Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Determines To Fight Against All Odds

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak prays god and says she does not know who is behind all this, but if Maasi is behind all this, she will not let her play her dirty tricks again. She says 10 minutes can save injured patient’s life, she will not let mobile ambulance service stopped so easily. Maasi hears her standing far away and thinks Kanak will not know what her plan is. Kanak continues that she is IPS Sandhya Rathi’s daughter and will fight for justice. Uma searches Kanak. Aditya says even he is searching Bhabhi saa.

Bhabho enters and worriedly asks Uma if he is fine, what is going on onn news channels. Uma asks her not to worry. She sees Nanda and gets angry. Uma introduces Mausa and says they both don’t have a place to stay, so he let them stay here. Bhabho says she has called Arpita here who might be coming soon. Arpita walks in and says she has got papers for them to sign. Kanak stops her and shows her letter she got. Arpita reads it and says Kanak and Uma have to meet medical council regarding cancellation of mobile bike ambulance service.

Kanak and JUma enter medical council conference. Reporters yell criminals are coming, their license should be canceled. Arpita introduces jury members, counil head, herself, and Dr. Parag. Uma says Kanak that he knows Dr. Parag, he is nice man. Council head opposes and orders to cancel license as Kanak saved patient without license. Arguments continue. Parag says he has a solution, Kanak should join paramedical course and if she fails 1st semester, license will be canceled. Kanak agrees. After meeting, Parag walks towards his car. Kanak stops him to thank and seeing his injured hand does first-aid. He says this is not the way to do first-aid, how will she get admission. Kanak says this reason is more than enough for her to join course and wants to be trained under him.

Kanak returns home with Uma and tells him that she has to join paramedics course to save license. Uma says it is very tough. She says Parag is very good doctor and human being, she will join under him. Uma gets jealous seeing her praising Parag, but agrees.

Precap: Parag tells ambulance that Kanak must be thinking she will save her mobile bike ambulance license by joining paramedical course, she has to join his college. Maasi tells MAusa that Kanak should join Parag’s college at any cost. Kanak says she will join Parag’s college.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This Masisa is the most evil person ?I know everyone is saddened by the news but will have to enjoy the last few days of our beloved show & lovable couple who just became Diya aur Bhati How in a the world is Kanak going to finish her paramedics course in these few days Every thing is at fast speed Why is Shashi Sumeet Production not intervening this decision of Star Plus Can’t they just have a different time slot please Or pls have a season 3 after this flop reality show which no one will watch Aditya start helping your Bhabhisa your mother & fat belly dad are evil to the core Why did Uma let them in his house ??

  2. Meera1

    It’s star plus’s decision to end the show, but I blame the cvs for destroying our beautiful show…. if only cvs had stuck to the original concept of orthodox vs modern age thinking, which had so much potential.?

    The show was sold to us as the sequel to DABH, if tsmsp had stuck to its original concept, them it would have definitely justified the DABH brand, by showing Kanak transforming the Toshniwals way of thinking and bringing a nayyi such into the Toshniwal house and the rest of Ladnun.
    For some reason Instead of sticking to this concept cvs decided to change the direction of the show by giving maasisa a personality transplant and also provide us with an overnight personality transplant for Uma, completely changing his outlook & behaviour overnight. ?‍♀️?

    Then came the MM track, which did nothing more than complicate then taint the original simple love story, which was full of innocence & purity.

    Cvs messed with the concept that much that I think there was no going back, they have now introduced a repetitive track and it feels as though the show has ran out of ideas. After watching tsmsp since day one and sticking by it all this time, I am majorly disappointed with cvs and blame them for the fact that soon we will never get to see ‘Uma Shankar’ again ??

    1. Agree with you meera am so sad it feels that some part of me has left Saturday is my 21st birthday but am not happy to celebrate it . I hate starplus I taught kanak will celebrate her 23rd birthday on set so that I can send her gift but it didn’t come to pass . Guys I will miss you all I wish our kanum the best especially Rhea she is young and I pray she get many project on her way . I hope starplus will nominate them for star parivaar awards 2018.

      1. When is ur bday mavis today or coming Saturday bt pls don’t be so sad dear n enjoy the special day of ur life..

    2. Agree dear Meera it’s all CVS fault bt I have complain too with star plus that y it not off air the other bullshit shows like ishqbaaz yhm n yrkkh
      And vj u r right we should enjoy the last few days of our show
      Humne to kanum ka romance bhi nhi dekha yar?

  3. I head the rumours but did not believe. I feel so sad.I will miss everyone.Especially Adi,Uma,Kanak.Great work guys.We will miss u.Wish luck for your future projects

  4. When this show started then people hv problem with avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma age difference which is 10 year n said so many thing but what about other show where main lead hv 15 or 20 year age gap…..like ishq ka rang safed…..eisha singh who was 17 n mishal raheja was 34 age……then people didn’t hv prb…..n now ishq subhan allah has the same story like force marriage bt different is tht parents forced decision on the couple n they both hv different outlook toward life…..bt this serial has good trp wow…also main lead has 10 year age gap……bt honestly speaking I dnt watch any sony tv or zee tv n other channels show first time I liked this show bcs of avinesh Rekhi is very good actor bt it’s really sad till now he didnt get award for his best performance. ….bcs of particiality …..bas sade huye ekta ke serials run kro aur award do I hate her all serials. …..

  5. Hem

    Star plus want to revamped channel they closed old show,let see new show get good trp i think new show dont have so mucg potential to gear trp,its doesn’t come even top 20 why they dont close ishabaaz, tsmsp much better than ishbaaz

    1. agree with u…..if they want to revamped channel they should close all other show which r running from 5-7 yrs why only tsmsp….. any know which show will begin at 7:00 pm slot?? they want to close good. show which give some message to society ……and useless show like yhm, yrkkh, Ishqbaaz are still running ….guys plz comment ……very few days are left ….our page have very less comments …. can anyone will tell me that is this a rumour or confirm news that show is going offair ??

      1. It is confirm news shradha that show is going off air & 1st of June is the last episode according to forum news

  6. Hem

    I think maker decided to close tsmsp,bcz they already ruin story mm diya bati means they always stay together how season 1 which & every problem. Why they introduced doctor chapter if they close the program why not they can show romance between Couple not even marriage cons,any ways cv is out of mind always show trouble, what is ending of show teary or happy?

  7. Shreya my birthday is today starplus is the worst channel ever they are ending our show and also ikyaawan that show had low trp but our show is much better than isqbaaz and yrrkh guys I will miss you and how will they end the show when the track they have choose

    1. Happy Birthday Mavis ?????? stay blessed & always be happy dear
      I know u r upset n we all r bt enjoy ur day dear
      Take care..

    2. Happy birthday mavis ?

    3. Happy Birthday dear ….gbu ….

  8. I think star plus first of end these boring show yrkkh,ishqbaaz,yhm n give new time slot to our show……atleast tsmsp should run for 2 years without making it bore n run stupid track…..ab iss parag ko mat le aana couple ke beech always triangle love show krte rehte ho woh akshay n meera track aa gaya na bas kro ab…..

  9. Hem

    Happy Birthday mavis

  10. thank you for your lovely wishes i will miss you all for me i had a friends in telly update starplus will shutdown their channel soon for what they did to us

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