Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhabho Changes Kanak’s Perception Towards Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maasi prepares food in kitchen. Shiv comes. She happily hugs him and asks how is he. He says he is fine, and bhabhi saa saved him, she cannot trouble them. Maasi says she gave an incurable wound. Uma teaches yoga to Pavan and says he should touch his mother’s feet first and gives moral gyaan that he can forget everything in the world but not parents. Meena brings herbal concoction for Uma. Pavan runs and touches Meena’s feet repeating Uma’s words, says he will go and wish everyone. Meena gives herbal concoction to Uma and says she bought up Kanak like a daughter and she wants to gift her washing machine, TV, fridge, etc., all sort of necessary items. Uma says they are educated family, then why they are giving dowry. Meena says it is not dowry. Uma says anything bought with money is dowry and he will take care of Kanak’s needs. Meena says she knows he will take care of Kanak well and says nobody can win over him in talks. Uma says Seeta devi left all sort of palace luxuries and went to jungle with Raam ji, they will find whole life’s solutions in holy scriptures. Meena smiles.

Meena searches Bhabho and informs Kanak that Bhabho is found no where. Kanaki gets tensed and searches her in whole market and asks people if they saw Bhabho. A man says he saw here going towards some area. Kanak rushes to the area and finds Bhabho. She emotionally runs and hugs her. Bhabho says she needs to talk something important but not here. She takes her to god’s idol making factory and showing incomplete idols asks if she can identify these gods. Kanak carefully watches idols and says no. Bhabho takes her to completed idols and asks if she can identify them now. Kanak identifies all gods correctly. Bhabho tells their importance to her.

Kanak s says Bhabho that she did not understand what she wants to say. Bhabho says she has evaluated Uma closely and he loves her immensely, even if death nears her, Uma will stand in front and protect her, he is very loyal and can do anything for his family like Kanak, it is difficult to find a such a diamond and has lots of love for Kanak. Kanak says she knows, but he is blindfolded by religion and superstition and cannot see anything. Bhabho says she knows that and she has to change her husband’s superstition. She tells even she used to think only she is right before Sandhya came into her life, Sandhya showed her reality and taught 2 different people can stay together without any differences, even Kanak has her own identity and has to correct her blindfolded husband and show him a way. She has to show qualities of each god in her and show that she will not follow any blind rituals. Kanak excitedly says she will try to change Uma and give him a new thinking, she will not become gandhari.

Precap: Bhabho tells family that Kanak is going to Ladno with jamai saa/Uma. Vansh dances around Uma signing Aa dekhen zara kismet kitna hai dum, applies tilak on his forehead. Uma smiles and says he will win Vansh some day.

Update Credit to: MA

    1. Yes, I saw hate that track completely, u know as per another spoiler, this was planned by massi using shiv to degrade kanak, it’s better to take break.

    2. Yes bhaana even I saw the video but i think kanak will find out soon that massisa is against her.Using a little kid is too much I hope shiv confess the truth to uma and that will first step of redemption of uma

    3. Hi Bhaana, I too watched it… yes me too taking a break from DS show. I vl read only written updates till I feel comfortable. I don’t like and don’t want to watch such nonsense…. but I will miss watching KanUm.

    4. Very nice. She deserves it for being so foolish to go back to people she knows have no sense and live in stone age. No sympathy for this idiot girl who was fortunate enough to have such a supportive family and she kicked them aside for a criminal caveman. The producers of this show deserve the worst for this toxic storyline.

    5. Oh no ?‍♂️, sooo maasisa is going to turn into the ‘evil saas’ not sure how I feel about this storyline. I can understand why maasisa would be angry at Kanak, she is deeply hurt by kanak’s actions and how they have impacted on her whole family but I really respected the fact that maasisa was always an exemplary character who had a clean heart, full of honesty and loyalty- she would always say what was in her mind. Playing with Shiv’s feelings and using him against Kanak will be so low. Hope they don’t completely tarnish her character & turn the serial into another ‘saas v bahu’ drama serial

  1. nice episode….

  2. Hai … Im Fatma from Jakarta Indonesia. Nice episode between Kanak and Bhabhoohttps://youtu.be/MsRp9nFB2vE

    1. Thanks for the link fatma

    2. Hi fatma welcome nice to meet you share your views with us

    3. Didyaa,
      I will do the same, if I am Maasi. Fight for the Uma’s happiness, who has been regarded as her own child.

