Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma Visits The Rathis

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rathi family celebrate Teej festival. Vikram makes Meena swing on a swinger. Meena says she feels as if they are still young. Vikram says they can go to mount Abu for honeymoon. She asks lying Bhabho. Rani stops Golu and shows her earrings. He says they are looking beautiful on her. She says his half promise is still left, he has to dorn her earrings in front of everyone. Ved and Vansh rush in auto to meet Kanak. Vansh tells Ved that Kanak was forcefully married. Kanak get out of auto and walks a bit paying driver, she returns and picks Uma’s garland. In temple, Babasa makes Bhabho swing on a swinger and says Kanak will return today. Vikram says his memory is returning. Babasa says Kanak is Suraj and Sandya’s entity. Bhabho says Ved and Vansh are Suraj and Sandhya’s entity and she will not give that right to anyone else.

Kanak reaches home and is surprised to see partition missing. Ved and Vansh enter singing family song. She replies and hugs them. They inform that whole family is united and Meena removed partition. Kanak asks if they are playing prank. They say Meena hated partition since the beginning. Kanak jumps in happiness and says she is very excited to meet family, let us go to temple where family is enjoying Teej festival.

Pavan tells family that they all are swinging their wife on a swinger, what about him and asks Rani to sit on swinger. She sits hesitantly. He pointing at Golu and ask to help him. Vikram asks Golu to help. Golu takes over. Rani says she is feeling really happy and wants to take selfie. Meena sees her and says Vikram that she took permission from Rani’s wife to let her work after marriage, but she has become permanent member and her husband did not even come once to meet her. Golu imagines Meena as soldier and punishing him and Rani.

Kanak walks through market with Ved and Vansh and looks at Kaank misthan bhandar. Vansh says Bhabho will be happy that her shop is hers forever and Kanak is her Shravan. They reach temple and are shocked to see Bhabho doing Uma’s aarti.

Precap: Ved warns Uma to return from their house before they insult him. Kanak says she has her whole family here, she does not consider his gathbandan//bonding. He removes her veil from lamp and says Teej lamp will blow off. She blows it off and says it has now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi MA thanks for yr update. Pls update all conversations happening in the serial. Wat kanak recollects abt her past n after they reach mandir,Wat do they talk about?..thank you

    1. Yes ..i too want every single conversation s in serial..as i dnt know hindi cant understand some dialogues while watching it..thanks tellyupdate n MA ..u r providing update by giving some important dialogues really thnks for dat..but we want every single conversations in serial..pls pls consider d request..thanks

  2. Reunion of siblings yesterday very emotional to see such a bond between them .Kanak is back to her family .Now its clear that she started to have some feeling towards uma that keeping varmala safe is the first indication of falling for uma then defending for uma slight change in her mind from daku Singh to nice man of keeping promise so this shows she is admiring and respecting uma .Saaiyam (lol) this shows she is also influenced by uma in this one month surely she will become a perfect wife for uma very soon.Seeing the changes in kanak vansh is so worried and agitated he is afraid whether she is loving for uma or she may soon fall in love .Uma ‘s guts what to say he did such a crime and he is ready to face the consequences that shows the deep love he has on kanak he is ready to face any situation and humiliation to win back kanak.But poor kanak she is very innocent and young she didn’t understand uma ‘s silence she thought he will free her from this bond but uma is a very stubborn and very clever person his silence is more dangerous than his speech i think kanak will understand it soon .Did bhabo takes arathi for uma as kanak ‘s husband or as Dr.Umashankar .Today we will see the actual tashan of kanak and uma

  3. I have been away, so have just caught up on the last few episodes & wow, the story is progressing well…. kanak’s has finally acquired the shop! Im not sure what this means for Uma & Kanak’s relationship it’s obvious the two of the them have a connection (once again excellent chemistry from the leads ?)…. & Uma is definitely not going to let kanak go so easily as he sincerely believes that she is the ‘chosen one’ for him. kanak is quite rightly angry with Uma for the forced marriage & now that she has the back up from her brothers is no longer going to put up with Uma…. we’ve seen a jhalak of kanak’s feelings for Uma…. looking forward to love & understanding blossoming between them ❤️. No doubt they are going to be facing lots of hurdles along the way

  4. I personally feel sorry for Uma in the promo & what’s to come…. when kanak ran away & left him, Uma accepted her decision & gave her a choice to leave even when she returned, without knowing kanak’s agenda…. he has accepted her as his wife….I absolutely loved the Kerala scenes, & the ‘nokh jokh’ between them there…. looking forward to more of those moments as the story progresses . I just hope kanak realises her feelings for Uma….& that Uma makes his feelings for kanak clear so that Paloumi can go take a hike & realise she can never take kanak’s place.

