Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Faints In Laboratory

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dr. Madhavi asks Kanak to inform Surbhi’s parents that their daughter in coma. Kanak says she cannot. Madhavi asks to choose any other career then instead of paramedics, hands over her files and leaves. Kanak peeps into Surbhi’s room and gets emotional thinking she was fine till yesterday. At home, Mausa acts as scolding Maasi and asks where did she go after Uma dropped her in market, Uma himself saw her getting into auto. She hides something Mausa snatches it, and black jamoon fruit falls down. Nanda says Uma likes jamoon and since in Gandhi market, they were not good, she went to another market to get jamoon. She says everyone deserves a second chance, even Kanak did. Mausa asks Uma not to trust Nanda and concentrate on Kanak’s studies, she must be waiting for him at college. Uma leaves. Nanda smirks and thins it is not easy catch Nanda.

Kanak hears Surbhi’s father yelling she is menace for them, she got pregnant before marriage and had to be aborted, if they had gotten her married before, they would not have face so much humiliation. Kanak walks in and asks not to worry, Surbhi went into coma and don’t know when she will wake up. She hands over file to father and runs from there emotionally. She enters class and thinks she should focus on class. Madhavi tells Surbhi is a guinea pig for them and can be experimented the way they like, can anyone suggest how to get her out of coma. Yug says shock therapy. Kanak says Surbhi cannot be into coma as she was aggressive yesterday and tells Surbhi that she is not a bad girl. Yug taunts Kanak if she will use filmy drama and drops Surbhi’s hand. All students laugh. Madhavi scodls Kanak instead that she does not need nonsense in her class. Parag smirks and thinks Kanak’s goodness and overemotions are her enemies and weakness.

Back at home, Uma makes notes for Kanak. Kanak says what is the use of paramedics when they cannot save anyone and explains Surbhi’s case and she being used to experiment. Uma says medical profession is this way, they have to experience life and death each second, until soul leaves body, doctors have to work hard to save patient’s life, so she should concentrate on studies and forget rest. he teaches her how to tie bandage.

Next morning, Kanak walks into college greeting everyone and greets Madhavi. Madhavi yells she came with bouquet today and other day was kissing her husband in college, doe she time away from romance. Kanak thinks this bouquet is for someone else.

Tiara yells at waiter that she does not need oily food. She sees a note to come into parking lot for surprise. She sees milk shake on car’s bonnet and picks it. Aditya jumps in front of her with flowers. Tiara says she likes them, but he has to tell their names first. He says he stole it from Kanak for her as Kanak’s choice is best. Tiara says this is not her choice. Aditya asks to experiment on him, he does not mind. She says they are not compatible for each other, so bye bye.

Kanak shows lilies to Surbhi and says beautiful flowers for beautiful girl, they don’t shed if they are taken care of, she is sure Surbhi will get well soon. Nurses discuss Surbhi is just a living dead body. Kanak says bye, she will go to her class now. Parag walks in and says she gets attached to patients very well, she should not forget this quality and thinks in these stupid things, she will not get time to study and that is what exactly he wants.

Yug teams up with other students to prank Kanak. KAnak walks into dark lab and gets afraid seeing a man’s dead body. Students shout. She runs away shouting and clashes Madhavi and says she heard voice from dead body. Students greet Madhavi and says let us start class. Madhavi says they will dissect this patient and remove all vital organs. She asks Kanak to market heart and remove it. Kanak nervously tries to mark and collapses in feaar.

Precap: Uma confronts Parag that boy’s poison effect had gone down after antidote, how did his condition get critical then. Parag asks Madhavi to test Kanak and fail her today itself. Madhavi tells Kanak that test is at 4 pm. tonight.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. When is this Kanak going to figure out this Parags evil motives & idiotic Madhavi too ????Just can’t understand what Masisa plans are along with all these stupid people who are guess are assisting her Ut was nice to hear the shows original song after a long time

    1. Agree vj good to hear the original track after a long tym bt don’t u think now the magic is missing or not suiting with the current storyline
      Even am not able to understand what will be the end of story how they wind up the current track in such a short time period

  2. Why paramedic student have to learn how to remove organs and all?

    1. Same thing came in my mind too
      What’s going on don’t know ?

  3. Hem

    How serial going to end, will nandaexpose hardly 15 days are left dont know what cv mind , still umakan not consume marriage even

    1. Marriage consummation over…as a commonsense any couples (this much romantic loving hottest beautiful) will spoil these days of marriage ?? . Kanak became uma’s that day itself when meera got arrested. Still don’t know why the makers ruined this beautiful screenplay.

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