      I will also feel cheated by Kanak, just for a shop whose investment value is not too big, compared to others Uma’s investment.

      For Maasi, wealth is easy to get, but happiness must be fought. (You can be seen, when Uma just wants to marry a woman, who has stolen Uma’s ring). So Maasi was only looking for women who wear Uma’s ring.

      Destiny, the ring was worn by Kanak. This is called a mate.

      In my opinion, Kanak does not refuse, when she will be married to Uma, this is seen, when Kanak agreed dressed in wedding clothes. I saw Kanak likes to wear wedding clothes.

      However, why would Kanak refuse when they were in the aisle? It would embarrass and destroy the self-esteem of Uma’s family, in front of the Ladno people, so Uma forced her, and gave her assurance that Kanak is Uma’s soul mate, accompanied by signs: the Kanak bracelet and the wreath.

      How crushed Maasi feel, knowing Uma jailed, so Maasi made a variety of rescue efforts, using kid Shiv who cherished Kanak, in the hope, can change the view Kanak, and this step was successful.

      There is a common character, between Kanak and Shandya, who are both keeping a good relationship, both do not want to hurt others. But different in its application,

      Shandya was fighting with a quiet act, without a lot of voices, and does not want to hurt the feelings of others (especially Bhabhoo), but Kanak does it a bit haphazardly, maybe this is due to lack of education in the family (because her parents were gone and Bhabhoo hates her).

      sorry, if my English is bad….

    4. Welcome Fatima

    5. Hi Fatima, first one Kanak did not stole that ring ,by mistake she wore it and she wrote note to uma ‘plz Cal me &I will give money for ring bcz it’s not coming.
      Coming to second point Kanak happily wore that bridal dress bcz,she thinks every year in ladno they will do shiv-parvathi mrg drama (palauomi said to Kanak about this).after she realises that this mrg is not drama it’s real then she opposed mrg.
      Coming to maasisa, strange man will forcibly marry saras then they will send happily to saras with that man.
      Coming to Kanak, she is naughty,childish. She don’t have parents and bhabho’s support. She have only her brother support and her brothers are also same age persons so they have new thinking.
      Coming to compare with Sandhya, every one want Kanak be like Sandhya then what is the difference b/w diya aur baati hum& TSMSP

  3. maasisa has got misunderstanding with kanak and unaware about bhabho shop fraud by aditya and mishri

  4. Hai … Im Fatma from Jakarta Indonesia. Nice episode between Kanak and Bhabhoo


    1. hai fatma,i am from indonesia too.glad that we are following same serial.salam kenal.love uma kanak chemistry.how about u??

    2. Salam kenal juga Melati, tinggal dimana?

      When I was reading the Melati, I guess this is Indonesian. if an outsider, the name is Jasmine.

      I like Uma, religious, handsome, rich, patient and always forgiving. His gaze is full of love and wants to always do better. Bhabhoo is not wise. but all family members respected so much to her.
      Vans and Ved, does not reflect Sooraj’s soul, which glorifies good relations, as Sandhya does.
      Vans and Ved, greatly protects Kanak by fighting for his pride. However, will they also treat to his future wife? How, if their wives do not want to be arranged, as they do not want Kanak arranged by Uma?

    3. Hi fatma..welcome!!!. Thanks for sharing the link..

    4. Avanti, Happy watching …. ???????

    5. Dear Avanti, Happy watching …. ???????

    6. Hi Fatima, welcome to the group & Eid Mubarak ?

    7. Thank you for the greetings. Are you moeslem too? ???? Nice to know you

    8. tinggal di jawa tengah fatma.so happy that i am not the only one who come from indonesia.first,i was not so interested with this serial but later i want to know how were ved,vansh,kanak after the death of suraj sandhya.then i found the chemistry between lead couple is amazing so here i am,so addicted with them???.btw fatma,punya ig?sorry for asking and bad english

