Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Akshay Berates Meera For Humiliating Kanak

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabho warns Uma and Meera to stay away from Kanak and leaves. Aditya thinks till new even Bhabhisa/Meera’s father would not have scolded her like this. Meera walks to her room while Uma follows her. Aditya thinks let him see what bhabhisaa does. Meera takes out Uma’s suit for office. Uma says he needs to talk. She says she can understand first love is Kanak and good he does not have to keep anything in his heart now. Aditya thinks what happened to Meera. Meera gets a call, and she asks to send her in. Kanak walks in and asks why she called her. Meera says when she can enter her husband’s heart, why she is hesitating to enter house. She makes Kanak and Uma sit next to each other and says Kanak can stay in this house from hereon and she has arranged Kanak’s stay in outside, but she has to stay here hiding from society as she will be called Uma’s keep when Uma’s official wife is already present. Uma warns her to stop. She continues she is telling truth, society calls another woman as keep. Uma angrily tries to slap her. She stops him and smilingly says truth hurts. Kanak cries hearing all this.

Akshay walks in and wiping Kanak’s tears asks Meera how dare she is to insult his friend. She says excuse me. He says excused, does she know why her husband goes to Kanak because he does not get the love from Meera, which he gets from Kanak. Meera is just a businesswoman and does not now to love, else would have got her husband’s love in 2 years. He continues blasting her and takes Kanak with him. He asks Kanak to stop crying, nothing wrong has happened. Uma scolds Meera that she stooped low each day, but today she crossed her limits. Meera angrily breaks things shouting Kanak..Kanak..why she troubles her each day.

Kanak returns to her house and cries reminiscing Meera’s words. Bhabho sees someone taking her sweet shops items and runs out. She asks Saras if she sent those items out. She says no. Akshay comes and asks what happened. She says someone took sweet shop items. Akshay asks not to worry, he will do something. Ved comes. Akshay informs him situation and asks to start his car. Bhabho, Saras, and Babasa say they will also accompany. They follow truck and catch its driver. Driver says it is not his mistake, someone ordered him. Bhabho asks who. Kanak says it is her and walks with Arpita. She says tonight is her engagement with Akshay, so sweets are needed for celebrations. Everyone are surprised to hear that.

Precap: Meera greets her aide and says he came so late. Aditya hiding thinks here Bhabhisa’s aide comes, but she forget even devil/him is here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. If kanak know the all truth abt meera then she n uma fight against this evil together but here it’s all uma fault he didn’t tell anything n even didn’t try to find a solution to get out of this situation between 2 years……well very poor storyline……I think suman should do something atleast share her prb with kanak for uma sake. ….she knows uma loves kanak a lot if he can sacrifice his love life for sister then why she cnt take small step for his brother…..I m nt saying she should surrender bt atleast tell kanak wt happened tht day..ptar ne itna thod diya dono ko aur weak kr dita ki dono ke mind hi nhi chal rahe ….meera n akshay kya planning plotting kr rahe hai they r unaware from that…..

    1. I am sure Uma wont be silent anymore once he knows Akshay’s truth. He will bring Akshay truth out and save Kanak. Meera plotted all this with Akshay leaving both Kanak and Uma stunning. Because Uma never ever planned to leave Meera but his confession and his feelings are different now. He knows he need to sort it out and he will. he cant do that before Kanak and Akshay. I am sure Uma sorted lot of things before too in each track. He will sort this out too. Just be patient and watch.

      1. I agree with you Manu. Uma will surely able to find solution to all these problems. Uma won’t spare any one who will play with Kanak’s future like MM and Akshay are doing.
        I am sure Adi will tell the truth of Akshay to Uma to take revenge on MM. Uma will surely try to stop the wedding. KanUm rocks and there are forever.

      2. Loving this track now that Uma confessing his feelings to Kanak. Uma still not sure of Akshay but I am sure he will get to know the truth soon and save his ladylove.

        Then KanUm reunite and fight on these two morons Meera and Akshay.

        Meera dont know the meaning of love and she abusing Uma’s trust. Fitting reply to Meera that she keep going down and down.

        Uma wont spare Meera when he knows her plotting with Akshay.

        Meera deserves lot more punishment waiting for KanUm answer to this lady.