  5. This episode has mixed feeling of everything like humour,emotions,surprise etc …what a performance by the entire team.lov u tsmsp.. ..day by day story is getting so interesting.. Kanak actions n her nature of delivering dialogues is so superb..reunion scene of siblings n dat song Wow wat a affection..n bgm is so suitable for every scenes….waiting so so so eagerly for nxt epi…

  6. i thinks it is quiet bad that kanak has used uma and is being mean
    even though they do not get on
    he has fully respected her
    though he should realise that he should not have married her by force and remember that they tied her hands etc…
    he should remember she is 18 and he seems alot older than her.
    she should treat him with some respect as he has given her shop back knowing everything was a lie
    she is slightly childish i guess too
    but it is a good programme for once no vamps or typical stuff
    i think Uma brother is or was married to kanaks cousin which is why he left and the girl that sold it to him is her.

    so she prob is not actually dead but left with him

    i think Uma little sister is annoying

    maybe Uma should stay 20 days with Kanak and learn about her

  7. Wow… reunion of siblings which i have been waiting for a long time, superb na.
    When ved said “mere kun kol rahe ha…”
    i was feeling humara toh kab se vahi haal ha.
    Yes divyaa kanak is childish tat she felt uma will leave her easily, his silence is
    dangerous na.
    Kanak using uma language n took varmala with smile, Good to see the changes in her n feeling for uma.
    Eagerly waiting for today’s epi

  8. Now the is becoming very interesting. This uma is very clever indeed. He acts goody goody in front of everyone but inside he’s a cunning religions man. Just to keep kanak forcefully with him he transferred only half of the property in her name and the rest he kept in his name. If uma truly loves kanak he shouldn’t have forced her to keep the relation by blackmailing her about the shop. This is completely unfair. Now it’s high time kanak should take this matter to the court. When she’ll present all the evidences of fraudery regarding the shop committed by uma(although it was not uma but I still want him to be framed for it apart from his crime of forced marriage) then I’m sure the judge would rule out in her favour. She’ll be the sole owner of the shop. And uma will realize how it feels to be tortured despite being innocent. He needs to come out of his DHARM and get a reality check that KARMA is greater than DHARMA. The makers should stop showing kanak a helpless woman who’s every time giving in to the demands of her clever religious male chauvinist husband. Instead they should portray her as a strong woman who teaches him a lesson and gives him a reality check that relationships are not built forcefully. Uma will then realize his mistake. I hope we get to see this and not kanak fulfilling all of uma’s demands just to keep the shop.

    1. Kanak

      Thank you.Thank you. Thank you. I want him to realize what a horrendous crime he did by kidnapping and binding her to marry her by force. That not raping her later does not make up for that crime. He used her to fulfill his religious beliefs. Then why such outrage that she used the relationship HE forged by force to get her grandmother’s happiness. I hope the show won’t show Kanak falling for him or at least showing her love towards him, before he has full realization of his crime. Ved did right thing as a brother and as a police officer. In real world what Uma is doing now is harassment, chasing a girl who has clearly indicated she does not want him. Why do shows romanticize such situations. Look at all the viewers who justify him and blame the woman constantly saying “but she also cheated him so now she should accept him.” What logic!? He can do a case of fraud on her if needed. Let it go to court that can decide what’s criminal and what’s not. I wouldn’t mind a court drama. Romance is not the be all of this life. And there are many kinds of romance other than Bollywood kind. I think Kanak Uma has potential for a more intense and non typical romance if writers handle it well. Bottom line , don’t justify romance between an aggressor and his victim. That is a disastrous message.

    1. NEW PROMO

  9. HI frnds I just saw a video of arresting uma i think it happens on teej night itself in pushkar ved took this drastic step to separate kanum another scene is kanak is admiring and smiling herself wearing mangalsutra bhabo is noticing her change in her and she got shocked seeing kanak feelings towards uma and this arrest is done without the knowledge of kanak .Even after arrest and humiliation also uma wants kanak back into his life it seems and the news will spread to ladnu so uma ‘s name and respect it at stake so lets see how kanak reacts to it and save uma

  10. Hi friends…Can anyone tell what kanak is telling (thinking)in that arrest promo?

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