  5. Today bhabho ‘s speech is an Eye-opener for kanak as a loving dutiful grandmother she showed the right path to kanak wow bhabho I really love you.Nothing is unchangeable in this world with our true efforts and patience we can surely change anything .She was motivating kanak to fight for her happiness .Bhabho correctly said every human being is the same their upbringing society and family mould up a person.Now kanak has decided to live her entire life with that Orthodox family but its not necessary to think it as fate she no need to accept blindly her husband ‘s faith and religious belief she can change his belief and bhabho now fully understand that uma is man of golden character and it is tough to find such person a now and he is loving kanak truly he will always be a great support and always protect and care her his only flaw is blinded with extremeties of dharam which kanak has to break that extremities by being a light in his life.Bhabho itself was like uma but sandhya brought a change in bhabho.That ghandari line was very nice and aptly quoted at this juncture.Overall today episode was correct and sensible advice to kanak by bhabho .To change uma thinking about women is another highlighting point .Uma has to understand women can lead her life independently.I think that these advices are given by each mother to her daughter when she goes to sasural ie any girl should first bend their husband then only she can lead a happy life.But bending uma is very tough .See today how much lecture he gave on dowry and wife sacrificing for her husband on top of it he is quoting Ramayana as example oh God how this girl going to cope up with uma for rest of her life .One thing for Sure if he stays for few more days in pushkar he will make everyone dharmic person in rathi family.Anyways uma s redemption part will soon begun.We will see lot of kanum chemistry from now on.One question is bothering me becos of bhabho alarming call she is going to reform uma okay accepted but what was kanak actual plan after going to Ladno has she decided to follow their dharam and rules or to rebel for each of their rule that is not clear still.Or she still didnt think about that yet becos she just accepted for her guilt and love for toshniwal family.

    1. Good points, a good advice from a right person, don’t lose ur identity.
      U r right except ved n vansh he will change everyone in rathi house??

    2. Lol! Uma & his everlasting gyaan’ s ?. I too have a love & hate relationship with Uma’s character. I admire his good points, his love & loyalty towards his family & Kanak & his simple outlook on life. He has character has a sense of charm & inner peace about him. Loved how he came across after the wedding & in the Kerala scenes. But then the Uma we have seen recently annoys the hell out of me. I can’t stand his chauvinistic views & behaviour or his self righteous attitude & gyaans irritate the hell out of me at times. But that is why I love tsmsp his character is so unique. Kanum are so poles apart, it intrigues me to find out how they manage to be come one.
      The show has opened my eyes to the depths ppl go to in the name of religion.

  6. Woahhh??, this is a crucial episode.
    This episode is going to be a big turning point for the future??.
    Bhabho gives a precious advise to Kanak, this is what I expected from her. And the way she explained it to Kanak, was incredible. I love it????.
    Uma’s thought about dowry was good, sometimes Uma makes me speechless with his goodness and sometimes he irriates me with his supersitions.

    1. Very true sharmila I admire uma for many of his good qualities .He values Kanak as crown jewel which he is going to take it from rathi family he does not expect anything more than .I really love uma character some are really disturbing and irritates me too uma being a male chauvenist

    2. Sorry?, “advice” and “irritates”

  7. There is a disease called obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Check it in Google. The character of UmaShankar suffers from that. I live with someone like that. And no effort has changed this personality. Such people refuse to believe that anything is wrong with their thinking. They are unhealthily attached to their strict routines and are very miserly. They want to make all important decisions and become unsupportive if another person tries to take decisions. Usually they are supported by their family in this as this disease is both genetic and learned from environment.They need therapy but turn very angry if you even mention therapy. They are control freak and want everyone to behave according to their rules. Leaving is option but if you have children you have to think. Watch this show if you find it entertaining but don’t believe that in real life love changes such people. This is pure fantasy. Like chandamaama stories. I watch this sometimes because I am shocked how same the situations in show are to what I have seen in real life. Not the kidnapping part, just personality part.And I can’t believe writers showing this as romantic.

  8. Hi Mii, i too miss kanUm chemistry, started to watch the show for the leads later identified a unique concept.
    They gonna show things which I ?
    I think, we can watch tonight bidaai from pushkar, Meena, bhabho n kanak dance and of course vansh dance though it was funny

    1. Hi bhaana, true as u said vl watch today’s bidayi episode. It’s a family emotional episode. Vl not miss it today. From next vk only written as don’t feel good to see KanUm undergoing so much of stress….

