Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak and Uma’s Wedding Finally

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabho tells Kanak, Uma, Saras, and Suman that everything is fine now, let us go home. Kanak tries to sit into Uma’s car. Bhabho stops her and says she is not yet married to Uma. Kanak makes garland of her dupatta and says here is the bride and groom and tries to garland Uma, but Bhabho stops her. Kanak says she accepts Uma as her husband and no one will come between them. Uma says she accepts Kanak as his wife and he will not let any other problem in his life except Kanak. Kanak acts as fuming and says she will marry Uma today itself.

They all go to temple. Kanak and Uma sit in front of fire and pandit starts chanting mantras. Kanak asks if she can start pheras soon. Bhabho says this is first bride who wants to go to her in-laws soon. Pandit asks them to exchange garland and then finish pheras, put mangalsutra in Kanak’s neck and apply sindhoor on her forehead and finally pronounces them as husband and wife. Everyone congratulate them. Bhabho gives them good news that they have become both phupa and phupi and mama and mami as Saras is pregnant. Everyone congratulate Saras next. Kanak sees Uma tensed and asks if he is not happy. He says he is and hopes problems does not creep again.

Kanak and Uma reach home and someone sends them a big gift box. Someone peeps via a hole in box and watches them. Maasa goes to bring aarti thali. Kanak asks Uma to lift her. He hesitates. She acts as falling unconscious. Maasa and Suman go to bring water for her. She opens eyes and says Uma she is giving him chance to lift her and asks to hit rice bowl from her leg when Maasa brings it. Maasa returns. Uma says Kanak collapsed due to weakness and will fine fine soon. He walks lifting her.

Babasa distributes sweets to whole neighborhood and tries to feed sweet to Bhabho. Bhabho shyingly says kids are in front. He says they are becoming greatgandparents and very few get this chance. Purab congratulates Payal for becoming chachi. Bhabho says Ved is elder than Vansh for 3 seconds, so Payal is taimaa. She says she will finish Saras’ goad bharai ritual tomorrow. Payal says it is done after 5 months. Bhabho says she cannot wait for 5 months. Payal looks jealous.

Uma and Kanak return to their room. Uma taunts that Kanak has put on weight, so his hands are paining. She says his biceps have become weak. Their romance starts. Someone peeps from gift box. They get suspicious and ask who is it. Aditya gets out of box and says sorry to disturb them, he just wants to serve them and will promise that he will not call Kanak as chipkali. They both laugh. He gifts them watermelon, does his usual jokergiri and leaves. Uma and Kanak hug each other and their romance starts.

Precap: During Saras’ goad bharai ritual, her swinger breaks and she falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mavisboamah

    Am really mad ? with what cvs did I already knew they were not going to show romance between them when I saw kanak wearing that dress as she was supposed to wear a sari for their first night but I force myself not to believe it are they gonna make us wait for 4yrs like kumkum bhagya before the show consummation between the leads wow ? this is not done am really upset ?

  2. I m very disappointed with the writer why shot that song if u were not going to show….in all serials they show romance n romantic song between the couple wts the wrong with this pair…..it was not tht vulgar the way other shows present like ekta kapoor serials boring storyline. …..oh god thts why I hate her all serials. ….bt this was a nice scene n naughtiness. …..bad track itne strecth kr doge ki insaan budha ho jaye aur good track ko bas fast track pr chala tha ok ur speed is okh bt if u play the song then wud have happened. .

  3. Meera ka bedroom scene toh bahut ache se filmaya tha aur song bhi dekho aang lga le muje aang…..tb family ka khayal nhi aaya….kanak uma ka yeh song dikhane se kya gabbar aa jata..

    1. Mellu

      haha yes you are right

  4. Thank you very much for the updates. Much appreciated. Take care & be well!

  5. I am totally disappointed I ranted with my tweets as much as I can today didnt expect such a episode from our CVS. ??is this called Suhagrat sequence so my doubt is getting confirmed now. I first doubted is this dress for Suhagrat sequence now my doubt is confirmed this is not Suhagrat or consummation sequence this was just KanUm reunion. But why they edited the song it was so cute and decent na. CVS are playing with our emotions they are becoming ruthless now. They want only trp not bothered about kanum fans expectation. I feel something fishy here is this called a Suhagrat sequence not at all hope we get a proper sensuous Suhagrat soon for our sizzling couple kanum. This can’t be accepted as Suhagrat sequence. ?

    1. Yes dear really disappointed ??.

    2. Meera1

      I feel your pain Divyaa, months & months we have waited for this month… what I can’t get my head round is surely the trps for the show are linked to kanums romance so why are these stupid cvs limiting the romance scenes ??

      1. Yes Meera Trp are linked with kanum romance dear. Now CVS are hell bent to get back Trp first then we will surely get our expected kanUm sensuous romantic moments. So we all need more saayam to wait for the moments which we are yearning for. I am damn sure this is not Suhagrat or consummation sequence because no hindi serial show consumation of the leads so early. Yday was just to show kanUm reunited so hope after Trp stabilize we will surely get a steamy romance of KanUm like SooSan of DABh. In fact this couple chemistry is more so we will get more sensuous hopefully. Now TRP only matters.

  6. Today’s episode is over or first night is over??. Really confused… I think they edited kanak dance. I thought she is wearing some short dress inside and this full covered costume will be removed by romance.(Rhea mostly used short dresses during Bangkok track). It will be more nice if she was wearing a traditional north Indian Saree. (Because during old kaanum time camera focused her beauty many times via saree only).Muscleman is also with kurtha. I thought he will be shown in bare chest. (Because with MM they showed unnecessarily). Hope tomorrow’s episode won’t start with a sunrise??.
    Disappointed with show quality because our kaanum marriage is showed without ved payal babasa purab massa and shiv.

