Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Returns Her Mangalsutra To Uma

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma hides behind cupboard when he hears Bhabho and Kanak entering room. Bhabho asks Kanak to freshen up and exchange her clothes while she attends guests. Kanak locks door with teary eyes, removes her jewelry, and then loosens her blouse when Kanak stops her and throws dupatta on her. Kanak asks why did he come here without her permission, she understands his dirty intention. He says if his intention was dirty, he would not have stopped her. He asks why did he hide here then. He says he wants to see her happy. She asks like this, even a kind will not get convinced with his answer, he should go right now. He says he will, but wants to see what they see sometimes are their imagination.

A kid tells Bhabho that Kanak wants to know where is her laptop. Bhabho says in pooja room. Kid goes and informs Akshay. Akshay gives choc to kid and picking laptop bag thinks tool for Kanak’s destroyal is in his hands, now Uma should get ready to accept defeat. He gets into Meera’s car and giving her laptop bag says she can steal Kanak’s digital signature and destroy her. Meera happily opens laptop bag and sees sweet box in it instead. Uma calls Akshay and asks to have sweets. Akshay asks how did he take laptop. Uma says he heard his conversation with the kid and since he is sanskari, he sent sweet box instead of empty box, after 2 days he will not find even Kanak. Akshay angrily disconnects call. Meera says she did not think Uma is so smart. Uma thinks he got this smartness from Kanak and should have to save Kanak.

Saras walks into Kanak’s room and says she was packing her bag and found mangalsutra, looks like history is repeating, she should listen to Uma at least once before taking any decision and should not hurry. Kanak sadly walks to backyard and sees Uma preparing tea for guests, thinks he loves her so much even now that he is preparing tea for guests when he himself never tasted tea in life. Matjaa re Mat jaa….song plays in the background… He walks to her and frees her stuck dupatta. She asks why he is doing all this, cutting vegetables and doing servant’s job. He says he cares for her. She says her husband will and he should not, she came to return one last thing and returns mangalsutra to him. She says she is starting a new life and does not have place for old memories and wants to free herself forever. She leaves while Uma looks at mangalsutra. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Uma keeps mangalsutra in front of shivji’s photo and says he knows howmuch Kanak values this mangalsutra, he wants to explain her that her marriage is a trap and she should stay away from it. Saras walks in and says maybe people not trust him, she trusts him a lot and knows he cares for Kanak, once Kanak tried to stop his marriage and today he is doing same, she just can pray that truth wins.

Akshay wears sherwani and asks Aripita how is he looking. She says super cool, he is so lucky that he is getting world’s best girl Kanak. He says why don’t she say Kanak is lucky to marry him. She says Kanak is going through so many things, but is handling work so well, even Akshay cannot handle it so well. Akshay fumes and once she leaves shouts Kanak kanak..he hates her. Meera calls and asks if he got laptop. He says not yet.

Uma asks Aditya if he has kept laptop safely. Aditya disguised as lady says he has kept it safe, why he is so worried about laptop. Uma says he wants Kanak safe at any cost. Aditya says true love. Meera orders Akshay that nobody can stop Kanak’s destroyal now.

Precap: Aditya gives laptop to Meera. Meera says she will take Kanak’s digital signatures and trap her in bribery case, nobody can her now. Uma sees Akshay and Meera missing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Really Aditya you betrayed uma like that why didn’t we even taught of this before Aditya is the same guy who once wanted to kill kanak and why will he help uma protect kanak, the devil is always a devil??? so now three villains in kanak life ? this is to much

    1. Sometimes I feel it’s a trick from Uma. Because Uma knows if they do not get the laptop, Akshey and Meera will do any harm to destroy Kanak. It may be done by Uma to protect Kanak or to get proof against or to cheat them also.

      1. Feel Uma tricked Adi too that laptop may not belong to Kanak Can’t trust Adi at times See Saras is on Uma’s side ?

      2. really loving this smart moves of Uma. he is been smart always but these tricks to save Kanak is really loving and caring. Love you so much Uma.

  2. Bhaana

    Episode is good with kanum emotional part n less of evils…
    Avinesh n Rhea are best in their roles??
    Uma preparing tea in Kanak marriage function, hum kya chahte te our aap kya dika diya ? ?
    It’s good atleast focused on kanum emotional moments today…pls no hide n seek game of many rounds, look at the trp CVS need to fasten kanum reunion…
    Akshay intro decreased the trp same as in Meera intro…
    Pls don’t irritate the audience with mismatched couple dance tomorrow??

    1. Bhaana kanum ka romance dekhna tha aur chai ki recipee dikha di?
      Bt I think at this situation we can’t expect any kanum moment yr
      Seems like we have to wait some more time?

      1. Bhaana

        Agree Shreya, We got kanum emotional moments that’s enough now, I wished to see any connection of uma being present in her room during haldi any shiv sanket instead put an end to their relationship by returning her mangalsutra to uma.so little depressed

    2. Dont know why there is no Kanum dance even in dream. they should have given one atleast for trps but CVs hell bent on getting low trps and avoiding all kanum romantic moments.

  3. Maybe either original laptop is with uma or he changed the password. He won’t believe adithya completely. Today’s emotional scene was awesome. Rhea and avi ???. Please don’t drag the story. It’s enough. End MM track.Missing old kaanum.I want to see them together. It’s really painful to watch this show. I don’t know even Hindi but am a regular viewer of this from first episode.

    1. Without knowing Hindi you r following the show from beginning great yar?

      1. Thanks dear shreya. Actually my 5 yr old son showed this serial promo to me in between changing his cartoon channels . Beautiful rhea preparing jilebi… He told me “mom I want to marry a girl like her “?.I love this show. Now am understanding Hindi little bit.This written update is very helpful.I love to read viewers comments also,especially divya.

      2. Bhaana

        Hi Malu, my best wishes to your naughty boy? so sweet…??

  4. Hem

    I think marriage will happen 25 apr,first marriage also happened same date till time they drag episode

  5. Well now the mangalsutra is in Shivji’s hand he will decide rightfully who it belongs to which couple too ??? ( Kanak & Uma) Some miracle will happen

    1. Yes vj it’s not only mangalsutra it’s our superhero Yar it will unite our kanum
      Again this mangalsutra will play an important role?
      I think v should b positive now cos it’s symbol of kanum love n bholenath blessings

  6. nice episode…. cvs plzz end this track soon….want to see our old kanum…

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