Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Breaks Hospital Rule to Help Old Woman

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak walks to laboratory and seeing skeleton gets afraid, but thinks he has to be courageous and walks towards it. On the other side, collapsed child father yells at Uma that he killed his son. Uma does CPR, and child breathes. Uma says poison effect is diluted to much extent, they have to take child to hospital now and rushes child in his mobile ambulance. Kanak looks at skeleton and reading book feels each bone. She identifies femur and thinks what shoulder bone’s name, scapula. These names are weird, if she remembers one word, she forgets other. Aditya disguised as tea seller offers her tea. She says she does not need. He asks to try bhabhi saa. She identifies him. He says he befriended canteen owner to be around her to help when needed. She says he is doing it for Tiara. He accepts. Their drama continues.

Uma rushes child to Parag’s Hospital and tells doctors that he gave antidote to child, they should keep him under observation. Parag asks him to relax, his doctors are expert and kid will be discharged by tomorrow. Uma thanks him. Kanak sees him and asks what is he doing here. He briefs about the kid and Dr. Parag’s assurance. Dr. Parag calls doctor and asks to not vacate kid’s bed for 2 weeks and frighten parents with unnecessary complications. Uma asks Kanak if she does not have class. She says she saw him and came out.

Kanak gets back to studies sitting in cafeteria. Aditya flirts with Tiara. Kanak then hears peons shouting at a patient and walks out. She sees peon not allowing old arthritic patient to use wheelchair as she is seeking discharge beforehand. Kanak brings her scooty and asks patient to sit on it. Professor Divya asks what is happening here. Kanak explains situation. Divya says she is breaking rules. Kanak drops old woman out on her bike while Divya and her team fumes.

Payal goes for checkup again and says she will show reports to her family doctor. Doctor gets tensed and warns her not to take other doctor’s treatment, else she will not be responsible if anything happens. Payal gets afraid. Nurse tells doctor that they are giving fibroid treatment to Payal to make her feel pregnant falsely, they have to change report. Uma reaches Payal’s house and congratulates Bhabho. Ved prints report and shows it to Uma, but before he sees it, Payal enters and stops him saying she is getting treatment via city’s best doctor and does not need his help. Ved takes her into room and scolds. Payal yells she does not want Uma to treat her as nobody trusts him. Uma hears that. Bhabho apologizes Uma, and he leaves.

Aditya binge eats in tension. Suman asks why is he eating junk. He says tomorrow Kanak has test, and if she fails, she has to get out of hospital and even he has to. Suman asks why don’t he help her. He walks towards Kanak’s room and hears her jumping in happiness shouting she remembers all bone names. He opens door and asks how. She shows shirtless Uma with bone names written on his body. She recalls all bone names. Uma says he will go and bathe now. Aditya asks to wait till tomorrow. Drama continues..

Precap: Nanda stops auto to go to Prathistha Hospital, but when Uma asks lies that she is going to market. Uma drops her to market and watches her hiding. She gets into another autho and heads towards hospital.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. First of all very sorry Shreya!! I couldn’t comment coz m busy with my exams+ some crucial things going on in my family…But I do regularly watch d episodes on hotstar nd whenever I get time,I also watch d show on TV…
    Coming back,where s d story going??5 entries since last week?? I never signed to c any xyzt..The New entries r very dominant since d last week??…Maasisaa was never liked by d trp audience after her character was given a typical sadistic turn…Instead when CVs increased Aditya’ s parts,the audience gained Interest but d sad part is again he s only being used on comedy scenes..Kanum scenes were good today and Aditya’s parts made me laugh but it was only d last 3 min nd some 1 min in d beginning… Since d last week,Kanum scenes looked bad…The plot s totally lost ..The writers started too many arcs but haven’t closed any till now…Many imp characters r missing in d show….Trp s poor and d reasons of dis s very clear.. Won’t comment anything on d offair news coz still nothing looks confirmed…

  2. Hem

    Maker very disappointed with this track, what isnanda plan i hope we can see another seaon

  3. Meera1

    Hi Shreya & all my fellow tsmsp fans… I am still here getting increasingly frustrated by the never ending list of vamps…. ek ke baad ek villain ki entry ?.

    I am enjoying the current track. I feel the show is doing well in conveying a strong message about medics exploiting their patients… but I can’t excuse the fact that there are lots of inconsistencies … Uma recently spoke about his friends and studying, whereas previously he was portrayed as a loner who was cut off from the outside world and the 21st century ?How did Uma jump from being an Ayurvedic Doctor to a fully qualified one ?.

    I probably sound like a broken track, but for me Tsmsp’s charm was in the fact that it stood out from the crowd. I loved Uma’s unique personality, the entire backdrop of traditional outfits, and simple living including the original decor of the Toshniwal house… I soooo miss all of that originality ?.

    1. Hi Meera good to see u dear n I agree with u I too miss the originality of the show
      When it started everything was so good every character was well suited for the role
      Their outfits acting all superb n Uma house was v beautiful yr
      I still remember that kitchen setup chulha bartan n all
      And how can we forget the beautiful interior of umas room n bathroom
      Everytime they used to show us different kinds of candles n lights
      Har scene me ek alag sa decoration
      How lovely it was
      That melodious heart touching music n chemistry of our duos
      Bt sab khtm ho gya
      I just wish sirf uma ki thinking chAnge hoti or kuch nhi

  4. Nothing interesting just pass. Just few characters there. Now they dont show Saras also, she also left the show wih her hubby Vansh. And Payal is duffer no idea what she is doing.She doesn’t have sense after few months people will ask why can’t see any sign of preggers.It looks like whole hospital is corrupt. And till date no one can find anything wrong.

  5. Hi Neha thanks for coming on the page dear I was missing all the old buddies as it seems off air news is confirmed n I will miss all of u ?
    Hope ur exams going good n wish all ur family issues resolve soon
    Take care frnd n all the best ?

  6. Hi bhaana I saw ur comment on last page thanks for replying
    I love u too dear ?

  7. Agree with you all too many new entries in the show Though I do like Kanak going back to college & Uma helping her But what happened to his K&U company??Why he is so fixated on doing this ambulance bike He was better doing his Ayurvedic clinic at home Kanak is already a government employee Hate that female teacher ? never in my life come across a rude teacher Now Masisa is at the same hospital??As for Payal she is cuckoo in her head Sad to see Trp was low Have people given up so soon Love the chemistry of KanUma Would like to see them being parents at least Will watch till the end

  8. Hem

    All fans of tsmsp its time 4 star parivar award very soon so pls vote our fav jodi & serial as much as show love for our fv jodi & serial

    1. Of course hem bt pls do share link guys
      May be few of us don’t get tym to search things online so they can easily get to know when & where to vote for our fav couple
      Gud day frndz

  9. It’s my request to u all meera neha vj bhana divya hem shreya plz keep voting n tell the other show n star plus channel team that how much so love this show n start cast they truly deserving for an award…..till the result come we can’t give up…..

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