Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parag Reveals His Evil Plans Against Kanak

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dr. Parag writes a prescription and asks his junior doctor to keep it in patient’s room, patient is very talented but gets tired easily, so may miss a lot of opportunities in life due to his tiredness. Junior doctor reminisces complaining about tiredness after 48 hours of continuous surgeries. Parag asks if he knows know what to do. Doctor nods yes and leaved. Ambulance driver walks into Parag’s room and praises his intelligence. Parag says Kanak does not know she is falling into his trap, he is sure she will join his medical college for paramedical course and he will not let her pass, so her license will be cancelled automatically. Uma tells Kanak that medical is a tough subject. Kanak says she was impressed with Dr. Parag’s way of handling situation today, she wants to become a good professional like him.

Mausa returns home tired and relaxes on couch. Maasi enters and switching off cooler says her work is mission is still not yet over, he has to make sure Kanak joins only Parag’s Prathistha medical college. Kanak writes city’s 10 best medical college names and explains pros and cons. Mausa walks in. Kanak discusses about Prathishta medical institute. Mausa says she should join only that as he has heard a lot about it. Aditya says when it is in below top 10 list, how can it be best. Uma says it is a reputed college and ratings vary, Parag is dean of this college.

Payal shows Prathishta medical college’s pamphlet and tells Ved she will deliver her baby only here. Bhabho passes by holding almond box. Ved insists to give some. She says she is preparing laddoo. Payal thinks it is for her. Ved asks if she thinks Kanak will become more intelligent with ehr laddoos. Bhabho says nothing is impossible for Sandhya and Sooroj’s daughter, though it may be difficult.

Kanak with Uma and Aditya goes to medical college for exam and tells Uma she got 100% marks in test. Uma says impossible. Aditya says he talks negative always. Admission officer walks in. Kanak says she needs admission. Officers says admissions are full, one last seat was also given 15 min ago. Kanak gets sad. Aditya asks Uma to do something as petu papa/mausa wants her admission in this college. Kanak returns home sad.

Next morning, Uma wakes up and does not find Kanak on bed. He goes searching her. Aditya says he knows where she is, he dropped her to medical college. Kanak enters medical college. Watchman asks to show her ID. She shows self-made ID and says she will get college’s ID by evening. Watchan says she cannot enter without ID. She runs in and getting into class room opens up her own chair and sits on it. Students ask who is she, if she is mad. Professor comes and takes attendance. He asks Kanak her name and why she sitting on hot seat. She says she is Kanak and did not get admission due to 15 minute delay, so she got her own seat. Professor says he cannot teach hr without admission and asks her to go out. She insists to teach her. He calls guard. Kanak runs out and mingles with students in lab. Professor asks ways to make strong bone. She says badam. Student identifies her and says she is Kanak who does not have admission. Professor calls security again. Kanak runs again. Parag notices her and smirks.

Precap: Maasi tells today Kanak’s college is starting, means her plan’s official start. Parag says without admission, he cannot teach her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kanak is government officer so wt need to do this course dnt understand..I think aditya should do this course n kanak uma should help him in his study it ll be more funny……I always telling you please show relevant track bcs audience not tht fool okh….also masisa trun to be positive like adiya…..we dnt need more n more villains this show can hv 500 episodes if they show relevant track which hv social message……plz end yhm show boring serial n give 7:30 slot to this tsmsp. ….

  2. Hem

    What happen with cv show going off air 1 jun how kanak study with 15 days, i really dont understand story, what

  3. Hem

    What is nanda if kanak going to jail , few days are left we can see some romantic sence again they umkan separate?

  4. i dont understand how is the show going to end when kanak just enrolled in to school this shows that the shows was not meant to end at this time and starplus just took a quick decision. dont know how is going to end

    1. The show ending so soon wasn’t in the equation hence CVS is fast forwarding the story Guess these people were already roped into beforehand It sad & a shame Totally hate Star Plus ??