  2. Well I m just reading update wen everything thing ll b fine then for sure ll watch this show on tv..

    1. As some of the Starplus shows are under axe any loyal fan will watch the show on TV if they love the show. Please loyal fans, keep watching the show on TV.
      KanUm reunion is coming near and once they reunited they will fight with MM and Akshay.

      Uma is going to tell everything to kanak but she ran away without listening to him. So it’s not Uma’s fault. Uma will get to bottom of MM and Akshay’s plan and make their plans fail.

      Just waiting for that day to see MM and Akshay’s faces. Kanak and Uma’s love is pure and MM know that. But she deliberately insulting Kanak and Uma for her foolish reasons.
      MM is not at all a woman at all.
      Wish Uma give fitting answer in actions soon.

      1. Dont worry dear, I am watching the show on TV and continually do so.
        Let the bashers bash but they cant do any harm to our show.
        KanUm reunion are bringing the best results and our show keep rocks on.
        KanUm win and Uma bring Akshay’s truth before Kanak.

      2. I am watching on TV too.
        These comments wont make any difference to us loyal fans.

        TSMSP rocks and KanUm rocks.

  3. So finally Meera n Akshay together I must appreciate those who have guessed it right in the beginning
    Initially I was not convinced that Akshay n Meera had any type of connections
    Bt after that Meera n Akshay introduction scene it was all obvious to us & we were clear that Akshay helping Meera in launching the cream
    V poor actor this Akshay is..?

  4. Bhaana

    Uma should take forward his gussa in right way n find out wats going on bw mm n Akshay…too much kichdi n all?
    CVS are making hell of relationship, just stop this…..uma being silent n Kanak taking decision in fear of others….
    Yes, there is only one devil adi…go ahead n out these extra wheels, show them whose son is adi?
    How far have to tolerate these heart breaking episodes, pls find a solution for Suman case n reunite kanum soon ?

    1. Agree bhaana Only adi is enjoyable now a days n he should remove extra wheels ?
      Hmara Uma to kisi Kam ka RHA nhi ab
      Bas shivji k samne Jake gusse me khada ho jata h
      Ab bholenath hi koi chamatkar kare or sanket de
      Missing old days Yar n that melodious music & title songs ?

      1. Bhaana

        Haan Shreya,
        Missing old days n music…
        I have seen some pictures in Instagram regarding outdoor shooting most probably fight sequence so I guess/hope this extra wheels track? is ending soon fingers crossed

      2. Shreya,
        Uma saved Kanak and his family many times. Uma saved kanak from Adi saving her life. He also talked to Massisa in case of Palomi marriage when he realised he cant go through. CVs will drag for their purpose but Uma will do same here. Uma will save Kanka from Akshay and also find a solution to his marriage with MM.
        Adi may bring Akshay’s truth to Uma so that Uma can reveal Akshay’s faked nature before all.

      3. Uma’s jealous and confession are surreal. Agree Akshay and Meera irritate us so much but they are also bringing KanUm together.
        That way I am happy that Uma will come out and save kanak.

        I watch the show for KanUm and their love.
        Even at this test of times my love for them is like as before.

        Love kanUm and their scenes.

        Meera to go out of KanUm lives very soon much to our pleasure.

      4. Yes Rani for me KanUm love is the best of love doesn’t matter how many problems they face it’s there magical and pure.
        Love KanUm and watch the show for KanUm only.
        Love Adi scenes too

      5. Sana I know what Uma have done before for kanak n his family so what kanak also did many things for Uma n his family
        Here we r just talking about the recent track n episodes that Uma should tell the truth to kanak so that she can understand the situation n then she can take a sensible decision for her life
        But I just don’t understand y some people always come with their bahikhata (account books) to encounter others
        Kanak ne ye Kiya tha Uma ne vo Kiya tha
        I mean come on guys sabko pata h kisne Kya Kya kiya

      6. Shreya, it’s Kanak who went away without letting Uma finish telling why he did it. Uma now that confessed he want to say whole thing, he opened to say the same words and Kanak gone. She asked him why why these many days and when he ready to say she didn’t listen.

        She could have waited few more minutes only to listen. Next day Meera surprised both of them that Kanak herself felt pressured to marry Akshay.

        How come Kanak who refused to marry Akshay suddenly took this decision. This is all MM plan same way she framed Uma she is framing Kanak’s life too. Our dear KanUm getting deeper deeper into her deceitful web.

