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woww i feel very happy with ur response happiness when it made mee feel special as its first thing i was doing to make others happy by entertaining them nd u did this much for mee so i cant break my promise so i was writing this ff today only haa i will stop this bak bak nd we will go to story now here we go part-15 of tu meri mannat

****** episode starts****

in ngt ,9.30pm

swaras balcony she is speaking with priya on phone
swara; priya did u done project work of varma group
priya; ha but u have to check it mam
swara; oka i will be in office from 2mmrow
priya ; woh actually sanskar sir told u will be working under him for a week is it true mam
swara; ha priya but dont worry i can handle u plz concentrate on raglak hospital (cuts the call)
sanskar sees swara from his window nd thrown a paper ball
sanskar; with whom ur talking that to in ngt
swara; meri boy frnd hai woh problem hai kya apko ?
sanskar ; (irritated) boy frnd apke hooo
swara; ha i have a boyfrnd u had seen in mrg also na sath (winked at him)
sanskar; that stupid sathvik is ur boy frnd am i looking like a fool for u
swara; ha yes ur a fool so u dont know it ,if not y i will introduce him to our familes ha ,nd y should i say u go nd sleep (she left from there )
sanskar; (shocked nd confused to himself) pagal ladki that bafun is her boyfrnd i was much handsome then him y dont she see mee haa i will see u 2mmrow swara my day (he slept )

mrg swara s room,7am

swara ;(to herself) offo its 7am from 2days upton 7days i have to follow sanskarrrr can i ,i cant let him win always i have too teach him a lesson in this week ( got down to get ready to office)

sanskars room,8am

got ready nd ready to leave to office in hall
dp; sanskar where u going that to in early mrg
sanskar; woh office
dp; what office now we dont have any meeting too y ur going so early
sanskar; u dont have meeting but i had work on my way (about to leave)
dp:(shouts) suno sanskar
sanskar; (got down from steps ) ha papa bolna
dp: i know ur very interested nd excited in irritating swara so ur going early but dont break her again she had faced alot still now takecare of her
sanskar; ha i know dad trust mee i will make everything 5n (took his blessings nd left)
sanskar to himself i will make u realise ur love swara at any cost

in office 9.30am,swaras cabin’

swara got down from her car in pink shirt nd blue jeans nd jeans jacket nd came 2wards her cabin nd opened door
swara; (shocked nd shouts) tum yaha !!!!!!
person; ya its mee ,welcome to the hell swara mitra
swara; wt ur doing in my cabin ahh
person ;(caring her hair) i know u will come early to office nd wait for mee .so ,to surprise u i came so fast u know
swara; i had work so i came early nd u mr.sanskar stay away get out of my cabin 1st
sanskar; lower ur voice miss.swara its my week u have to follow mee ,nd by the way i had been her to give u my list of rules ‘ wt to do nd wt not to do”
swara;(shocked) i was been in office from last 7months i know everything u may leave
sanskar; my rules differ from everything did u got it this rules are only for me nd u (winked at her with a naughty smile he gave a paper)
swara started reading it ur working under mee for 7days so i had 7 RULES for u here we go
rule1; u should not say NO to mee what ever i say u have to obey it
rule2; u should not shout at mee wt ever i did u should be quite just quite no voice should be out EVEN I BITE U ,U SHOULD BE QUITE
rule3;u should be available for mee 24/7 in this whole week
rule4; u should not use the word of flirt again if u do so i will punish u
rule5 ; u have to be in my cabin all over this week
rule6 ; u should not call mr.sanskar call me sanskarrr which u use to call mee lovely in our school days like that
rule 7 ; u should not speak with ur so called boy frnd IF U DO SO U WILL SEE MY WILD NATURE
(read rules nd swara started shouting with out continuing punishment)
swara;(angrily) wt the hell rules this are will anywhere have this rules ha answer me
sanskar; cool swara its my kingdom so my rules should be followed thats final nd read it completely nd later shout after 10 i dont let u shout NA
swara again started reading

