Tu Mera Hero 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu talking to Ruhi and smiling. Panchi sees them and gets sad. A man stops her and says Titu loves you. She says she also loves Titu a lot. The man says what, I m asking for rickshaw fare. She says sorry and pays him. Ruhi comes to Panchi’s home and brings gifts for everyone. Kamlesh says Panchi, she is Ruhi, our commissioner’s daughter, she will stay in your room, she came here to do her project. Rachna thinks why is Panchi looking worried. Ruhi talks to them. Titu comes home and sees Govind. Govind is sleeping. Titu wakes him up and asks did he not sleep at night. Govind is annoyed. Titu asks him to go to room and rest. Govind asks why are you teasing me, don’t care for me, care for my respect.

Surekha comes and says come Titu, all Mathura was praising you. Govind says Titu is useless. Pinky says I will arrange Titu’s clothes in cupboard. Rekha asks Bhagwati to make many dishes. Bhagwati says yes, I m feeling bad for you, as you said in morning you will have fast for seven fasts if Titu does not go, you said you will have just fruits and fast. Rekha gets angry. Govind says I wish wind should come and take me along. Surekha asks Titu to go and rest. She argues with Govind. Titu takes his anger light and jokes. Govind scolds Titu and asks does he has any goodness. Surekha says he has a big heart with love. Govind says I have to get spy to find his goodness. Surekha asks Titu not to worry.

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Titu asks Bhagwati for more laddoos. He thanks Mukund that he is here in this house, that he gave the idea that if Mathura people stop him, then he can stay. Mukund says I just said. Titu says come here and hug me. Rekha gets angry on Mukund. Titu says one good thing happened, Ruhi. Panchi is angry on Ruhi and talks to herself about Titu. Ruhi hears it and asks about Titu. Panchi smiles and says Titu is my good friend. Ruhi says give me his number. Panchi says its in phone and its on charging, I will give later.

Ruhi says its here, I will take. Panchi says wait, I will give. She thinks Ruhi is after Titu. She gives the wrong number. Ruhi says its just 9 digits, check. Panchi’s mum comes and asks her to make tea. Ruhi says she will make. Panchi says I will make, I have habit to work alone. Mukund is worried and tells Rekha that she did not know this will happen. Rekha says Titu is so lazy, how did he use his mind. There is someone who gave him this idea and helped him. She scolds him. Mukund says I will not leave this Titu. Ruhi talks to Rachna and asks her to do shopping in Mumbai. Panchi says why don’t you go back to Mumbai. She says what I want is here, why would I go there, it can be ordered online. Ruhi asks for Titu’s number. Panchi says write it, and gives it. Ruhi thanks her.

Titu recalls Ruhi and thinks such a beautiful girl in Mathura. He smiles and is lost in her thoughts. Pinky asks what are you thinking. He says I m feeling strange, I need prayers, not medicines. She asks is everything fine. He says its strange thing, I feel I did not learn to play violin, but if I see her, it will play itself. He says filmi lines and she laughs. He says my life is becoming colorful now. She says my sweet Titu, you are Mathura’s hero and will be super hero now, first have the milk, finish it and sleep, and then you have to erase Mathuras problems in morning. She leaves.

Panchi and Ruhi are seeing the city. Panchi says I m new here. Ruhi says it will be fun, we will discover more places. Ruhi takes pics. Panchi says lets go home, I m tired, you can go alone. She thinks she is dad’s boss’ daughter, it can be problem and says she will take her few places. She tells about the temple and the history. The women come and listen to her. They say we will pay the charge. Panchi says where did Ruhi go. She sees Ruhi talking to some guy. She goes there and slips. Titu holds her hand and she smiles.

Panchi says Titu… He says Panchi… Ruhi says I called him here to know about Mathura. Titu says I know everything and smiles. Ruhi asks Panchi to go home as she said she is tired. Panchi says no, I m taught that guests are Lord’s avatar, it will be fun to explore Mathure together. Titu says then come. Titu jokes on his age. Ruhi laughs and Panchi gets annoyed seeing them. Ruhi slips and Titu holds her. She smiles. Panchi gets jealous seeing them.

Surekha says Govind that Titu will change once he gets married. Govind says no one will marry him. Titu says what if anyone beautiful marries me. Govind gives him one day time and asks him to bring any girl. Titu is confident.

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  1. Dont make titu character so lazy and dumb…. kidz at my place are getting influenced by it…… the crew should have some social and moral responsibility.

  2. titu and panchi are both ugly they couldve got someone else to act e.g sara khan and Harshad chipra

  3. nice episode………………….

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