Uma repeated Kanak’s sentiment, “when one loves someone, they can go to any extent for them.” Bhabho might have asked him , Kanak gave tests for you, are you willing to go to any extent and any test for her. Hence the plan to come for Teej, get cozy with Kanak and send the brothers’ blood boiling, knowing fully well that Ved will not be able to tolerate it being Sandhya’s blood. These people with such great manipulation powers, if they really did it, should run for the elections and do some good for the people of Pushkar and Ladno. I see that as a possibility for future to show DABH like equation. Uma supporting Kanak as a political contestant from Ladno. IPS Sandhya Rathi’s daughter, MLA Kanak Uma Shankar Kosniwal ? How ’bout that for a positive note. Writers of the show please consider this for future.?

    2. I think you are right about the arrest, otherwise why would he go quietly. Uma is very shrewd , Ved & Vansh have no chance

      Kanak going back will be interesting as it seems from Divyaa’s comment that she will go back on her terms

      Still really enjoying the episodes & the drama.

    3. I think it is massisa after seeing sandhya sooraj portrait u notice that expression of her there is some flashback related to sandhya rathi and uma ‘s father which only massisa knows I think uma is not aware of it that’s why massisa is taking a vow that she will punish kanak so many twists are there .Kanak got to know something about uma it seems that’s why she is back to uma’s house and the story will totally change it seems

    4. Diyaa

      Yes, I did notice, it looked like she knew Sandhya. Then dismissed the matter by pointing her resemblance to Kanak. Maasisa’s past is a mystery so far. Maybe she loved someone who died at Sandhya’s hands or maybe it was Uma’s dad. Lots of intrigue and mystery. Nice!

  5. Hi friends a new twist in the story kanak has got to know something about uma so she returns back to uma this twist will change the entire story and kanak life it seems so she came back with preconditions that she live her life as she wants and uma will accept it seems.Rhea also said that uma is trying to impress kanak so let’s see how kanak is getting impressed.I have a strong feeling that the twist in the story will be related to sandhya sooraj and uma’s father by seeing massisa reaction when she saw ss portrait on kmb.Oh God waiting to see what will be the twist hope uma and kanak becomes diya aur bhati soon

  6. Toh aakir kanak uma k rang m rang gai
    cow meal than barley chappati……
    the face of vansh and ved are shocking and terrified jiju filmy nhi mila dono ko ¶¶¶¶

  7. Hi I’m not watching show regularly so don’t know anything about mishri except she had a son
    I’m interested in knowing all about her,I mean Meenakshi daughter
    I kindly request Divya or anyone to explain me about mishri story.please???????

  8. Hi…. Everything is happening so fast… Am eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes and twists…
    Hope these twists are positive and will get KanUm close and makes them Diya aur Baati…

  9. Wow! What a great episode… the storyline did not disappoint! I recall at the start DABH feeling so frustrated with bhabho’s mentality & behaviour towards Sandhya, I really think viewers need to be patient and let the story run it course and at some point the forced marriage issue will be tackled. I wander what Uma will have done to make Kanak return?. The show has so much depth to it…. love the relationship between Kanak & her brothers & how they can sense kanak being drawn in by Uma, absolutely love the chemistry between Uma & Kanak. excellent acting by all ?. I am completely addicted to this show

  10. Mind blowing perfirmance of all actors especially bhabho and vansh special credit to kanak .Wow entry of massisa in a authoritative tone but she did not regret for the crime of forced marriage she didn’t even apologize to rathis but uma eyes was full of lust towards kanak and his determination to take back kanak is clearly seen on his face.One thing for sure uma has trained her as perfect wife.See how much kanak taking efforts to fulfil his needs(jowar roti and hot water)She is slowly becoming toshniwal ‘s bahu.At this juncture bhabo decision is right but massisa could have been little patient again in precap we can see adamant nature of uma.The next track will be more intersting it seems kanak knows something about uma rhea said in an interview that’s why she is back.Seriously i want kanak to be frank to uma without any hidden motives I don’t want her to deceive uma again.

  11. Yes diyaa even i think so something like that maybe sandhya encountered uma ‘s father or he may have be killed in crossfire .Maybe kanak comes to know about the truth so she comes back don’t know but so many mysteries around massisa .Hope kanak and uma together solve it .Now I guess why CVS show that scene where uma was sharing about his love for his father.Hope kanak and uma ‘s relationship does not get complicated after the twist

  12. Maasisa’s entry was a dhamaka, what a little firecracker she is – superb acting (completely different to her role in Sasural Ghenda Phool). I totally agree with you guys, I think Uma has declared his love for Kanak to Bhabho in the shop & vowed never to let their ‘khat-bhandhan’ break.Bhabho has been won over by Uma & can see her Suraj in him. I think they’ve all agreed that Kanak should return on her own free will & that’s why Bhabho isn’t forcing her to go back….

  13. Congrats Anas Rashid!

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