Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya Betrays Uma Again

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak’s mehandi ceremony starts. Akshay dances with ladies on Rajasthani folk music. Aprita brings shagun mehandi for Kanak. Bhabho says it is looking good. Arpita says it is Pushkar’s famous mehandi. Bhabho looking at Uma says if mehandi’s color is dark, it means husband loves his wife a lot. Akshay says here Kanak’s husband came. Verbal attacks and counterattacks continue.

Song and dance session starts. Uma sings Mere dil me Aaj Kya Hai Tu Kahe to Mai Batadoon song.. Akshay sings Na Mange Sona Chandi..song and dances with Kanak. Uma stands sadly. Bhabho, Meera, Saras, Payal, etc. dance next on songs. Kanak dances on Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat…song. Uma then dances with Meera on Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar ke Charche…song.. Kanak dances with Akshay on Pardesiya..mai kehti hun tune mera dil leliya..song. Everyone dance on Ude Jab Jab Zulfein teri..song…Kanak then dances with Akshay on Ajeeb Dastan hai ye..song…and gives Uma and Meera’s hands together. Uma then dances on Zindagi hai ek safar hai suhana..song.. Purab and Ved dance on Mehandi lagake Rakhna..song…followed by Saras and Payal.. Whole family joins them.

Meera gets a call and goes aside. Aditya speaks and says if she needs Kanak’s laptop, she should come and meet him outside. Meera calls Akshay and waits in parking lot. Akshay comes and asks why did she call him here, if anyone sees them together, their plan will fail. Meera says Aditya called and told he got Kanak’s laptop. Akshay says Aditya is lying. Aditya disguised as woman comes and shows laptop after his usual jokergiri. Meera tries to snatch it. Aditya demands 1 crore. Meera agrees. Aditya gives laptop to her. Akshay checks and says it is Kanak’s laptop as it has Kanak’s fingerprints on it. Meera says they will steal Kanak’s digital signatures from it and trap her in bribery case, then she will make sure Kanak does not come out of jail. Akshay says she should rotten in jail. Aditya says his revenge with Kanak will complete.

Uma searches Meera and Akshay. Akshay returns and asks if he is searching him. Meera walks to Kanak and says mehandi is looking nice. Kanak washes her mehandi, and her hands are coloreless without a trace of mehandi design. Guests discuss it is inauspicious sign. Uma reminisces changing bowl thinking Kanak may not be able to handle when she sees Akshay’s true face. He says Akshay’s name mehandi did not color at all.

Precap: Uma is locked in a room while Kanak and Akshay exchange garlands in mantap. Uma shouts to open door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I just love today’s episode am not focusing on the negativity part Ashkay, Aditya, and meera . Today’s episode was great and as usual kanak rocked today ?? together with Ashkay their dance was perfect but was wondering what was meera doing she looked like a mosquito trying to dance ? ???? I couldn’t stop laughing kanak look gorgeous and stunning ????? she look really beautiful and she and Ashkay dance was perfect. Am not commenting on the negative side today , as I enjoy the dance a lot will save that for tomorrow.

    1. Uma and kanak rock as usual. I lvoe their jodi and today their scens even if they dancing with some one else is so good to watch, Waiting for their reunion now.

      There is always negativity attached to Akshay and Meera but good to see Adi playing on Uma to decieve Akshay and Meera.

  2. its good to c that kanak came to know about akhsy so bridel swap

  3. Kanak looked good even Uma they two dance well together Yes MM looked lost with this big hair do & small body not a good dancer ??Aditya is playing both Uma & MM Truth will prevail ??

    1. No all dis is Aditya nd UmaShankar’s plan..In yesterday’s episode Uma said That if Meera and Akshay don’t get laptop,then they might harm Kanak+ He wanted to stop d marriage..There will b bride swap so Aditya must have recorded the convo with Meera nd Akshay..Uma will show dis to Kanak nd Aditya would replace Kanak on d wedding..Uma’ s scenes were to deceive d viewers

      1. You are right?It’s getting interesting though Kanak is not giving it a thought at all

      2. Every day the show is getting more and more interesting with these Uma plans. Cant wait to see today’s episodes. I am really hopeful that Kanum reunion would be very near.

    2. Avinesh looked so good even if without much dress do. Dont know why Uma’s dress is not so good as others. But as always Avinesh and Rhea steal the show. I loved Uma dance more. Avinesh is really good dancer. I saw in other show his dance and he is mind blowing dancer.

  4. For a moment I taught meera will fall down with that heels ? and moving up and down ??? didn’t she do some practice ???? her dance was bad nobody enjoyed uma and meera dance ? Not even ved they were all standing with a bad face . Kanak you looked beautiful ?❤️?? but meera what was she wearing omg no comment very bad dress ,makeup was too much and that hairstyle was a complete flop ???

    1. Agree dear, Meera is not so good in looks and dance today. I am keep looking at Uma ignoring Meera and Uma killed it with his fantastic steps. Kanak also rocked it but I had to ignore Akshay then.

      Hope we see Kanka and Uma dance soon.

  5. But Who is Akshay marrying??

  6. The precious clearly shows is kanak that Ashkay is marrying but I guess they will trun her into Aditya or someone is really confusing and I don’t think meera is going to jail so soon.

  7. Sorry precap

  8. wouldnt it be good if suman had told aditya everything in a flash back
    Aditya always really loved his sisters it was only uma masi brainwashed for money.
    and in a fb aditya has planned to take down meera and its they show more of suman shiv saras working on this.
    we hardly get to see them these days

  9. Avinesh is killing in each and every episode and Uma smart moves are going in fast pace. I really enjoying this Uma smartness so much. The show is very gripping these days. hope Kanak believe Uma and supoprt him and kick out fake Akshay very soon.

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