  7. From your comments I am understanding suhagrat sequence is over. So nothing is there tomorrow ??.only abortion and new enemies entry??. Cvs am speechless…words are not enough to express my pain. Even I sent my son to park for enjoying this kaanum romance.☹☹

  8. Candiva007

    I’m sure Payal had something to do with the swing falling down.

  9. Meera1

    I am angry at cvs too… how could they ruin this moment for us. They rushed through the wedding sequence – which was a bit of a relief, as at least this time round they managed to marry without any hurdles…. but instead of providing us with the union we were looking for we got to see Aditya arriving in a Bix & ruining kanums romantic moment. I get that there’s a need for light heartedness & Aditya’s acting did made me laugh – but surely the sequence should have been dedicated to ‘’kanum’ & their emotions?

    I can’t understand why cvs are hellbent on rushing from one track to another ?, what happened to the original powerful storylines & hard hitting drama they provided.

    Another point I don’t get is how is Saras pregnant when vansh hasn’t been around for ages ?… I thought vansh couldn’t forgive Saras for Uma’s betrayal & that’s why he left home to work away? Or was that just my imagination?

  10. Disappointing episode Yar why they r doing this to us I don’t understand
    No suhagrat no consummation even they edited the song but y ? what was the problem in that song Yar
    And how could saras gets pregnant when vansh is not here from a long time guys
    Sirf Hawa me story bana rhe h
    Massisa ko lane ki jaldi h bas
    V v disappointing n unfair episode

  11. On a positive note at least KanUma are back together Yes it was a fast wedding but guess they had to cease that moment of rejoicing of getting rid of MM Kanak thought if they wait anymore someone will stop or come in their way Guess CV was thinking differently Maybe we will see some cute moments in the future Aditya now resident at KanUma house now If Masisa is coming back there is more trouble in store Saras pregnancy will be short as evil Payal is jealous Where the heck is Vansh couldn’t they wait for him to the gourd ritual?? Saw Avi & family off to London on vacation guess that’s why they speed the marriage scene We will never know On a positive note enjoying the show Keep watching to ??our Trp friends

  12. Badhayi ho dosto badhayi ho KanUm ki shaadi ho gayi… Am really happy today… Loved their nok jhoks and romance… Thank God and thank CVS for not letting Adi spoil their personal time.. so now Saras’s miscarriage will be the next track but KanUm is together so we can see their romance…love you KanUm???

    1. Ooo sorry i thought that suhagarath is not over and they have just shown a small part of it but now after reading your comments I realised the truth that it’s over…then the episode is painful.. disappointed..

  13. after watching this painful episode i felt like punching my head against the wall what the f**k did cvs just show am waiting for months and imagine how they will consummate this is what cvs gave to us why are they limiting romantic scenes or are they trying to spare Rhea sharma as she is to young and besides Avinesh is much older and also a married man if that is the case then cvs must be insane they knew what they were expecting before accepting their roles. thus is a total disappointing if not the fact that i dont want the show to go off air i would have stop watching . but i cant since am addicted to the show already which makes my mum think am crazy for a black american girl to be addicted to hindi movies my mum think am mad. but for trp sake i wont stop watching , guys dont expect any consummation scene tomorrow cause it over i dont want any one to raise their hope of expecting something romantic.

    1. Mavis we all agree was expecting more today Romance and some sensual scene but kinda of a let down Hope they make up the future episodes Feel it nothing to do with Rheas’s age or Avi being a married man didn’t they show that Ramba scene in the beginning where Avi was showing his body & Rhea on the bed & the dance prior to that in the rain Well only the writers & director know why Is it not allowed on Star plus ??Dont know their restrictions for viewers Yes regardless am addicted to the show just love their chemistry & eye contact beautiful ?

      1. Vj we are not expecting a full marriage consummation scene. That nobody can do. Rhea’s age…Avi being married… restrictions….??…what you are saying I didn’t understood. Then why they showed MM wedding anniversary night ?. I switched off the TV that day. We are loving their chemistry and both are brilliant performers. In yesterday’s episode rhea looked cute and Avi looked handsome…Instead it looks more sensuous if she is in saaree and he without shirt. Actually our show lacked the soul. Minimum give one episode with Kanak and uma only. Seeing them together itself will create romantic ambience. Everything is in hurry mood…saras is pregnant without vansh?. Sorry if I said anything wrong.

      2. Vj, Oh dear am really sorry. I read your comments in between busy works. So i misunderstood your comment. Next time I’ll be carefull.
        @mavis it’s not like that. Rhea and Avi are extremely talented and dedicated actors. They are giving their best. That’s y we are feeling magical chemistry. Actually i don’t know wat happened these days .As divya said I think it’s because of the trp reasons. Maybe future episodes will clear everything.

    2. Mavis don’t get upset dear now trp matters CVS are desperate to get Trp so at this juncture Suhagrat wont fetch trp. And we all know so series show leads consumation this much early. So yday was KanUm reunion moments. As and when trp gets stabilize then we will surely get more sensuous moments of KanUm like rambha charitha. So now we all need saayam and pray for trp increase if that’s done then surely we will get a sensuous romantic Suhagrat of KanUm soon hopefully.

      1. Divya you’ve tried your best to calm down fans. Believing what you said that it is linked to trp. But is this an early consummation ?. Already one year over dear. Anyway I’ll patiently watch hereafter without any expectations. Expectations only always hurting?.

  14. I think because of low trp cvs postponed kaanum firstnight moments.☹. So for that I suspect that water melon contains sleeping pills.?

  15. swati pathak

    Hi again off air news why

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