Tu meri Mohabbath (part 21)

Episode 20
San-so gf y not we celebrate our friendship its lunch time so shall v have lunch
S-lunch or are u taking me for any date???
San-til now it was lunch but(came near her)if u want it can become a date also(winks at her)
S-hmm lunch it wil b gud

San-ok come lets leave
S-ha let me cal raglak to join us.
San(snatching d phn)-no need to cal them (swara confuse)are give them some privacy yar(in mind)and for us 2 hamesha ragz k sath rahti h (to swara)they r gng to marry eo
S-hmm u r right come lets go i m hungry
San-(smile)sure gf

In abc hotel
Swasan reached hotel
Sanskar pulled chair for swara who gave him a smile and sat then sanskar sit opp to her
Waiter came nd gave them a menu
Sanskar had especially ordered all the things once she loved to the core. Her fav chinease cuisine along with her fav beverages swara was amazed to c this
San-all ur fav food lets start gf
S-how do u know? I mean i had stopped eating all this after
San(interupting)sahil’s incident

San-swara u started to move on frm ur bad part of past but y to forget gud part ha and ur fav food r part of that so thought y nt to start with ur food
S(smiling widely) thank u CM.(san made face???)
Here swara started to enjoy every bit of her fav cuisine
S(while eating like kid)hmm yummy i was a fool to leave this thank u sanskar(again got involved in her food leaving sanskar just to admire her this new shade)
Sme food stuck in her near lips
San-swara wo food on ur mouth

S-here(try to remove)
San-no there(pointing to her face bt swara didnt get it)hmm ruko(he removed food with his thumb which touched near her lips she felt sme current passed througt her whole body giving her shiver both had a cute eye lock sanskar’s showing immense love for her and swara’s eye showing mixed feelings for her CM?? which was broken by swara ??
S(avoiding his [email protected])hmm my over we should leave nw
San-hmm ya(he paid d bill and both started their journey)
S(felt they r in wrng way to ofc)-sanskar its not way to ofc
San(smiling)-s beautiful we r going to fair lo ham pahunch gaye(stoped d car sanky got down and opend d door for swara)

San-(forwarding his hand)give me d pressure to make ur day beautiful
S-(giving her hand to him)sure CM
Both entered swara was surprised to c so many childrens it was a amusement park
San-swara chalo(draged her)c nw we wil sit in millennuim force it wil so much thrill
Swara who was scared to c so much big ride in height-sanskar cant v sit in any small ride
San-r u scared swara(pretending to b shock)oh god the great SB is scared
S-i m nt scared

San(smirking)oh really then prove it cme on sit in dis ride
S(scared but acting to b brave)-ok
Both sat in ride when it started swara hold sanskar’s hand tightly and closed her eyes sanskar was admiring her
San-swara open ur eyes dnt b scared just enjoy it
S-no i cant
San-swara just trust me open ur eyes plz i wil never let anything hapnd to u
Swara who heard this felt protective and opend her eyes and slowly started to enjoy the rides they sat in gaint wheel, columbus, etc

After ride
S-wow sanskar that was so fun i just enjoyed it thank u
San-c i just told u
S-(happily)ha (saw smething)sanskar come i want to eat panipuri come(she literaly dragd him towards stall)
San-ary slow down i m cming stop draging me(poor guy word unlistened by swara)
S(to panipuri vender)-bhaiya make spicy panipuri
San-spicy really?

S-(while eating)dnt disturb me u 2 eat na (again started to eat)
San-hmm(took 1 panipuri(pp) but it fell down bcoz of his tight grip)
S(laughing)oh god the great business tycoon dnt knw how to hold and eat pp(san made puppy face)ok dnt do that face ek min(hold a pp)open ur mouth(san? swara feeded him pp sanskar was in?? mode)hai y r u watching me like that
San(cming to sences)wo nothing(in mind)oh god she just feeded me im so happy 2day i want to dance control sanky control???
After pp both were walking just then sanskar saw c
San-(to candy seller)2 cc plz(to swara)ye lo (gave 1 cc to her)
Swara while eating saw sanskar and started to laugh-oh god sanskar luk at ur face haha u r luking so fuñny???
San-(confused)y swara what hapnd to my face?
S-ek min(controlling her laugh tuk his photo and showed him)
San-(after watching pic)swara oh god

S-nw i wil send this pic to raglak haha
San-no swara u wont do that plz luk at me yar i m luking like joker with pink mustach plz give ur phn plz u r my gf na(s guys sanskar’s cc spead giving him a pink mustach just imagine??)
S-no i wont give u (and ran from there and sanskar started to chase her)CM u cant catch me??
San-swara ki bacchi ruk (ran speedly and hold her waist giving swara a shock both lost their balance and fell down like sanky above on swara whose face was covered with hairs sanskar slowly tugd her hair back her ears who was closing her eye tightly she slowly opened her eyes and lost in sanskar’s black eyes who was already staring at her with so much love both had a lovely eye lock again??
Both cme to sence when they heard ppl talking sound(dnt forget they stil r in amusment park??)sanskar got up hurriedly and helpd swara to get up
S-we should leave now

San-ha its evng its ryt time to go beach
S-beach but..
San(intrupd her)-no buts or wats come

After sme time in beach
Its eveng 5pm less crowd swasan reached there and sat in sand
S-(feeling air touching her face)-its so gud hai na sanskar
San-ha swara i wil just come(left frm there and in 5 min he came back holding kid toys) come lets make a sand palace
S-we r not kid sanskar and seriously u brough these kid toys 2
San-is there is any rule that adults cant use toys nd make a palace in sand(making face)plz swara plz(gave a pleading puppy cute face)
S(melted nd signs)-ok 5n (both started to make house in sand slowly swara 2 started to enjoy)
San-yuppie its done(started to dance)
S-haha sanskar stop it cme i want to play in water
San(stopd dance)-ok beautiful ur wish my command(both go near water suddenly swara splashed water to sanky)

San-swara dnt(bt again she splashed water nw san to started to splash water to swara both playd in water after sme time both left to house
Infront of Swara’s mansion
San dropd her
S-thank u for wonderful day sanskar i realy enjoyed it a lot after so many years thanku
San(smilng)-anything for u my dr gf(winks at her)ok i wil leave now bye
S-ya bye(sadly)(in mind)y i dnt want him to go y my heart is beating so fast(sanskar left frm there)

Both changed their dress and got to bed in respective rooms

Sanskar’s pov
After so many years i m seen u laughing 2day u dnt knw swara how much happy i m 2day after knwing that i m reason for ur smile i m just in 7th cloud and i promise nw i will never let fade ur smile from ur face. U r my jaan and i wil give u all happiness nw i m just waiting to make u mine to take u in my embrace and hug u i just love u swara(soon dozed of dreaming abt swara)

Swara’s pov
Y my heart beat go up when sanskar is with me? Y i feel so happy with him?y i feel so protective with him?y i feel sad when he leave me? Y? Swara u r thinking 2 much nw sleep but ha thank u sanskar thank u so much for today i wil never forget 2day’s day (she to slept smilingly)

Precap dnt knw

I m very v v sorry i knw i m late so sorry

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