        But I believe in KanUm. Uma will save Kanak then KanUm fight Akshay and Meera together as always.

    2. Bhaana, Uma will take his guss in right away as he always does. Meera cleverly attacked them without giving both kanak and Uma any time to think.
      I am sure Uma will bring out Akshay’s truth before every one and save Kanak.
      At the same time he will find solution to MM. Please keep patience. Everything is going fast and we will soon see KanUm reunited.
      We never thought Uma confess his feelings which he did. He would have told whole truth if Kanak didn’t left but she went way.
      He would have had proper talk with Meera but Meera know it already by Akshay. Isn’t it? Otherwise how come she can call Kanak so quickly.
      After Bhabho left they cam e to the room and had only few minutes talk. Kanak came then.
      It’s all Meera’s plan which Uma will find out and save Kanka. How Uma saved Kanka from Adi, from Kota, from coffin. He always protect her and this time also he will do that.

      Please loyal viewers keep supporting the show positively as there are lot of shows under axe. Bashers will target us.

      The show had really good trp increasing week after week. It will run for many more years.

      So keep watching it on TV and support it.

      Thank you every one

    3. Hi Bhaana….
      I read Kanak gets kidnapped on the day of engagement. May be the outdoor shooting is a fight sequence and Adi gets hurt in the shooting spot. Sad for Adi?

      1. Hi Shalu

        I saw the video. Both Uma and Adi there. So that means Adi helps Uma or inform him. Uma will save Kanak. Looks like this track is going to get over very soon. Very excited for KanUm reunion.

  5. I knew it that Akshay will be with Meera!!!!

  6. Wish CVS clear the complications in relationship soon n bring back old simple story of Uma n Kanak togetherness. end this track soon i want kanum together it’s enough now!

    1. same here i want kanum soon i miss them . i love uma so much and kanak

  7. uma is a first rate coward he does not deserve neither kanak nor meera ..

    such a coward and has no respect for aw either

    he is afraid to hire even the best lawyer in behalf of his sister both he and his stupid sister hidind behind meera back instead of facing law fearlessly

    cowards never can truly love any person ..bcos fear conquers love

    meera just used his cowardsness to marry him bcos she is a oppurtunistic business woman

    if uma was a fearless person meera could not do any thing ..

    1. Absolutely right! He is a horrible male lead, completely a weakling and also extremely idiotic and dumb. A shrewd wonan like Meera should have chosen someone stronger. I hope her Trac k ends with her finding her real soulmate. Because Uma is just an obsession or a zid for her, nothing more. I find her to be a good potential female lead for another story maybe. Ye Kanak Uma to bahut lame ho gayee hain.

      1. exactly uma is a coward ..cant even fight a legal case

        meera is a succeeful woman where she uses her brain to fight many cases like this in real life with cut throat competition . without deceit no business person can succeed in this cut throat competition .uma is just an obsesin for her

        i frankly say if she would have slept with him for few months that obsession would have been over and she would have divoced uma herself bcos he is good for nothing guy ..

    2. Uma is never a coward. A coward never will fight with goons and save his love. Uma saved Kanak from coffin, he also saved from goons when she been in kota. He always admits his mistakes and fixes them.

      He is straight forward person without any fake where as MM is one fake woman trying to frame Kanka and Uma wiht Akshay. But Uma will get to knwo the truth soon and save Kank from Akshay.

      Please be patient and we all get to see KanUm reunion very soon.
      Once Uma saved Kanak, Kanak will help him with MM.

      One day the truth will be out and all problems will be solved.

      1. uma is a coward .fighting with goons wont make u a fearless person

        to fight wih a business woman is real fight it needs bravery from heart ..uma proved he is a coward

        fighting goons just need muscle thats it

      2. Sorry dear, One man fighting with goons need courage. Uma showed courage when he saved Kanak and others from coffin. It’s not every cup of tea. He is smart too the way he played as Harpreeth. He is straight forward person and don’t want to use deciet unnecessarily that doesn’t make him coward at all.
        Uma is a business tycoon and owner of K & U. He takes his own decisions in business. He always wont go with MM. That proves he is smart along with genius in medicall field.

        Uma had his strengths and weakness. Cowardice is never in his dictionary. Concern for his family cant be taken as that.