  9. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! One of the best episode of TSMSPJ! I really like the conversation between Bhabo and kanak! Now Kanak will show the right path to Uma!

  10. I partly agree to your point fatma yes any mother wants their children to be happy and massisa getting agitated and want to take revenge on kanak is understandable becos she has sent uma to jail any mother will react like this only but massisa being a dharam follower she made a big blunder of forced marriage she is an experienced lady being a women she supported uma ‘s wrong way isn’t it adharam to force a girl to marry against her wish.That is the biggest mistake she did she could have adviced uma she could have convinced him that she will ask kanak rishta for him what is necessary to forcefully marrying her thier family self esteem is important they didn’t bother about her self respect her choice that’s what disturbing me.Till now massisa didn’t apologize for the crime they committed to kanak family .Now massisa using a small kid to defeat kanak is not acceptable becos again its against dharam I am really shocked with massisa behaviour her character was a strong one till now .Now they are going to destroy her character showing that she will plot against kanak.Yes kanak has done many mistakes for getting the shop i agree but she misunderstood uma in that shop matter so she misbehaves with him.Once she knew the truth she accepts her mistake and apologize and now she is ready to accept the relationship

    1. I agree with your points Divyaa, I’ve just replied to the YouTube link posted on here. I really respected Maasisa’s character, using a child would be completely against her dharam & therefore completely out of character but I guess that’s why they showed her taking on the character of ‘kaali’ to protect her family (I did think it was a bit random at the time) but now I can understand why the showed her taking on that form ?

    2. Good morning everyone, yes Divyaa I agree, I don’t like this turn of events with Massisa using shiv as a pawn. She claims to love all the children’s in the house , & this is really out of order. She is just trying to score points as she cannot stand to see the fact that she is loosing control of Uma. She wants him to continue in the same vain as he has been. Which is very sad.

      This begs the question does she not know that smoking is worst for you health than tea. Even Uma who is a doctor should know that.

      This saas bhu stuff was going to happen sooner rather that later.

      I enjoyed yesterday’s episode & felt that bhabho gave Kanak some good advice,but poor Kanak is against the whole familiy.

    3. Well said, they r gonna ruin massi character as they did with payal, so many ways to show her anger towards kanak.

  11. Yes bhaana, now there will be so many villains it’s Kanak vs maasi, Payal n her mom,Palomi,Suman.. feel very sad?

    1. True Yaar, too many villains??

      New promo is out, I saw it in an instagram account

    2. Oh dear thanks for this promo……this is wt I was explaining before that there is always u need someone to get changed or who brings something new in ur life …..whether they teach u a lesson or become blessing for u…..yes I totally against this force marriage bt uma needs a life partner like kanak to modify his character …..so it’s the story of this serial n then they become like diya aur bati…..I just hope wtever evil happen or come in kanak life bt uma ll support her if he doesn’t then nobody wud like to watch this serial…..so best of luck

  12. Hi frnds. I loved the conversation between kanak and bhaabo. Bhaabo advice to kanak is correct. Kanak should mould uma and show him correct path so that kanak does not loose her identity rather than accepting his chavunistic rules. Yesterdays conversation between bhabo and kanak clearly shows that the serial is not promoting any abuse on women, here kanak is not accepting uma as he is she is gonna change uma and then accept him completely and become diya aur baati. I loved uma shankar views on dowry and he considers kanak as very valuable. Bhabo said correct uma’s heart is full of love for kanak.

  13. Waiting for today’s written update ..please post it tellyupdate..

  14. Where is today’s update…

  15. please post yesterday update

  16. OMG Masisa & Paullomi turning negative against Kanak Feel all are against her except Saras & Shiv Just Umashanker supports Kanak against all evil that is going to happen on her return Hopefully bring them closer too ?? Read somewhere Vansh will meet Saras & decide to marry her to take revenge against Uma ?

  17. Waiting for written update of yesterday

  18. Guys have u seen the new promo, BTW nothing new as we know the track, but kanak looks so pretty…

    As per star plus schedule today 7.00-8.00 is given for tsmsp, r they going to telecast it repeat r any chance of mahaepisode….

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