‘ miss. swara i know u wont like my rules so u may violate them so here are ur punishments
——–U SHould be with 2mins i.e 120 sec when i call u even in house if u fail on 121 sec i will be infront of u to punish
—– when ever u disobey mee or be late or play any prank aganist mee ,u have to work under me extra one day
——— whenever u did a mistake i will do what ever i want u know wt i meannnnn ,whatever has alot in it .i dont have any limits also so mind it i think u had remembered our pool scene it will be more wild then it .i will turn my every prank to real
and last but not least my limit will be upto ur 3rd mistake if u done 4th i turn our bday wala scn real did u got it
one more u cant complete to anyone as my dad nd ur dad are leaving to Calcutta today
swara;(shocked) its cheating if u had failed i will never used to irritate u this much its so much
sanskar; if u had not given ur resignation i used to reduce but u dont wanna take back na then u have to face it
swara; acha ur blackmailing mee to take my resignation back
sanskar; no i was just saying
swara; whatever u do i don’t take back but will anywhere this kind of punishments hogi if u want u can suspend me or cut my remuneration but all this hell i can’t torent i will compliant to dp uncle
sanskar: kya karo yar meri pass koi opion nahi so choosen the best to get u ,if u want u can compliant i dont mine
swara; really i donna say everything to dp uncle
sanskar ; do wt ever u want but get ready its 9.55am come to my cabin by sharp10 or else i will punish you
swara; i had work in my cabin only how can i stay there
sanskar ; dont worry i will shift to ur cabin i can also be convenient noone will come to ur cabin as ur strict
swara; thought for while nd shouts ) noooo i will come to ur cabin oka now u can leave
sanskar;(winks at her) smart girl ahh u know all my naughty ideas (he left)
swara; (sat on floor by puting her hand on her head) hey Bhagwan how can i ha this person is

its 10am ,
sanskars cabin,

swara entire with a irritating expression
sanskar; (standing near table) welcome miss swara ur on time have ur sit come
swara; (looked at his face ) she sitted on sofa
sanskar; (with a smile) swaraaaa make a coffee for mee
swara; (shocked) wt coffee that too mee noway i was a auditor not a waiter
sanskar; ur my assistant nd u said no u did ur 1st mistake .i never thought u would be this much excited to face my punishment (he moved towards her )
swara ; (shocked) no mr .sanskar ohhh no sanskarrr i had forgot let it be i will get u coffee ,u sit na ( she got up about to leave)
sanskar; (he holded her hand nd pulled her towards him) u did 2mistake i should punish for at least one na wt u say (he kissed her forhead nd whispered in her ears ) i love you nd nice perfume enchanter the fragrance of french romance
swara; (surprised smiled inside) dont worry i will throw this perfume out
sanskar; no i love it
swara; ok plz leave me i had work
sanskar; ordering me ah (he opened her top most button of her shirt
swara;(shocked) ho wt ur doing stop it
sanskar:woh actually ur sweated na so in this whole week it would be so suffocated to u so its better to to put ac on -16 degrees ahh (in meanwhile priya entered to cabin felt embarrassed by seeing them so close )
priya;(embarrassed) woh sorry sir i forgot to knock the door
swasan moved a part
swara; ha priya say me how far u did Varma’s project
priya ; ha i had done it all the details are her u plz check it mam
swara ; ha oka keep it here i will see later
priya; (hesitatingly) ap ess cabin ma work karge kya
sanskar; yes miss. priya she will be here only in this 7days problem hai kya
priya; no sir actually as per schedule mam have go be in raglak hospitals soo
sanskar; (with a smile) oo priya u know swara is working as my assistant so she dont need a assistant here so u go to raglak hospital for this whole week nd enjoy there i will be peaceful here
swara; (shouted) no way i need priya how can i handle without her
sanskar; (teasingly) swara ji ur a well-named auditor can’t u handle for a week without priya haa
swara; ha may be a auditor but now i was working with you so i need some support so priya u stay here
sanskar; acha swara its my rules so u dont have any rights to do just keep watching nd priya wt i said u do it
priya;(looked towards swara for answer)
sanskar; wt ur watching u know she may be ur boss but now she is my assistant so u may leave now
priya; (turned to leave) ok sir nd i forgot to say u dp sir u calling u both

******** to be continued*****

precap; swasan nhok jhoks nd sanskar got irritated by sathvik presence swasan romance much more

note ; guys my fb frnd angel goldie had recently started posting her ff in telly updates too i know u will like it too as i was fan of her ff’s with her support only i started writing my ff u just have a view trust me u will love it


nd dont forget to leave ur valuable comments plz we take 3hrs to write it u just give 2mins to comment ur views ah

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