        Please keep watching Uma will protect Kanak as always and KanUm win over these evil people very soon.

  8. This Uma is doing nothing useless guy, and why did they turn akshay negative could have been better if he was friend of kanak, this serial is full of villains, only adi is good and entertaining nowadays.

    1. Agree with you cvs shouldn’t have trun ashkay character negative he could have been kanak best frnd but I guess for kanak and uma to unite everyone will be trun negative including anyone who comes their way . Ashkay and kanak has that friendship thing ? especially yesterday when they were dancing together ? but as usual cvs ruined his character . It doesn’t always has to be bunch of villains to make a show??.

  9. I was enjoying today’s episode till the end then suddenly Kanak appeared & surprisingly Akshay follows which was very fishy the guy doesn’t even know Kanak & acting over protective It was obvious he was working with MM as he was working on Kanak laptop regarding the cream & bet he approved its marketing without Kanak knowledge I totally dislike him that too he is Arpita brother who was a cop confusing I feel Aditya will the one who will turn positive & inform Kanak or Uma about Akshay & the cream being launched without their knowledge Hope he helps Uma & some one stop this engagement please It looks everyone seems to working for or with MM the woman needs to be arrested for all the evil she is doing why do others even support her Can’t wait to see her leave soon pls MM should have on her tomb stone “World ‘s most evil human being “???

    1. beautiful comment agree with you dear i want to see kanum soon and grand marriage and all family happy they deserve to be happy and the fans too kanum lovers

    2. yes Well saidBholenath save your devotee from all this mess. You the only one who can give strength to fight to Uma for his love and sort out all the troubles. Please let Uma stop kanka’s marriage and win back Kanak’s love and trust so kanUm together can fight back to Akshay and Meera for their love.

  10. akshay he is definitely not what he seems and I think today he defending kanak to impress her.. And it’s just part of meera and akshay plan.. i hope adi do something.. again i love kanum they are the best jodi for me. Go kanum and please end this separation soon if possible. i don’t like this meera track. enough please

  11. Akshay is fake and i guessed it from start. I am sure KanUm will win soon and Uma will stop the Kanak’s marriage. MM and Akshay really irritating me. Please give us more KanUm moments and unite them soon. Pl get to know Akshay and Meera’s plan and break it. We want KanUm reunion. Pl bring Kanak and Uma together soon. i love uma and kanak jodi

  12. so akshay with meera wow smart guy really! and very smart than meera i can’t believe it! . Uma will stop Kanak’s marriage or engagement or not please cvs. don’t do this with fans i beg you i want kanum together Meera is one devious person who won’t listen with words. I am sure uma will find out Meera akshay’s heinous plan of ruining Kanak’s life and uncover their plan before every one. KanUm forever and no one can stop them from reuniting.
    Please unite kanUm and let them fight these morons of the world. Akshay all fake talk of love and behind he is with Meera. Meera is complete fake her love, her face and all. Amidst kanUm are suffering and we are also suffering. please want Uma fight back and stop this marriage then kanUm marriage and unite. Show Suman murdered person still alive and fix all issues of our kanUm soon. i love our show and keep supporting them watching on TV. Please support us giving nice kanum moments and reunion.

  13. Uma is not a coward. In Suman’s case he did not get any time to think and act. There in that situation he took decision as a brother even killing his love. But he couldn’t able to do it. His love is unconditional that’s why he asked kanak to move on in her life. That no one can do it. He said that too to keep his words given to mm . One thing you can notice in Paulomi’s track he went beyond his promise given to masisa whom he was respecting so much that too when he came to know kanak is in danger. So we can still have hope that if once he knew MM hands behind this marriage to betray kanak. I’m sure he won’t think a second to teach a lesson to mm and her team. And will sort out all the issues. So till then we have to bare these drama.

    1. what time do u need hihii any myrder case there wont be time ..there are lawyers to sort that mess ..but suman needs to go to jail for few days i..max 2 or 3 days any murder case u will get bail ..thats not a big deal ..

      he should have fight it in court rataher than being sold to meera in a cheap way like a coward he is not even doing justice to meera

      he is preventing kanak to get married also ..meera said teh truth what does he want frm kanak ..he says he does not want kanak to be married nor he says he will divorce meera

      so obvious conclusion is he wants kanak to be a keep

      1. If it;s my sister I wont run to lawyers straight away. We know how good is law in India. Uma himself saw how lawyers bought and showed him as culprit.