    2. Might be another leap track

  5. Yes it would have been nice to see our couple go on a romantic honeymoon instead of this Just have few more episodes I feel Aditya & Kanak have planned something against Masisa They are still not sure that fat belly pop is his dad & suddenly Masisa is with him constantly she couldn’t stand the guy As for this Doc bet Kanak will find out his motives As for Payal she is oozing with jealousy when Saras got pregnant & was getting all the the attention so she is pretending to be pregnant now so everyone focuses on her There is no pregnancy

  6. Its very boring to watch episodes these days. show is ending y don’t they show few happy moments instead of these baseless track..

  7. Hem

    Yes, parag and massisa have some connection,show going to end why they introduce two more villan parag, masuji anyone know happy ending or sad ending

  8. Guys pls post your humble request to cast our leads Avinesh Rekhi and Rhea Sharma again in another show or another season. It was bad luck we couldn’t travel with our KanUm for some more years. So we shall request them to bring back our leads ??in Shashi sumeet production FB page this can be possible only if many request themhttps://www.facebook.com/ShashiSumeetProd/

  9. Sadiya ma’am looks beautiful?, her new look is soo nice?, Kanak is crazy?.
    I don’t think they will end the show, maybe it’s just to generate a buzz, i hope so???.
    Whatever happens as a fan of DABH and TSMSP, I will watch the show until the end for Avi, Rhea and TSMSP team❤. they diverted us for a year. It’s the least i can do to express my gratitude and my love for the show.

  10. It’s not bad luck but because of crazy fans like you who glorified and supported no matter how nonsensical the track got. Always saying awesome episode no matter how absurd the content got. Showing the leads being to.antic irrespective of how illogical their being together is not the success recipe for this type of show where the usp was mainly the ideology of it’s previous show and the concept of family and simplicity. Unlike those rubbish shows that run just because of fan following of individual actors. Here there was an actual plot that went lost due to demands of romance and drama due to the 7pm slot. Until it was an afternoon show, it was going well.

    1. Sharmila05

      I have never supported illogical and absurd tracks, i have always criticized them and it’s because of that i stopped commenting on the episode because some people wrote aggressive remarks. It’s unfair that they want to end the show prematurely like that?

      1. Sorry this got published under your comment. I wrote it under the comment of another writer here who comments in almost every update and her standard starting is, “fabulous/awesome/spectacular/lovely/beautiful” irrespective of how bad the writing and direction was. And yes, any criticism would be met with hostile remarks of go somewhere else and stop watching the show. Well, guess what, this cast and concept was not meant to work with this usual hind serial crap plots and so now all go watch something else and soon this show won’t be theee not Avi rekhis bare body for some to drool after. And this actors are here to make career and earn money. After this cancellation Rhea Sharma and Avinesh rekhi will never work together again.

  11. Hem

    WE miss our show, belovable jpdi

  12. I just don’t understand one thing that y kanak wants to take admission in this college only if the seats are full they should take it as bholenath sanket n go for another option na
    Bt nhi inki to adat h musibato ko dawat dene ki?
    And y this masisa n parag doing this drama of not giving admission
    Jabki wahi log chahte the kanak yhi admission le

  13. Guys I hv checked in twitter ishqbaaz n naamkaran pair get more vote than tsmsp for best jodi please this time only avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma deserve award I dnt like aditi rathore n divyanka……give lots of vote to ur favorite show n pair……best start caste beti beta award to kanuma…..they did lots of sacrifice n things to safe their own family….

  14. Yeah u r right star award always does injustice with truly deserve actors only avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma deserve an award not other over actors like nakul mehta who imitate like hrithik roshan ……we want to see actors originality which we always notice in avinesh Rekhi he doesn’t need to imitate other he is acting so natural but it sad he never got any award…..for me he is best in everything whether it’s abt expression or his acting skills. .

    1. Yeah u right guys they should cast these lead in another show n plz dnt forget to vote them this show…..

  15. The most stupidous and ludicrous episode in the history of Indian soaps

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