        No brother with heart will do that to their little sister which Uma didn’t. He tried to cover up by taking a step which killed all his happiness.

        No one would have done such step and Uma been brave and courageous to take such step for his sister.

        Love you Uma and we support you.

        Please fight for your love too.

        Kanak and you together fight with this two morons Akshay and Meera.

    2. uma did max damage to kanak life once by marrrying her forcibly and second by leaving her and marying meera for what ever coward reson ..

      what meera does to her nothing compare dto what uma did to kanak life

      he just ruined her

      iif not for arpita kanak would haave gone in to depression and mentally ill for what uma did

      just ecuse sh egot immersed in work she was saved

      now again this stupid and loafer uma does not want her to mary and wants her to be keep of him

      1. Bhaana

        Pls don’t abuse using cheap words, if u have points present it in a good manner otherwise just avoid it.
        This is too much…

      2. Uma never ruined Kanak’s life.Uma married Kanak forcibly but when she ran away he never looked for her. kanak came to uma by herself.So how it will become forced marriage? She could have complained when she ran away but she didn’t.
        She came back for her own selfish reasons and accepted marriage for very same selfish reasons.Even then Uma respected Kanak and tried to give her time and patience. So the day she came back to Uma it didn’t become forced marriage. For same reason Kanak took her complaint back too as she is as responsible not to complaint at the start.
        Uma didn’t took advantage of Kanak because he respects her and he loves her and not her physical body.he proved love is beyond all that. Even he married Meera he couldn’t give his heart to Meera and hadn’t accepted her as wife in real sense.
        Uma love is pure and Kanak should be thankful to Uma’s principles and purity.Uma hurt Kanak by helping Suman. Uma didn’t do anything selfish there so his sacrifice fully understandable.He didn’t start family with Meera as he is not selfish and he still loves Kanak.He knows he jumped into fire in saving Suman but he dont want that heat touch Kanak. Kanak did go to depression as she can where as Uma didn’t have option to go to depression either.
        He already went through hell with Massisa’s deceit and now. But he stood up courageously.He didn;t have Maasa nor arpita to help him in his pain.He locked his pain to save and support his family and doing so from last two years.
        Love this man Uma so much as he going through hell and trying to smile and still thinking of others now.All this pain to kanum only caused by Meera’s selfishness and obsessive nature.Meera will get answer from Kanak and Uma soon.
        Same as Massisa the day will come when Meera cries her heart out and gets punishment for her wrong deeds.
        Here neither Kanak not Uma responsible for their separation but Meera is the one responsible.
        She will get her due back soon.

  14. How did Akshay come to know the details of KanUma relationship & how it ended 2 years ago because of evil MM Hope both KanUma figure it out that someone like MM must have informed him that too appearing at Uma house how did he know Kanak was there nothing makes sense Hopefully KanUma put their grey matter to work Adi will definitely help cousin

  15. Kanak pls don’t make an hasty decision Today only two people did the talking MM & Akshay both KanUma stood like dummies should have said something especially to MM ???

    1. Right vj Uma n kanak were silent n this dirty Meera playing game smartly
      This woman has no idea if Uma get any clue that she is trying to harm kanak he wont leave her
      Soon she will come to know the power of kanum when all misunderstanding clear n they both reunite
      Waiting for the day

  16. Hem

    Tsmsp going to air off

    1. Hem it’s fake news. Ph confirmed last night. Our dear show will run for years.

  17. Hem

    Serial is going too off air

    1. Hem it’s fake news. Ph confirmed last night. Our dear show will run for years.

  18. Hem


  19. Sorry dear, One man fighting with goons need courage. Uma showed courage when he saved Kanak and others from coffin. It’s not every cup of tea. He is smart too the way he played as Harpreeth. He is straight forward person and don’t want to use deciet unnecessarily that doesn’t make him coward at all.
    Uma is a business tycoon and owner of K & U. He takes his own decisions in business. He always wont go with MM. That proves he is smart along with genius in medicall field.

    Uma had his strengths and weakness. Cowardice is never in his dictionary. Concern for his family cant be taken as that.

    Please keep watching Uma will protect Kanak as always and KanUm win over these evil people very soon.

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